Three’s Company

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Ben: Hurry up and get your shit together

Rachel: lol i am, i need to clean the kitchen. almost done though

Ben: Good, because you have cock to suck tonight.

Rachel: oh really

Ben: Yes

Rachel: how many?

Ben: We’ll see.

It was half past two in the morning. Rachel closed the MSN conversation, switched off her computer, and stood waiting impatiently by the door in an impossibly short black dress, black patterned tights, and black patent leather heels with an extremely high stiletto heel.

Finally she heard the car pull up outside her apartment building, and she grabbed her black handbag and walked toward the lift.

Outside it was a little chilly, causing her nipples to stand proudly erect on her C cup breasts. The dress and shoes she wore showed off her long, lean legs to their greatest advantage, and the dark colour displayed her dark green eyes and long, soft brown hair at their finest.

“Hi Princess,” Ben said as Rachel approached the car window.

“Hi,” Rachel replied, and quickly leaned through the open window to give him a quick kiss. His lips were soft and smooth, and seemed impossibly gentle.

She then walked around the front of the car to hop in the passenger side. The headlights lit her up, seemingly illuminating her from all angles. The next minute, she was sitting beside Ben in the passenger seat.

Ben was the same age as Rachel. In fact, they were in the same class in their last year of high school. Now Rachel worked as a barmaid at the local pub whilst studying Fine Art at university. Ben studied Music, and got cash by playing in his band at night and on weekends. This was a rare night that they were both free at the same time.

They drove in relative silence to Ben’s house. He had it to himself tonight, as his house mates were out. They chatted briefly about friends, and studies. Before long, they had arrived.

Ben lived in a beach house that he shared with a few friends. There was a wide veranda encircling the wooden house, an overgrown jungle of a garden, and everything was made of wood. It was old and creaky and the wind rushed through cracks in the walls and under doors, but it was charming nevertheless. Rachel had come to know it quite well, and considered it to be a second home, even though she wasn’t ankara escort there all that often.

They sat on the lounge for a while and Ben put on an old record. They both had a glass of wine, and soon began to relax.

“So, Ben,” said Rachel, turning her body to face him. It was the first time that evening that she had really looked at him. His dark eyes were like bottomless depths, and his tanned skin glowed in the low lighting. “What have you got in store for me tonight?” she asked, a little smile twisting one corner of her mouth.

“A surprise,” Ben said. “Something I know you’ve wanted for ages.”

“Well, that could be a lot of things,” Rachel giggled. “I think you’re going to have to be a bit more specific.”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Ben grinned.

“Why do I get the feeling I’m not the only entertainment for the evening?” she asked.

“Oh, you are entertainment enough on your own,” Ben laughed. “So much in fact, that I have to share you.”

Rachel felt her pulse quicken at the sound of these words. She had always wanted to have a threesome, and it looked as if it was finally going to happen.

Just as she was letting the idea sink in, the doorbell rang. Ben quickly got up from his seat to answer the door. From where Rachel was sitting, she could hear the sound of two voices over the music, but she couldn’t see who it was.

She didn’t have to wait long. Ben returned to the room, this time accompanied by his best friend, Sam.

“Come and sit down,” said Ben, already seated back down next to Rachel. Sam sat on Rachel’s other side, so that she was sandwiched between the two men.

They continued to chat for a short time, but it became clear very quickly what the two boys were interested in: Rachel.

She was laughing at a joke told by Ben when suddenly he kissed her. His warm hands moved to her stomach, and began rubbing the small of her back.

Suddenly, she was aware of another hand on her. Sam had begun stroking her thigh, firm beneath the dark tights.

Rachel placed one hand on Ben’s jawline, bringing him in closer as though to kiss him harder. She felt his tongue slip past hers and his breath quicken.

She placed her other hand on Sam’s hard bicep, and he moved his head closer and began kissing her neck.

Rachel escort ankara then turned her head and kissed Sam while Ben traced her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress with his fingers.

