Unexpected Fun

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You have a shocked look on your face as you opened the door to see me standing on your front porch. I brought over some books for your wife and was to pick up a box from her. You shake your head in amazement, two more different people being best friends seems impossible. Your wife is quiet and shy and reserve, me well I am shall we say less abandoned and more open minded then most. You invite me in taking the box of books from me and guide downstairs to your game room where my box is waiting for me.

s we enter the game room you introduce me to your friend Paul a fellow police officer from your precinct. We both remind you with a snicker that you have introduced us before. I make a comment that it is a shame you are married to my best friend because two cops could be fun, Paul makes the remark well one can be too. We start discussing the usual topics of guns, movies, kids and cars with sexual innuendo all thru the conversation. You mention you are out of cigarettes and turn your nose up at the offer of menthol from both Paul and myself and say you will be back in a few minutes as you head to the store.

Paul and I continue our small talk and start looking at you police badge collection. Paul shows me what each and everyone means, having heard all this from you before I am bored to tears but show Paul nothing but the most interest as with each badge he describes he leans a little closer and I can breath his English Sterling cologne engulf me a little more each time. Finally his face is just a space away from mine, his breath in my ear and on my neck. I close my eyes to gather my senses. His hand rests on my lower back pushing me gently closer to him as I turn my face to his and our lips meet. My hand goes up to his buzzed hair as his gently caresses my breast. I turn more towards him encouraging his touch. deeper our tongues probe, harder his hand is on my breast.

We step back falling on the couch his weight on me feels erotic. I look at him questioningly as this is something that might take more time then we have. Paul asks me to hold on as he jumps up the steps and closes the door to the game room. Returning he says that you should be able to take the hint and give us some privacy and climbs back on the couch with me. As we kiss güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri passionately our hands roaming over each other his lips move to my neck as his hand slowly raises my shirt. he genteelly removes my shirt and leans his head to suckle at my breast. Thru the fabric of my bra he licks my hard nipple making it very wet. the shivers that are sent thru my body I cannot hide as a moan escapes me. I am kneading and rubbing his back as he pays homage to my tits, teasing tasting sucking and chewing on one then the other. His hand moves across my stomach and down my hip, he will not let me move from my position he want to be in control.

This I gladly allow. His hand goes between my legs and he messages my clit thru my pants. I explode as he brings his mouth back to mine. Slowly he slides my pants down my legs then leans back to remove them from me, never breaking eye contact in an almost arrogant way. Telling me with his eyes that he knows he is in control and there is nothing I can do to stop him. Seeing me naked in front of him he takes a second to appreciate me, he sees my large tits hard and waiting for his caresses he sees my neatly shaved and almost bald pussy ready for his mouth. He slides his hands up my legs as he comes to my pussy and I jump, not because of what he is doing to me but because I thought I heard the door. Paul tells me not to worry, you wont come down, you have known for a while that Paul was attracted to me and that the cigarette thing was an excuse to be alone with me.

All this time Paul had been working on my pussy moving his thumbs over my clit and messaging my mons. I couldn’t help myself I had to start twisting my nipples. Paul apparently liked that and encourages me to continue saying yea baby pull on them for me as he slid his fingers deeper in my hot cunt. His fingers were long and thick better then come cock I have had. I could feel my orgasm starting and it was coming so hard I couldn’t stop it. pulling on my nipples and twisting them as hard as I could I arched against Paul’s fingers driving them deeper as I could feel it starting. Paul leaned in towards me forcing his fingers deeper saying yea baby that’s it cum for me I want to feel you cum for me as my world exploded around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me and I cam in his hand. he slowly removed his hand and brought it to my mouth.

I licked my juice off his fingers like a child starving for milk. Encouraging me calling me his woman he grabbed my hips and straightened me out telling me it was now his turn to taste me. Parting my lips he dove his tongue deep in my wet cunt lapping at all my juice all the time saying how sweet I tasted, sucking my clit tight in his mouth then licking deep in my cunt then sliding his tongue down to my ass and back to my clit. It was only a few seconds before the next wave hit me and I buckled under his talents.

With my wetness shining all over his face Paul rose staring at me defying me to move as he removed his clothing. As he slid down his pants the most beautiful cock I had ever seen sprang forth. Not only was it about 6 – 7 inched long but was also very wide with a perfect little head on it, I cam again just looking at it. Grinning as he came towards me Paul asked if I liked what I saw and I shook my head yes because that’s all I could do. Paul came to my face and told me if I like what I saw to suck it then and hungrily I agreed. Licking my tongue around the head as I prepared to take the whole shaft into my mouth sliding it slowly down my throat I prayed I could take it all I wanted to lick his balls too.

Paul was in control of this too and would only allow me a little bit at a time and never fast. Then all at once he dove his cock deep in my throat almost choking me and held it there for a brief second cutting off my air. He jerked as if catching himself and pulled his cock out leaned down and kissed me. Sliding down my body as he took my nipple in his mouth again his fingers felt to see if my cunt was still wet. Finding what he was looking for he moved on top of me and never taking his eyes from mine slowly pushed that cock inside me, I arched back in pleasure at what an amazing feeling it was to be filled with that cock.

Paul gave me a second to get used to his size then started to move his hips as he slowly stroked in and out. Taking my legs and pushing them up to my chest he gained deeper penetration, i could feel güvenilir bahis şirketleri his balls grinding against my ass and my moans became louder. i could feel myself cumin again, faster and deeper Paul went as he too knew I was cumming again, he felt my cunt clamp down around his cock, felt my walls convulsing on him and he road my out on my orgasm stroking every last drop from me.

As I lay there heaving for breath waiting for my vision to return Paul pulls his hard cock out of my tired pussy saying he certainly hoped I didn’t think he was done with me he turned me over on my stomach and raised my hips. Not that I could have argued if I wanted to but this was my favorite position, I was just concerned about the size of Paul’s cock I had never taken one so large in my ass before, but Paul was good.

Slowly he took he hard cock and slid it in to my still throbbing pussy, I flinched at first but as Paul rocked back and forth it started to feel good again. I could hear him spit and feel the saliva on my ass as Paul took his thumb and started to message my asshole coaxing it to relaxed he continued to fuck my pussy while he did this, everyone in a while leaning over to kiss or bite my neck or lick my back which sent chills all over my body. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and pressed the head against my ass, he felt me tense up and whispered in my ear c’mon baby relax you know your gonna like it in the ass and slowly pushed in.

The initial pain hit and he stopped giving me a second then pushed again. Pulling out a little bit then going back in a little deeper with each thrust. Soon his balls were slapping off my clit my hair was wrapped around his wrist and he was riding me as hard as he could. My face buried in the couch and my ass in the air. Paul was grunting with every stroke until he pushed deep in my ass and let out a moan that reverberated thru me blowing his load deep in my ass and collapsing on top of me. We lay there for a few seconds catching our breath and Paul pushes himself up on his elbows and surveys the mess we made.

With a snicker he yells over my shoulder hey buddy can you get us a towel and you throw one saying here I didn’t know how many we would need. I turn in amazement to see you sitting on the stairs naked from the waist down watching us. You explain that Paul had wanted me for a while now and you had always wanted to fuck me because I am so wild but being married to my best friend all you could do was watch. My only response was next time if i know he is watching maybe we could put on a better show (sigh)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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