The Slippery Slope

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Kelly Graham looked up from the book she was reading. Well reading is too strong a word. Nothing she had read over the last hour had permeated her brain. She was actually thinking about her life. One word summed it up…boring. Here she was, a 42 year old mother of twin girls, married to John for 20 years, working as a receptionist, sex life very vanilla, her daily routine of cooking, cleaning and work beginning to get her down. There’s got to be more to life than this!

It was evening and she looked across at John dozing in his chair. She knew he worked hard for the family and she still loved him but she wanted so much more. She would love to find more as long as it didn’t impact on the family. Sighing, she went back to her book to try and read again.

Little did she know that this was the start of a new and exciting journey for her.


Kelly woke early the next morning, she had some laundry to do before she left for work, so by 5am she had put the first load into the washing machine. Moving from the utility area into the kitchen she put the kettle on then started on breakfast for the family. As she did so she thought again about her life. The twins (India and Summer, both aged 20) were coming to the end of their education and would be starting work soon. Both would be thinking about leaving home soon. That would leave her and John alone in this big house.

So what more could she get from life? Perhaps to have a look around and see if there are any local projects or clubs she could get involved with, meet new people and start to have fun. She resolved to start looking later.


An hour later and she went to locate her tablet computer. It wasn’t where she left it and she went looking. Knocking on India’s bedroom door, she had no response so she opened the door. Her daughter was in her bed, had her headphones on and was watching something on Kelly’s tablet. Walking into the room, India spotted her mum and seemingly guiltily, closed the cover, before taking her headphones off.

‘Mum, can’t you knock?’

‘I did but you couldn’t hear me, clearly’, Kelly said pointing to the headphones.

‘Oh, yes. Sorry’

‘I was just seeing where the tablet is…and now I know’.

‘Yes sorry mum was just catching up with some tv’

‘Bit early for you isn’t it?’


‘Let me have the tablet when you’ve finished’

‘Ok mum’.

Twenty minutes later and Kelly was enjoying a coffee in the lounge when India entered and handed her the tablet.

‘Not much juice left mum, sorry!’. With that she was gone.

Kelly shook her head and opened the tablet. 21% battery life! Plugging the tablet into the wall socket, she opened it and started to look at local clubs and societies. After 30 minutes, the screen went blank. Kelly realised that she had plugged the charger in but not switched it on, so the battery had drained. She flicked the switch and the tablet started to charge. Soon she was able to open the tablet again but she was disappointed to see that she had lost the pages she had been looking at. Remembering that there was a way to look at her history she tried to recall how to do it.

She saw the links for the pages she had visited, but she also saw links that other people in the family had been visiting. Just before her links, there were some odd looking pages. It must have been some sites that India had visited. For a few seconds she hesitated. Should she look? Shaking, her finger clicked on the most recent page that India had visited.

The page opened and Kelly was horrified to see pictures of naked men and women, some of whom were having sex. What the fuck? Should she close the page and confront India?

Kelly hesitated then started to investigate some of the pages on the site. There were videos, pictures, stories and even a chatroom. As she looked at some of the pictures she felt a fluttering in her stomach. Was she getting turned on?

Returning to the history, she saw different links. Copying each link to a document to review later she cleared the history and turned off the tablet.


During breakfast, Kelly kept sneaking a look at India. Was she really looking at porn? Soon however they all left the kitchen leaving Kelly to clear up. One by one they left the house, leaving Kelly alone. she cleaned the kitchen then she left for work, knowing that she only needed to go into work for a couple of hours. She resolved to investigate the internet links further when she returned.


During the couple of hours that she worked, Kelly’s mind kept wandering to the porn she had seen that morning. Despite only being in work for a couple of hours, the time dragged.

Finishing her work she drove home, a little too fast but she arrived home excited for what she was about to do.

Firstly however she went round the house to ensure that she was alone. Then she changed out of her work clothes, putting on some shorts and a t-shirt. Grabbing the tablet she settled down in her favourite chair in the lounge.

She canlı bahis opened the document where she had stored the links earlier and copied the first one into the address bar. For a moment she stared at the images, the first one was a girl, aged about 21 being fucked from behind, the next one was a naked pregnant girl, then a man cumming over the face of a woman. Kelly had never really been into porn, as when she was growing up it was so much more inaccessible, so she hadn’t bothered. However here she was looking at different porn pictures and she wasn’t appalled. In fact, it was beginning to turn her on, seeing such naughty images. Kelly shifted in her seat as the shorts were cutting into her.

