The Thrill of Sexual Discovery

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If I took up a super new job opportunity I would miss my wank and suck every morning to wake me and all the smothering Janine gives me and Wow! The bedroom fun we have.

But the offer was well paid and, wanting the money, I had to consider it seriously. But simply to imagine living for long periods away from my partner was daunting.

We were still both in our early thirties and have a lot to live for, but I was intent on not sacrificing my deepest pleasure for the sake of work. Not when I have lovely gorgeous Janine who is a super slim redhead with blue eyes and a figure to die for.

Jack my close pal said he wouldn’t turn down a great offer like that for all the tea in china, but then he would, because being a bachelor without having much success with the opposite sex, he would not know just how much of a sacrifice it would be for me to ditch Janine, or rather; for her to ditch me because she has said so in so many words.

She says she loves me sure, but she could not manage months on end without me in her bed and everything else that goes with a close relationship, having discovered so very much about each other and all the wonderful rewards.

The problem is the IT job would take me to Japan and the Far East where I was expected to spend unlimited time designing new computer board games for the kids of the world, which was my speciality.

I tried to work out a reasonable solution with Janine as I felt the warmth of her hand sooth me so deliciously, and then the wetness of her mouth giving me a very nice head which was always a pleasure.

I was thinking all the time she worked me just how it would be without Janine to comfort me canlı bahis like no other woman has ever done. The way she handles me and teases me with a slight showing of deep plum red thong is beyond description. And her fuck is simply out of this world, always fresh and highly gratifying as her passion explodes and busies my whole body. Her kisses and oral delights are everywhere and she certainly is a woman who wants her cock and eats it which is delightful.

“Could you really g without all this, Peter,” she whimpers with that very sexy tone of hers. “And how would I survive without my daily fix, tell me that?”

I just could not answer. She had a point indeed and as our exploration continued and she allowed me to peek under her sexy short black skirt, I was in my element. The scent of sex flowed into my nostrils as she slowly crouched over my face, lifting her skirt high as she did so and, shifting her thong to one side, presented me with a warm glowing example of womanhood, just moist and heated enough to allow me a beautiful and slow moving taste of what was to come. All this as she positioned herself over me enabling her to reach my fully swollen freshly massaged throbbing cock and firmly suck me as we simultaneously enjoyed the full pleasure given of oral sex to the limit, her tongue working my head, her fingers cupping and teasing my balls – Janine was a woman who thoroughly enjoyed her sex and her passion was always so strong and lasting. We’d spend long and wonderful periods of simply sucking and tasting each other, next to the actual sex act, one of the most fulfilling and wonderful lee intimate things we could enjoy so very much until the need to bahis siteleri complete was imminent and we’d fuck like a piston engine; first her on top, then me and lots of doggy too, when she’d guide me into her beautifully sculptured ass, to treat me to the glory of a very tight anal experience we both adored. It always felt like I was fucking a virgin, it was o9vely and always a big part of our sexual relationship.

I thought about the new offer a lot, I wondered how I would manage without Janine. I was scared to that because she was a very passionate woman, she would take on another guy in my absence, and just the thought of that would drive me crazy.

I toyed with the idea of her joining me but no way would she agree to that, she had a good job as a public relations officer and said she was not about to give that up. Her head went down to me again, she was a woman of high needs and sucked my cock like it was the everyday thing to do, like eating meals and licking ice cream. Well of course it had become an everyday necessity Janine confessed as much as she expected me to oral her. She was treating my body like it was there at her command and I liked that. It was all about discovery for her and armed with the latest sex toys we would work each other to exhaustion in the private confines of her bedroom. She loved me to insert ‘love eggs’ – the latest trend from Japan and surprise her when she least expected, pushing the remote control button that set off the fireworks inside her pussy tunnel.

We tried and enjoyed many things, like throbbing plastic penis’s and all manner of different sized vibrators. But still at the end of the day she preferred the bahis şirketleri feel of a real life stiff cock inside her and made no bones about that.

The toys were apt in a method of exciting preparation but there was nothing like Peter’s cock (her words not mine)

And she always liked to experiment with something new once in a while, having tired of the ‘same old, same old’ as it were.

I knew she had a thing about teasing my ass, and she loved to use her tongue without inhibition. But when she appeared from the bathroom, not wearing her highly provocative sexy underwear and stockings but instead, a very large and pronounced strap on penis with all the accessories I guess I knew what she was about and what she expected of me.

She’d say things like: “now you can get an idea of how it feels for a woman with a very hard and stiff big cock inside her!”

And she knew exactly how she wanted to use it with me, lots of priming was in the offing and it felt good feeling her fingers lubricate and massage me in readiness. And when she pressed it into my ass I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. Janine was yelling and thoroughly enjoying it as she started to thrust deeply inside. I felt a sudden jerk and the pain, but slowing down and gently fucking me was better and I realised it was quite nice after all, so it became another regular part of our sex play.

Of course I knew her motive, my red haired beauty who’s aim was to lure me against taking up the new post, showing me what I would be missing,

“I vow there is no other woman in the world could love you like I do, and with all the trimmings!” she mocked.

She was right of course. I simply had to refuse the very attractive offer. But after all that the prospective employer discussed a compromise that I could work from home. Simple!

So the voyage of sexual discovery continues and I am one happy guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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