The Root and His Aunt Barbara

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Brief Backstory: The setting is Middle America in the late 1970’s and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who has just finished high school, plays bass in a rock band, and spreads his own brand of goodwill among the ladies. In this episode, Lute’s sexy Aunt Barbara gives him a lot to think about.


Lute’s dad, Charlie, and his brother Jack were the primary caretakers of a big rambling lake house that had been in their family for several generations. So, for as long as he could remember, in addition to lots of weekend trips, Lute had spent a week or two there in the summer with his extended family—his Uncle Jack and his wife Lynn and their two sons, his parents and his sister, and occasionally some other family members and friends. They’d swim, water ski, fish, kick back and have a great time. The adults were always really relaxed during this time at the lake, and had lots of laughs and drinks, and the young folks were mostly left to their own devices.

During the summer after his senior year of high school and before he headed off to college, Lute drove up to the lake house to join his family for a week at their yearly family gathering. It was the usual family crew, but his Aunt Lynn’s sister, Barbara, had also come in from out-of-state.

Barbara was about 40 years old and recently divorced. Lute hadn’t seen her for several years, but she was just as he remembered, only better looking. She resembled Lynn: Pretty with perfect big round tits and a pear shaped ass. Her light brown hair was cut short, and like both her sister and Lute’s mom, she already had a nice summer tan. Barbara also had a wicked, fun loving streak that had always endeared her to the kids, so she was a welcome addition to the gathering. And even though she wasn’t technically Lute’s aunt, he and his sister still called her Aunt Barbara.

On the first afternoon after Lute arrived at the lake house, he was upstairs in his room changing into his bathing suit. He had left the door ajar, thinking everyone else was down at the beach. He was naked and getting ready to slip on his suit, but he had music playing so he didn’t hear the footsteps in the hall until they were right outside his room, and looking up he saw Barbara standing in his doorway.

“Whoops!” she said, “Sorry!” But then instead of rushing away, she checked Lute out more fully and smiled as she looked down at the thick ten-inch cock hanging between his legs.

“My, that’s some weapon you’re carrying there, soldier” she said with a sly grin. And then she looked down the hallway to be sure they were alone before entering Lute’s room.

Still smiling, she moved closer and whispered, “Yes, you’re definitely Jack’s nephew! Mind if I take a closer look?” And after Lute gave her an affirmative nod, she reached out and gently took his cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke it to life. As she did, Lute pulled her face into his and gave her a deep kiss.

As they kissed and Barbara continued her slow hand job on Lute’s growing tool, he began working his hands over her ample tits. Thanks to Barbara’s expert attention, his cock quickly grew to nearly its full massive length and girth, but they then heard the screen door slam downstairs and one of Lute’s cousins running up the stairs. Barbara released Lute’s disappointed organ and whispered in his ear, “To be continued. At ease, soldier!” and gave him one more tongue-infused kiss before exiting the room.

Lute was left standing there with a raging hard on, but he was also pretty sure that was just the beginning of some good times with Aunt Barbara. And it didn’t take long for the good times to really start rolling.

Once he got down to the lake and hung with his family for a while, Barbara and Lute decided to swim out to the diving platform that was anchored about 20 feet from the beach. Everyone else was occupied on the shore or in the house, so the two of them were alone and out of view as they hung onto the backside of the platform and floated in the water. In no time they were kissing again, and Barbara soon had her hand down Lute’s trunks, massaging his thick cock. And as she did, Lute put his hand inside her bikini top, feeling the heft of her luscious tits.

“I bet you’ve banged lots of girls with this monster, haven’t you stud?” she asked Lute between kisses. He just smiled and nodded.

Then, tightening her grip on his throbbing organ while she held onto the floating platform with her other, Barbara said, “Why don’t you come around to my room tonight after everyone’s in bed and give me the old college try?”

Lute again just nodded and smiled, but as he did he shoved his hand down Barbara’s bikini bottoms and cupped her pussy as he slipped a finger into her twat and began working it over her clit.

“Oh, yeah, you do know what you’re doing, don’t you?” Barbara groaned as Lute fingered her while they smashed their mouths together and bobbed in the water.

“Yeah, that’s right…mmm…yeah, that’s right!” Barbara moaned as Lute continued his canlı bahis handiwork.

