The Wildwood Cabins: Cabin 1

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The Wildwood Cabins sit amid approximately 100 acres of woods, streams and walking trails. The five-cabin vacation hideaway is popular throughout the Midwest and owner John Marlin needs to do little more than post a small web site for advertising. During the Fall, occupancy is always 100 percent.

John Marlin is a 32-year-old ex-computer programmer who is tall, thin and considered friendly by all who meet him. His cabins are clean and as bug-free as log cabins in the woods can be.

It was Thursday and the weekend crowd was due to arrive starting today. All five cabins were reserved through Sunday, as usual, and John was ready. He was stationed in the resort’s “office”, which doubled as the converted garage of his own residence, a large ranch home on the main road far in front of the woods where the cabins were located.

Bill and Judy Miller arrived at the office around 5 p.m. An attractive couple in their late twenties, they struck John as still being somewhat in the honeymoon mode, even though most honeymooners at his resort made a point of letting him know so they got the traditional free champagne.

Judy was about 5’ 6”, 120 pounds with an average build and short, wavy blonde hair. Bill was 6’1”, 190 pounds and athletic. After registering with John, they walked out hand-in-hand and drove down the dirt road toward Cabin 1.

They parked next to the small log cabin, took out their suitcases and walked up to the rustic front door. When they got inside they found a roomy living room with a stone fireplace. As they continued their inspection, they found the kitchen, bathroom and single bedroom on the main level, with a staircase leading up to a small loft overlooking the living room.

“Oh, Bill. Look at this!” Judy said excitedly.

A door off the kitchen led to a porch-like area with ten-foot walls on three sides surrounding a hot tub.

“I can’t wait. This will be great,” Judy said, hugging her husband from the side. Bill smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

“Let’s get unpacked,” Judy said, walking toward the bedroom.

After putting their things into the small dresser in the bedroom, Bill suggested they go for a walk to see the area around the cabin. They changed into sweatshirts and jeans and spent the next hour following two trails through the woods, passing the four remaining cabins in the process.

When they returned to their cabin, they both grabbed an armful of logs before entering and placed them by the fireplace. John stocked each cabin with kindling wood and matches, expecting many of his guests to be new to the log fireplace routine.

“I’m going to check the hot tub,” Judy said from the kitchen.

“OK. The controls were on the right hand side,” Bill yelled back.

Moments later, when Judy hadn’t canlı bahis returned, Bill walked out the door into the hot tub area. Judy was peering down into the tub, watching the water churn and the steam rise into the chilly night air.

Bill walked up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her, causing Judy to jump in surprise.

“Is it ready, yet?” Bill asked

“How do you know?” Judy said, smiling over her shoulder at him.

“You get undressed and get in,” Bill said. With that, he put his hands inside her sweatshirt and onto her bare breasts. He cupped them in his hands and squeezed them softly. Judy reached behind her and rubbed his crotch, feeling for the cock she knew would be available to her shortly.

In one swift motion, Bill lifted his wife’s sweatshirt over her head and tossed it onto the floor.

“Yeah, Bill. Way to go,” John Marlin said out loud, leaning forward in his chair and closer to the computer monitor. He looked intently at the young couple, especially Judy and her unclothed upper body.

The view on John’s computer screen was being transmitted from a web cam built into the wall of the cabin, overlooking the hot tub. Originally designed for security purposes, John found the web cams to provide excellent entertainment. From a control panel in the camera’s computer software, John could zoom, pan and focus on whatever he wanted. Right now, that was Judy’s body.

“Turn around, hon. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Judy turned around and kissed her husband, whose hands immediately fell again onto her firm breasts. Judy then pulled off Bill’s sweatshirt and ran her fingers over his bare chest. She unbuttoned Bill’s jeans and eased the zipper down. Impatiently, she put her hand inside his boxers and pulled up on the man’s cock. Removing her hand, she leaned down and pulled off her shoes and socks. Bill did the same, watching the woman’s breasts hang invitingly from her chest. First Bill, then Judy, removed their jeans and added them to the pile of clothes on the floor.

Dressed only in their underwear, they hugged each other and kissed passionately.

“Come on. Come on. You can do that later,” John urged the couple on the screen. “Get her fucking panties off.” He threw a handful of popcorn in his mouth and washed it down with a drink from the half empty beer bottle next to the keyboard.

Bill reached behind his wife and slid his hands inside her black panties. Her ass was small and soft, sitting atop long legs. As he squeezed her cheeks, Judy felt for his cock.

Bill worked his hands around to the side of Judy’s panties and yanked them down over her hips. Kneeling down in front of her, Bill pulled the panties down her legs, revealing a small patch of light brown hair cut neatly above her pussy. bahis siteleri She stepped out of the underwear when he reached her feet.

“Yeah, baby. Nice body.”

