Turning Twenty Ch. 02

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I paused for a moment to watch Mike lean over Cindy’s outstretched body and lavish it with his hands and mouth, hardly believing that we were actually going through with this. After months of eager talk with my girlfriend – as foreplay, while we made love, and during the close and open moments afterwards – we had finally invited an older man to join us in bed. And as we had hoped, he had graciously accepted and now he lay before me, his cock already swollen to half its considerable length despite his having emptied it into Cindy’s mouth moments before.

Rubbing the sweaty palm of my open hand up and down the length of my tumid shaft, I stared incredulously through a veil of horny, nervous excitement, savoring the anticipation of what was to come next.

Cindy’s nipples and belly were already a sore red from the rough treatment Mike was giving them. Between greedy nibbles and licks, he managed to express his satisfaction with the slim, 19-year-old body that I knew he’d been craving since he first saw her in the office: “Jesus, you’re a sweet little thing…”

Moving around to a kneeling position on the floor behind Cindy’s gently tossing head, I pulled her arms back and held her wrists against the edge of the bed. “Take those panties off, Mike. See what she’s hiding down there.”

She wiggled her ass as he lifted her legs, hooked his fingers under the thin strap of her thong, and slid it down over her hips. “No!” she cried in false protest, helplessly wriggling under the command of four strong hands as he pulled it up, off and casually tossed it aside. I picked up the silky slip of an undergarment where it had fallen near the edge of the bed and brought the damp fabric to my face, distractedly inhaling Cindy’s fresh arousal before letting it fall to the ground.

Still holding her legs aloft, Mike sunk to his knees and dragged his tongue from the backs of her knees down her raised thighs, following the taut, gentle curve of her ass as he ducked lower and lower. I knew when he had found what he was looking for by the little squeal she gave; Cindy’s bottom was extremely sensitive and she loved to receive attention there.

Her legs parted and came back towards me. Knowing that Mike wanted to see everything, I held her feet in place while he spread her apart with his fingers.

Peering over the top of Cindy’s smooth little mound, I watched him hook his finger and slide it into her box. She cried aloud and the abrupt invasion, moaning deeply as Mike used his thumb to gently trace a circle around the tip of her hardening clit.

After a few moments of playful teasing, he splayed her thighs wide, holding them there, and dipped his head low. From the way she tensed up and the broken, slowly circular movement of Mike’s head, I knew that he was working his tongue around the perimeter of her dirtiest hole, dipping it in a little to loosen it then flicking it with the tip of his tongue.

Every time he slipped his tongue inside Cindy’s teenage pooper, she whined contentedly. As I watched, I whispered to her that I couldn’t wait to see both of her holes stretched wide at the same time; that I wanted to hear her cry out when Mike and I both got off inside her. On more than one occasion during our months together, Cindy had confided her curiosity about being double-penetrated, and we both knew that it, if anything, would be the culmination of an affair like tonight’s. Now that Mike had joined us, and her favored fantasy might become a reality, I wanted to make her desperate for it. It pleased me, then, when my teasing made her urgent whimpering grow louder and more insistent.

Between the punctuated series of squeals and groans escaping her lips, Cindy’s breathing came deep and heavy by the time Mike had finished with her ass and finally worked his tongue back up and into the slick cleft between her legs. When he reached her clit, she tilted her head back, pushed her tongue past my lips and moaned into my mouth.

The sweetness that I always found on her lips mingled with the strong taste of Mike’s cum still lingering within and around the edges of her mouth. Once more aroused by this new experience, I paused to nibble on her lips before withdrawing to look again into her eyes.

“Do you like how he eats your pussy, baby?” I asked, brushing the hair away from her sweat-beaded brow, watching the rhythm of her hips match the motions of Mike’s head where it was buried low between her parted thighs. More throaty rumbles and grateful coos were all she could muster in the way of a reply.

Not a minute passed before she drew a sharp breath and her hands shot up and grasped my thigh. Overwhelmed, shaking like a leaf, she bit her lower lip and shut her eyes tight, holding Mike’s head against her shuddering cooze by a handful of his hair.

I knew why Cindy had come so soon when I glanced down at Mike to see him lapping at her raised clit and sliding his middle finger in and out of her ass. Pulling her feet back and down to raise her up for a better view, I noticed that canlı bahis her back door must have been squeezing tight since it winked shut as soon as he withdrew his finger.

