University Life Ch. 12

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Chapter 12: The Sex Chair

It was a little after ten in the evening; when Professor Sandra Minx, Sue Ling and I reached my dorm room. Masturbating while watching Sandra and Sue Ling making love had temporarily satisfied my lust. However, the prospect of sex with these two beautiful women was making me incredibly horny again. I could hardly wait to get these two lusty women to try my new sex wheelchair.

Upon entering the room; I immediately began to strip; saying, “Ladies; you can help me to christen my new sex chair. I have customized a wheelchair; making it a rolling sex machine.”

When I was naked; I transferred from my wheelchair to the sex chair, being careful to arrange my self correctly. Reaching behind me, I grabbed the cock ring attached to the cord. Pulling the black leather vibrating ring between my legs, I secured the ring around the base of my erection. While I carried out my preparations, my shaft had become rock hard, thinking about the things the sexy women and I could do in my specially modified wheelchair.

Watching as the women did a slow strip tease got me even hotter. Slowly, seductively the women removed their clothing. Soon Sandra was dressed in only a black satin demi bra and matching black satin thong. The Oriental Sue Ling had also stripped down to a lace, red and gold bikini bra and thong. Watching these two beauties strip had my entire body quivering with anticipation.

The next pieces of clothing to fall to the floor were the women’s bras. This revealed their breasts in all their glory. Sandra’s breasts were about a 35C with meaty protruding nipples. Sue Ling’s round honey coloured peaches were about 34 B, with dark brown areolas. I could barely wait, as the women slowly peeled the thongs from their damp crotches. Earlier, in the classroom, I had only been allowed to watch the women make love. Now I was going to be allowed to touch them; enjoying the delights of their body. This had my entire being quivering with anticipation.

Sandra’s black satin thong was the first to fall to the floor, revealing her well manicured red triangle. With Sue Ling’s red and gold lace thong out of the way, I could clearly see the narrow strip of closely trimmed black hair defining her cleft. It was obvious the women were sexually excited from the way their pink, puffy labia lips were wide open.

“Would one of you ladies like to sit on my lap?” I inquired with a leer; holding out my arms.

“Sue Ling, you go first.” Sandra offered; as she stood beside the wheelchair, sliding the tips of her fingers along the lips of her labia. “I know you want to try his phallus. I have ridden him before; so it is your turn. If I stand here, I can get a good view of everything that goes on. I may stroke my clitty and tits while you enjoy yourself.”

Twisting so I could reach the hand grips, I said, “Sandra, you might want to use these. They are made out of rubber and shaped like a hard 6X2 inch cock. If you pull the trigger beneath the dildo hand grips and hold them, you will be able to lower the back of the wheelchair a little. This will put them at the correct height. The grips will twist, so you can turn them to the angle that will give you the most pleasure.” Reaching under the right side of the wheelchair seat, I found the remote control, threw a switch, as I informed Sandra, “I have turned on the heating unit, so they will feel warm in your pussy or ass; whatever you like. You can enjoy yourself while you watch Sue Ling and me.”

“I think I might enjoy your special wheelchair!” Sandra chuckled, as she lowered the wheelchair back, bringing the dildo hand grips to the right height. After a few more adjustments, Sandra moved her pelvis to the dildo hand grip saying, “Here goes nothing.” As the black dildo disappeared into her drooling slit, she moaned, “O yes! That feels nice. I like the warmth. Now you and Sue Ling can start putting on a show for me. I like to watch, while I masturbate.”

Swaying toward me; Sue Ling licked her lips, saying, “Your penis is huge. I hope you do not split me in two. I can feel my vagina getting wet; thinking about your big, fat cock pushing into me.”

“Well I’ll have to make sure you are wide open and wet for my big fat cock.” Holding Sue Ling under the arms, I helped her to kneel astride me saying, “Put your knees on either side of my hips. That’s the way. Kneel up and hold onto my shoulders for support. Perfect! You’re at the right height for me to feast on your delicious pussy. I’ve wanted to lick your slit ever since I watched Sandra eating you earlier.”

With her knees either side of my hips, I slumped down in the seat, putting Sue Ling’s open slit at the level of my mouth. With her hands gripping my shoulders, I grabbed her firm ass cheeks, pulling her crotch toward my face. I now had my face pressed against her moist cleft.

Breathing deeply, I inhaled the musky fragrance of her arousal. She smelt delicious. Her female scent was over powering my senses. All I could think of was making her casino siteleri climax, so I could drink her love nectar.

