Therapy for Body and Soul Ch. 01

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You get used to tackling a problem and suddenly another crops up and confounds the earlier one; that is what 47-year-old Bess was facing right then.

Alba, the 24-year-old daughter of Bess, was a loner by nature, hardly spoke to anyone, a bit gawky, spectacled, buried herself in books and thought she was unattractive. Mother daughter relationship was also not at its zenith, with whatever Bess saying ending up in an unexpected argument.

As if this were not enough, Alba suffered a fracture in her foot and remained confined to the bed for the past two weeks with her foot in bandage. This left Alba even more depressed and mother-daughter relationship hit another low after an attempted pep talk went awry, with the daughter misinterpreting Bess’ advice as nitpicking. After that sore episode, Alba seldom spoke to her mother.

With such a situation prevailing at home, Bess was waiting to meet a psychiatrist to seek advice as to how to handle the situation. He was a close friend and Bess felt she could easily confide in him. He called her in soon and after exchanging pleasantries she told him everything.

After a patient hearing he said: “As you say, Alba is an introvert and being bedridden has made her more depressed. In such cases, interaction with friends or with parents will help a lot, but since you and she have developed a rift in relationship and with your husband travelling mostly, the situation is tricky to handle. All I can advise is to try to make your daughter feel comfortable with you, and try to help her back on her feet as soon as possible. It would help greatly if she spoke to friends or had someone to confide in.”

“She doesn’t have many friends. Er… there is one more thing; she feels I am more attractive and sees me as a rival, that is another angle which I thought I should tell you…er, maybe it is my imagination,” Bess smiled nervously.

“No, no, Bess. Your thoughts are justified. That happens in many cases where sons see fathers as rivals and girls see moms as competition. More so in cases where the father or mother is more appreciated by people around them or are successful. The situation has to be handled carefully, wherein you try to be jaded in front of her and try not to dominate her. And avoid all types of suggestions, advice or patronizing behavior. I would also suggest that she be on her feet soon. It is not my area of concern but you should give her physiotherapy and that would be a great help,” he finished.

“Her bandage was removed yesterday. I will call the physio,” she said and talked for sometime, taking his advice on more issues.

Later, at home Bess called up a physiotherapist who said he would send someone soon.

She gave food to Alba and tried to throw in a word or two in the still pool of silence and got a nod or ‘ya’ as reply from her daughter. Bess dressed a bit shabbily, put on spectacles, which she rarely needed, and tried not to be attractive or canlı bahis cheerful, in an attempt to make her daughter feel confident. Alba, with her nose buried in a book, appeared to hardly notice any of this.

The daily routine for the past two weeks had gone something like this: Bess would take up breakfast, lunch and dinner for Alba; a maid would come and help Alba wash and change clothes. Any attempt at conversation was short and bitter. Alba’s dad called her once in a while and they chatted, but not in Bess’ presence. Alba and her dad hit it off well together as both were on the unattractive side and, maybe Bess felt, they didn’t like her as she was a looker.

Bess had a rather usual and justified doubt that her daughter could be a lesbian, but she had seen the addresses of the websites Alba browsed and later found they contained nude photos of gym-chiselled guys. At least she was interested in guys. Her intellectual attitude put off guys resulting in her going without dates and boyfriends for some time. She had rejected those boys who showed an interest in her. Bess thought it was time she helped her daughter rediscover her life, but how? That was the million dollar question.

The physiotherapist came next morning; a youthful guy maybe 25 or so, in boxers and T shirt. He flashed a smile and said he was Joe and asked who needed his help. Bess took her to Alba and, after introductions, thought it fit to leave them alone so that her daughter would feel comfortable talking to this guy about her problems.

Alba immediately took a liking to the young man and ran her eyes over his sexy physique, like those guys on the websites which were her daily diet. She had to compulsively gaze at the muscular nude men with huge lovely erections. Joe watched Alba look at his body unabashedly and smiled at her and she too beamed at him, not at all embarrassed at being caught.

She told him about the fracture and Joe ran his hand across her injured left leg and asked her to lift it slightly and checked it for sometime. He massaged her leg slowly and gently and Alba felt a tingle between the junction of her thighs. She was wearing a skirt which came up to her knees.

“Does it pain when I massage,” he asked.

“Nnn… no. ” she stammered.

Joe lifted her leg and placed it on his shoulder and her skirt slid down, revealing her white panties. She let the skirt be and they both exchanged smiles. He ran his hand up her thin thighs and asked if it pained there.

She said no, blushed and sighed loudly to let him know how much she pined for and loved his hands exploring her.

It had been a longtime since a man had been between her legs.

He asked her to rotate her heels slowly to the right and left twice. There was a little quiver of pain, she told him, and he asked her to stop.

“Hmm ok. Since you were in bed for sometime, we have to take it slowly. First, we have to bring back strength and then mobility bahis siteleri to your leg, is that clear?” he smiled.

