The Unexpected Affair Ch. 02

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A few days passed by and Paul was constantly on Joy’s mind. She tried everything not to think about him, but nothing worked. She tried to tell herself “Joy, you don’t know if you’ll ever see that man again, just forget him.” She thought about how hot everything was and how bad she wanted to see him again anyway. It was hopeless.

A few days later Joy came home from work and was able to open her messenger. “Dink” a message from Paul was there saying “Thank you for the great time Joy, it was very nice spending time with you, and yes, it was like a fantasy come true, be in touch.”

“Yipee” she thought, “but wait, is he telling me to be in touch, is he saying that he will be in touch, oh, what do I do. I am wondering if he made his flight too.” She thought all of that and typed a message back “I enjoyed our time together too, and I agree it was like a fantasy come true, only I wish we had more time, I wondered if you made your flight too, be in touch.” She figured she’d just put exactly what he put, that would be safe.

A couple more days passed and Joy was home from work because Florida was having another hurricane. She opened her messenger and there was another message from him. “Yes, I made my flight thanks to your driving skills.”

Well she was getting ready to respond “Is that the skill you remember about me the most?” and she noticed that he was on checking his messages.

She sent him a message “Hi”

“Are you on?” he responded

“Yes” she said. She started shaking right away. She was so happy that she was going to get to talk to him. She told him that she read his message and asked him “Is my driving skill the skill you remember about me the most?”

Paul replied “You had a couple of other skills that I remember too.”

They chatted for about an hour and a half. They discussed what happened and every detail of what they had done. Joy wanted to let him know that she would love to see him again but didn’t know if she should. She got a bit daring and said, “I have a new fantasy now” he said “What is it?”

Joy said, “Meeting you in Vegas for a fantasy weekend.”

Paul replied “Vegas isn’t somewhere to be shy Joy.” Good, he was receptive to her, he sure didn’t shoot the idea down she thought.

Then he let her know that when he went to Vegas he liked to gamble and bet big. He asked Joy, “What will we do in Vegas?”

Joy replied, “Drink and gamble, I love to gamble too you know, go out to a club maybe, and just have a good time.”

“Will you go out in a short skirt and no panties for me and let me play with your pussy in a dark club?” Paul asked.

“I don’t know if I could go out without panties, how about something sexy underneath instead, maybe something red?” Joy typed back.

“Why won’t you go out without panties?” Paul asked.

“I’ve just never done anything like that before” she responded.

“I told you that you can’t be shy in Vegas” Paul said.

The both of them were very turned on. Joy still shaking as she typed and sitting there with her pussy wet as hell and Paul typing with a hard cock. Both of them envisioning the encounter they just had a few days ago and both so happy they caught each other. “So tell me, Joy, do you like your anus played with?” Paul typed.

“Kind of” Joy replied “it can be kind of stimulating.”

“By the way, I love your ass, you have the greatest fucking ass,” Paul typed.

“Thanks, I did catch you trying to stay behind and watch it when we were getting out of the SUV” Joy replied.

“Busted” Paul said.

After chatting for a while, they decided that they would like to talk on the phone. Paul called Joy and they pretty much had phone sex for an hour and a half. Joy never really did that before, but enjoyed just being able to have time with Paul. Joy played with her pussy and told Paul how wet and hot it was and Paul ended up cuming two times.

Joy hung the phone up thinking, “Damn either I’m really good or he’s really hot for me. He came two times. That is hard for a man to do in person much less on the phone.”

A few more weeks passed and their timing on that messenger was horrible. They hardly ever caught each other and would just send messages back and forth. Both of them hinting that they want to see each other again but nothing solid. Finally they caught each other one Monday night and Joy asked Paul if he wanted another picture of her. She told him she’d e-mail it to him and told him that e-mail may be a better way to keep in contact with her. That their timing on messenger was really bad. Joy e-mailed him her picture the next day and they began to e-mail each other.

Finally, they were having some contact. They sent each other dirty e-mails of what they wanted to do to each other, and that went on for a few weeks. It had been six weeks since they had actually talked on the phone. They made plans to meet online one Saturday and started chatting. Again Joy started shaking right away and told Paul how much he turned her on. They discussed the e-mails and Paul said canlı bahis that he loved them and that he couldn’t believe they were really coming from Joy. She was so shy when they first met.

