Transforming Genevieve Ch. 06

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I woke with the realization that even a night’s sleep didn’t cure the ugly feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. Dick and I had shared an incredible physical experience. Sex with him was spectacular. But I’d allowed him to become attached to me emotionally. I didn’t recognize the fact that since his wife left him he was missing the emotionally attachment of a woman. I wasn’t ready to fulfill that need for any man and somehow I knew I’d pay dearly for not recognizing that fact.

It had been almost a week since I began this transformation. I’d gone from being a mundane wallflower to a sexual wild cat in six short days. I’d preformed sex acts that previously I’d only written or fantasized about. My lustful cravings to experience all those fantasies had blinded me to the simple fact that my lovers had feelings of their own. Feelings I should have respected and considered before I drew them into my own passionate spiders web. I have to think long and hard about the dangerous path my cravings were leading me toward.

Just as I was about to leave for my 8 AM class my phone rang. I didn’t answer it but after the message played the caller said.

“Hi Gen, it’s Dick. I didn’t sleep very well last night baby. I’m calling to apologize for being such an ass when I dropped you off last night. I let my emotions get the better of me and took my disappointment out on you. I hope you will forgive me Gen? Call me when you get this message please.”

His voice sounded sincere, but at the same time very sad. I thought about calling him back immediately but decided against it wanting time to think about how I’d explain to him that I just couldn’t let myself become attached to any man right now.

The day passed rather slowly. In my mind I replayed the events of the past six days over and over. Those thoughts excited me for their pure animalistic lust, and at the same time disgusted me because I’d been unable to control my cravings to experience every possible sexual experience I could. I came to the realization that if I didn’t find a way to control those cravings they would eat me alive.

I hid in my office until five o’clock and then made my way across campus to the safety of my flat. Closing the door and turning the dead bolt to my flat I turned and noticed my answering machine blinking. I had two new messages. Pressing the play button I listened to a second message from Dick.

He said, “Genevieve this is Dick again, I was going to stop by your office this morning but decided not to. We need to talk, please call me when you get the message.” His voice didn’t sound as sad as it had earlier that morning. He obviously wasn’t going to give up trying to contact me and I knew that sooner or later I’d have to deal with him.

I pressed the delete button and waited for the second message to play. A woman’s voice began, “Hi Gen this is Marsha. I hope you remember me. I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Pete about you. He and I are anxious to get together with you for drinks. Give me a call when you get the message my cell number is 464-378-5591. We hope to hear from you soon sweetie.”

I replayed the message writing Marsha’s cell number on my memo pad. I’d call her a little later after I had something light to eat. As I cut a leftover boneless breast of chicken into thin strips to add to my salad my phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Marsha’s cell. I answered the call.

“Hello Marsha” I said.

“Hi Gen did you get my message from earlier?” She asked.

“I sure did Marsha, and I was going to give you a call in a little while.” I replied.

“Well sweetie my husband is out of town tonight and tomorrow, and I’m getting together with Pete. We were wondering if you’d like to meet later tonight for a couple drinks.” Marsha asked.

“I had no plans for tonight Marsha. I really enjoyed the time we spent together while you helped me with my wardrobe. I’d love to have a few drinks with you and Pete tonight.” I said.

“Great Gen, do you know where the Ramada Inn is on Simonton Boulevard?” Marsha asked.

“Yes I do. Is there a lounge there?” I replied.

“They have a small piano bar but no one ever goes there. It’s a perfect place to meet discreetly.” Marsha said.

“Great Marsha, what time?” I asked.

“How about 8:00 sweetie?” She suggested.

“That’s good. I’ll have enough time to shower and get dressed for the occasion.” I said with a hint of sexiness in my voice.

“Make sure you wear what we picked out under your clothes Genevieve. I told Pete how sexy you looked and he can’t wait to see for himself.” She said.

“Okay Marsha. See you at 8:00 hun.” I said.

Marsha made the assumption that just because I had agreed to meet them for drinks that I’d be showing off my lingerie to her discreet lover. While I was excited about the possibility of living out my fantasy of a 3some, I wasn’t sure I could actually go through with a bi-sexual experience.

