The Sales Office Ch. 05

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Elie’s club has had a few mixers lately to get now people in the other clubs. She always invited those owners who wanted to improve their clubs. She thought at the one year mark she would republish.

Elie went a step further, to invite members of the better clubs to go to the new and improved clubs. Let the owners know your feedback. We all will be better off if we have many more better clubs. The new owners were skeptical. Why should members of an A+ club go slumming in a poor club?

.Not only did they come out, they came out in droves. They all respected those owners who had a sub-standard club and made it better. When they heard there were several in a joint venture but were all themed differently the word just spread.

It seemed many of the Masters knew people who were first timers. If they could find them a good club, they would have peace of mind.

Elie’s ratings which happened more out of happenstance than anything else became the gold standard. Elie had to make up a new ratings system, the last one was mainly to remove some of the sub-standard clubs. Now several were much better due to owners that cared.

She thought about doing a GREAT, GOOD, FAIR, POOR system but would just have to visit. Albert gave her two days off whenever she wanted it. It may not take two days but she wanted to do a good job and make sure she got everyone. It turned out, to Elie’s surprise, there were many more clubs now. There were so many Elie had to get a map and make quadrants. She hoped to do two a day but was not hopeful.

Kia agreed to be an outsider for the final few.

When Elie hit the road she was welcomed but then she asked to be alone for the rating. Since Elie had a face that was totally unreadable, the owners could not tell if she was impressed or if she felt ill. All she did as she walked around was to make note after note. Most owners could not take the suspense and left. It took four days to whittle down to the top 10.

One thing she noticed was Marta’s club really stepped it up. The owner apparently told his members that

was not good enough. They knew they would not be as good as Elie’s club but

would be huge.

The members worked their tails off, everyone had to spend some time fixing up the club. There were plans made and all the permits and such were approved.

Marta was spending almost all her free time there.

Elie finally just said. “Spend as much time as you want fixing your club up.”

There were many clubs improving themselves Elie delayed posting her rankings which drove the owners crazy. Elie peeked in on the ones that were still being worked on until the last one finished. Elie knew what her club was like so only 9 remained. Kia and Elie agreed to live test on three weekends when the clubs can put their best foot forward.

Kia and Elie did not come in together, nor did they sit together, Kia came in an hour later. This was just to see how she was treated. Any mistreatment of Kia knocked the club out of the top 10. Everyone knew Elie but hardly anyone knew Kia. Surprisingly, two of the clubs treated Kia horribly that dropped them down to 19th and 20th.

Kia took two white boards and put up all Elie’s notes for that club, then the live test remarks and then improvement made if any. The following weekend the last two were live tested.

8 of the 10 were no brainers. The other two were Marta’s club and another. Both did a lot of work to make their clubs better, some even in how they do membership or rules. Kia and Elie had a long talk about it Kia favored a tie for Second while Elie favored Mart’s club to be third. Elie finally rationalize that Kia was the outsider so they should favor her plan.

Kia was shocked that three of the sub-standard clubs made the top 10. Elie did do a fair rating. Elie was typing away making her full page rankings when Kia walked in and gave Elie a back rub. She looked worn out. Using the phone right next to the computer Kia called Albert and said they both needed two weeks’ vacation time.

“Elie is worn out.”

Elie tried to protest “But Kia I have work to do I can’t tale two weeks off.”

Kia said “NO BUTS MISSY. ” Albert heard the exchange and told Kia to put Elie on the phone.

Albert simply said, “If I see you in the office before your two weeks’ vacation is up you are fired.” Then he hung up.”

Kia called Marta and told her, “Set up a good two weeks’ vacation for the three of them. Do not ask your Mistress for help, she is worn out and is going to bed this instant. You and Grace get together, have the subs plan the trip for their Mistress.”

Marta screamed and jumped up and down. Marta grabbed her computer and car keys and drove over to the big club. She ran up to the suite. Xena and Grace had barely laid down when Marta burst in. “Wake up you sleepyheads. We have a vacation to plan for Mistress. I want something exotic so she can remember it.”