Soon Barbara was holding onto the platform with both hands as she felt the onrush of a coming orgasm. And Lute repositioned himself behind her, reaching around her torso and fingering her cunt with increased speed while he too held on.

“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna’ cum! Fuck yes, Lute, don’t stop…don’t you date stop!” Barbara groaned as she shoved her ass back into Lute’s raging hard on and ground against him while she started gasping for air, “Oh, fuck, yes! Yes!”

Barbara’s orgasm began as she reached around and gripped Lute’s thick organ, roughly massaging it as she came.

“God, I can’t wait for you to put this inside me!” Barbara moaned as she shoved Lute’s throbbing member against her raised ass and ground it between her legs towards her climaxing pussy.

When Barbara’s orgasm finally subsided, she turned and locked Lute into a long hungry kiss and whispered, “Oh, yeah, we are definitely gonna’ have some fun tonight!”

Once they swam back to shore, Lute had to be careful not to let the incessant bulge in his trunks become too obvious as he relaxed in a lounge chair and tried to read for an hour or so before dinner.

Though it was great to be with his family, their dinner and the usual evening card and board games seemed to drag on. But at around 10:30, Lute’s parents and his aunt and uncle, having had a few bottles of wine that evening, announced they were off to bed. And from the sultry look Lute’s mother gave his dad as they left the room, Lute expected he wouldn’t be the only one in his family getting laid that night.

Soon after, his parents and aunt and uncle, as well as Barbara, had all gone off to their rooms. And Lute’s cousins went upstairs to play chess, while his sister went up to read. But Lute didn’t join them and instead went out to sit by the lake.

For an hour, Lute swatted mosquitoes and watched as the lights gradually went off in each of the rooms in the house. And when he guessed the coast was finally clear, he started to walk quietly towards the back of the house. Barbara was staying in the back downstairs bedroom at the end of the hall, so the plan was for Lute to enter via the back door and slip into her room unnoticed.

It was a hot August night, and all of the bedroom windows were open, so Lute crept quietly alongside the house so as not to be heard. But as he passed his aunt and uncle’s room, he heard quiet classical music playing and saw that the room was lit only by the dim glow of a candle. And as he snuck past, he glanced through the side of the closed curtains and spied his Aunt Lynn lying naked and alone on the bed.

Now, Lute was no peeping Tom, but the sight of his aunt in her altogether made him stop dead in his tracks. And after tiptoeing a few more steps towards the window, he ducked behind some bushes and got an even better view.

Through the gap of the curtain, and with the room illuminated by the candlelight, Lute was able to see his Aunt Lynn fully nude and stretched out on the bed. But he also saw that she had one hand between her legs and was slowly fingering her pussy through a light patch of brown fur. She must have been at it for a little while, because even in the dim light, he could see her cunt glisten with its juices.

And as she continued working on her juicy twat, her other hand was massaging the nipple of one of her big white tits. The tan lines from her two-piece bathing suit provided a lovely contrast of skin colors. Lute didn’t know where his Uncle Jack was, but it looked like she was getting good and ready for him.

The two front downstairs bedrooms, Lute’s parents’ and his aunt and uncle’s, shared a common bathroom. And after a couple minutes of watching Lynn diddle her twat, Lute saw the bathroom door open and a man enter the room. The guy tossed off a robe, and lay down next to Lynn on the bed. She pulled him in for a long kiss and spread her legs and let his hand take over messaging her pussy.

The couple kissed hungrily and the man soon had several fingers inside her twat, which made her moan and wriggle her hips. But after a few minutes of this, he removed his hand and repositioned himself down on the bed so he could get his mouth onto her pussy. But when the man moved about and his face became illuminated by the candle, Lute saw that it wasn’t his Uncle Jack, as he had assumed. It was Charlie, his dad!

“What the fuck?” Lute thought to himself. “My dad is in bed with my Aunt Lynn! And he’s got his head between her legs like he belongs there! What if my mom saw this! And what if my Uncle Jack knew what was going on! Holy shit!”

Astonished, Lute watched his dad work his tongue over Lynn’s pussy as he reached up and massaged her big white tits. And as he did, she moaned and ground her crotch into his face and pulled his head deeper into her gaping cunt.

It was about then that Lute heard a giggling voice from the room next door that sounded a lot like his mom.