She then started to look at the videos, watching the first one for a few seconds. It was of a young man fucking an older woman, who must have been the same age as Kelly. The title of the clip said, ‘Gorgeous MILF takes a hard cock’. Kelly didn’t know what MILF stood for, so she opened another page and typed it in. She soon found out! I wonder if I’m a MILF she thought, before giggling.

Kelly spent 30 minutes browsing the videos, during which she got hotter and wetter. Reluctantly she closed the page and cleared the history. Tomorrow she would investigate the rest of the site, she thought, before going upstairs to pee and dry her soaking wet pussy.


The next day and Kelly had a similar working day, so she found herself in her chair again, this time she wore a dress, as she had learnt from yesterday not to wear shorts.

She tried a different link this time and found herself in a chatroom. This surprised her as she was watching some of the conversation which was going on. She expected to have to register before entering chat so she searched the link and found that she was still logged in from the previous person, the nickname being ‘Asianslut1999’. Immediately she knew that this was India’s log in, India – Asia and 1999 being the year of her birth. Kelly looked through India’s list of friends and again copied them to the document. Then she went into settings and got details of the password. Kelly knew this was wrong but she couldn’t stop herself. Now she would be able to log on as if she was India if she wanted to.

Closing the link and clearing the history, she looked at the list of friends. Immediately she knew that Summer was one of the friends, ‘Sumslut1999’. The rest of the nicknames were indecipherable. Kelly was however shocked to see the number of friends who had the word Dad or Daddy in the title, even some with mummy.

Kelly was unsure what to do now but she resolved to give it some thought. In the meantime she thought that it was best that if she used the chatroom, to register herself. It would have been unfair on India if she used her log in details.


Later that evening and John was asleep on the couch, so she picked up the tablet and navigated to the site. Clicking on the register page, she completed some details then sat back to choose her nickname. Smiling she typed in ‘MILF_mummy’. Unfortunately that was already in use, so she tried ‘MILF_mummy_1977’ and she was registered. She needed to get her bearings so she looked around the chatroom. Apparently everyone started in the ‘Lounge’ where various people were sending messages that everyone could see. She could also see a list of who was logged in. Finally there were various other ‘Rooms’ that people could log into. As she was looking around, a message popped up on the screen, reading ‘Lonely_daddy_40’ wishes to chat, then two options, ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’. Kelly took a deep breath and pressed the accept button.

A message popped up on screen:-

‘Hi MILF Mummy, how are you today?’

Kelly responded:-

‘Very good Lonely Daddy, thank you. How about you?’

She waited a few seconds, her breathing raggedy.

‘I’m great, thanks for asking. What are you doing?’

‘Oh nothing much. This is my first time on here, just seeing what’s happening’

‘Welcome. I am sure you’ll enjoy yourself on here. Im bored and horny. You?’

Kelly was taken aback by the man’s directness. Navigating to his page she looked at his profile, which didn’t really tell her much.

‘Are you, wow? I’m a bit bored hence why I logged in here’



‘Do you want to be?’

Kelly was getting uncomfortable with the man’s questions but she persevered.

‘Not now, thanks’

‘Well, if you ever want to be, message me’. With that the man disconnected.

Kelly stared at the screen. Is this what happens on here? if so, what are India and Summer doing on here?

Kelly then navigated to the other rooms, these were headed with one word ‘kinks’, such as lesbian, gay and concerningly, incest.

As she looked at the various rooms, hesitatingly, another message popped up ‘BBW_Kate’ wishes to chat. Kelly pressed the accept button again.

‘Hi hun. You ok?’

‘Yes thanks. You?’, Kelly responded. She quickly checked the woman’s profile. She was relieved that it was another woman.

‘Great. bahis siteleri How old are you and where are you from?’

’42 and UK. You?

’37, US, West Coast. How’s the UK today?’

‘Sunny for a change’

‘Yeah I hear it rains a lot there. Too bad. What are you doing hun?’

‘First time on here so just looking around”

‘Have a look in the incest room. Some great people there. You into family sex?’