As I licked along the blood engorged lips of her labia, I noticed they tasted like cherries. Sue Ling had applied lipstick to her pussy lips. It gave the juices flowing from her gash a tasty cherry flavor. I wanted to make her flow like a river, so I could quaff her tart cherry juice until I was sated.

Moving my mouth along her love lips, I sucked and nipped them as I worked my way to her quivering love bud. With the flat of my tongue I began to swipe it across Sue Ling’s Clit. I could feel her body quivering, as soft mewing sounds came from her lips. After a few minutes of tongue work on her clitoris, my face and her crotch were soaked with spit and pussy cream.

“Sue Ling, are you enjoying the cunt lapping John is giving you?” Sandra asked, in a throaty voice. “I want you to give me some more stimulation, while I work my cunt around the dildo. You are at the correct height to suck and play with my breasts. I Felt Sue Ling’s hands leave my shoulders, as I heard Sandra cry out, “That’s the way! Squeeze them! Suck those big nipples! Harder! You do not have to be gentle. I like it rough!”

As Sandra’s tits were being sucked and squeezed by Sue Ling, I noticed how slippery her juices were making the crack of her ass. This reminded me how I had seen Sue Ling stick her fingers into her ass hole, while Sandra was eating her. I had an idea.

Sliding a couple of fingers into her wet pussy, I stirred them around until they were slippery. Moving them to Sue Ling’s ass crack, I placed them against her pucker. By now Sue Ling had ascertained what I intended to do. With her mouth full of tit flesh she was unable to speak, so she gave her butt an encouraging wiggle, which forced my finger into her tight anal passage.

Applying a little more force my index finger popped past her tight sphincter, sliding in up to the second knuckle. When my finger was firmly ensconced in her back door, I began to twist it around. I could feel her muscles relaxing, as her rear passage began to open up. Soon I was able to get two fingers inside her slippery ass tunnel.

Pulling her mouth off Sandra’s nipple, Sue Ling squealed, “O fuck! You hit the right spot Johnny! I’m going to come! Finger my Ass! Suck my clit! I’m there!”

Immediately Sue Ling’s body began to shake. Throwing her head back, crying out, long, silky black hair whipping around her face; she was like a woman possessed. The violent way she ground her crotch into my face and swayed her body around made me think she might fall from the wheelchair. I had a difficult time holding onto the taut globes of her ass, as they were becoming slippery from the flood of cunt cream spraying from her pussy. I could not lap up her nectar fast enough. It washed over her thighs, my face, dripping onto my chest.

“You really hit Sue Ling’s hot spot.” Sandra laughed. Do you think she is wet enough so your big cock will slide easily into her? I do not want you to hurt my little girl.”

“If she gets any wetter she will drown me.” I laughed. “Could you get the leather harness from under the wheelchair seat for me? I want you to put it on Sue Ling, while I hold her up. She is still like rubber.”

“Is this something kinky?” Sandra inquired, as she pulled a black leather and brass harness from beneath the wheelchair seat.

“Not really. It can be used for bondage, but I’m not going to use it for that now.” I replied, grabbing Sue Ling under the arms, lowering her until the head of my cock rested against her sopping slit. “When Sue Ling is securely fastened by the harness, I will attach a couple of chains to the harness. The chains are attached to the back of the wheelchair. This will enable Sue Ling to lean really far back or forward without holding onto anything to keep from falling. Her hands will be free to do other things. It also allows us to assume a variety of positions. You help Sue Ling put on the harness while I hold her.”

Placing the harness over her head, Sandra allowed the four straps and chest strap to fall below Sue Ling’s Perky 34 B breasts. Taking the brass buckle, Sandra tightened the strap running just under Sue Ling’s breasts. Next she tightened the three straps running from the chest band to the collar. These straps ran either side of Sue Ling’s breasts and in her cleavage. The last strap to be fastened was the one running from the collar to the chest strap, along the back.

While Sandra buckled Sue Ling into the harness, I was occupied in stretching her hot, wet cleft. With the wet mouth of her vagina resting against my drooling penis head, I began to lift her up and down, forcing my swollen knob into her palpating gash. With only the head inside her pussy, Sue Ling began to rotate her hips, causing my swollen knob to rub against her clitoris. After a couple of minutes of this incredible stimulation; I could feel pussy juice running down my shaft soaking my balls and canlı casino thighs.

“She is ready.” Sandra stated, going back behind the wheelchair.