Leaving bahis siteleri behind his dad and Aunt Lynn to continue doing whatever in the hell they were doing, Lute crept down alongside the house to his parents’ bedroom window. The curtains there were also closed, but from a decent sized gap at the edge he was able to see into the room.

A candle was also burning inside this room, so he got a pretty good view. And there, squatting naked on the floor about ten feet away from him, Lute saw his mom, Denise, with his Uncle Jack was standing in front of her, driving his huge prick into her mouth as she sucked it with a ravenous intent.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Lute wondered in amazement. “What in the holy fuck is going on?”

Although he was flabbergasted by what he was seeing, and what he had just seen going on in the room next door, Lute couldn’t take his eyes off his sweet mother deep-throating his Uncle Jack’s massive organ.

Jack then grabbed Lute’s mom’s big mane of hair as he leaned back and groaned, all the while continuing to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth like she was some cheap whore. And his mom was on her knees and driving her free hand up into her wet pussy as she held the base of Jack’s cock with the other, struggling mightily to get as much of his huge slick member into her mouth as possible with each of his thrusts.

“So this is what Barbara meant when she said I was obviously my Uncle Jack’s nephew,” Lute thought to himself as he marveled at the size of Jack’s thick prick. He was every bit as big as Lute, so there was definitely some genetic influence on Lute’s also being hung with a thick ten-inch rod.

Lute had seen his dad naked before, so he knew his cock was larger than average, probably about seven or eight inches. So seeing that his dad’s younger brother was Lute’s phallic equal was quite a surprise, though it probably shouldn’t have been.

But the fact that his parents were apparently partner swapping with his aunt and uncle was the real shocker of the day, or of Lute’s whole life, for that matter.

And though he knew he should move away and give these lovers their privacy, Lute had never seen his mom naked before, let alone getting impaled by a monster prick, so this was a new and unusual experience that kept him frozen in place, watching with rapt attention

Growing up, lots of Lute’s friends had jokingly told him that his mom was a real babe. And he took pride in knowing she was an attractive woman and had always appreciated her good looks. She had long and wavy dark hair, a slim figure and a great set of tits – and Lute couldn’t help looking down her top whenever the opportunity presented itself. He had also sneaked a couple of peeks at her over the years when she was only partially dressed.

Birthing and nursing two kids had no doubt had some effects on her body, but to Lute, her body was none the worse for the wear. And swimming and playing tennis a few times a week had kept her in good shape. So “a real babe” was probably how Lute would have viewed her, had she been someone else’s mom.

As he was growing up, Lute’s parents made no secret that they had an active sex life. And they did this in the way they’d kiss and cuddle and make suggestive remarks to each other. And he’d heard them screwing a few times at night when he walked past their room.

And on night he walked in on them in the living room when they were watching TV. They were kissing and his dad had his hands inside his mom’s blouse. And his mom, Lute was pretty sure from the looks of dad’s undone pants, had been stroking his cock. But he’d never really thought of his mom as a truly sexual creature. Until now, that is.

So Lute was both stupefied and aroused as he watched these two relatives-by-marriage going at each other. And as he shifted his position outside the window for a slightly better view, Lute watched as Jack pulled his cock out of Denise’s mouth and then helped her stand up. And it was then that Lute noticed he had developed a massive hard on that was causing his shorts to stand up like a circus tent.

“Yikes! I’m getting turned on by my own mother! Sweet Jesus, what kind of pervert am I?” Lute thought to himself.

But, confused as he was, he couldn’t help but rub on his throbbing cock through his shorts. It didn’t matter that this was his mom and uncle that he was watching. His mom was hot, and they were a sexy couple, and Lute was seriously turned on.

Now standing, Jack and Denise embraced and kissed for a bit. But Lute saw that she wasn’t ready to let go of his throbbing monster, because she continued to hold and stroke Jack’s engorged cock as they hugged. So it occurred to Lute that maybe that was part of why they were together tonight. “My mom loves big cocks!” Lute thought. And then it dawned on him, “My god, my mom’s a big cock slut! Just like all those girls that want to fuck me! My mom’s no different than they are!”

But as much as she was enjoying stroking Jack’s thick wood, Denise had bahis şirketleri to finally let go of it when Jack turned her around and eased her forward, leaning her over the end railings of the old brass bed. And from Lute’s vantage point, he could see her big tits drape like udders over the brass railing and hang temptingly above the bed, begging to be milked.

