The Hazing Ch. 10

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She heard the door open and knew someone was in the room with her. She was suddenly more anxious and frightened than she had anticipated. She expected to feel relieved when someone returned, but she was instead very much uneasy. She hoped it was one of the girls, and she hoped she would remove the blindfold and untie her arms and legs. It was terribly uncomfortable. It seemed like she had been alone in that position for hours, which made her concerned about circulation being cut off to her hands and feet.

“Lori?” Pam said expectantly.

“Not quite,” came the deep voice of the man who had abused her.

Pam instantly became very tense. After all he had done to her, he still wasn’t finished? Now she was desperate to know what he had in mind for her. She had been through so much in the past two days. She wasn’t sure if she could take much more brutal fucking from men like this. She needed someone tender and warm who would hold her and kiss her and make love to her, not just fuck her like she was a piece of meat.

She was trembling when he put his hand on the back of her thigh. She felt more humiliated than ever. She was determined not to cry again, no matter how low this man made her feel.

His hand moved up her thigh and his finger rubbed her slit. She grunted. He was gone long enough that she was no longer wet. His finger was rough and painful on her tender private parts. She bit her lower lip to keep herself from crying out. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was hurting her. His finger pushed between her dry lips into her vagina. He wiggled it around inside her.

“You’re going to have to get wet, little girl. It’s going to hurt like hell if you aren’t.”

She felt something icy cold and hard touch her ass. Immediately, she thought of the steel dildo, except that this object was flat. She had no idea what it was, or if he was going to use it on her. She was sure, however, she didn’t want to know what it was.

To her relief, she was turned on, despite her fear of this man. Her body never ceased craving sex. Her mind might tire of it, but her body never did. She could hear her moistness squishing with his finger, which was rubbing right on her clitoris. There was no way she could avoid it. He used his other hand to pull her legs apart so he could force his finger deeper.

She moaned when he pushed in another finger. The twinges spread through her body outward from her vagina with ever increasing intensity, like he was turning up the volume inside her. He jammed a third finger into her. Pam squealed. He was hurting her.

He pulled his fingers out and wiped them on her asshole. Pam tensed up, anticipating the feel of his cock going back into her asshole. She kind of wished he would do something else to her, if he had to do anything at all. That back hole was getting a little abused.

He stuck his fingers back into her cunt, squished them around some more, and wiped the juices on her asshole again. Pam’s sensitive parts were beginning to tingle wildly. Her body was betraying her and it pissed her off.

She felt the cold, flat object touch her warm cheek. She suddenly realized it was a knife and she was filled with fear. She could feel the sharp edge of the blade grazing lightly over her skin as he slid the pointed tip under the blindfold. He pulled the blade away from her, drawing the blindfold out, then there was a quick ripping sound as the blade sliced through the fabric.

She cried out in fright and had to squeeze her eyes shut to keep out the bright light. She peeled her eyes open slowly and carefully. He was holding the blade up so the light glinted off its shiny surface into her eyes. She had to blink and look away. It was a huge, menacing blade. She didn’t dare turn her back to it.

She tried to look up to his face, but his head and upper body were in the shadow of the lamp shade and she was staring directly into the stark light. He was naked from the waist up. His hairy body was round and bloated. He was chuckling and his whole body shook, just like her lifelong vision of Santa Claus, all of which shattered the last remnants of those pleasant memories from her childhood. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to purge the image from her mind. It persisted. She was being fucked by Santa Claus, and he had a huge, mean knife.

She heard a thunk, then his chuckle moved off and she slowly opened her eyes. On the small table beside the lamp was another shiny object. She forced her eyes to focus on it, and they grew wide open. It was the monstrous steel dildo with the nasty electrodes that Lori had used to torture her so exquisitely. She stared with disbelieving fear. Her body began to tremble against her will. The memories of the things that object had done to her surfaced from deep inside her. She whimpered and pulled desperately against the ropes. The stranger, standing behind her, chuckled.

“You like that thing, don’t you?” he said in his deep, gravelly voice.

