The Long Road Back Ch. 03

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Many thanks to Oldnakkeddad, for once again cleaning up the mess my thoughts make as I put them to paper. It would be better to read the first two in the series, but not necessary.

The sex was the best he’d ever had, and there seemed to be no limits as they continued to find new ways to pleasure one another each time they were together. They’d been together several times over the last few months, and each encounter lasted longer and went further than the time before. If he’d known that time was the last, he might’ve taken it further still.


***The Last Time***

As it were, they were lying naked on the bed after having had dinner and moving on to what had become their regular “dessert.” They were facing each other with their mouths together, tongues entwining, and soft moans of desire seeping into the night.

He moved his hands down her body, cupped her breasts, and tweaked first one then her other large nipple. He felt them harden as he tugged and pinched them. Her breath quickened as he rolled her over onto her back and started kissing down along her jawline and nipped at her flesh.

Taking her soft earlobe between his teeth, he casually flicked his tongue at the tender flesh in his mouth. He used one hand to prop his head up while he used the other hand to continue exploring her breasts while kneading them and thumbing her erect nipples.

She was gasping and writhing on the bed as she pushed her chest up into his hand.

He continued to knead and massage her breasts as he released her delicate lobe and trailed his tongue along the edge of her ear, dipping in behind it and blowing softly on the sensitive skin.

He traced down her neck with his mouth, sucking and nipping the flesh, until arriving at the juncture of her shoulder and neck. He bit harder and elicited a little yelp as she felt the shock travel straight through her body to her dampening pussy.

He slid his hand down from her breasts and caressed her flanks as he moved his mouth along her collar bone, trailing kisses and nips before taking a long, hard nipple into his mouth and sucking it in deep between his teeth. She felt the moisture and heat building between her legs as another shock traveled through her.

She arched her back to push more of her breast into his mouth and pushed her hips upward in a desperate attempt to draw his hand to her hot, wet folds.

He continued to move his hands down her body, stopping only after he’d reached the top of her mound, as he switched to her other breast and (once again) sucked a nipple deep into his mouth. He lightly stroked his fingers through the soft, neatly maintained, patch of red hair that matched the red hair on her head.

She responded by thrusting her hips up against his hand as she tried to get his fingers where she really wanted them—stroking her clit, wandering through the channel between her engorged nether lips, through her entrance, and into the hot, wet, deep harbor inside.

While kissing, sucking, and biting his way around her large, firm breasts, he continued south with his fingers and hand in response to her obvious need. He slid one then two fingers through the slick, wet folds of her pussy while teasing her entrance and continuing further until he lightly brushed them across the tight, puckered hole of her magnificent ass.

When his touch caused her to jump and a long, deep moan escaped from her throat, he knew (on that day) they’d take the next step into their sexual reawakening.

While kissing his way down her body, he continued to stroke and caress her tightly puckered anus with his fingers while spreading the slick wetness that was flowing copiously from her molten core.

He slid over the top of her, settled between her strong thighs, and kissed his way further down her body until his lips encircled her hard clit, which was extending just outside of the hood that protected it. She was already quite wet at that point, but he wanted to make sure there was plenty of lubrication.

He lowered his mouth to her lips and used his tongue to trace the center of her slit up to her clitoris. As he sucked it into his mouth, he felt it harden even more and extend further outside of the little hidey hole where it normally resided.

While nipping at her clit, he pushed two fingers deep into her pussy and stroked her inner walls with an all illegal bahis too familiar come-hither motion. He felt the rough skin of her G-spot and focused his contact there.

Her body felt as if it was on fire. Her hips were thrusting against his face and fingers of their own accord, and her breath was coming in short, shallow pants as an impending orgasm rushed from her pussy into the rest of her body. She let out a long, low growl as his fingers and tongue pushed her over the edge, and the waves of her first orgasm of the night rolled through her.

As he felt her body clench his fingers, and her thighs clamped down on his head to hold him against her, he smiled and started to pump his fingers in and out of her tight harbor. While his first two fingers continued to pump in and out of her, he slipped his ring and pinky finger lower and (once again) started to caress and apply pressure to her tight rosebud that was to be his that night.

Her sweet, already present juices were nothing compared to what started flowing after he started to tease her ass with earnest. He spread the slick fluids across her anus in time with her thrusting hips and gently slid his ring finger through the tight ring at the entrance, opening her up, and into her.

He thrust his first and middle fingers in and out of her pussy, brushing them against the sensitive spot just inside the entrance, and slipped his pinky finger into her ass next to his ring finger. Her moans increased and the thrusting of her hips became more intense.

He was having trouble maintaining his mouth to clitoral contact as she bucked and humped against his hand, so he sat up slightly and continued the assault on her pussy and ass while using his thumb to stimulate her hardened clit.