He told her, “I love it. You are just like me; you are a bit reserved on the outside and a hot and horny little thing on the inside.”

Joy agreed.

Finally Paul said “When are we going to quit just e-mailing each other and make plans to meet again?”

“Yahoo, he said it, now I know for sure he wants to see me again. I’ve spent the past couple months horny and thinking about Paul all the time. Is my fantasy finally going to come true?”

They ended up calling each other, but Paul didn’t have much time.

She told him “Come back, just come back to Florida. My ultimate fantasy is to meet you in Vegas, but going to Vegas takes a lot of planning for me, so if we want to see each other again anytime soon, just come back to Florida, I can’t think of anything else right now.”

He told her, “Someday we’ll meet in Vegas.”

She thought “Did he really say that? He wants to meet with me soon and meet me again in Vegas someday? I better not get my hopes too high, just come here soon.”

They had to hang up and still nothing was set for sure.

A few more days passed by and Joy was home from work early. Her husband wasn’t home and she opened her messenger. A few minutes later a message from Paul came “What are you doing here?”

They chatted and then they talked on the phone for a few minutes. Joy said that her birthday was coming up and that she was going to ask her father for a digital camera. Joy had never really done anything erotic before and she asked Paul “If I get a digital camera, do you want me to make you a sexy picture for you?”

“I want you to take a lot of sexy pictures for me, Joy” Paul responded. He told her that he had been checking for flights and then they had to hang up again. Still nothing planned.

Joy was able to get her birthday present early. She surprised Paul with one sexy picture. Nothing too racy, just her in some red lacy panties and she showed the profile of her body. Paul never thought she’d do it. He was checking his messages and Joy was able to go on her messenger too. He looked at the picture as she was online with him. She was so nervous. He loved it.

He said “I never thought you’d do it.” They discussed meeting once again and Paul said he wanted more pictures. He gave her a list of ideas of pictures he wanted and she told him she’d send them once he got his plane ticket.

“I love your attitude” he said.

“And hey, if you take all the pictures I want you to, I’ll have two surprises for you when I get there.” Within a day he booked his flight, he was coming in three weeks and would actually be with Joy on her birthday.

In the meantime, Joy had to start working on that list of pictures that Paul gave her. He wanted one picture of her face, one picture of her in her bra and panties, one picture of her demonstrating her flexibility, one picture of her lying on her side wearing only panties which would expose her breasts, and he wanted a close up picture of her pussy.

She was quite nervous about doing all of those pictures, but she managed to get through them all. She sent them one by one over a few days and held the one of her pussy back until they could chat again. She wanted to send it to him and get his immediate reaction because she was very nervous about that one. They met up one Tuesday night and they started chatting.

After a couple of hours Paul brought up the fact that she still owed him that picture of her pussy.

Joy said “Oh, I am so nervous about that one, I don’t know if I can send it.”

“Why, I am going to see it anyway” he responded.

“I don’t know if I can send it” she just kept typing back.”

Finally Paul said “Send me your pussy baby; send me that pussy that I had my fingers in.”

Ok, that persuaded her. “There I sent it, let me know when you get it.”

Paul checked his e-mail and there was a picture of Joy’s pussy in there. It looks like she has full shaven pussy lips, and her pussy looked quite pink inside.

“Oh my, that is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen” he told her.

They chatted a while longer, and decided to say goodnight over the phone.

Paul called her and said “You are the hottest fucking thing, I can’t wait to get my hands on you,” and they said goodnight.

During the next few weeks they kept in contact with a few phone calls and e-mails. Paul made it clear to Joy that he wasn’t going to leave his wife and wanted to make sure Joy knew it was just a sexual fantasy thing for him. He brought it up so much that it began to get on Joy’s nerves.

She told him “I know, I know, you are not leaving your wife and I’m not leaving my husband, I thought that was understood from the beginning to be honest.”

He still managed to bring it up about three more times before coming to Florida, but Joy just ignored it. She didn’t want to discuss bahis siteleri that subject. She already knew what they were doing was wrong and she didn’t want to keep rubbing it in. Plus she does have feelings and it is hard enough sweeping them under the carpet without being reminded all the time that she really doesn’t mean anything to him.