Xena called Kia to ask her what Mistress tastes are like. “We want to find someplace exotic, not the nişantaşı escort touristy places.” Travel never came up much in their talks. “She likes warm weather. How about a photographic safari in Africa.”

“We don’t want our Mistress eaten or squeezed to death Kia.”

Grace said “what about New Zealand. I hear it is beautiful.”

They asked Kia and she said, “That sounds perfect, she needs to get away from everything.

We made Mistress as sleepy as possible when flying out. We put her in first class next to Kia. Kia just tucked her in and she was sound asleep. I was back by the wing. Flying west the flight will be around 40 hours. Mistress slept for about 12 hours. I could see her chattering away with Kia. We all hoped she would make herself relax on the trip. Everyone in the office and a few in the clubs chipped in to pay for the trip. We all knew how stressed out Mistress was and she needed a break.

Once we landed and got to the resort we all collapsed. I still had to tend to my Mistress’s needs so I put away the clothes and sorted out other stuff. I found out information from the resort as to what there is to see and do.

I had room service bring up some salads and sandwiches. Everyone was up by now and was doing a zombie walk to the coffee pot.

I asked Kia if she could tell me if she sensed something was wrong with Mistress, by this point they knew each other very well.

While she ate Mistress was sorting looking at the flyers of what we can see and do. She was making two piles. Kia was worried she might be throwing out all the fun stuff. Kia looked at the throw away pile and she did not want to do most of the things Mistress decided not to do. I felt bad, I should have narrowed the list down myself.

Kia pointed to something on the map, I looked over and it said nude beach. Nothing like a good screw to melt your troubles away. We ran to the gift Shoppe and got three bottles of sunscreen and got directions.

While Mistress was driving I texted Xena, “Bought three bottles of sunscreen, headed to nude beach.”

She could appreciate that. I could hear the cursing from here.

The beach had a great view, and the ocean did not look bad either.

A waiter came out from the bar and asked if we wanted anything. We all got waters.

Kia got a lot of attention with the olive skin and big tits. Mistress got attention because of her piercing violet eyes. I got little attention which was fine with me.

Mistress was making time with the hung dude. As he took off his belt he spun Mistress around and tied her wrists behind her back. Being pinned and on the sand put her at a disadvantage.

Of course, she was not complaining too much about the tongue lashing she was getting. My Mistress started to smile and I do not think it was the cunt licking.

He was pounding fast and furious now, and he was right on the brink when Mistress whipped her hand out, grabbed his cock hard and he went flaccid.

You do not become a Domme without knowing a few tricks. Right before he got blue balls Mistress had a nice loud orgasm, just what she needed. As I said before, “You don’t mess with Elie.”

Kia was tit fucking another guy, she seemed like, and she was enjoying it so I doubt she would stop it.

We went to the nude beach every day, Mistress told me I need to fuck something before I go mad. I just walked over to a guy and asked “Is this seat taken?” Before long I was on his bronco saying “YEE-HA.”

As I walked a little out of Mistress’s vision when I went to screw she did not see some other guys come up to me and gagged me and carried me away to rape me. I tried to struggle but they were overpowering.

When Elie noticed I was away to long Elie she screamed to Kia and both of them saw the footprints in the sand and came running. When Elie saw what was happening she saw that two guys were raping me.

Kia and Elie both got a hold of two cocks each and dragged them by their balls to a nearby police man. Elie said to the rapists, “Tell this nice policeman why I have a hold of your cocks, the longer you wait the tighter I squeeze.”

Being not the brightest bulbs in the pack, It took three or four more squeezes for them to tell the policeman they were raping me. The policeman was amused at Elie’s tactics. He called in two more cars and an EMT.

Elie rode with me, Kia followed in the car.

Kia was pissed. She texted Xena “Marta Raped, more latter.”

Xena blew a gasket. Xena came screaming from her suite, the club went dead silent. Mia and The Master came running over to her. Xena was in tears.

Many left feeling it was better for Xena to be with just a few friends now. As Mia and Grace comforted Xena, The Master called Kia for an update.

Kia was not in much better of a state. She said if it was up to her she would squeeze so hard they could not pee anymore much less cum.