While he continued to finger fuck her—that’s what it was at that point because there was nothing but animal lust and need coursing through both of them—he looked down and watched her.

He watched as her eyes rolled back into her head, her body arched high off of the bed and forced his fingers deeper inside of both holes, and her mouth fell open to release a loud scream that filled the air. Her body convulsed as the longest, hardest, most intense orgasm of her life rocked her world.

He smiled because he knew they hadn’t gotten beyond the foreplay yet, and she’d already had two strong orgasms, one that completely wiped her out.

As her orgasm started to ebb, she pushed his hand away, rolled to her side while still gasping for breath, and he snuggled up against her to hold her tight against his chest and stroke her long, soft hair.

Before pulling her tighter against him and letting her fully recover, he whispered softly into her ear.

“The evening is still young, and we’ve only begun.”

They laid together like that for a while as she thought about what had happened. She’d never had anyone finger her ass like that nor, while she knew they’d been getting more and more adventurous in their activities, was it something she’d seen coming.

As her heart rate dropped and her breathing slowed, she felt his hard body pressing against her. Anal play was something she knew she’d want more of…and soon. Then a second thought hit her out of the blue and caused a little shiver to run through her body—if she hadn’t seen it coming, more than likely…neither would he!

After setting her mind on giving to him the same level of intense pleasure as he’d given her, she decided to take charge.

He felt a slight shiver run through her so, thinking it was an aftershock, he pulled her tighter against him and softly kissed her neck.

“Relax. We have all night if we need it.”

Spinning in his arms to face him, she smashed her mouth against his, jammed her tongue into his mouth, and bit his when he tried to do the same before pulling back and staring into his eyes.

“You’re right, we’ve only begun this night.”

She smiled and her eyes took on a wicked, little glint he’d never seen before. Instead of holding her and feeling her body shiver, he felt his body shiver although he was unsure if it was a good shiver or a bad shiver.

She pushed him onto his back on the bed, proceeded to straddle his chest (reverse cowgirl style), bent over to take his semi-erect penis into her mouth, sucked on the head, and licked the shaft from its tip to base and back.

He groaned with illegal bahis siteleri the pleasure of it and gripped the sheets. The sudden change in her demeanor didn’t cross his mind, nor did the fact that he was effectively pinned beneath her, as the tight little rosebud he’d just fucked with two fingers was winking at him.

While cupping his testicles and rolling them around in the sac beneath his cock with one hand, she grabbed the base of his cock and held it tight with her other. She continued to lick and suck his growing penis while stroking her hand up and down in conjunction with the rise and fall of her mouth.

She used the slickness of her saliva as lubricant for her strokes, releasing her hand (on occasion) as it pooled and allowing it to flow down his shaft and over his balls. The more she sucked and stroked him, the sloppier and wetter she allowed it to become.

He felt the flow of her spit as she stroked and sucked him, and the wetter it got the hotter it seemed to feel. She’d gotten off of his chest and slid between his legs after he’d become completely hard. He was fascinated as he watched her head bobbing and her hand twisting and pumping as she swallowed and stroked his raging hard-on.

As she continued to suck and stroke his turgid member, she used her hand, which had been cupping and rolling his balls around, to start the next phase of her activity.

She started to stroke his perineum as she worked his cock with her mouth and other hand. She funneled her saliva, which was freely flowing down his shaft, around and over his balls, into the crack of his ass, and over his very tightly closed rosebud.

As she increased the pressure of her fingers on the magic space between his asshole and his balls, she felt his cock jump in her mouth. She thought, ‘Oh, yeah! I’m going to blow his mind!’ She grinned at the thought as a large amount of saliva slipped from the corners of her mouth, ran down his shaft, and toward the ultimate goal.

He, too, felt his cock jump in her mouth as she pushed hard against the space between his balls and his asshole. He’d heard about how massaging the perineum actually triggers the prostate, and in fact, he’d used a body massager to do it a few times when he was masturbating.

What caught him by surprise was that she was actually doing it—not that he cared because it felt fantastic. His cock seemed to get even more sensitive and harder as she increased the massaging beneath his balls.

Then he felt it—an increasing pressure against his anus, but the tight ring wasn’t wanting to open up to let her finger inside. She gently and consistently increased the pressure until, with a little pop, she’d penetrated him…she was in!

The feeling was exquisite! He couldn’t describe the pleasure he was feeling as her mouth worked up and down his penis as her finger slid inside of his ass and brushed against his prostate.

Having already felt himself get harder when she was massaging his perineum, he felt as though an electrical current was passing through him when she started massaging his prostate.