I reached down to gently stroke and kiss her blushing face as her orgasm gradually subsided. Running my thumb along her trembling lower lip and leaning close to her ear, I whispered, “Is that what you wanted?”

I felt her hot breath against my neck when she replied, “Oh god, yeah…I’ve been so close all night…”

Holding her head down and her mouth open, I then rose and laid my aching shaft across her ruby lips, holding it just beyond reach of her outstretched tongue. “Do you want this, too?” I asked, brushing the tip against her soft, flushed cheeks on its way back to the dewy splay of her mouth.

Not waiting for a response, I angled my rod down and fed her the just the bulb, pulling out and rocking the length of it back and forth against her lips, dipping back inside at the end of every stroke. The sticky mix of my precum, Cindy’s saliva, and what was left of Mike’s load made her mouth slippery and hot. The tip of my cock had been tingling for awhile, but now it felt as though it was aflame.

“Now that you’ve had your fun, sweetie,” I said, “it’s our turn.”

She curled her lips into a smile upon hearing this and reached up with both hands. One delicate hand grasped my shaft, guiding more of it into her mouth where her dancing tongue pushed it past her teeth to bulge her cheek out on one side. Another reached between my legs where I knelt on the edge of my bed, gingerly taking my sensitive balls between five slender, skillful fingers.

I glanced over at Mike, who stood rubbing Cindy’s clit with one hand and his fat prick with the other, watching me stuff her face with a glazed look in his eyes. I passed one of her legs over to him and ran my fingers down the other to grab the top of her sock and slowly work it off. “This naughty little girl likes to have her toes sucked, don’t you baby?”

“Mmm-hmmm…” she purred, through a mouthful of what I was feeing her, “I love it…”

Mike held her by the knee and tugged the stocking up and off, exposing five small, pink digits with tiny, freshly trimmed and painted nails. She spread them wide for him and giggled as he lashed her heel with his tongue and ran it up her arch. I worked my tongue across all five toes of the foot I held, lingering on each one, nibbling and sucking them in turn. We took our time indulging ourselves and spoiling her with the sort of worshipful attention I knew she loved.

Looking down at Mike from where she lay, Cindy watched him delicately rub his shiny tip along the row of toes on her right foot before she leaned her head back, stared up into my eyes and swallowed three inches of what I held close to her mouth.

Standing over her head with her chubby toes wriggling in my mouth and her sharp little teeth scraping the base of my cock, it took me a while to notice that Mike had been waiting for my sign to finally enter her pussy.

Cindy was ahead of me. She looked at us both and pleaded with us in a small, desperate voice, “Please, you guys…I can’t wait any longer, you have to fuck me right now…”

I was already near the brink after our extended foreplay. Hearing my nineteen-year-old girlfriend beg for two cocks at once was more than I could take.

“I’ve got to have this ass…” Mike said, holding Cindy down and lining up his prick with the snug place he had been priming with his fingers. Knowing that I was going to come any minute, I intervened, “Not yet…flip her over and loosen up her pussy first…I want to see her take it from both ends…”

Mike complied by rolling Cindy over onto her stomach and pulling her ass up in the air by the waist. Knees wide and head down, she rested on one elbow to reach between her legs and spread herself open, invitingly, giving a little chirp when Mike smacked her hard across the ass. “Tell me what you want, honey,” he said, holding his cock by the base and resting the tip against the lips of her damp slit.

“Fuck me with it…please, Mike…,” she said, snaking two fingers into the warm, wet pink she held open. I had never seen her so horny, down on all fours and begging to be stuffed. Mike wiped his fat cock up and down her crack then sunk it in, burying himself up to his balls in a single thrust.

Cindy’s eyes flew open when finally Mike drove home, wrenching an anguished squeal from her lips. It was obvious that her tiny little box wasn’t used to being stretched so wide. Mike’s cock was fatter than mine despite being longer by about an inch, and he was through being gentle with her. She looked just a little afraid when she peered up at me and gasped, “God, he’s so big…ow!”

“Is it too much for you, baby?” Mike asked, working a little more of it inside with each heavy stroke.