Jack didn’t miss this either, because he reached a hand around a cupped one of her fleshy tits and massaged it. Then he brought his hand back to spread her legs wider apart, and with his huge organ in the other hand, he slid the end of his big meat stick between her legs and drove it up and inside her ready pussy.

Denise braced her legs on the floor and raised her ass to give Jack’s cock better access to her love tunnel. And then Lute could clearly hear as she moved back onto Jack’s slick member and moaned to him, “Oh, you’re cock is so big, Jack! Fuck me with that big thing! Give it to me!” And as she bounced her ass back into his crotch, her big tits swung back and forth in midair over the bed like succulent bags of flesh.

And with Denise’s big twits gyrating with each thrust of Jack’s hefty fuck stick, Jack kept a strong grip on her waist as he slowly and deliberately pulled her hungry cunt onto his massive manhood.

“Holy shit!” Lute thought to himself again as he rubbed on his own throbbing meat, “That’s my mom in there!”

But, enthralling as it was to watch his Uncle Jack’s big cock pound his mother like she was some bitch in heat, Lute knew it was time to go. And since he had Barbara waiting for him in the next room, his parting with these two lovers was less of a sweet sorrow than it otherwise would have been.

With a last shake of his head in amazement at what he’d witnessed, Lute quietly moved back from the window and continued his stealthy progress towards the back door. “What a night!” he marveled, “What a crazy night!”

After quietly opening the door, Lute snuck inside the house and crept down the hall to Barbara’s room. And when he opened her door and slipped in, he found her lying naked on the bed in a pose very similar to the way he had seen her sister only ten or fifteen minutes before. Barbara also had a candle lit on the bedside table and a bottle of wine was close by.

Like his Aunt Lynn, Barbara had obviously been fingering her pussy while she waited for Lute’s arrival, because her twat was red and wet and ready to be fucked. And like Lynn and his mom, the tan lines from Barbara’s bathing suit accentuated her sultry white skin and her lovely round tits with their big brown nipples.

As he stood at the end of the bed and began taking off his clothes, Barbara licked her fingers, grinned, and resumed working on her pussy as she watched Lute undress, which he did quickly because he was dying to get naked and fuck this sultry vixen stretched out before him.

And when he stripped off his briefs, Barbara gasped when she saw the fully engorged prick that stood up and throbbed from Lute’s crotch like a scimitar raised for battle.

“My God, you’re really ready for me, aren’t you stud!” she whispered as she gazed in awe at Lute’s ready weapon. “Were you outside stroking off or something? That thing is fucking huge!”

Lute slid into bed next to Barbara, and while she admired and fondled his big cock, he whispered to her about what he had just witnessed between his parents and Jack and Lynn.

However, to his astonishment, rather than be surprised by his story, Barbara only laughed and confided that this had been going on for years.

Lute learned that while they were all in college, his mom and Jack had dated and slept together several times before she started going out with his dad. There hadn’t been anything serious between Denise and Jack, and it was Jack who suggested she go out with his big brother. But Lute’s mom had apparently never really gotten over how much she enjoyed Jack’s hunk of ten-inch cock.

So, some years ago, Lute’s mom confessed to his dad, Charlie, that she still thought about fucking Jack. And to her surprise, his dad told her that he had always had the hots for Jack’s wife Lynn.

When they were next together, Charlie had a heart-to-heart talk with Jack, who was apparently all-in for the chance to bang Lute’s mom again. So after getting Lynn’s consent, arrangements were made.

Lute learned that the family vacations his family had been having for years at their lake house, and the easy access the adults had through their adjoining bedrooms, had provided the two randy couples with an easy opportunity to swap partners. And, from what Barbara said, they did it almost every night they were there.

And furthermore, Barbara confessed to Lute, she occasionally joined his mom for a threesome with Jack. Because she, too, had a thing for big cocks and Jack’s was the biggest and best she’d ever had. “Until yours,” she offered with a smile, as she gripped the full girth of Lute’s thick rod.

Though still flummoxed by what he had learned, Lute could no longer resist Barbara’s attentions. So he gave himself over to her enticements and moved in for a kiss, sliding his tongue deep down her throat as he shoved his hand up her twat, which made her gasp.

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