John unsnapped his jeans and anxiously pulled down the zipper. The flaps of his jeans fell open and he pulled out a semi-erect cock from inside his boxers. John leaned back in his chair and began to slowly, rhythmically stroke his penis.

Bill licked the inside of his wife’s thighs before running his tongue over her clit, pulling her closer from behind.

“Oh, Bill. I need you so much.”

He stood up and immediately had his boxers removed. He looked down to see the top of Judy’s blonde head hide the ever-hardening cock hanging between his legs. Her mouth engulfed it and instantly started sucking and licking. Judy’s horniness caused a frantic attack on the cock, but Bill didn’t complain.

When she stood again, Bill’s erection pointed up at a forty-five degree angle and light glistened off the wet shaft. She smiled at her husband and walked over to the hot tub. She stepped first on the outer edge of the tub, then gingerly onto the seat that encircled the tub under water. Eventually, she made it into the water and sat down. Bill was close behind.

“God, what a nice ass,” John said, pumping his erection with one hand and finishing his beer with the other.

He watched as Bill sat next to Judy and put his arm around her. They settled down onto the hot tub’s bench, stretching their legs out. John could see most of Judy’s right breast as it hung right at water level. When she lowered herself farther and it sank below the water, he uttered, “Fuck” and ate another handful of popcorn.

His attention was quickly regained, however, when Judy’s arm could be seen manipulating Bill’s unseen cock. The man laid his head back against the top of the tub and closed his eyes.

A minute later, John was zooming in as Judy swung her legs around and positioned herself on Bill’s lap. Water dripped from her breasts as Judy looked down and used her hand to place Bill’s cock directly in front of her pussy.

Bill played with her nipples and Judy slowly raised herself, inching forward at the same time.

“Here we go. It’s show time,” John said. He picked up the pace of his masturbation, fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft.

“Oh, God. That feels so good,” Judy sighed.

Her cunt was consuming her husband’s cock inch by inch. Bill’s mouth was on her breast, licking her nipple furiously as she leaned towards him. Soon, she felt her ass hit his thighs. She sat still for a moment, appreciating the feel of his cock pulsating inside her cunt.

When she began to raise and lower herself onto him, Bill put his hands under her ass, squeezing it tenderly at first. As the sexual bahis şirketleri tension built, he was gripping the skin more tightly, kneading it roughly.

“That’s it, babe. Keep going,” Bill told her, watching her breasts bounce inches from his face.

Judy leaned back to feel the cock slide across the inside of her cunt, right at the top where she was the most sensitive. Her head flew back and she moaned loudly.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me, honey.”

Bill felt the water rush back and forth over his cock as he thrust inside his wife. The sensation drove him to orgasm much faster than he wanted. His balls contracted and cum shot through his cock. “Yes. Now. Fuck, fuck…aahhhh,” Bill groaned.

He drove his cock as far as it would go into Judy and forced the cum to flow out. The harder she squeezed her cunt muscles the harder he injected cum into her. Bill grunted each time he hurled his body upward.

Judy’s orgasm began about thirty seconds after her husband’s. The feel of his hot semen hitting the inside of her cunt drove her to a fierce climax. She cried out for Bill to keep fucking her while waves of pleasure raced through her body. From her nipples to her stomach to her cunt, she felt the satisfaction of cumming.

John watched Judy’s mouth open with the unheard cries that signaled her orgasm. Her head tilted back, her breasts bounced, her hips thrashed; and John’s hand worked furiously on his cock.

“That’s it honey. Ride that cock and cum for me.”

Pre-cum dripped from the end of John’s cock as the couple in the hot tub drove each other to orgasm. Judy leaned forward, placing her breast in Bill’s waiting mouth. That’s all John needed to see.

He pushed his cock inside his boxers and pulled up the waistband. Using his palm, he rubbed his cock through the material of the boxers at a frantic pace. He closed his eyes and imagined his cock inside the young woman’s cunt.

Cum blasted from his cock and began soaking the top of his underwear.

“Ah, fuck. Yes. Yes.”

John’s hips lifted off the chair with each discharge of cum. Every time he opened his eyes and watched his monitor a new orgasm started.

He felt the cock soften, but it jerked uncontrollably as the last of his cum shot out. He moved his hand away and leaned back in his chair, catching his breath.

Bill wiped the towel over Judy’s breasts, then down her sides and between her legs. She spread her legs as Bill dried her pussy and thighs. When he leaned down to finish her legs, he placed his mouth over her clit and sucked gently. She realized at that point they were not done for the night.

“Build us a fire,” she said to Bill, walking out of the hot tub area still naked.

John clicked on the control panel, switching cameras. A panoramic view of the living area came into focus.

Judy lay on the couch, her still-damp ass glistening in the light.

“And to think there are four more cabins to go, yet,” John said to himself.

“It’s going to be a good weekend.”

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