Suddenly Ben stood up, and took Rachel by the hand. She, in turn, took Sam’s hand, and they were lead into the bedroom.

Once inside, Ben threw Rachel onto the bed in a frenzy of passion. He lay down beside her and began kissing and nibbling her neck and earlobes, breathing hot air into her ears, sending goosebumps rising all over her body.

Sam was doing the same thing on her other side. It was almost too much for her to bear, having two sexy men teasing her.

She was almost sent over the edge when Sam slipped his hand under her dress and began drawing circles on her clit with his thumb. At the same time, Ben rolled her onto her side and unzipped the back of her dress. He pulled it down over her legs and onto the floor.

Both men stared at her, lying there in black lingerie, with black tights and her dark hair spread onto the pillow around her head. She looked delicious, and neither could wait to have her.

Sam continued making circles through her panties, and Ben unhooked her bra and slid it off her. He licked and sucked her nipples, forcing a small moan out of Rachel.

Just then, Sam slipped his fingers inside her panties, and slid one finger into her pussy. She began to moan louder now, and thrust her hips upward to force Sam’s finger deeper inside her.

Ben moved down her body, and unrolled her tights from her legs. Sam slid her panties off, and together they looked at her cunt, glistening in the half-light that was entering through the slightly ajar door. Sam wasted no time in licking off her juices, nibbling at her inner thighs, and sucking on her clit. She moaned in approval and grabbed the waistband of Ben’s jeans. He took them off and she grabbed his long, hard cock. There was already a drop of pre cum on the tip of it and she licked it off eagerly. Rachel then took the huge cock in her mouth and slid her lips up and down on it, teasing the head of it with her tongue.

She took it out of her mouth briefly and looked up at him through her dark eyelashes. “Is that how you like it, baby?” she asked.

“That’s exactly how I like it,” Ben replied. ankara escort bayan “Are you having fun?”

“Mmm, I love it,” she said, raising her hips to allow Sam’s tongue to penetrate her deeper. “But I need a cock in me.”

Sam began kissing his way back up her body, stopping to suck her nipples. He could feel his hard cock straining at the fabric of his pants, and he unzipped them, relieving the pressure.

Ben lay against the cushions on his back, and Rachel turned onto her stomach and continued sucking his cock. Sam grabbed her hips, and rubbed the head of his cock against her dripping wet pussy. He found the entrance and pushed it in.

“Oh yes,” Rachel gasped, taking her mouth away from Ben’s cock for a moment. Sam reached around to rub her clit as he pushed his cock into her impossibly tight pussy a little at a time.

He continued pushing into her until his cock filled her up. He then began thrusting his swollen cock into her tight pussy. Sam grabbed her hips and began pulling Rachel back onto his cock, causing her mouth to bob up and down Ben’s dick at the same rate.

She began moaning, causing vibrations to run the length of Ben’s cock. He couldn’t last much longer. Rachel saw his balls tighten, and she massaged them with one hand. Suddenly, with a loud groan, Ben’s cum spurted into Rachel’s mouth. She held the thick fluid there for a moment, and opened her mouth to show him before swallowing down the sticky cum.

Sam then flipped Rachel over onto her back and lifted her ankles over his shoulders. She was extremely flexible and this allowed him to penetrate her even deeper than before. Suddenly she started moaning, a series of staccato, high-pitched moans.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed, as a wave of orgasm overtook her, shaking her whole body, her hands clutching at the bed and her toes curling up.

The muscles of her vagina rhythmically clenched around Sam’s cock, tighter than he thought possible. With a cry of his own, he gave one big thrust into her as his cock spurted out creamy white cum into her waiting pussy. Rachel felt it hit her cervix, thoroughly coating her insides with semen.

Sam stayed in place for a moment; then withdrew his shrinking cock out of her pussy, which was followed by a stream of cum. Rachel sat up and watched it drip down her thighs.

Ben leaned over and kissed her lips, hard. He then sat back and smiled.

“Is that what you were after, Princess?” he smiled at her.

Rachel grinned back at both of them. “So who’s up for round two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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