‘Oooh no. As I say just looking around’

‘You should try it. Nothing like having your brother’s cum inside you to perk you up. Lol’

Kelly was shocked at the woman’s comment and didn’t know how to respond. After a couple of minutes another message flashed up on screen from the woman.

‘Hope I didn’t offend you. You’ve gone quiet’

‘Sorry had to take a phone call’, Kelly lied. ‘It’s fine but I don’t have a brother’

‘Oh ok. Shame. Enjoy yourself. Speak soon’. The woman logged off.

Kelly logged off from the chatroom, carefully erased all traces of history and put the tablet down. She was stunned at how direct the people were on the site but with the anonymity she could see why.


Kelly didn’t sleep at all well that night. With John snoring beside her, her mind was filled with sexual images, she needed to decide whether she would log into the site again or whether to forget it. After a couple of hours tossing and turning, she quietly got out of bed, crept down to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk.

As she sat at the kitchen table in the dark and sipping the milk her other hand rested in her lap. The movement of her hand had caused a slight breeze under her nightdress and she realised with a start that her pussy was wet. Slipping her hand under the hem, her shaking fingers touched her pussy and she was amazed at how wet she was. Her fingers stroked along her lips absent-mindedly and within a few seconds she was breathing heavier. Putting the milk back down on the table she raised the hem of her nightdress above her pussy, exposing it. She felt so naughty sitting there with her wet pussy out, even though it was dark.

Kelly continued to stroke her pussy as she thought about the porn she had looked at over the last couple of days. Her orgasm built slowly but she stopped stroking as on a whim she stood, pulled the nightdress off and sat back down. Now completely naked, she hooked each thigh over the arms of the chair and continued rubbing her pussy again, this time with more urgency.

Faster and faster she rubbed, with increasing pressure, her clit becoming engorged. The feeling of her wet clit under her fingers driving her on. She felt her orgasm close and she pushed herself over the edge, her pussy spasming with her excitement. She had to stop herself moaning with the intensity of her orgasm, frightened at waking the others up.

As her orgasm faded she continued to sit, letting her breathing and heart rate return to normal. She stayed that way for a few more seconds then moved her legs off of the arms of the chair, stood, put her nightdress back on and drained the rest of the milk.

As she started to walk back to her bedroom, she realised that her pussy and top of her thighs were still wet after her orgasm so she diverted to the cloakroom, dried her pussy, peed then returned to bed.


The next day Kelly worked the full day, returning home at 6pm, tired and craving a shower. The house was suspiciously quiet, so she checked to see if the girls had left a written note explaining where they were. Nothing. So she checked her phone messages. Nothing again. She went into the office to check the whiteboard. This was where the family’s schedules were pinned.

Checking the girls schedules she realised they were both working. They both worked part time in the local supermarket some evenings, returning home about 9pm.

As John would be home soon she went to her bedroom, stripped and showered, dressing in a jogging suit for comfort before going into the kitchen to start dinner.


That evening with John dozing in an armchair, Kelly picked up the tablet and logged into the chatroom.

After her orgasm last night Kelly felt braver this time, vowing to chat more. She had an hour or so before the girls came home

‘Lonely_daddy_40’ wishes to chat.

Kelly was surprised that the same man wanted to chat again. She accepted though and waited.

‘Hi MILF Mummy. Remember me from yesterday?’

‘Yes I do. How are you?’

‘I’m good thanks. Feel ready to chat today?’

‘Yes. Sorry about yesterday. I was nervous as it was my first day on here.’

‘Hey it’s fine. Horny today?’

‘Yes I am. You?’

‘Very much so. I’m stroking my hard cock here. Wish you could do it.’

Kelly knew she could either play along or disconnect. She chose the former. ‘Sounds good. I would love to do it.’

‘Hope you like this.’ With the message was an attachment.

Kelly clicked on the attachment and a picture of a hard cock appeared. ‘Yours?’

‘Sure. I’ve bahis şirketleri just taken the picture. Like it?’

‘Very much so.’ Kelly was shocked at herself for playing along and when she realised that she was getting turned on.

‘I’d love you to suck me. You like to suck cock.’

‘Yes I love it.’ Kelly hadn’t sucked a cock for years.

‘Are you stroking your pussy, my darling.’

‘I can’t. My husband is in the same room.’