Pam shook her fındıkzade escort head. “No. Please. Don’t use it on me.” Her voice was uneven and weak.

“Yes, you do like it,” he said. He spread her ass cheeks and touched her asshole with something cold. Pam shrieked, thinking for a moment it was the knife, then relaxed when she realized it was just grease. She was trembling with genuine fear and panting hard. Her adrenaline was flowing and her heart was racing.

Pam turned with a start when he appeared at her side again. Her eyes were wide, like a defenseless animal cornered and fearing for its life. He merely grinned at her and chuckled again. She wished she could tell whether or not he really intended to harm her with that knife. It made her feel very uneasy knowing that he could cut her with it and she was totally helpless.

He picked up the dildo. Pam strained to look back over her shoulder at the long, thick, stainless steel rod in his hand. She could just see it out of the corner of her eye, glinting in the bright light. The incredible feeling of the shocks it gave her deep in her cunt would never fade from her memory. Neither would the intensity of the orgasms it delivered.

A cold shiver ran up her spine as his hand moved down over her back to her ass. She sighed, trembling with fear, and braced herself to feel the cold tip of the dildo touch the tender opening of her asshole. He gently rubbed her warm, soft, fleshy ass, spread her cheeks apart, and Pam felt the icy cold machine touch her asshole.

“No,” she screamed. She thrashed madly and tried to squeeze her legs together to stop him from putting it in, but he merely put his knee in the small of her back to hold her still. Pam whimpered. Her hands were clenched into tight fists and the leather ropes cut into her wrists. Her emotions overwhelmed her and she began to weep at the futility of her struggle. She hated to give in to him.

Holding her open with one hand, the stranger placed the tip of the machine against her puckered asshole. Pam gasped, with a start. It was colder than she remembered, as if someone had put it in a freezer overnight. It was cold and emotionless like an unfeeling demon, without even the warmth of a machine. He pushed, working the cold metal tip neatly into her body. She winced as it spread her hole open painfully. It finally penetrated her sphincter and plunged slowly into her hole. Pam was sweating profusely and groaning desperately as it slid in.

This machine had done things to her no mere mortal man’s penis ever had, or ever would. She loved it and hated it at the same time. She had experienced its torturous pleasures once, and she had no desire to feel it again.

He was twisting it as he pushed it in. How cruel could this guy be? She could feel the tiny electrodes scraping the insides of her tunnel walls. Did he get some sort of joy in knowing he was hurting her and causing her to fear him?

“Please take it out,” Pam begged. The machine was stuck firmly inside her and she could do nothing to get it out. She only hoped he felt pity on her and took it out before he had a chance to turn it on. She could feel his hand on the end of the object, twisting it and moving it up and down. She would do anything to avoid being subjected to the torment it possessed.

“Not a chance, girl.” His thumb flicked the switch to “on”. Pam gasped and froze. Her eyes and mouth were side open. Her nostrils flared. Her skin tingled. Pleasure poured through her body in jolts, as if he had put a big funnel in her asshole and was filling her with boiling hot water.

Her asshole squeezed tight around the rod. The pleasure built and built inside her, and soon she was having an orgasm, one long, continuous climax that pounded her body over and over. It was a sensation that made her want to fuck and cry at the same time. Her toes curled up and the insides of her thighs burned. Her hips rose and fell off the soaked mattress. She thrusted up and down, thrashing as much as the ropes would let her, rubbing her belly on the wet sheets and flattening her tits into the mattress.

The stranger watched with fascination, standing safely back like she was a wild, unpredictable animal. Pam was gasping, panting, squealing and moaning. Her skin was covered with a sheen of sweat that made the light glisten off the delicate curves of her body. He wondered absently how long she could keep it up, but he didn’t want to sit around and wait to find out. He reached down to the silver knob sticking out between her luscious cheeks and turned the device off. With a gasp of finality, Pam collapsed into a twitching, exhausted heap. He looked her over like a wolf sizing up his prey. Other than the trembling, twitching and occasional sob, she was not moving.

