The Stepbrother Ch. 04

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The morning sun shone into a bedroom through a wall that was completely glass. Inside was a queen-size bed with a chrome metal headboard, a black duvet cover and pink pillows. On the other side of the room were white flat panel cabinets that were open wide. Standing in front of them was a tall woman wearing a long white robe and black high heels. In the center of the open cabinet was a floor length mirror framed on either side in stylish clothing, mostly black and pink. The woman stared at her reflection. She looked to be in her mid-twenties with red lipstick on her thick lips, and dark mascara over her sky blue eyes. She had a slightly upturned nose, a narrow chin, and long golden blonde hair that flowed over the shoulders of the long white robe. She pulled the robe closed and tied the belt around her small waist when she heard the doorbell ring. She closed the cabinet doors, leaving an almost seamless flat white wall.

She took a couple of slow breaths and then walked down the hall, her heels echoing down the corridor. The hall opened up to a huge living room filled with dark wooden bookcases and plush leather couches. The outer walls were made entirely of glass with a white cantilevered ceiling.

To the left was the glass front door, on the other side of which was a young man who was at least six feet tall. He had brown skin and was built with a trim waist and wide muscular chest wrapped in a white v-neck. A pair of silver crucifixes hung around his neck. His biceps were muscular and his thick black hair was styled in a short fohawk fade. He had light brown eyes and a square chin with a soulpatch beneath his thick lower lip.

He looked at the attractive woman through the thick glass, the only barrier between them.

She untied her robe and pushed it off, over her shoulders. The robe fell to the floor, revealing her hourglass shaped body, dressed in black lingerie with a garter belt and pantyhose. Her ample bust looked amazing in the lacey underwear. The man stared at her breathtaking body and smiled from ear-to-ear.

On a pedestal in front of the door was a small keypad. He entered a four digit code, and after the door unlocked with a click, he stepped inside. She turned around and began to walk away, showing her full round butt in thong underwear, as her hips swayed from side to side seductively.

“Damn Courtney, I’ve missed that ass,” he said.

She was silent, only her heels clicking as she walked down the hall. He followed her into the hall past one bedroom until she turned to face him, in front of another open bedroom door.

“I like the outfit. We the only ones here?” He asked, as he reached out to grab her. She caught both of his strong hands before they got a chance to touch hips.

“Everyone comes back tomorrow. And Marlon… no touching. Lay on the bed,” she ordered, pointing to the bedroom. He could have easily overpowered her, but her change in attitude must have interested him, because he didn’t argue.

“You have something kinky planned girl?” Marlon asked. As he entered, he pulled off his shirt and threw it to the floor in one clean motion. His crucifixes made a clinking sound as they fell together on his wide chest. His chiseled abdominals were like an underwear model, but his arms and shoulders were a little bulkier.

“I want to try something new,” she said, placing both hands on her hips and sticking her large breasts out as he kicked off his sneakers and lay flat on the bed.

She went to the bedside table and opened the small drawer there. While her back was facing Marlon, he grabbed her large, well-shaped butt.

“You gonna let me into that ass?”

She turned with a hint of anger on her face, but it quickly faded.

“I said no touching,” she said, pulling away his hand after she turned around. She was holding fuzzy pink handcuffs in her hand. “But if you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll give you a treat.”

“I think you know I’m not a good boy, but I’ll try,” her said with a smile.

“Take off your pants,” she said.

He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled off his loose trousers, tossing then onto his shirt in the corner. Like always, he was commando. Courtney glanced at his thick dark cock and then looked him straight in the eye. She fought the urge to stare at his impressive genitals. Marlon held out his hand as he lay on the top of the bed. She grabbed his wrist and clasped one end of the handcuff tightly around it. She pushed his hand back and clasped the other end of the handcuff to the metal frame of the bed.

“Isn’t this Ashley’s room?” He said looking at the black bed with the pink pillows. “Why not yours?”

“She’s the only one that has a headboard like this,” Courtney replied. She handcuffed his other hand to the opposite side of the bed as a smile crept across her glossy lips. “So, let’s get started,” she said.

“Oh yeah. Gimme dat ass.”

“I don’t think so,” she replied. “Ok, Mom!” she said loudly as she folded her arms beneath her chest. Then Marlon heard the sounds of footsteps down the hall.