Elie and I cock walked four rapists to a nice policeman, Elie just told them to ortaköy escort speak or she would squeeze.

They spoke.

The Master winced,” Ow.”

Kia said, “They are doing a rape kit now and a police report and they probably will hold her for observation.

The beach is part of the resort, I would hate to be the owner. The Master told Xena everything is in hand, not long ago Kia and Elie and four cocks in hand and the bruises will take a while to heal. That made Xena laugh. Xena just said she feels so helpless.

Elie was fuming when she got back to the resort, Kia took the keys from her she was in no state to drive. They owner and senior manager of the resort was getting it in full Elie force. Elie said “I BROGHT MY FRIEND DOWN HERE FOR RELAXATION AND SHE WINDS UP GETTING RAPED!”

Fortunately, I am a Domme and I know how to handle ass wipes. My other friend of mine and myself took it upon ourselves to shall we say escorted the four of them to the police. I do not think the bruises will heal for quite some time.

Anyone who screws with my subs will find themselves hung upside down on a flagpole by their balls. If they get me mad I will cut off the balls. Both the manager and the owner were a little taken aback that one of their clients got raped on their premises.

“I hope you will come up with a better security plan let’s say by tonight.”

“My friend back home probably had to be sedated.” It was true Xena as well as Grace had to be sedated.

By now the entire sales office team was at the club. Vicki made the calls and they came running. Marta was not part of the team but that hardly mattered. They all just waited for news. Kia called in and was shocked to learn the team was there as well as several elites and Mia.

Kia gave the report, “Marta had been held for observation. The four rapists were in holding.”

“Elie took it easy on the manager and owner. Elie wants to go to the hearing. Mia, Elie is going to do everything she can to take care of your baby.”

Marta and Mia had switched leather straps they received so they can always be together. Mia was rubbing it like a rosary Emma and Cheri went over to comfort her.

William had been called and was there. He took The Master outside to cool down. William told The Master, “I love Elie and Marta and I am sure Kia as well if I knew her. You need to calm down Xena and Grace and especially Mia will need you now, you can’t help them if you are a basket case.”

“Go get some sleep, get drunk if you have to.”

“Our club will be holding a special ceremony for Marta tomorrow, bring some select friends. We are not as big as you but Marta is one of us. The rest of your club can have one also.”

William called the owner and suggested we has a special ceremony for Marta. She is one of us. Get everyone, we are bringing a select number from Elie’s club.

The owner called the elites who did the rest of the calling, he was too distraught. They all promised everyone will attend. When the people heard they cleared schedules. You come to the aid of one of yours.

Albert called the select few he thought should attend. Vicki was beside herself. Finally she got hold of a membership list for Elie’s club and started working on that list. People were aghast. They agreed readily even the ones that did not come often.

Both clubs were packed, they thought it was only right to start with a minutes worth of silence. In Williams’s club Mia would lead it and Albert would lead it in Elie’s club. They wanted to keep it all in the family.

Grace stood by Mia, Xena was still a wreck.

At the end. each club had a preacher to say a few words, maybe something to hold onto. At the very, very end Albert got a call from Kia, she heard about the vigils and asked if they could do a conference call on Skype.

Albert quickly called Williams club owner. He agreed. William and Albert both announced, “Everyone to stay put. We are getting a Skype call. It will be on the big screen.”

Everyone waited with baited breath. Finally Kia’s face appeared. For those who do not know me I am Kia, Marta and Elie’s good friend, I am with them out her is this God forsaken place.”

“Right now Marta is sleeping restfully in the hospital. I think I am going to get Elie smashed then put her to bed.”

“Elie wants to go to the hearing tomorrow to see what happens to those bastards. I hope some Neanderthal in jail bends each one of them over a bench.”

“I would not be surprised if they got a police escort out of the courtroom if Elie is there. I will call Albert with updates, I hear Xena is not doing well, please take care of her. We will come back when Elie thinks those bastards get justice.”

“I am sorry Albert for leaving you shorthanded.”

“Don’t worry, I think I will close for three days, people will be too distracted to get a lick of work in. “Xena and Grace are sedated, Mia went home with Emma, some of the elites were told to go home and go to bed. pendik escort

The vigils helped. Of course, Cheri is lost without her anchor. I think with both clubs we can come together.

