Unlikely Reunion

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They had worked together in the same department at the same company for almost ten years before he moved on to another job. Vicki was five years older than Neil and she was married at the time, albeit not happily, and divorce was only a matter of time. Neil was single, conservative and straight as an arrow. He always had viewed her as a curiosity, but never had thought of her in a sexual way. Especially since she was a bit rough around the edges, had an affinity toward bikers, although not a biker woman herself, and was outspoken. She gave the impression of being aggressive and domineering in bed.

She was attractive, but he was turned off by her disclosures during casual conversations with mutual friends about her sexual likes and dislikes. She claimed to dislike “boring” sex, even though she never defined it. She admitted enjoying sex using hot candle wax or hot spoons, and mentioned there was a fine line between pleasure and pain. People hearing this would humor her, but secretly would agree she were some sort of dominatrix or something.

She had no qualms about disclosing her fondness for tattoos and readily admitted she had a tattoo on her breast, and a couple more on her thighs. A few times, there were get-togethers with mutual friends, always in a group. In fact, one night at dinner with her husband and mutual friends, Vicki went out of her way to show Neil her breast tattoo. She wore a jacket over a tank top. While sitting next to her husband and directly across from Neil, she would deliberately and exaggeratingly bend forward to give Neil a good view. Neil could not take his eyes off of her tits that night. There were other times she would flirt mildly, but it seemed she did it on purpose only to make Neil uncomfortable, knowing how conservative he was. However, Vicki never implied through all of her flirting or behavior that she ever wanted to have sex with Neil.

Three years had passed since Neil left the company. Every once in a while he would think about some of the people he used to work with. Some he kept in touch with occasionally; others he completely forgot about. One day while musing at work, he thought of Vicki and laughed to himself. On a whim, he sent her an email just to say hello and ask how she was. He never expected a response and was surprised when he received one. In fact, it was a pretty lengthy and enthusiastic response. It consisted of all small talk, with a desire to continue corresponding by email. So as not to get into any trouble at work, home email addresses were exchanged and the correspondence continued from home.

The email messages consisted mostly of small talk, catching one another up on their respective lives. Vicki told how her divorce had just been finalized and how she was granted custody of her three children who went to their father’s every Friday night. Neil had remained single and mostly everything was pretty much status quo with him. Emails were exchanged on the average of once to twice per week, sometimes more frequent, sometimes less.

Eventually, the topic of conversation gradually turned to sex. Vicki, now 42, stated she was seeing a guy, John, for a few years now who was much older than her. She told how he was willing ataköy türbanlı escort to try a lot of things during sex, but drew the line on some things, and she felt comfortable with him and trusted him. Vicki was willing to answer most questions and freely responded when she did answer. For instance, she said she did not like being on top during sex, and her favorite position was being fucked from behind. When Neil asked her if she indulges in oral pleasure, she wrote back “oral sex? . . . my favorite part”. Vicki had seen a guy in college who taught her a lot, especially about oral sex. She stated she could not imagine being with someone who could not pleasure her orally. Vicki took great satisfaction in giving oral sex to men. She said she was good at it because she liked it so much. Vicki told how there would be times when she could think of nothing but sex, that it consumed her totally, and if her man was not available, she would take care of business by herself using toys, movies, etc. These periods come and go in cycles, she said. Vicki wrote that she likes being aggressive during sex, but also enjoys being dominated. She liked being watched, and also doing the watching. She never had sex with a woman and has no desire for this, nor had she ever had sex with more than one man at the same time.

After some time had passed and several emails had been exchanged, Neil admitted to Vicki that all their sex talk turned him on. He stated he had a fantasy about her kneeling in front of him giving him one of her famous blowjobs and when the time was at hand, she leaned her head back and let him cum on her throat. He asked her if this is what she considered boring sex. Vicki responded that this is certainly something she does, and that boring sex would be the routine of screwing, climbing off and going to sleep. Vicki also indicated to Neil that she is a one-man woman and that he should not have any ideas of the two of them having sex together. She was very plain about that, but continued to confide to Neil when John was away on a business trip, that she missed their sex and when he returned, it was non-stop.

After some months had passed, Neil suggested they get together for dinner, just to shoot the breeze. Vicki welcomed the idea and they set aside a Friday night. He was to go to her house and they would go to a restaurant from there. They had some laughs over old times and the evening passed quickly. When they arrived back at her house, she invited him in. He was reluctant, but she said John was going to drop by. He felt more comfortable knowing there would be three of them there, so he agreed to stay around a while longer. They sat on the couch in the living room drinking coffee and not watching the TV that Vicki turned on.

About a half hour later, John arrived. He looked to be in his mid to late fifties, but was in good shape. The threesome sat on the couch with Vicki in the middle and engaged in small talk. After a while, Vicki began fidgeting with the TV remote and said, “Anyone in the mood for the Playboy Channel?” Without waiting for a response, she placed the order through the remote. Neil was taken totally by surprise, but was too nervous ataköy ucuz escort to say anything. The screen changed from words to the midst of a movie that had started playing. It wasn’t a run of the mill porn movie, but more of the type that has a story and contains very explicit X-rated sex scenes. A few minutes went by with total silence in the room. Then a sex scene began to unfold. There was sexy music, but not loud enough to drown out the moaning of the two lovers on the screen. The scene was getting very hot.