“Hello Marlon,” canlı bahis said a woman in a long mustard yellow dress as she came into view. She had a beautiful oval-shaped face similar to Courtney. She was shorter and looked like she could be Courtney’s sister. There were the hint of crows feet at the corners of her green eyes and her champagne blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. The sleeveless midi dress was buttoned all the way down the front and ruffled along the bottom edge. She was carrying Courtney’s white robe and handed it to her daughter.

“Hey Cara,” Marlon replied. “This suddenly got more exciting. Mother-daughter threesome?” He spoke casually, which was a stark contrast to his current predicament.

“No,” Courtney said.

“The… we can’t… anymore,” Cara spoke with an unsure and quiet voice.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“No more fooling around with me or mom,” Courtney explained as she put on the robe, covering her body. “I saw you with Cara that night after the whole family was in the sauna. She went into your room and I could hear from the other side of the door what you were doing.”

Marlon’s expression did not change.

“Do you deny it?” Courtney asked.

“I fucked her,” he said plainly. “Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“You’re an asshole,” she said. “Why would you do that?”

“It’s not as big a deal as your making it.”

“Not a big deal?” Her voice was rising. “Cara, my mom, is married to your Dad, Mateus, and you were fucking her, your own stepmother?” She said the last words almost yelling. “I wasn’t enough? Even if I’m your step-sister?”

“First stop calling Mateus my dad. I’ve hardly even known him for a year. Next, why didn’t you ask about it then? Or we could have talked on the phone, instead of whatever this is,” he rattled the cuffs. “And it’s not like you or Cara didn’t have a say. You both wanted it.”

Courtney scowled and Cara looked ashamed.

“That’s why you got my number and had me come to this family get-together early? It’s been almost three months, have you been stewing this whole time?” he asked.

“N-no. I thought you were going to just deny it. I’ve had a boyfriend cheat on me before.”

“I’m not your boyfriend. You’re cheating on your boyfriend with me.”

“Kids, let’s not-” Cara began.

“Not now mom,” Courtney said, cutting her mother off. “Marlon, you took advantage of me, of us,” she corrected herself.

“I don’t think so,” he said. He tilted his knee up and his big cock bounced onto his other leg with a flop. Cara’s eyes went to the motion between his legs, but she quickly brought them back to his face as she tried to focus.

“Well…that first time-” Courtney started.

“You wanted it as much as I did, maybe more. But you have me at a disadvantage now,” Marlon said, as he pulled his cuffs tight, his biceps and chest flexing as he causing the handcuffs to clang against the metal loudly.

“Honey maybe we should let him go, this is a bit much,” Cara said.

“No. I’m, I mean we’re just putting him in his place. Do you think he even cares about you or Mateus?” she asked. “Maybe he’s just trying to break you up or something?” There was a pause, but Cara didn’t reply to her daughter’s questions. “Or are you just a sex addict?” Courtney asked him.

“Really? Are you done asking your questions?” He laughed. “Can you let me go now?” he asked calmly. He shifted his pelvis again and his dick flopped to the other side. Cara tried not to linger her gaze on his tasty looking dick for too long. It was difficult focusing on his face.

“I think it’s enough,” Cara said.

“Umm.. what?” Courtney asked, losing her train of thought.

“We done with the Spanish Inquisition then? You had your fun, you made me look like a jerk, now let me go,” he said with steel in his voice.

“No. I want you to promise that you won’t fuck mom anymore,” she replied.

“What? She’s a grown ass woman, she can make her own decisions.”

“Courtney I-“

“Promise,” Courtney said again.

“You don’t trust your mom?”

“That’s not it.”

“Marlon, I-“

“Fuck both of you,” Marlon said with a smirk. “In fact I think you can’t resist this brown dick, so you’re trying to get me to leave. You can’t control yourself around me.” Cara frowned when he said that. “Why don’t you both just get to work on my dick. You know you want it. You sluts are probably wet right now just looking at this thing.” He shifted his cock again, drawing extra attention to his massive phallus.

Cara sighed. Her stepson was attractive, and confident, which made him even more attractive, but this was too much. He was just being rude now. The mother and daughter began to speak quietly together.

“Mom, we agree right, he’s being a bastard.”

“Don’t use that word, but yes, he’s a bit of a jerk,” Cara said.

“A bit?”

“Ok, a big jerk.”

“Yes. Should we tell Mateus?”

“No, no, we agreed not to do that. It would make us all look bad. And we’re staying bahis siteleri here, even him, overnight. In the morning we’re going to talk about the family trip with Mateus. We’re going to leave for Spring Break in only a few weeks now. We need to find a way to make it work.”