I finished eating my chicken salad and marked a few papers before heading for my bedroom. I lay out a fresh pair canlı bahis of black seamed stockings, and my black lace garter and bra set. Marsha had helped me pick out a very slinky black dress with a high neckline and very short almost sleeveless sleeves. It was the shortest of all the dresses I’d tried that night the hem stopping a full four or five inches above my knees. I recall that when we did the seated leg crossed test not only did the hem of my stockings show but an inch or so of creamy white skin above the stockings showed also. The four inch stilettos would finish off the outfit perfectly. With my clothing picked out I headed for the shower.

Surveying my naked body in the mirror as I prepared to shower I noticed a light outline of pubic hair beginning to show. I’d have to shave and trim my narrow line of black hair while I showered. Adjusting the water temperature so it was a degree or two cooler then steaming I stepped into the shower with all my hair care products and my razor.

The warm water cascaded over my body relaxing my muscles and making me feel very sensuous. I followed my normal routine of shampooing my hair and applying conditioner so it could soak for a few minutes. Turning my attention to my pubic hair I lathered myself and began shaving around my narrow black landing strip of hair. As I rinsed the shaving cream off and checked the results with my shower mirror I noticed that I’d shaved too far in from one side. My landing strip looked off center from the tight little slit just below. I giggled and thought, “A pilot might miss his target with such a skewed landing strip.” A couple minutes later I was completely shaved. The feeling of being totally bare excited me. I should have gone that way from the start. Some sexy strawberry body gel and a through rinse of my hair and I was ready to step out of my shower.

It takes several large towels to get my long tresses dry to a point that I can finish up fairly quickly with my hair dryer. But the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to having waist length hair. I brushed my hair long and straight as my blow dryer completed the drying process. My hair cascaded down my back to my waist. Finishing up in the bathroom I hung up the wet towels and before turning the light off I surveyed myself in the mirror. My clean-shaven pussy looked very inviting, extremely edible. I wondered to myself if Marsha’s pussy was completely bare also. Perhaps I’d have a chance to find out later that night.

Moving back to my bedroom I slid the lace garter up my long shapely legs letting it settle in comfortably at the top of my hips. Carefully gathering one silk stocking in my hands I slipped my foot into it and smoothed it up over my leg making sure the seam was straight and ran up the middle of the back of my calf and thigh. The other stocking followed and I let my delicate fingers linger on my inner thighs after I’d smoothed both silk stockings over my legs. I loved the feeling of having such sexy fabric on my skin. I had become quite the hedonist, devoting my recent life to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification. I loved the pursuit, I loved the results of my pursuit and tonight I would perhaps reach another sexual goal that I’d set for myself.

I carefully adjusted the thin straps of my garter and clasped them to the top hem of my stockings. Wanting to see how I’d look when disrobed to this point I slipped my feet into the stilettos and stood up. I strolled toward the full-length mirror mounted on the inside of my closet door and did a pirouette to gaze at my reflection from behind. The long black tresses reached the thin fabric of my lace garter. From there my naked creamy white ass was framed perfectly by the two thin straps that held my stockings in place. The dark seams ran incredibly straight down the middle of my legs to the heel of my stilettos. I smiled knowing that image would elicit a throbbing erection from almost any man who viewed it. Turning to face the mirror my gaze was instantly drawn to the now clean-shaven pubic mound just below the wider lacy fabric of my garter. I wondered if I’d see Marsha’s sexy eyes looking up at me from between my soft thighs later. I wondered if I see Peter’s stiff cock entering me later. I slid my hands up to cup my breasts tweaking the nipples to erection with my fingers.

With every passing moment I was becoming more and more aroused at the thought of what may lie ahead this evening. I slid my black satin thong over my stockings and covered my naked smooth pubic mound. I thought for a moment about not wearing the matching lace bra, but decided the image of my lace-covered tits would possibly heighten both Marsha and Peter’s passion should I choose to slip out of my slinky black dress later that evening. My nipples still pierced at the fabric and I was certain they would also show through the material of my dress. I moved to my makeup table and sat down in front of the well-lit mirror. Darker than usual eye shadow brought my shimmering green eyes to the forefront, I’d be dressed completely in black and decided a splash of red would set off bahis siteleri the entire ensemble. I applied what was quickly becoming my favorite lip color, a deep red shade that made my lips look very sensual.