Lifting Sue Ling off my cock head, I helped turn her until she sat on my lap facing away from me. Taking the chains attached to the back of the wheelchair, I passed them over my shoulder, attaching them to the back of the harness. Sue Ling’s weight would now be partially supported by the harness and chains, allowing her a greater freedom of movement

“Sue Ling, rest your feet on the foot pegs protruding from the wheelchair frame near the front wheels. That will give you leverage to lift your self up and down. I have another surprise for you. Reaching beneath the seat on the left of the wheelchair, I pulled out a small vibrator saying, “I’m going to fasten this 4X1.5 inch butt vibrator to the top of my cock ring. When I fuck your pussy with my hard on the vibrator will slide into your ass. You’re going to get double fucked.” Reaching under the right side of the seat this time, I hit the remote control button saying, “Sandra, I also have a little surprise for you. How do you like the dildo hand grips now? That’s what I call positive vibrations.

“Wow!” Sandra exclaimed, pushing herself forward until the entire length of the dildo was engulfed by her hot hole. That is fantastic! My cunt is all a tingle! I can feel the vibrations all the way to my breasts.”

With Sue Ling in position astride my lap, I took a firm hold of her trim buttocks. Using her legs, Sue Ling lifted herself until my swollen cock head rested against the mouth of her vagina. With my thumbs in her ass crease, I pried the cheeks apart, making an easy entrance for the butt vibrator attached to my cock ring. Ever so slowly Sue Ling lowered her self onto my throbbing cock and buzzing vibrator. Inch by inch the two hard rods protruding from my crotch disappeared into her pussy and ass. My manhood felt like it was being enveloped by a warm, silky, tight fist.

After what felt like an eternity, Sue Ling let out a gasp and a shudder, as her vagina swallowed my entire shaft. What a fantastic sensation. I almost screamed out in pleasure. The sheath surrounding my shaft was squeezing the entire length of my penis. If I had not come twice already this evening, I would have climaxed immediately. I could not believe a pussy could feel so tight. I thought I was inside a virgin. “O fuck, you feel wonderful inside me. I have never been filled like this before.” Sue Ling panted, as she tweaked her nipples. “I cannot move until I adjust to your huge size. I could remain unmoving, like this for ever. The way you fill me feels so good. Can you feel the walls of my cunt massaging your cock? Does it feel like I’m giving you deep throat with my cunt?” Sue Ling queried, as she continued to play with her nipples. “Does my squeezing cunt make you want to blow your load? I hope you can hold out until I have a good hard ride on your cock.” With her hands still massaging her tits, Sue Ling leaned forward against the black leather harness sighing, “You are right; this is very comfortable and I have complete control of my movements. My hands are free to play with my tits and I do not have to worry about falling, even when I lean all the way forward. I could sit here with your cock up my cunt for ever. How long can you stay hard with your cock up my cunt? Using her legs, Sue Ling gave her tight tunnel a couple of short quick thrusts giggling,” If I bounce up and down on your cock like this I bet you will not last long.”

“We will see. I shot my load a couple of times at class, so I should have more endurance.” I replied, answering Sue Ling’s challenge. I bet I can make you come before I do.” I taunted; moving my hands from her taut ass cheeks to her jiggling tits. “I’m going to squeeze and pinch your nipples and tits until they ache with pleasure. When you beg me to stop, I’ll start to tickle your clit. You do not stand a chance.” I laughed; tweaking each of her nipples.

“Well show me what the chair and its owner can do.” Sue Ling demanded; grinding her damp crotch against my pelvis.

With the hands cupping Sue Ling’s tits; I began to squeeze and knead the firm flesh. This brought an immediate moan from her red lips, as her body began to tremble with lust. Sue Ling’s trembling body caused her love canal to rhythmically squeeze my throbbing shaft. I could feel mini tremors of ecstasy running along the walls of Sue Ling’s vagina. I knew she was getting close to another orgasm.

In order to help Sue Ling reach orgasm, I moved a hand from her breast to her clitoris. Finding her go button protruding from its covering sheath, I commenced rubbing it between thumb and forefinger. Immediately Sue Ling’s body began to spasm with lust, as she threw back her head; growling with desire. The spasms caused her love tunnel to squeeze my shaft; as a flood of love juice bathed my cock. Sue Ling was experiencing another powerful climax.

“O fuck, you did it! I’m climaxing!” kaçak casino Sue Ling cried, squeezing my shaft with her velvety slit. After a few minutes, when Sue Ling had come down from her orgasmic high she exclaimed, “Now it’s your turn! I’m going to make you shoot your load!”