“Not sure I want to go to Brazil with you two if there is more of this planned…” Marlon said rattling the hand cuffs.

“Shut up,” Courtney said hashly.

“Courtney,” Cara said, trying to draw the attention of her daughter back to her, “you know how he first thought we were both…” Cara stopped.

“What?” Courtney asked.

Cara suddenly grinned. “I have an idea.” She whispered very softly into Courtney’s ear.

“Really? I’m not sure. Hmmm” Courtney sighed. “Ok,” she said. She turned to face Marlon.

“Guess you got what you wanted then.”


“You’ll see,” Cara said, getting up on the bed. Courtney got up next to her.

“Have a feeling this isn’t gonna be some mother daughter love fest…”

“Just relax,” Cara said as she pulled up her dress around her hips and sat on his legs. She took his dark meat in her hand and began to pull on it.

“So far so good,” Marlon said with a smile.

“Sure,” Courtney said, rolling her eyes as his dick started to engorge.

“Thought you were pissed, what’s going on?”

“We agreed to let you have some fun for now. One last time, but…,” Cara paused.

“We’ll get serious later,” Courtney said, finishing her mother’s sentence. Her robe fell open as she got on the other side of him, putting her hand on him as well, so they could jack him off simultaneously.

“I’m not sure I buy it. But keep going,” Marlon said with a smile.

Courtney and Cara laughed. Marlon looked at them with suspicion again, but closed his eyes a he felt felt soft lips.

Cara was the first to place him into her mouth which annoyed or maybe disgusted Courtney more than a little by her facial expression.

Marlon didn’t say anything, he just lay back and moaned as his stepmother gave him a long slow slurp in her mouth. She was able to fit more than Courtney ever had. She continued on him for about a minute, up and down.

“Your turn,” she said, letting him go. Her daughter went down on him next. Courtney’s large breasts hung out of her robe but stayed inside of her lacey black lingerie. She bit the tip of his cock but without breaking the skin.

“Ahh fuck,” Marlon said.

“Calm down you big baby,” Courtney said, and then sucked one of his balls in her mouth while she stroked his cock with the other.

Cara rubbed her hands under the crucifixes and across the muscles of her step-son’s chest and down towards his abs. When her hand reached his belly button her lips kissed across his nipple.

He moaned and Cara smirked against his chest.

Courtney was sucking on one of his large egg shaped balls as she jacked his dark brown cock off to the side.

“My turn,” Cara said, putting her hand to the base of his dick as she watched her daughter try and deepthroat her stepson.

“I could get used to this,” Marlon said as his large dick popped free from Courtney’s plump lips.

Cara opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cock, her teeth gently scraping the skin of his thick cock because she couldn’t open any wider. She was able to fit about two thirds of his length past her lips.

“Damn your Mom’s real good at this,” Marlon said.

“Shut-up,” Courtney retorted. Although Cara wouldn’t admit it, she appreciated the compliment. Courtney was no slouch either, but despite his massive dick, Cara seemed to be able to handle it without as much effort. Cara attributed the difference to Courtney’s lack of experience.

Cara pumped with her hand from the base, while going up and down over his shaft with her lips. She pulled the cock from her mouth and licked around the head while she gave full strokes with both of her hands. She looked him in the eyes as she continued.

Courtney felt along Marlon’s muscular torso, hardly an ounce off fat was on his chiseled abs and slim loins.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s good,” he said. “You could learn a few things from your mother,” Marlon said with a chuckle to Courtney.

“Fuck you,” she replied.. “Gimme that big thing.”

Cara coughed after one last deepthroat. There was something about stuffing her step-son’s cock deep into her throat that always got her off. The warmth between her legs was stirring as she felt her pussy drip through her panties and then down her leg. She held his meat at the base and tilted it towards her daughter, as if to indicate she was handing it over. She was a bit worried they might be going too far.

“She’s just trying to make you mad honey,” Cara said.

Her daughter took a large breath and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She went down deep, maybe as far as Cara before she gagged.

“Nice, looks like we have a new champion,” Marlon said. Courtney pulled back and gasped.

“I said, shut-up,” she said with short breath. She held his balls bahis şirketleri in one hand squeezing them a bit as her other hand held the base of his dick. This time she slowly eased her lips back and forth over his dick. As she reached as deep as she could, her lips wrapped firmly around him and her hands pressed against his hips.