Squinting up at me from between labored breaths, Cindy replied, “Ahhh!…it hurts a little…” Twisting her mouth into a dirty little smile, she glanced bahis siteleri my way and added, “But I know I deserve it…”

It wasn’t long before Cindy’s pussy had relented fully, taut lips splayed wide and gripping the broad base of Mike’s buried shaft. Finding himself swallowed whole with his balls braced against her ass, he withdrew his tool fully for a long moment then sheathed it again and again, punishing her clenching inner walls with a rapid series of indulgent stabs. Every time she cried out, he seemed to thrust harder and deeper. He was straining hard, apparently determined to split her wide open.

Mike had all but cast aside his earlier restraint, just as we had so often imagined in our fantasies. He clearly wanted to dominate Cindy completely. Despite the intensity of where things seemed to be headed, I knew that she was enjoying it as much as it got me off watching him have his way with her. Reaching forward to grasp a handful of her hair as it tossed back and forth, he voiced the thought that had been racing through my own mind.

Through clenched teeth, he murmured, “We’re going to wear out all of your dirty little holes before we’re finished, you little slut.”

Before she had a chance to respond, I took her by the back of the head and slipped both of my thumbs past the corners of her mouth, prying it open. Moaning her approval, she opened wide to let me ram my cock inside and against the back of her throat. Following Mike’s lead and holding nothing back, I plunged into the warmth of her mouth until I could feel the gentle scrape of her teeth around the base of my cock.

It wasn’t long before my balls ached for release. Gripping the back of Cindy’s slender neck, I fucked her mouth like a pussy, pumping in and out and watching Mike savagely pound her snatch, giving her a much-deserved spanking with one hand and violating her back door with the other. Seeing him bury his thumb deep in her upraised ass, knowing that all three of my girlfriend’s holes were stuffed with horny fingers and pricks, I knew that I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Show me your tongue, baby…I’m gonna come…”

I pulled out of Cindy’s mouth and exploded all over her face just as she opened up. I came in several thick spurts, watching her catch every other shot on her outstretched tongue. Reaching down, I wiped it from her face and fed it to her, leaving my thumb in her mouth for her to suck as Mike neared his own climax.

She was rocking back against his thrusts, driving him deep against her cervix and crying out each time his shaft disappeared inside. I moved back to get a closer look at him sliding in and out. Seeing how close he was, I smacked Cindy’s ass in rhythm to his thrusts, holding her head down against the bed with my other arm to stifle her moans and show her that we were still in control.

Between her pained groans, she managed to tell us exactly how she wanted it. “Come inside, you dirty old fuck…fill me up…,” she stammered. Mike’s agonized expression tensed up even more and he quickened his already reckless pace.

They both cried out as he tightened his grip on her waist and clenched his ass, jerking his hips to help empty his load into her young womb. Their motions grew lazy and settled into an absent-minded rhythm, a gentle rocking back and forth while he worked the last of his seed into her tender muff.

When Mike finally pulled out and Cindy rolled over to catch her breath, he and I had the pleasure of watching his thick, messy load spill from between the flushed, glistening folds of her pussy and onto the sheets beneath her ass. Curling her lip and glancing up at us, she threw one leg back, reached down and gently spread the outer lips apart with both hands.

Several thick streams of cum ran down her crack and formed a little puddle on the bed. After a moment’s hesitation, I gathered the warm love up into my hand. “Come here, baby…” Her brow glistening with sweat, still recovering from the pounding she had received, Cindy slowly rose and crawled towards me on her hands and knees.

Sitting back on her heels, she looked up at us with a sly little smile on her face and playfully asked, “Yes, sir?” Suspecting that I had something kinky in mind, she played innocent, biting her lower lip a little and raising her eyebrows.

“Look how bad you’ve been,” I said, offering my cupped hand. “Use that naughty mouth of yours to clean up the mess you made.”

Without a word, Cindy slowly lowered her head and began lapping at the warm pool in the center of my palm like a kitten at a saucer of milk. She teasingly looked up once or twice to show me the long, sticky strands she had gotten all over her little muzzle — a reminder that she had eaten three loads of cum by now.

Having only fucked Cindy’s mouth so far, I was eager to move things along. I knew that she wouldn’t be happy, either, until we had done more with her little bottom than tease it.

Hoping to move things in that direction, and still offering Cindy my outstretched bahis şirketleri hand, I assumed a stern tone and warned her, “Get it all or we’ll take you downtown as you are and leave you alone for the night. The people who would find you wouldn’t be as gentle as we are, isn’t that right Mike?”