Before she finished her words; Sue Ling flexed her legs; starting to slide up and down on my quivering shaft. My cock felt like it was being tightly grasped by a moist, silky fist. Each time Sue Ling moved up or down on my erection; I felt hot sticky pussy juice squirting from around my embedded pole. The wetness of Sue Ling’s vagina was all that kept me from tearing her tiny, tight pussy apart. The sensations I was receiving from her snug snatch were so intense, I knew I would not last for more than a couple of minutes no matter how I tried to hold out.

Finally I could no longer hold back the pressure building up in my balls. Letting myself go, I felt my balls contract as a torrent of thick creamy sperm rushed up my shaft, blasting from the tip; splashing against the walls of Sue Ling’s womb. Again and again, I blasted my sticky spunk into her receptive cunt. Each time a load of jism hit Sue ling’s pulsating womb; she let out a squeal of triumphant pleasure. She had brought a huge climax from me; just as she had promised. Sue Ling knew she was desirable; my powerful climax just reinforced the knowledge.

I had completely forgotten about Sandra; as my attention was consumed with Sue Ling’s masterful ministrations. All of a sudden Sandra was standing beside the wheelchair. She was strumming her clit, while thrusting three fingers in and out of her sopping slit, as she rotated her hips. The dildo hand grip had not satisfied Sandra; it had only made her extremely horny.

Staring me in the eye, Sandra exclaimed, “You forgot all about me! My cunt needs some attention! The dildo got me hot! Now I need a real cock!”

“Sure. I’m always ready to fuck some hot cunt.” Unfastening Sue Ling from the chains attached to the harness, I helped her off my lap saying, “Sue Ling, lower the wheelchair back so it will put my head at the same level as your cunt. I want to eat some of your cream pie, while Sandra rides me. Sandra is a natural cowgirl.”

Sue Ling lowered the wheelchair back until she could straddle my face. With Sue Ling’s pussy on my face and Sandra straddling my crotch, I could now pleasure both women at once. This chair sure made a lot of positions possible.

“Wow, I like the reclining feature!” Sue Ling exclaimed, as she straddled my head. “You should be able to get all the cream out of my pie. While you feast on my desert, Sandra and I can feast on each other.” Sue Ling laughed, lowering her aroused pussy to my mouth. “Sandra, does that sound like fun?”

“O yes!” Sandra exclaimed, squeezing my trapped manhood with the muscles of her thighs. “It will be even more fun when I get this cock hard again.”

Sandra was now atop me, with her feet planted on the foot pegs protruding from the hubs of the rear wheels. In this position she sat like a jockey, with her knees high above my waist. This enabled her to grip my limp manhood between her muscular thighs, while it rested against her wet slit. Slowly I could feel my manhood stiffening, as Sandra squeezed her thighs around it. When I was semi erect, she released her grip on my shaft. Using her legs, Sandra lifted her aroused pussy until it was poised over my hardening manhood. With one quick downward thrust, Sandra skewered her wide open wet cunt on my erection. With her sodden sheath wrapped around my shaft, Sandra displayed incredible control over her vaginal muscles. I could feel every one of her muscles, as they rippled up and down the length of my shaft. Each time she squeezed my shaft, I could see her cunt cream leak from the cleft in the center of her triangle of manicured red hair.

I was in my glory. Sue Ling was sliding the short cropped black line of hair out lining her slit over my nose and mouth, while Sandra bounced on my rock hard phallus. As Sue Ling rubbed her gash over my face, she tightened and released her vaginal muscles, forcing cream from her delectable pie. The cream running from her quim tasted delicious. Wanting to taste more of the mixture of Sue Ling’s and my cream, I pushed my tongue deeply into her slit. Swirling my tongue around, I scooped our mingled juices into my hungry mouth. As I enjoyed our fragrant juices, I could feel Sue Ling move forward, rubbing her gash against my slippery face.

I now understood why Sue Ling was moving forward. Sandra had her arms around Sue Ling’s neck, drawing her close. Finding Sue Ling’s mouth; Sandra planted a wet, open mouth kiss on the waiting red lips. Holding the kiss; Sandra moved her hands to Sue Ling’s firm globes, using thumb and forefinger to tweak the nipples. This brought a gasp of surprise and pleasure from Sue Ling.

Not to be out done; Sue Ling’s fingers quickly found Sandra’s breasts. Kneading the firm flesh; Sue Ling found the prominent nipples; giving them a hard pinch. Starting, Sandra jumped, giving my shaft a hard squeeze. Immediately a trickle of love cream squirted from around my embedded cock. By the way Sandra’s body was tensing up, I knew her orgasm was imminent.

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