During one of the phone calls Joy said that Paul could do whatever he wanted to her when he got here.

“Be careful what you say” Paul responded.

Now that got Joy thinking “What do you mean, what do you want to do to me?”

Paul said “A lot of things, but what are you thinking I may be thinking?”

“Well, the only thing I could think of that might scare me would be anal sex. Is that what you are thinking?” Joy asked.

“What do you think of anal sex Joy? Were you hoping that, or does that scare you?” Paul replied.

“I don’t know, wasn’t hoping, but doesn’t really scare me, I know a lot of guys like it and I did it with my husband once or twice,” she said.

“Do you want to be fucked in the ass Joy?” Paul asked.

“Well, let me put it like this. I’m not saying no or yes. If we did that there would be rules.”

“Like what rules?” Paul said.

“Well you have to go very slow, if I say stop, you have to stop right away, no games with that, don’t cum in there, and I think I already know the answer to this, but I have to make sure you respect me too” Joy said.

“My opinion of you has never changed Joy, and of course I respect you,” he replied.

“Ok, well I just had to make sure because once you have anal sex with a woman, once you take that from her, there is nothing left to take, she’s given it all to you then,” Joy said.

They talked a few minutes longer telling each other they couldn’t wait to see one another, then hung up the phone.

During the three weeks Joy got a little nervous that he’d call at the last minute and cancel and she wondered if he was even lying. She really didn’t know him all that well and was afraid at times that he was only doing it to get pictures out of her. Deep down she knew he wouldn’t do that to her but she was a worry wart. Finally the three weeks passed.

The day was finally here. She was finally going to get to see him again. It was a Thursday and Paul planned to stay from Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon. He was to call her at work when he was boarding the plane.

“Ring” Joy’s phone on her desk went off. “Hello” Joy said.

“Are you sure you still want to do this, this is your last chance to back out” Paul said.

“Yes, I want to see you again, tell the pilot to drive fast” Joy said.

“Ok then, I hope you are ready to get your brains fucked out this weekend” Paul said as he hung up and he boarded the plane.

Joy could not concentrate on work at all. “Three more hours,” she thought as she watched the clock “Two more hours, one more hour,” finally it was time to go pick him up. Joy drove to the airport and was fine until she saw him. As soon as she saw him she got nervous as hell, just like the last time.

He noticed how nervous she was and he said, “Oh my, you are so nervous.”

Joy said “I just want to get out to the hotel, then I won’t be as nervous.”

“Ok, how long will it take us to get there?” Paul said.

“About 30 minutes” Joy replied. Paul grabbed her hand and made a comment that he remembered how soft her skin was. They discussed how they were so happy to see each other again, and of course Paul managed to bring up a story of how one of his married friends cheated on his wife with someone who wanted a relationship and how he would never do that.

“Here we go again” Joy thought, she just blew it off and changed the subject.

“I can’t wait to get to the hotel and get checked in” she said.

They arrived at the hotel and the bellman took their luggage and the car. They went inside and checked in. There was a little confusion at the front desk and not many people working, so it took longer than they wanted it to.

“I wish this would hurry up” Joy and Paul both thought to themselves. Finally they checked in and let the bellman know what room to follow them to.

They arrived at the room, went inside, and Paul tipped the bellman. The bellman left and Joy said “Is this room ok?”

Since Joy is the one from Florida she chose the hotel.

Paul said “Is this room ok? Yes, but the only thing that isn’t ok is that we haven’t kissed yet.”

Joy got a little nervous because she was thinking about the fact that they never kissed the first time. Kissing is very important to her and she was worried they wouldn’t kiss the same. He pushed her against the wall and their lips locked.

His tongue came gently into her mouth and she kissed him back, and thought “Oh my, he kisses just like I do.”

They kissed passionately for a few minutes and Joy said “I’d like to get out of my work clothes, my monkey suit I call it. Let me go into the bathroom and change.”

Joy went into the bathroom and changed bahis şirketleri into a pair of denim shorts and a baby blue shirt. When she came back out, Paul was on the phone. He had to make contact with a business partner and was on the phone for about ten minutes. Joy got into the bed and just sat there waiting for Paul to get off the phone.