The next day the word spread. All the clubs called and asked what they could do. They were all told to pray about the whole situation as there really was not much else they could do.

Every club said if they needed anything several members would be there. The clients said they would pray also. Everyone was glad Kia was there, her bond with Elie was really strong now and this shared crisis will strengthen it more.

Elie just cried herself to sleep in the arms of Kia.

Elie was allowed to go into the courtroom, she had talked to the bailiff to see if she could give testimony in the hearing since she had to go back home soon.

The bailiff talked to the judge with the lawyers and they agreed that it could be entered into evidence if they went to trial. Elie also said, “She could use Skype to give further evidence if needed.”

Elie’s blood boiled when she saw the bastards.

Elie asked how she should address the judge.

He looked kind-heartedly on Elie and knowing her background he said “Sir would do for now.”

When Elie took the stand the judge explained all the reasons she was here just so everything got put on the record. Elie explained, “I am an elite Domme who came here on vacation to relax as I was so worn out.”

“Marta and two other of my subs planned the trip, they were so happy to do something so special for their Mistress, and now they see how things have turned out they just could not handle it, they are both under sedation back home.”

“Mistress Elie, when you say subs do they have freedom?”

“Oh yes Sir, the two at home Xena and Grace work at a very successful Adult toy and bondage store that is owned by my boss as well.”

“Marta is my boss’s ex step daughter. She does work and lives with me but she can go anytime she wants. I just hope it would be with an explanation.”

“She goes to a different club than me but is loved by all. In fact, just last night both clubs held a vigil for her.”

“So Marta, Kia (who is outside) and myself started having sex on the nude beach. The one she picked is not among these boys, Sir.”

The judge asked, “Why is your friend, Kia outside?”

Elie explained, “She would get just as mad at seeing these boys so we decided she could be calm and drive us home.”

“When I noticed Marta had been away longer than she should have been, I looked over to where she was and I saw a great disturbance in the sand like several people being in the same spot. I called to Kia and we tracked the footprints / drag prints to the back of a building where I saw these 4 boys having their way with Marta.”

“The first rule of being a Domme is to look out for your subs well-being. So Kia and I took matters in our own hands as it were and escorted these boys to a nearby policeman.”

I told the boys, “They should tell the officer why we had all of them by their cocks, the more they delayed the more I squeezed.”

They told the officer, “They raped Marta.”

He got extra squad cars and an ambulance for Marta. They did a rape kit and other things at the hospital.

“Sir, I apologize for the cursing in the court and for not knowing the right lingo of things. It was not my intention to defame you or this court but to properly describe the event.”

“I would hate to know how these boys will explain their injuries to their girlfriends.”

The judge said, “The court accepts your apology and wants to let you know it is refreshing to know there is still civility out there.”

“After you asked to testify, I had the medical and police reports faxed to me. It states that there were injuries inconsistent with consensual sex and that there were three sperm donors, two of which are in front of me. I assume the other two were waiting for their turn.

“I find that there is enough evidence to bring these boys to trial and that this deposition will be entered into testimony at that time as agreed upon by council.”

“The court also consents to keep Mistress Elie informed of the proceedings and if needed, a video testimony can be arranged. The judge said I hope this distressing event did not diminish your enjoyment of your stay here. “

“Sir, I will be cutting my trip short and heading straight to the airport after Marta is released from the hospital to find the first flight back home. I think at this time we need to have our loving family whole.”

Later that day, Marta was released. Elie got all the records she needed for the people back home and asked, “Could have something to make Marta sleep on the plane.”

Marta and Elie sat next to each other in first class, Elie cradling Marta so she could sleep. “Sleep child, your Mistress is here. You are safe in my arms and we are flying back home.”

Kia sat farther back in the plane and she took out a book to read.

After Elie got home she admitted Marta to the hospital. She brought Xena with her to see if she should be evaluated for a psychotic break. She told the doctors she is not getting better under sedation.

“Her friend just got raped a half a world away and she felt so helpless that she could not handle it.”

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