“No more,” Pam begged, panting. Tears filled her eyes and blurred her vision. She was unable to wipe them away. Her chest heaved as she sobbed and struggled to catch her breath. A steady florya escort trickle of juices dripped from her cunt like a leaky faucet. She was aware of her wetness, but she didn’t care. She was just as unable to stop that as she was her tears, anyway.

The stranger appeared at her side again. She turned her eyes up to him. He bore the knife in front of him, like he was going to attack her with the weapon.

“Please,” she muttered.

He lowered the blade toward her hands. Her eyes followed it. Pam wondered what it was going to feel like when he cut her. Instead, the blade hooked under the leather rope. He turned the sharp edge up, and it cut through the leather like it was nothing more than paper. Pam’s arm fell to the mattress. She stared at it in disbelief, like she couldn’t believe it belonged to her. He reached across the bed and cut the other rope. Pam lay there, stunned, unable to move, while he sliced the ropes that secured her ankles to the other end of the bed.

Pam cautiously turned her eyes up to him again. She was afraid to find out what he was going to do with the knife, now that he had cut her free. She found it hard to believe that anyone in this sorority would let this man injure her or even kill her just for an initiation rite, but he still might use it to scar her or brand her somehow. To her surprise, however, he sheathed the knife and put it back on the nightstand.

When he turned back, he had something else in his hands. Handcuffs. They made a loud ratchet sound when he snapped them open. He took her left hand and twisted it behind her back. Sensation had not yet returned to her arms, but Pam knew she was too weak to try to stop him, anyway. He did the same with her right wrist and locked them together behind her back.

Pam’s cheek was pressed into the mattress. She was free now, but was still unable to make her body move to her will. She felt much more at ease, though, since he had put away the knife. The metal machine, however, was still lodged tight in her ass. Reaching down, she could just touch the tip of it with her pinky, not enough to pull it out. She couldn’t push it out, either. That gel he used on her was more like some kind of strange glue.

She could hear him moving around the room. She turned her head to the other side and saw him in the shadows on the far side of the room, removing his pants. He turned toward the bed and she saw his long, thick cock hanging down below his huge gut. She quickly turned her head to the other side, dizzy with excitement. He was going to fuck her again.

Her skin tingled with renewed vigor, but maybe that was just the feeling returning to her arms and legs. She couldn’t help but smile. Just knowing that a man was going to fuck her somehow made the world a sunny, happy place to live.

He climbed onto the bed beside her. It sagged under his weight. He touched her back, stroking her gently and tenderly like she was a pussy cat. She turned to face him. He was not the most handsome and debonair man she had ever been naked with in bed, neither did he have the best body, but she was satisfied with what he had, nevertheless. The only question on her mind was how this sadist was going to fuck her.

There was enough room on the bed for him to lay down on his side with his head propped up on his bent arm. They stared at each other for a few moments. She tried to read his thoughts, but his expressionless face betrayed no emotion. He rolled onto his back, patted his fat belly a few times and held his hands out for her.

“Come on, girl. Get up on top.”

What am I, his pet? Pam thought. She pulled her knees up under her, pushed herself up with her shoulder and forehead, and sat back on her ankles with her knees bent and spread.

“I knew you could do it,” he said. “Now come on. Hop up here.” He patted his belly again. His erection stood tall and strong like a fencepost and, despite his attitude, she was anxious to climb on top of it, to feel it slide into her body and poke around her insides.

“Are you going to take this thing out of my ass?” Pam asked directly. He shook his head. An evil grin formed on his lips. “Are you going to turn it on again?” He nodded. Pam cursed under her breath. He chuckled at her.

“You will not regret this day, believe me,” he said. “You will look back on these events fondly as the day you learned more about your body and your sexuality than any other day of your life, including the day you lost your virginity, or even your prom night.”

Pam blushed uncontrollably. He uncannily seemed to know more about her than she did herself. Did someone tell him about her prom night? He couldn’t possibly know about that unless she told him about it herself. She shook it off. He was watching her, but there was no compassion in his eyes, only desire, and it was a desire she understood. She felt it herself. She licked her lips. He grinned again.