“Sorry that took so long” Paul said.

“It’s ok, I understand” Joy responded.

Paul sat on the bed and looked at Joy.

“Oh boy, are we going to have sex already” Joy thought. Now for three months Joy thought about Paul every day.

“This may be the last time I ever see him too” she had to keep reminding herself of that, but for now they had a whole day and a half together, and she didn’t want to think about anything negative.

Joy lay down and Paul began kissing her. His hands moved up around her shirt and this time she didn’t stop him. He felt her breasts underneath her shirt and bra then he took her shirt off. They were kissing and talking the whole time.

“I’ve been thinking about doing this for three months Joy” Paul said.

“Just touching you again.”

He took off her bra so now she is wearing just her denim shorts and panties. Joy started getting shy about her body and wanted to turn the lights off.

Paul said “There is no reason to get shy about your body Joy, but if you want to turn one of the lights off, then fine.”

Joy got up and turned all of the lights off, but left the tv on. On the way back she started to cover herself and Paul said, “Ok, every time you cover yourself, I get to do something to you of whatever I want to.”

They started kissing again and Paul said “Let’s see how excited you are” and he stuck his hands in her shorts. “Oh, you are very excited Joy” he said as he felt how hot and wet her pussy was. He took the rest of her clothes off and then she was naked. Again she grabbed a pillow to cover herself and Paul said “Uh oh, now I get to do whatever I want to you, and I want to lick your pussy.” He went down and licked her pussy for just about a minute. “You taste so good” he said remembering that she tasted the same as when he licked his fingers.

“I want you to fuck me now” Joy said.

“Yeah?” Paul said “Ok.”

She started unbuttoning his shirt as he started unbuckling his pants. She opened the tiny little buttons as fast as she could. After he took his pants off he helped her unbutton his shirt. He took off his button up shirt and she helped him take his undershirt off too. They were both naked together in the nice cold bed. The bed was nice for a hotel room. It had a big fat soft white comforter on it and they were so comfortable in the bed together.

Paul got on top of Joy and tried to put his cock inside her. He had a little trouble and said “Take your hands and guide my cock in you, Joy.”

She did, she grabbed his cock and put it in front of her hot wet pussy. He pushed inside of her and it felt so good. He went in and out and said “I love the way my head feels coming in and out of you.”

“Ummmm, finally” Joy was thinking. He stayed on top of her for a while, fucking her and she loved it. They talked all the while. “Is that good pussy?” Joy said.

“That’s good pussy baby” Paul replied.

“That’s your pussy baby, I’m going to be your little slut this weekend, just for you” Joy said. Both of them loved to talk during sex. It didn’t have to be dirty talk, but that was ok too. They both just loved talking and saying what they were doing to each other during sex. The were a perfect sexual combination, who thought this would have ever happened.

Even though missionary style isn’t the craziest position there is, Joy loved Paul being on top of her. It felt so controlling to her, and she loved feeling him in control and on top of her. He continued to fuck her and then she rolled over on top of him. Now she was on top going up and down on his cock.

He cupped her ass and hips in his hands and looked at her small tits and said, “Mmmm, let me see you.” since he didn’t get to see her boobs the last time. Her boobs are small and natural shaped, and her nipples are a pinkish brown with the areolas medium sized.

Her nipples were hard and you could see the bumps around them. Joy got a little shy and smiled and said, “Oh my, I can’t believe we are having sex already. I didn’t think it would happen this fast” as her boobs bounced lightly up and down while she rode his cock.

All of a sudden he threw her off of him and said, “Get off I’m going to cum inside you if you don’t.” He took a little rest then started fucking her again missionary style.

Joy pushed on his chest and started to turn around. She stuck her ass up and he started fucking her from behind. He grabbed her around the hips and he just kept fucking her, in and out. She turned and tried to watch him but couldn’t see much.

Paul said “I didn’t expect to have sex this early either and if so, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good.” Her pussy was tight, so hot and wet and smooth inside. He loved the way the walls of her pussy felt around his cock. It just consumed his cock and he watched it go in and out. They kept fucking and fucking, Joy would moan, almost cry, she was enjoying herself so much.

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