When she felt him start to lose control and thrust into her mouth, she gripped the base of his cock tighter, pulled back until only the head was in her mouth, and then pushed a second finger into his ass. She started to stroke them in and out, fucking him hard and fast, not unlike how he’d done to her, and crooking them inside so they’d put pressure directly onto his prostate with each stroke.

It was his turn to start panting, moaning, and grunting as she pumped his cock into her mouth and throat. The opposite action was causing him to sink deeper onto her fingers in his ass.

He released the bedsheets and wrapped her long, red hair in his fists as he continued to thrust in and out of her mouth and throat. She added a third finger into his ass and that was it! He pulled her face down (hard) and drove his hard penis into her throat as she pushed her three fingers into him as far as they’d go and stroked his prostate.

The head of his cock flared, and rope after rope of hot, sticky, cum was bursting out. It felt as if it was coming from the very depths of his being, a source of his seed that had never been tapped before. Jet after jet filled her throat, her mouth, and started to leak around him as he continued to pour his thick fluid into her.

Without releasing canlı bahis siteleri him, she pushed his hands away from her head and pulled back only enough to be able to swallow and take a breath through her nose.

Finally, the blasts stopped and his cum became a slow, steady flow. She softly sucked and swirled her tongue around his bulbous head while pulling her fingers from his ass, but maintained her hold on his softening cock. She looked up at her lover’s face and saw his eyes were closed and his breathing matched her earlier pattern—short but fast gasps.

The rest of his body was limp. Even his hands, which had so tightly gripped her hair only moments before, had fallen to his side. She felt tremble after tremble shaking his body as she continued to lie between his legs and move up so she could rest her head on his chest.

She was wondering what else the night had in store as she listened to his heart slow down and his breathing become slower and easier. They drifted into a light slumber that seems to follow a satisfying sexual romp.


He woke up with his lover lying between his legs, her head on his chest, and her hair spread loosely across and hiding her face. Her breasts pressed against his abdomen, trapping his softened penis between them as it laid on his pelvis.

The rise of her buttocks teased him as he started to run his hands down the smooth skin of her back. As he was slipping his fingers through her long, soft, red hair, he gently moved it back so he could see her face. As he moved it behind her ear, she woke up as well and, with a smile on her face, looked up into his eyes.

“Holy orgasms, woman! What did you do to me?”

“Just a little payback. Did you like it?”

He rolled her over, slid down her body, and buried his face in her still damp pussy.

“Hell, yeah, but we’re not done yet!”

She reached down, grabbed the back of his head, pulled him tighter to her, and moaned with pleasure. His cock started to harden as he tasted her sweet, freely-flowing juices and heard her soft moans.

As he was kissing his way up her body, he stopped long enough to suck each nipple into his mouth and feel them harden under the onslaught of his tongue and teeth. He continued up along her neck, mashed his mouth against hers, and fed her juices to her as their tongues danced.

She reached down between them as they were kissing and guided his hard length to her entrance. He thrusted into her molten core with a single push, burying himself deep inside of her.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips, her heels against his tight ass, and pulled him deeper into her with each thrust. His thrusts increased in speed and became harder and deeper. His balls were setting a rhythmic tone as they slapped against her ass, and her moans turned to grunts whenever she thrusted her hips up as he plunged down into her.

Their pace became frantic as his thick, hard cock plundered her depths. Her juices were flowing, and the slapping of their bodies was accompanied by the squish and the squelch of wet flesh. The trailer was full of their moans, their gasps, and the slapping of their flesh as they rode to the heights of their pleasure.

The head of his thick, hard shaft was brushing that magical spot all women have, but most men can’t find, as he plunged deep into her pussy. In response, her pussy was clinging to his shaft and squeezing him tighter and tighter as it pulsed in time with his thrusts. Her pussy sucked it back in as he pushed into her tight tunnel.

She wrapped her arms around him as she started to peak, dug her nails into his back as her body tensed, and thrusted her hips up against him as he drove into her. She pulled him in deeper with her heels, her pussy clamped down (tightly holding him inside), and her scream erupted as she crashed through another massive orgasm that was ripping through her body.

Her orgasm triggered his, and he, too, found himself experiencing a second massive release as he pounded the back wall of her pussy with shot after shot of his hot, thick cream. His bellows joined her screams, filling the small trailer with their sounds of pleasure.

He collapsed to his side, pulled her to him, entwined his legs with hers, wrapped his arms around her, and held her tightly against him as they slowly recovered.

Once again, they fell asleep, only that time in each other’s arms. Their soft snores were mixing and filling the small trailer once again, only that time, with the sounds of contentment.

Neither knew it was to be the last time they’d be together in the foreseeable future.

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