Vicki then started rubbing John’s leg and leaned over to kiss him. They were locked in deep kissing, with Neil rooted to his seat on the couch next to Vicki. Between the scene on the TV and the scene developing right next to him, he was feeling horny. As Vicki’s and John’s kissing and groping intensified, Neil’s heart jumped at the thought of watching Vicki have sex. Since their email exchange, he often wondered what she was like during sex. Now it seems he about to witness just that.

Vicki had turned to face John and straddled his right leg. John lifted her pullover off her and Vicki promptly undid and removed her bra. Neil saw the familiar tattoo on the top of her ample left breast. Her brown nipples were already hard and pushing forward. John rolled them with his fingers, as Vicki was hard at work unfastening John’s belt and pants. The two of them seemed oblivious to Neil, who still sat in his spot on the couch and watched intently. Neil was in disbelief at finally seeing Vicki undressed.

John helped Vicki with his pants and soon they were down around his ankles. He got up and unbuttoned the front of Vicki’s jeans, pulling them off her and sliding her panties off as well, revealing a beautiful pussy with a dark bush at the top. He placed Vicki on the couch in a seated position and John got down on his knees in front of her. He started tonguing the sides of her slit, up and down. Her pussy lips were glistening with wetness. He brushed the tip of his tongue lengthwise along the edges of her pussy lips, causing Vicki to inhale deeply. She glanced over at Neil, looked him in the eyes and smiled before closing her eyes and opening her mouth to inhale again. Vicki pushed John’s head away and stood up. She pulled his boxers down, releasing an enormous cock that wasn’t yet totally erect, and she sat John down on the opposite end of the couch from Neil.

Sitting down between the two men, Vicki turned onto her left side and bent down to greet John’s dick with her lips. Her hand was stroking it up and down and even with her hand around the base of the shaft, there was plenty left to suck on. Her lips began gently sucking the tip, alternating light sucks with deep throating. Every now and then she let out a muffled moan from her cock-filled mouth. Neil was crawling out of his skin with desire. Vicki’s ass was right next to him. He reached out and rubbed her pussy lips from behind. She was really wet and his fingers glided over her labia. When he touched her clit on the upstroke a couple of times, she responded by gyrating her hips, then got onto her knees on the couch, still working her magic on John’s tool.

This was the signal ataköy üniversiteli escort Neil had been waiting for. Vicki was ready for him. He loosened his pants and slid them, along with his underwear down to his ankles. He got on his knees on the couch facing Vicki’s sweet ass. His heart raced. He placed the head of his dick against Vicki’s waiting pussy. She reached down with two fingers and spread her lips for him and he pushed his aching cock inside her. The feeling was incredible. His senses were overflowing. First, he couldn’t believe he was actually, finally fucking Vicki. His head was filled with imaginary scenes of the two of them fucking on her desk at the office. Then, the visual of fucking Vicki while she was sucking another guy’s cock – so hot!!

Neil was trying not to be over-anxious and cum too quickly. He wanted this to last. He fucked Vicki with gentle but short strokes, holding her heavy swaying tits with the palms of his hands. Vicki, sucking hard on John’s huge cock, came within a minute of Neil entering her pussy. She popped John’s cock out of her mouth and while still pumping it hard with her hand, looked back at Neil and let out a series of loud groans. “Oh!!…Ohhh!!…. Ohhh!!…. Mmmmm!!…. Ohhhhhh!!” When her orgasmic waves subsided, she said to Neil “Keep fucking me…ohhh yeahhhh!!!” Vicki then resumed engulfing John’s big cock in her mouth while John was clenching her hair with one hand.

Neil was in another world. It felt like a big dream. He was participating and watching at the same time. He was fucking this woman he knew for so long from behind. This was enough to turn him on all by itself. But he also was observing a woman giving a man a blowjob, which was very hot to watch. Even hotter was watching a woman giving a man a handjob. Neil reluctantly released his palms from Vicki’s wonderful handful-sized tits. He grabbed hold of Vicki’s waist with both hands and started fucking her like a madman. His swollen cock was furiously pumping in and out of her soaking wet pussy effortlessly while his hands gripped her waist. Vicki hungrily met his pumps with her thrusting hips. As Neil increased his speed, Vicki’s muted moans became more desperate. She sped up her work on John, sucking hard with her lips while pumping his shaft with her hand. With her free hand, she began tickling John’s apricot sized balls.

The threesome was simultaneously converging on the same breaking point. Neil was fucking Vicki with lighting speed. She lifted her head freeing her mouth from John’s engorged cock and yelled out in quick loud shouts “Oh!!…Oh!!…OHH!!!…OHH!!…OHHHHH!!!!”. Her ass was thrashing wildly against Neil’s abdomen, making a loud flapping sound as flesh pounded against flesh. A rope of cum flew out of John’s cock landing on Vicki’s hair and forehead. She immediately placed her lips around the tingling cock head and sucked while licking the underside of the head, allowing John to cum inside her mouth, and he did so with deep groans and satisfaction. Neil began cumming in the middle of Vicki’s shouts. His seemed a never-ending orgasm, emptying his hot load deep inside Vicki. When he saw John shoot his cum on Vicki, Neil got so turned on his cock spurted a few more times. Vicki thoroughly and happily cleaned off John’s now softening dick with her tongue. Neil finally slid his cock out of Vicki’s pussy and rubbed it on her wet hole while she finished with John, causing Neil’s and Vicki’s juices to ooze out and down her thighs.

The email correspondence continues, with a face-to-face rendezvous every now and then.

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