“I knew you’d see it my way.” He wiggled to settle göztepe escort himself into the mattress more comfortably. His thick cock waved back and forth like a busy fishing pole.

Pam crawled close to him on her knees, moving awkwardly without the use of her arms to balance herself. She was mounting him on the left side, just as if she was mounting a horse. The random thought that he was big enough to be a horse made her smile, and she didn’t care what he thought were the reasons for her amusement.

Balancing herself carefully, she raised her right leg over his prone form, successfully straddling him. His prick pressed into her crotch and bent down. She knew there was no way she was going to get it inside her on her own. She moved her hips in and out, rubbing her wet slit along his hard shaft.

The stranger laid motionless with a passive grin and his eyes closed, letting her do what she would. Pam was sure he had to know she couldn’t get his cock inside her without help from him. If she lifted her hips way up high, she could feel the head poking into her soft labia, but instead of going in when she lowered her hips, it would just slide up the crack of her ass and smear her juices all over her skin. He seemed perfectly satisfied to let her do this, but she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted it in, not just rubbing the outside. The more she struggled to get it into her tight hole, the more frustrated she became.

Finally, he showed signs of life once more. His hands came up her thighs to her hips. He lifted her, moving her up on his round belly. One of his hands reached around her and guided his prick to the opening of her cunt. She sighed when she felt the fat head split her pussy lips. Pam lowered her weight once more, groaning as the shaft wormed its way into her.

She settled all her weight on him. It was a great relief to feel warm, hard flesh inside her once more. She ground her mound on his dick, churning her hips in a tight circle. There was nothing better in the world than having a hard dick inside her. She tightened her cunt around him and rode up and down while he massaged her tits. It was an incredible sensation having both stiff things inside her at the same time and feeling them rub against each other when she moved up and down.

His eyes were closed, so she stared down at him. His hips went up and down with hers. His fat belly vibrated exactly the way a bowl full of jelly would, further enhancing the idea that she was fucking Santa Claus. If he had the white hair and beard, she thought, the image would be too real.

He opened his eyes and looked up at her. He had caught her staring at him, and it made her think about how she felt about this man who had done so much to her. Did she love him? Probably not. She didn’t hate him, either. She felt a certain intimate familiarity with every man, or woman, she made love with, and certainly this man was no exception. He was, however, too unpredictable for her to grow to care about too deeply. She liked rough, kinky sex once in a while, but not from a man she feared and could not trust. She had to remind herself that she was not considering him as a potential husband, since he was obviously much older than her and probably already had a wife and children and a prolific career outside these rooms. She did have to admit that he was right about one thing. She was learning more about herself and her sexuality than she ever thought she would.

A thought came to her as she lifted herself off his lap and slid back down on his pole. If he did have a wife, did he ever treat her to a night of sexual kinks like she had just experienced, or did he reserve it only for special occasions such as this? She imagined him living an apparently normal life in a suit and tie with a chubby, middle aged woman, and going away for one weekend a year to screw the hell out of a couple of freshman co-eds.

On the other hand, she could imagine that same dowdy, middle aged woman tied securely to their bed, completely naked, while their children slept soundly in the rooms down the hall and her husband subjected her to explicitly indiscreet probing with his dick and a variety of other obscure objects about which she would not bother to bring up at her next Tupperware party.

He put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her down on top of him, hugging her to his chest like she was his own daughter and he was comforting her before he gave her away at her wedding. She laid her cheek on his shoulder, happy to be held. His hips moved up and down, pushing his cock deep into her channel. She liked how her tingling, itchy nipples were scratched by the hair on his chest. She rubbed herself against his body like a cat to scratch them some more.

She could feel his heavy breath on her shoulder. His chest and belly moved her up and down with each heavy breath. Riding on him felt like laying on a waterbed while someone rocked it side to side.

Laying over him was actually more comfortable than she imagined. His body practically dwarfed her slender, fragile figure. She thought about her father and wondered if fucking him would have given her the same warm, happy feeling all over. What would he have thought of fucking her while her hands were cuffed behind her back? What would he think if he knew his only daughter was fucking some strange man with her hands cuffed?

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