He massaged her heel some more and asked her to rotate it gently and stop when it pained. All the while his hand was on her thighs and this made her wet between her abundant bush. She closed and opened her thighs to apply pressure on her hot mound and he noticed it and slid his hand higher up her thighs.

“Now push your heel against my hand,” he said and pressed her heel with his palm. She tried to push but found it hard and gave up after a few attempts.

“Mmm you need to do this daily to strengthen your legs before you can walk,” he said, his right hand still massaging her thighs. She noticed a bulge in his boxers and stared at it, wanting him to notice. He glanced at the door and looked back at her.

“She won’t come in now,” Alba said.

He moved his hand steadily up her thighs and she spread them to let him find her bush inside her panties. He ran his exploring finger up and down her wet slit and discovered her hot and throbbing clitoris, making her gasp and let out a weak moan.

As he continued fondling, she thought of her recent sexual encounter with a 26-year-old guy who made fun of her, saying she had thin thighs and gawked like an owl when he penetrated her. That put her off men for some time and then came this injury which was the last nail in her insipid sexual coffin.

Joe withdrew his hand gently and sat near her face. Alba slid her hand inside the boxers and found his pulsating erection as he was not wearing any underwear. She ran her hand up and down the long and thick meat, her mouth salivating at the prospect of fellatio. Joe got up, pulled down his boxer, removed his T shirt and again resumed his position near her face. She held the base of his manhood and kissed the hood and took it in her mouth till it disappeared. Heart beating at a fast pace and vaginal walls quivering, Alba took him in and out of her hungry mouth slowly at first and then faster. Watching patiently, Joe fondled her hair and was a picture of erotic manliness, as far as Alba was concerned. Not even in her wildest dreams had Alba expected such a stud to pleasure her neglected and unused body.

As Joe took his erection out of her mouth and proceeded to remove her dress, Alba was apprehensive he might find her tiny boobs horrid. Joe didn’t seem to mind and massaged her small breasts and kissed them. Going down between her thighs and parting her vaginal lips, he began slurping her wet and quivering sex slot. He took care to hold her left leg down so as not to put pressure on it and continued eating her out, taking her to different peaks and plateaus of sensual pleasure.

When his mouth and her vagina were satisfied, Joe asked her to lie on her side with her left leg up and lay behind her and entered her eager hole. To Alba, it looked like he had performed in this position many times in the bahis şirketleri past, seeing the way he expertly slid his monster inside her at the same time taking care not to hurt her leg.

Her slippery passage took in his invading tool which penetrated her to the fullest before it slid out and in again in a repetitive action which soon brought him to his climax. He withdrew his rod at the last minute and shot his cream all over her ass. Alba had reached her elusive and explosive orgasm with the first few lusty lunges of the sturdy lance. Joe wiped his sauce off her with a tissue paper.

He kissed her and told her it was great and that he ended it soon to avoid stress on her leg. She stroked his spent manhood some more, kissed him and asked when he would visit her next and when she would be able to walk. Joe told her that her condition was not severe and with a few exercise she would be back on her feet in a few days.

After Joe left, Alba slid a finger inside her soggy and used alley and re-ran in her mind the recent encounter. She wished he had stayed for another sex session and sighed realizing that would have aroused her mother’s suspicion.

As Bess accompanied Joe to the door, she asked him about her daughter’s progress and how much she had to pay for the therapy. He said Alba was fine and that his boss would send the bill after the treatment was over which would continue for two more days. Bess thanked him and bid him goodbye.

Later, Bess sat on the couch and watched TV and smiled to herself thinking what had happened between her daughter and Joe.

Though she felt ashamed, her concern for her daughter’s welfare had prompted her to watch through the key hole. Bess’ own sex life was not too exciting, dotted with intercourse only when her husband came home once in fifteen days. She had only wanted to see how Joe treated Alba, and when her daughter mouthed Joe, she was too aroused and compelled to watch. As she was bending down to see the action, she easily slid her hand into her skirt, parted her panties and fingered herself through the overgrown bush. Bess feared she might make some noise while indulging in this guilty pleasure and decided to continue masturbation in the bathroom. She went to the bathroom quietly, sat nude on the toilet and spread her thighs and slid three fingers of her left hand inside her gaping hungry opening. After all, she was getting aroused after a long time, thanks to the family tension, and she wanted to make the most of it. She found her vagina swollen, throbbing and wet like a sponge and slipped in another finger. Fondling her round and stiff boobs with her right hand, Bess soon orgasmed, which too was after a long time. She reminded herself she had to indulge in this self pleasure often while watching some sexy movies and, maybe, she should buy a dildo like many of her friends.

Later when Bess went to give Alba her dinner, she found her daughter a bit cheerful and actually smiled at her. That was some change Joe had brought in one session!

Bess fell asleep, thinking of what was in store for the next two days when Joe would work his magic on her daughter.

(To be continued)

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