Their Evening in Cape Cod

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It was a cool fall day…you and I had planned a weekend get away…we decided to go to Cape Cod, being the wonderful man that you are, you made all the arrangements, when we arrived on the cape we were going to stay at the cuddle and bubble, you had reserved us a beautiful suit.

You finish checking us in…when we got to the room…you picked me up, whispering,

“Close your eyes baby” you carry me inside…kissing me softly whispering, “Ok you can open them” to my surprise I was in the most beautiful room I had ever seen.

The room was full of roses and candles I was in awe…it was almost as if I was in a dream.

”This is all for you baby” you whisper in my ear softly, putting me down gently, walking over to the glass doors that lead to the balcony, I opened the doors, walking out to the railing, standing there looking out over the water.

You come out to join me noticing it was quite breezy, gently wrapping your arms around me from behind holding me close to you.

”Baby what are you thinking about “Oh honey, everything, this place, this room, how beautiful it is here and just how much I enjoy being here with you” I reply softly, holding your arms tightly to me.

Turning me around to look at you, gently you kiss me, your fingers run through my black hair, I stare glazing into your eyes, you stare back at me, and illegal bahis your gorgeous blue eyes glisten as the moon reflects in them.

Taking my hand you lead me back into the room, I close the doors, noticing you had already put some music on.

”Dance with me Kim” taking me into your arms.

I put my arms around your neck, gently putting your hands on my hips as we begin to move with each other slowly.

Your hands slowly move onto my butt as I rest my head on your chest, my hands slowly moving down your body, you stare down at me, lifting my chin with your finger, my lips meeting with yours, kissing me deeply your tongue slipping into my parted lips, my tongue returning to you, our hands run feverishly over one another.

“Come with me Kim,” you whisper softly in my ear, taking my hand leading me to the bed.

“Don’t move baby” you begin lighting all the candles over and around our bed, staring into my eyes again ”You are so beautiful, let me make love to you tonight.”

Our lips meet only for a short time, you gently begin raising my sweater taking it off of me completely, as I unbutton your shirt kissing your chest with every button I undo.

Sliding my hands inside it, slipping it off your broad masculine shoulders, removing it from you completely allowing it to fall to the floor, licking and nibbling illegal bahis siteleri your nipples gently as my hands run gently over your back.

“Make love to me Honey” whispering to you softly.

You pick me up laying me on the bed, staring into my eyes you gently begin to remove my jeans slowly, your fingers sliding inside the waist band of my thong sliding it off slowly, standing in front of me, removing your jeans tossing them aside gently, lowering yourself down to me, kissing me softly, licking your way down my neck, over my chest and onto my breasts.

Stopping to lick and suck both nipples one at a time, gently squeezing my breasts to your amazement my nipples were responding nicely to the feel of your tongue and lips on them.

Kissing your way down my stomach, as you get to my pussy my back arches as my body shutters in delight, slowly you lick my clit as it hardens…sucking it into your mouth, sucking it like a straw working your way into my hot wet hole, as you enjoy every thing I have to give.

You feel the orgasm rip through me, as I hold the back of your head pushing your face deeper into my mound, nibbling on my clit gently, my body shutters, till my back arches off the bed, you push me over the edge.

“Honey, please make love to me” I beg softly in a sexy voice.

With those words you canlı bahis siteleri climb between my legs as I take your hardened mass guiding it to my awaiting pussy.

” Are you sure baby?” you ask

“Yessss baby I’m sure, I want you so badly”

Gently you enter your bulging cock into me we moan in ecstasy together, as you pump me for a few moments, rolling you over I climb on top of you entering that hard cock into me again, sliding down it slowly, grinding my hips into you gently in small circles.

Our pace picks up as you begin bucking your hips to meet my every move…grinding you harder and faster suddenly I stop…

”OH baby don’t stop please don’t stop” he pleads.

I change positions turning around putting my back to him, sliding his cock back into me, sitting straight up on it this time as his hands reach up fondling my breasts…as you begin to scream.

”OHHHHH BABY IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD” as he bucks harder and I push down harder on him for him to get deeper inside me, feeling his cock and balls tighten as his body tenses, he takes me and rolls me onto my back, taking my legs, putting them over his shoulders entering me once again as he fucks me as hard as he possibly can, his head throws back and we hit climax together as we both orgasm together, his body spasms as his cummm is released into my pussy, my nails run up and down his chest.

As our orgasms subside he collapses on top of me exhausted, he rolls over laying next to me…he puts his arm out for me as I move laying on his chest…wrapping his arms around me as we both drift off to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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