Despite being angry, Cara noticed that Courtney was really getting into it. She didn’t want this to be a competition, but maybe just one more time…

“Ok, my turn,” Cara said, almost too eagerly. Her face and chest were a little flush.

“No, I think he’s had enough,” Courtney replied as her lips came free and Cara took a hold of his cock.

“Ready to ride the pony then?” Marlon said.

“No, we aren’t doing that,” Courtney retorted, as she stood up from the bed and wrapped the robe around herself again so her buddy was hidden behind the fabric.

“What next then?” Marlon asked.

“I guess Courtney’s right, sorry Marley,” Cara said, standing up and wiping the saliva from her lips with the back of her hand.

“When did you start calling him Marley?” Courtney asked with annoyance in her voice.

“Wait, so that’s it?” He said with anger. “You just get me all hard and let me go? So that’s what you plan was from the beginning? That’s like torture,” he said.

“You’ve been… a bit of a jerk,” Cara said.

“More than a bit,” Courtney replied. “You’ve been a bastard. And we’re not letting you go.”

“We’re not?” Cara said.

“What the fuck? Bitch, let me go,” he said with anger.

“He obviously hasn’t learned his lesson,” Courtney said. ‘He needs to sit and think about it, like a little boy on time out. Then after that he can go downstairs to his room without any desert.”

“Seriously? We’re not in some fuckin’ boyfriend and girlfriend relationship that’s all lovey dovey. It’s just fucking. You want me to be all romantic and shit? What’d you expect? You should have gone to your boyfriend or husband if you wanted ‘I Iove yous’ and kisses.”

“Let’s go,” Courtney said, moving from the bed.

“Ok,” Cara replied softly.

“We’ll come back in a few hours bro,” Courtney said in a mocking tone.

“No, come back now and finish what you started,” Marlon said with feigned authority, as he tested his muscular arms against the handcuffs. Despite their fuzzy ‘novelty’ appearance, they held fast.

“I don’t think so,” Courtney said defiantly.

“You just going to leave me here? Come on where are the keys Cara? Let me go,” he said, pleading with her. His expression changed to a feeling of regret. His hard dick was still sticking out, a bit wet from their recent fellatio.

“Keys,” Courtney said, opening the drawer in the bedside table and picking them up. She placed them into her lingerie bra.

“Sorry Marlon,” Cara said, looking at her daughter’s firm resolve. He shook his head and his expression hardened again.

“Let’s go do something fun,” Courtney said. “You want to get mani-pedis?”

“That sounds good,” Cara said with a smile.

“Are you serious?” Marlon said with an eye roll. “You have a time out,” Courtney said with a grin.

“What about when someone else comes home?” he asked.

“No one else is coming to the house till tomorrow, remember?” Cara explained.

“Even Caitlyn? That nerd is always home,” Marlon said.

“Don’t call her that Marlon. She’s with Habitat for Humanity in Sri Lanka until next weekend,” Cara replied. By her tone she was clearly annoyed with him. Caitlyn was very studious, but Cara didn’t like name calling. “You stay here until we come back.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Marlon said. “So at least unlock one of my hands. I need to shoot my wad before I get blue balls.”

Cara held up her hand, signaling that they were done talking as she left the room.

“Enjoy your blue balls,” Courtney said with a smile as she followed her mother out.

“That went differently than I thought,” Cara said as they went down the hallway towards the front door.

“Yeah,” Courtney said with a laugh.

“Do you really want to get mani-pedis?” Cara asked. They stepped into master bedroom, on the other side of the living room.

“We could, but I was thinking…,” Courtney said, as she opened the closet hidden in the wall. “Maybe we could see Grandma Addy?”

“Of course,” she smiled. “That’s a wonderful idea.”

Courtney removed her robe and the key from her bra. Next she began undoing the black garters.

“Let me go get my phone to call her,” her mother said. “I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see you.”

“Ok. I’ll get changed and meet you in the living room.”

Grandma Addy was Cara’s mother. Her full name was Addison Wyss, a second generation Swiss American that had moved to the United States with her parents for new job opportunities in the thirties. Her husband had died only a few years ago of renal failure. Lately she was having trouble remembering things. She had a caregiver visit her three times a week to ensure she was alright. Although she was on medication for ventral afibrillation it seemed like she needed an adjustment with the dose every month or so. Cara’s mother never had been in the best health, but her husband had always taken care of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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