A misting of perfume on each side of my neck and between my breasts completed my preparations with the exception of that incredible short slinky black dress. Holding it in front of me I carefully placed my stilettos through the dress not wanting catch a heel on the fabric. I glided the dress up my body and slid one arm then the other into the short sleeves. Tossing my hair around in front I reached behind and pulled the zipper tab up bringing the high neckline tight around my sexy sweet smelling neck. A wiggle or two of my hips and the dress slid perfectly down over my hips coming to rest just below the darker hem of my stockings.

Gazing at myself in the mirror I was happy with the image that reflected back at me. I looked stunning. Sexy, sensual, and very appealing, at least I hoped I would to the couple I was about to meet.

I’d carry a small black clutch bag containing my makeup, cell phone, license and a few dollars. It was twenty of eight. I’d taken longer then I should to prepare for my date and knew I’d be a few minutes late arriving at the Ramada.

As I drove across town toward my destination I started having vivid images of what possibly could happen later. I was becoming very aroused at the idea of experiencing yet another new and different cock, but also the bi-sexual pleasures of having another woman to pleasure me and to please. I wondered if I’d enjoy watching another woman take a man’s cock deep in her throat as much as I enjoyed having a cock stuffed in my own throat. I wondered if having Marsha pleasure me orally while I sucked her lover’s cock would please her as much as the thought of it was pleasing me. After all Marsha had told me that she and Peter were looking for another woman to join them in a ménage à trios so perhaps tonight would be a sexual experiment for all of us. The answers to all my questions would soon be revealed as I guided my Volvo into the Ramada parking lot a little after eight.

I parked as close to the entrance as possible knowing it would be cooler later in the evening. A few steps and I pulled the large glass door open and walked into the lobby. The Hindu looking man behind the check in counter smiled widely at me as I strolled toward the middle of the lobby.

“Can I help you Miss?” He said with a strong Indian accent.

“Yes please, can you direct me to the lounge?” I replied.

Oh yes Miss, it’s down the hall to the left.” He replied pointing to the hall just beyond his workstation.

I walked to the corner and looked down the hall. A small lighted sign above double doors marked the entrance to B. Joel’s Piano Bar an obvious attempt to in some way connect Billy Joel, the ultimate piano man, to this little place.

I opened the door and stepped inside enough to let the door close behind me and waited for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting of the lounge. It didn’t appear there was anyone beside the bartender in the place. As I walked toward the bar I heard a familiar female voice.

“Gen sweetie, over here.” Marsha said waving at me from the far corner of the room.

I was relieved to hear her voice. I didn’t want to sit and make idle conversation with the bartender waiting for Marsha and her lover to arrive. As I strolled toward her she smiled widely at me. The man seated across the small candle lit table didn’t turn. Once I made my way to their table Marsha stood and gave me a gently hug. Her lover looked at me and smiled.

“Gen I’d like you to meet Peter. Peter this is Genevieve.” Marsha said introducing us to one another. Peter stood and extended his hand shaking mine as he said, “It’s my pleasure Genevieve.”

“Likewise Peter.” I replied.

“Have a seat Genevieve.” Peter offered.

“Thank you.” I replied as he helped me by sliding my chair toward the table slightly as I sat.

“Can I get you a drink?” He asked.

“That would be wonderful. I’ll have a white wine please.” I responded.

As Peter walked toward the bar I turned to Marsha. She looked very sexy. Her short blonde hair was teased forward framing her face. Her blue eyes sparkled and the light shade of pink lip-gloss she wore shimmered in the soft candlelight. She wore a tight red sweater with a vee line neck that dipped seductively exposing very succulent cleavage. Her pencil skirt fit very tightly around her hips and thighs and did nothing to hide her own garter straps and silk stockings. She looked like a seductress, and I expected she would act like one too.

Before Peter returned Marsha reached over and touched my arm.

“Peter is a little nervous about this Gen. So I’m going to take the lead in our conversation, okay.” She said.

“Sure Marsha, I’ll try to make him feel comfortable if I can.” I replied feeling somewhat nervous myself.

Marsha smiled at me and said, “This is going to be so much fun Gen.”

I nodded bahis şirketleri my agreement. It seemed already that Marsha was the one who was more interested in a ménage à trios’.

Peter returned with my wine and I thanked him with a soft kiss on the cheek.