‘Who is a naughty girl? Chatting to a naked and stroking guy when your husband is in the same room!’


‘Is he looking at you now?’

‘No, he is dozing but could wake up at any time.’

‘I dare you to slip your hand in your knickers and touch your pussy. I bet you are wet.’

Kelly thought about it for a few seconds, looked over at John whose eyes were closed, and shifted her position so that one foot was on the sofa. This meant she could hide what she was doing in case he woke up.

‘Ok. Will do it now.’

‘Good girl. Are you wet?’

Kelly slid her hand under the elastic of her joggers and into her knickers, constantly checking for any movement from John. Her fingers reached her pussy. It was very damp.

‘Yes I am.’

‘I knew you were a horny, naughty lady. Stroke your lovely cunt. Are you shaved or natural?’


‘Mmmmmmm. I’m stroking hard now thinking of my new naughty friend masturbating with me. Do you want to cum with me?’


‘Good girl. Stroke harder. I am close.’

‘Yes I am.’

‘Get close. Tell me when you are.’

‘Yes. I am close now.’

‘Do it. Cum with me my girl.’

Kelly stroked harder, pushing herself over, her orgasm powerful. Biting on her lip she stopped herself moaning. After a minute, she removed her hand and typed a message.

‘Thank you. Did you cum too?’

An attachment came back. She opened it. It showed a now soft cock, with splodges of cum around it.

‘Very nice. I’m glad to have helped.’ She was about to log off when another message popped up.

‘Hope you don’t have to go yet. I’d love to chat more.’

Kelly looked at the clock. The girls wouldn’t be home for 30 minutes or so.

‘I can chat for a little while, unless my husband wakes up.’

‘I will understand if you disappear without saying goodbye. Been married long?’

’20 years.’

‘A long time, congratulations. But I guess you need something more.’

‘Yes, something like that.’

‘Do you have sex much?’

‘About once a week.’

‘Different positions?’

‘Not really. Usually just missionary.’

‘You don’t experiment then?’


‘If you were mine we’d have such fun, trying lots of different things.’

‘Like what?’

‘Oh, like different positions, I do so love doggy style. Also different places to fuck. Ever had sex outside, or in public?’


‘Oh you must. It’s so exhilarating. Such a turn on.’

‘I’m sure it is. I’d be too nervous though.’

‘I’m a good persuader!’

‘I am sure.’ Kelly was beginning to enjoy herself chatting to this man.

‘One day when you are more comfortable, I’d love to see a pic of you. I understand your need for anonymity but if I could see your body I’d love it.’

‘We shall see. Sorry I’ve got to go now.’

‘Ok. Thanks for the chat. Speak soon.’

‘Ok. Bye. x.’

Kelly disconnected and logged off, clearing her history as she did so. Standing up, she stretched and crept out to the downstairs toilet, careful not to wake John as she passed.

Kelly sat on the toilet. As she peed she thought about her actions over the last couple of days. She didn’t want to hurt John or the girls and resolved not to visit the site again. With resolve she wiped, pulled up her knickers and jogging bottoms and flushed.


For the next few days she kept off the site. It was difficult as she had had a taste of the fun she could have on there but she refrained.

On Friday she worked as normal, getting home at her usual time. She was in a bit of a mood as earlier in the day a delivery driver had been a bit of an arsehole when she had refused to accept a wrongly addressed package, calling her a ‘stuck up bitch’ as he left. It didn’t help that she was a few days from her period, so her mood was up and down like ‘a whore’s drawers’.

Surprisingly John’s car was in the drive when she returned, so she parked up behind him and entered the house.

John met her as she entered, kissing her on the cheek.

‘Sorry Kelly but do you mind if I have a fishing weekend. Dave is a bit pissed off with Jane again so he asked if I wanted to go away for a couple of days to fish and chat. Don’t mind do you?’

Kelly was a bit disappointed as she had wanted some time alone with John to assuage her guilt at her recent actions and before she was out of bounds during her period. Dave was John’s old school buddy and best friend who had a rather tumultuous marriage to Jane, always seemingly at odds with each other but their marriage of 15 years had survived intact.

‘Do you have to John? I thought we could have a date night tomorrow.’

John looked pained. ‘Could we not have that next weekend love? Dave is well pissed off and needs a friend.’

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