“Oh no,” he agreed, playing along, “they’d find much dirtier things to do with that pretty little mouth than feed it yummy treats like the one you’ve having now.”

Having licked my hand clean, and seeing that it was her turn, Cindy looked up at us with feigned apprehension, swallowed hard, and said, “Well, why don’t you guys show me what you mean, just in case you decide to share me with all those strangers?” Her eager eyes moved from Mike to me and back while she gently wiped the corners of her mouth with her fingers, licking the last of Mike’s sperm from the tips of each of them in turn.

After glancing my way for approval, Mike sat on the edge of the bed and motioned Cindy over, “Come here, honey.” I pointed at the floor between Mike’s legs and gave her ass a smack as she climbed down off the bed.

She got down and knelt, resting her hands on her knees and looking up into Mike’s eyes. He reached his hand around the back of her head. “Lots of guys would love to have their balls and ass teased by young girls with hot little tongues like yours.” With that, he pulled his semi-hard shaft out of the way and pressed Cindy’s face close to his exposed crack.

“Like mine?” Cindy innocently echoed, following Mike’s lead by leaning close and beginning to work on his brown, heavy sack with her tongue. She lashed the crinkled skin along his scrotum, slowly working her way down from the sensitive place where it joined the fat stem of his cock. Resting one foot on the edge of the bed, Mike widened his legs for Cindy as she gradually sunk deeper and deeper between them.

She took her time alternating between his balls and the sensitive flesh between them and his ass, bathing everything and filling the silence with the soft, wet smacking of her lips. Each time she dipped below his sack, she reached farther back up his crack with her outstretched tongue, causing Mike’s low, throaty rumbles to rise into barely stifled groans. Before long, she held her nose directly over the small brown star of his anus.

“You’re lucky, Mike,” I informed him. “She’s never tasted a guy’s ass before.”

“Is this the first ass you’ve eaten, honey?” Mike asked. Glancing at me, she smiled and nodded her head, reaching up to spread his cheeks a little more and blow gently across his tense sphincter. He held his balls aside while Cindy carefully worked the tip of her tongue around the perimeter, teasing him for long moments, then finally dipping the pink tip inside, driving farther in with each new stroke.

“Ahh…God!” came Mike’s heavy breath while he gazed down at the gentle motions of Cindy’s head, half-buried beneath his cock and balls.

By now, he and I had both fondled ourselves back to life. Hefting my rod and pulling the foreskin back, I felt it swell between my fingertips. To my surprise, I was even stiffer than before.

“That little tongue of hers is red hot…” He barely managed to get the words out before reaching down to mash her gently flickering tongue against his mudpipe with an insistent tug at the back of her neck. With Cindy’s face buried in his ass, Mike’s upper body tensed at the heightened activity around the already tender spot between his cheeks which she had made hyper-sensitive with her teasingly gentle ministrations.

However, Mike and I weren’t the only ones enjoying Cindy’s first rimjob; her own gratification was in evidence, and she was finding new ways to surprise us both. She guided both of Mike’s legs overhead and spent awhile on her knees between them, using her free hand to reach up and oil his shaft with some of the spit she was using to clean his ass. She alternated between his bung and his balls in an unpredictable succession of voracious feasting and shy, gingerly nibbling.

Neither Cindy nor I had expected things to get so dirty tonight. Mike had a surprising way of getting what he wanted.

After a few more minutes of servicing Mike’s ass, Cindy looked back at me from between his legs with a smirk and remarked, “See, I can be a good girl.”

“You nasty little slut,” I said, holding her chin up after scolding her with a playful slap across her damp face. “There’s only one thing to do with you, and you’ve been asking for it.” I stood her up and turned her around to face Mike, pulling her arms behind her back and pushing her down onto his lap. “We’re going to flood both of those holes you’ve been teasing us with.” Pulling her head back by a handful of her hair and leaning close against her heavy breathing, I added, “And you’re going to show us just how much you like it.”

Mike slid back on the bed and got Cindy into a kneeling position. She straddled his waist while he held her hips in place and lined her up with the bulbous mushroom at the head of his cock, holding her hands behind her back. Pulling her down onto his lap, he sunk in and bucked up, plowing into her cervix. Still reeling from the abrupt change of positions, she squealed when he bottomed out inside her.

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