He smiled and said, “That’s a lovely perfume you’re wearing Genevieve.”

“Why thank you Peter.” I said. “Its called Passions Eve.” I added.

“Peter works for a publishing house in Boston Genevieve. I told him about the stories you write.” Marsha said.

I’d forgotten that while Marsha and I were picking out the additions to my wardrobe I’d mentioned that I am an amateur writer.

“Yes, tell me what you write about Genevieve?” Peter asked.

I grinned sheepishly at him and said, “I dabble in erotica Peter. Mostly I only write for my own enjoyment, but I have posted a few stories on the internet.” “That’s interesting Genevieve, I’d love to read some of your work sometime.” He offered

“Speaking of erotica haven’t you written about a ménage à trios’?” Marsha asked.

“Actually I have Marsha, a ménage à trios’ involving two women and a man.” I offered.

“Well isn’t that a coincidence.” She replied.

Marsha was leading our conversation and I was following closely behind, both of us trying to make Peter more comfortable with the idea.

“I’ve fantasized about it but never acted on my fantasy. Have either of you ever been involved in a ménage à trios’?” I asked.

Peter was the first to admit that it would be something new to him, and then Marsha added that she to has fantasized about both a female male female and a male female male ménage à trios’.

“So we’d all be new to the experience.” I said.

“That’s right Gen and the idea excites the hell out of me.” Marsha said.

“What about you Peter?” I asked.

He grinned and said, “I’m game. I just hope I can keep up with you two and survive the night.”

Marsha and I both laughed out loud at his remark.

I changed the subject a little asking Peter, “Marsha tells me that you’re somewhat of a connoisseur of ladies lingerie.”

He smiled widely and replied. “I am a cognoscente of the sexier things ladies can wear yes. I understand Marsha recently helped show you the advantages of wearing fine lingerie.” Peter added.

“Yes she has.” I replied while crossing my legs toward Peter and letting my hemline slide above the top of my silk stocking. “I’ve also found that the higher the heel the finer looking the leg.” I added stretching my leg out until the tip of my stiletto touched his leg.

Seeing that I’d begun flirting with her lover Marsha excused herself to use the ladies room.

“Hurry back baby.” Peter said as Marsha stood to use the ladies room.

He and I both watched Marsha stroll across the room. Her tight pencil skirt revealed every delectable curve of her hips and thighs. The dark seams of her stockings perfectly straight along the back of her shapely legs. Marsha has incredible legs, and the short tight skirt did its job in showing off those legs not to mention what her own stiletto heels did for their shape.

Peter shook his head as he watched her stroll toward the ladies room. “She’s got such an incredible body don’t you agree Genevieve?” He said.

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “She’s got a body built to be fucked Peter.”

I suppose my use of a four letter word surprised him because even in the dim candlelight I detected a blush on his cheeks.

Peter slid his hand over toward me and smiled. “You know Genevieve, Marsha had described you to me. I have to tell you her description came nowhere near how incredibly sexy you look.

I placed my hand over his and stared wide-eyed into his eyes, “Thank you Peter, I hope you think that when I strip for you later.”

He smiled and said, “Take it from a life long voyeur, I’ll enjoy that immensely Gen.”

“Tell me something Peter,” I asked. “What do you expect to enjoy most about this ménage à trios’?”

Peter hesitated for a moment contemplating my question.

He smiled before he responded, “I’m sure having two women suck my cock at the same time will be right at the top of that list baby.”

“But a close second will be fucking you doggie style while Marsha eats you.” He added quickly.

“Hmmmmmmm…. That sounds spectacular Peter.” I said.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Marsha coming back from the ladies room. She looked even sexier walking toward us. Her ample tits bounced seductively as she walked, one sexy stiletto in front of the other. Her skirt limited the length of her footsteps and she stretched the fabric to its limit with her thighs as she walked.

She paused when she reached Peter, bent down and whispered something in his ear causing him to smile widely as she spoke. Her lips barely touched his ear as she whispered to him and remained that close as she moved her lips to his mouth to kiss him very deeply. Watching her kiss him sent a twinge of excitement through my body. That excitement was intensified when she broke her kiss with Peter and instead of straightening up she just turned to me and kissed me as deeply as she had Peter. Marsha’s lips were soft and tender, and she smelled and tasted incredible.

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