Two Dirty Schoolgirls

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Matt, Amanda, and I all loved role playing together. We each kept a list of different sex scenarios that we all wanted to do over time, some kinkier than others, but one particular evening, Matt was really craving a good old-fashioned professor with naughty schoolgirls at an all-girls college scenario. He had found actual school desks at an antique store and had purchased two, storing them in our garage until the perfect time. His office was open aside from bookshelves and the desk that faced the center of the room, the ideal setup for a classroom scenario. While Matt set the desks up in the office, Amanda and I got dolled up together in our spacious bathroom.

We had ordered plaid miniskirts and bought white knee-high socks along with old school saddle oxfords and white button-down shirts. We stood together in the bathroom, both of us naked, making our cheeks rosy and putting on just a small amount of makeup so we looked like 18 year-olds freshly arrived to college.. I fixed Amanda’s hair into two separate braids and then pulled mine up into two curled pigtails. We tied up our shirts and left the top buttons undone so our tits were peeking out perfectly and we both failed to put any underwear on under our skirts. We looked like the perfect private college schoolgirls and I just knew Matt was going to be in heaven when he saw us.

Matt glanced up when we walked into the office and each sat down in a desk, a smile spreading across his face. “Hello, ladies. Your exams are on your desk. There are thirty multiple choice questions and you’ll have the duration of class to complete your exam. Cheating is unacceptable and will be punished with the utmost harshness. You may begin now.”

I glanced at the paper on my desk; Matt had actually gone to the extent of creating a real exam full of naughty questions about the three of us like, “Who likes their ass eaten the most?” and “Who has the best gag reflex?” and “Who has bigger tits?” I began to legitimately answer the questions while Amanda did the same and Matt sat leaning back in his desk chair watching us intently. I loved how deeply into the roles we all got, and in an effort to instigate some punishment, I spread my legs under my desk and pulled my skirt up so Matt canlı bahis could see my pink, hairless pussy. Then, I leaned over in my desk ever so slightly and glanced sideways at Amanda’s exam so that Matt would see me “cheating”. He did, and immediately rose from his seat and walked over to my desk. Roughly grabbing my jaw and directing my attention to him, he asked, “Just what do you think you’re doing, young lady? You know that cheating is against the rules and will be punished. Get up and go stand in front of the desk. Bend over it and lay your chest on it. You need spanked with a ruler for misbehaving.”

When he let go of my jaw, I did as I was told, walking to the desk while Amanda and Matt watched. I could feel them both looking intently at me as I leaned over the desk, laying my chest on it; the plaid miniskirt rose when I did this and I could feel my bare ass cheeks peeking out from underneath. Soon, Matt was standing beside me lifting my skirt up to expose my entire ass. Without a word, I suddenly felt the sting of a ruler on my left cheek, biting and sharp, most certainly leaving a brilliantly red mark. I sucked my breath in and clenched my teeth, preparing for the next blow. With equal force, I felt the sting on my right cheek next. I fought with everything in me to keep quiet; the more noise I made, the more lashes I would get. As bad as the ruler beating hurt, it felt good for me at the same time and I could feel my pussy starting to drip with wetness.

“What do we have here?” Matt asked as he ran his fingers from my asshole to my wet slit, roughly shoving two fingers inside of me and forcefully finger fucking my pussy. “Looks to me like someone likes her punishment. In that case, I guess I’ll have to find another way to truly punish you. Slut.” He pulled his fingers out of me and walked over to Amanda, putting them in her mouth so she could suck my wetness off them. She moaned in delight. “Get up. Get back in your desk, Scarlett.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said and did as I was told. My ass cheeks stung as I sat down in the hard desk again. I watched as Matt guided Amanda to the desk and got her into the same position I had just been in. Her tight, round ass was peeking out from her skirt and I could just bahis siteleri see the pretty pink folds of her pussy; I wanted to just bury my face right there in her ass so bad I could almost taste it. I was practically drooling for our girlfriend’s pussy and asshole. It was then that I realized what my true punishment would be: he was going to make me watch them fucking and playing around and not let me play, too. It was going to be such torture.

