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The dynamite was lit when she typed these words: “Would you like to see my breasts,” I knew then that this wasn’t just going to be a regular chat session.

Up until then, I’ve never had a woman undress for me on the Net.

The way it usually went was I’d show and tell and get very little if anything in return from hungry women who sought a thrill. However, for reasons that always baffled me, they rarely showed me much via their web cams except for faces.

This steamy session quickly escalated into something like a five alarm fire in a chemical factory.

“Oh my,” I moaned as she removed her sweater and bra. Her supple fruits came into view “You really have suckable breasts dearest.”

“MMM, thanks honey. Now if I remember correctly you love a hairy twat is that right.”

“Oh my God, yes.” I said, aching. She was right on the money. For me, there’s nothing sexier than to admire then a plethora of pubic hair that covers the whole mound.

“Well I’ve got one right here canlı bahis for you.” She typed.

My cock was throbbing now. Major hot buttons were pushed now. She didn’t need to ask, but she did anyway.

“Would you like to see it”?

“Oh yes, please. I’d love to look at your hairy pussy.”

“Ok here goes,” she said as I watched her pull down her white panties. What lay underneath them were the most glorious dark haired pussy with lips, slick with cream.

“Tell me this,” my fingers raced across the keys “do you smell musky”?

She put her hand down into her rich public hair and rubbed her fingers all over her velvety folds. Then she put her hand up to her face and inhaled deeply. She closed her eyes as if she were teleported to a far away place. After a moment she came out of her trance and typed, “Yes honey. I’m very pungent today and all ready for you to lick.”

That did it. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I quickly invited her to “view” my webcam. My cock throbbed with bahis siteleri hungry need in my boxer shorts. It’s glistening pre-come beaded up at it’s end as I imagined my face buried to the hilt in her hot, dank cunt.

She laid back, made herself comfortable on her bed, and fingered herself slowly. Her fingers traced lazy circles in her dark curls. Her keyboard must’ve been near her because she typed, “Just tell me what you want to me to do and I’ll do it for you.” “Ok honey, likewise of course,” I typed as I sat back and stroked my cock up and down.

“MMM give me a close up of your cock head and balls please,” she responded.

I gave her what she wanted fast. I took my small camera in my hand, pointed it in that vicinity, and gave her a close up of my shiny pearl cream that flowed from my cock hole.

“I want to lick all that off you, I love to suck hot cocks,” she typed.

“If you were here right now baby, my face would be buried deep in your palace and I’d fuck your face bahis şirketleri at the same time, sixty-nine style.” I responded, and tried to keep from shooting too soon.

“Oh fuck that’s sooo hot, at just the thought of your cock pumping my face. Let’s get off sweetie, no more typing. Just stroking from now on,” she said.

“That’s fine sweetie,” I typed.

Her fingers wildly went in and out of her hairy pussy. My eyes were entranced as I watched her fuck herself. I stoked my cock slowly so she could watch me clearly since our cameras didn’t move in exact real time.

I witnessed her face grow flushed and begin to contort. Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth looked as though she moaned loudly.

She typed, “I’m close.”

As I stroked my cock, I felt that all to familiar rush as my come load spurted out of me. I quickly typed all that I could which was, “AHHHHH FUCK YES.”

Then as if she felt my heat though the cam she typed that she was coming too. Her face twisted up into a ball of passion. She threw her head back and grit teeth while she rode out her orgasm.

When we both came down from our clouds we thanked each other for the fun and planned to do it again in the very near future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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