“Look at her ass, Scarlett. Isn’t it gorgeous?” Matt asked as he stood beside her kneading her full cheeks. I nodded in agreement. He then squatted down directly behind her and using both hands to grab her cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing her tight asshole. I wanted it so fucking bad. I wanted to taste it, to trace it with my tongue and kiss it and suck on it and put my tongue inside of it. I needed to eat our girlfriend’s ass but I knew he was going to sit right there and do it himself, never giving me a taste. He immediately dove in, licking her asshole passionately, his face buried deep as he sucked and licked. I loved hearing him moan with pleasure as he ate her ass but fuck, I wanted to share it with him so bad I couldn’t stand it. Amanda was moaning, too, reveling in getting her ass eaten. Matt moved down and licked her pussy, no doubt tasting her sweet juices and I was instantly jealous. I wanted to taste it all, too. After several minutes of eating her ass, Matt stopped and had her turn around to sit on the desk facing me with her feet up and legs spread so he could then eat her pussy. Without ever glancing away, Amanda stared me down while our “professor” rewarded her for not cheating by licking and sucking on her hard little clit. I could hear the wetness from her pussy and I knew his face must be covered with it. As Matt brought her to an intense orgasm, Amanda continued to gaze into my eyes while she moaned and panted loudly, writhing in ecstasy on the desk in front of me.

“Is that fucking punishment, young lady? Having to watch your boyfriend eat your girlfriend’s pussy and ass and never getting even the slightest taste?” Matt asked as Amanda recovered, her skin beautifully flushed from her orgasm.

“Yes, Sir. It’s horrible punishment. I want bahis şirketleri her pussy and asshole so bad,” I said, pleading, hoping he would show me some mercy.

“Good. That’s the kind of punishment sluts like you who can’t follow the rules deserve. Now you get to watch me fuck her and fill her pussy up with cum and instead of you getting to eat it out of her, I’m going to feed it to her with my fingers. You don’t get any of my cum and you’re not allowed to cum tonight. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered immediately. My pussy was so wet and I wanted to reach between my legs so bad but I knew if I did, some form of truly humiliating punishment would be the next step so it was better to sit there and suffer.

Matt hiked Amanda’s leg up after he had dropped his dress pants to his ankles, sliding his incredibly thick cock into her tight pussy.

“You like that?” Matt asked her.

“Yes, Mr. Thompson,” she breathed as he pumped his cock into her. “I fucking love when you reward me with your dick.”

“Good. You deserve it, Amanda.” He kept forcefully thrusting his dick deep into her pussy, loud slapping sounds emanating from their direction with every thrust. I could see everything: every fold of her pussy enclosed around his cock, the muscles in his arms straining and bulging as he gripped the desk, her perky young tits bouncing. I was fairly certain I was going to leave a puddle in my desk seat I was so wet. My pussy was aching for me to shove my fingers in, my clit just begging to be rubbed. I was being visually tortured and I fucking loved every second of it.

After watching them fuck for a while, Amanda started to climax and that finally set Matt off. He grunted as he shot his seed deep into her pussy, filling her up with his sticky white cum. When he pulled out his dick, he immediately slid two fingers in and scooped his hot cum out. I could see a puddle of it pooled up on the tips of his fingers that the then shoved into Amanda’s mouth. She sucked off every drop before he thrust his fingers into her again, scooping out more cum to feed our girlfriend. She was such a good little cum eater for him and I was so wet wishing I could be licking it out of her tight pussy. Once Matt was finished feeding his cum to her, Amanda climbed off the desk and dropped to her knees like she had been taught to clean his cock up with her mouth.

“See, Scarlett? Good girls get all the cum. Maybe you’ll behave next time.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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