The Fire Station

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It was a sultry day as the sun was setting in the background. Brad had put in his days work and was ready to have a little bit of fun for the evening. He went in and took his shower, and shaved. Then walking into the bedroom, he went to the closet to get out his Wrangler’s and a nice shirt. After laying them on the bed he went to his underwear draw and pulled out his silk boxers and a pair of white socks. He walked over to the bed and started getting dressed. As he dressed his mind was wondering to the evenings events. He knew that tonight was going to be special and that he had to be his best.

After finishing dressing he grabbed his cowboy boots and slipped them on. He walked toward the front door flipping the light out behind him and grabbing his black Stetson hat from the rack. “Yes, to nights the night. Tonight is the night that I have my dream of making out on the fire engine.” He thought as he walked to his truck.

When he arrived at Mary Lou’s hotel room, he held a bouquet of yellow roses in his soft long hands. He knocked on the door and waited patiently for her to answer it.

As she opened the door, she saw how tall and handsome he looked in his tight wranglers and t-shirt. Gazing at the yellow roses, she motioned for him to come in, as her eyes followed the length of his long body.

“Thanks, for the gorgeous yellow roses. They are my favorite kind of roses,” she said as she closed the door behind her.

“Your most welcome” he said as he looked at her pretty soft smile and gleaming brown eyes.

She was dressed in a nice button up blouse that showed off her bust line and a nice jean skirt that showed off her well shaved and tanned legs. She had on a pair of sandals that showed her freshly painted toenails that matched her fingernails. He was admiring her long brunette hair that lay across her shoulders just right.

Taking the roses from him she walked across the room to get a vase to put them in. She sat the vase on the nightstand. She turned and walked across the room to her little clutch purse. As she picked up her purse and keys, she turned out the lamp on the table beside them.

“Ready” she spoke in a soft voice.

“Yes, I am” as he opened the door for her.

She walked out and he followed shutting the door tight behind him and turning the knob to be sure that it was locked. He wrapped his arm gently around her shoulders as they walked down the long corridor to the front door of the hotel. Pushing open the door, she walked out into the sunset with him close behind.

“So what’s the plan?” she said, looking up into his eyes.

“Well, I thought that we could go to dinner and then back to the fire station where we could spend some time together.”

“Sounds good to me. Do you have any special place you want to go to dinner at?” she said.

“Well, I was thinking about the steak house if that is alright with you” as he kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Smiling with the twinkle in her eyes, “yes that would be great!”

He opened the truck door for her. She climbed in and slides across to the middle of the truck. He climbed in behind her. He leaned in and kissed her soft lips before starting the engine. canlı bahis As they drove to the steak house she rested her long soft fingers on his upper leg and listened to the soft country music. The drive to the steak house was short.

Once at the steak house, he helped her to the ground and slipped his hand around her waist. He held onto the belt loop on the backside of her jean skirt as they walked toward the doors to the steak house. Once inside, they were seated in the dimly lit far corner of the nonsmoking area of the steak house.

The waitress took their order and brought back the drinks. As he slid his hands up and down her inner thighs, he talked to her about her trip down and if she thought that she would enjoy herself in Dallas. Looking her straight in the eyes as he talked to her, he leaned in and kissed her soft lips darting his tongue in and out. She felt chills run down her spine as she kissed him back using tongue action. Wrapping her hand behind his neck, she pulled him closer and kissed him passionately.

“Excuse me, but your dinner is ready,” the waitress said shyly. “Will there be anything else right now?”

” No, thanks it looks good” he mumbled as she sat it in front of them.

“Well, I will check back later,” the waitress replied.

As they ate their dinner, they flirted with each other and chatted about different things that they enjoyed. Upon finishing dinner, they sat hand in hand, until the waitress brought the check. After paying for dinner, he helped her to her feet, as he rubbed her ass before locking hands together.

Once outside, they kissed softly and passionately as they turned to walk to the truck across the parking lot. Again opening the door, he let her slid in first and then climbed in beside her. Taking her hand, she slid it up close to his upper thigh then back to the kneecap several times. This flirtatious act was a major turn on as he felt his cock slowly hardening against his jeans.

He pulled in and parked his truck behind the fire station. Before turning the engine off, he looked her in the eyes and said, “you sexy little tease you,” as he kissed her.

Once in the station, he showed her around. Pulling her close, and holding her tight he kissed her lips and slowly along the check bone to her ear. Shivers running down her spine, he continued down her neck stopping to nibble on it lightly. “Follow Me,” he said with a grin on his face.

Once at the fire truck, he helped her up the ladder to the top. Amazed at what she saw, “oh my gosh, I never would have dreamed that we would make out on top of the fire truck.”

On top of the truck were a blanket laid out, and a radio with soft music coming out of it. He smiled as he laid her down on the blanket. Picking up where he left off, he kissed her neck lightly and down to the first button of her blouse. Using his teeth, unfastening each button, slipping the blouse over her shoulders so that her bra-covered breast was shown. Rubbing his soft hands over her shoulder, and down to her fingertips.

Clasping his hand with hers, he kissed her gently on the shoulder, down along her collarbone and to the edge of her bra. With his tongue he grazed bahis siteleri her right nipple, as he continued to unfasten the front of her bra with his teeth. She flinched as she felt his lips kiss her lightly between her breasts. He licked across to her left nipple and began to suck on it as he slid her shoulders out of the bra so that her breast was free.

She moaned as he continued sucking and nibbling on her breast until the nipples was hard. Playing with them with his fingertips he kissed her stomach. Stopping at the belly button he twirled his tongue around it and gently flipped his tongue in and out of it causing her to moan more with each flick of the tongue.

Once at the top of her skirt, he undid the snaps so that it lay down at her sides. Looking at her nearly naked body, rubbing his hands down her sides to the top of her soft cotton panties. He slipped them down over her long legs kissing them slowly. Once at her feet, he started kissing back up the other leg. Spreading her legs, he began kissing her inner thighs and teasing the mound between her legs. Slipping his tongue, up and down across the lips of her soft sweet juicy slit. Darting his tongue in and out, as it rubbed across her clit.

She moaned as he continued to tease her slit, darting in and out slowly at first. Then picking up the pace he thrust his tongue deep inside and twirled it around and around teasing her clit and g-spot until he felt her body tensing up and trembling against his tongue.

Moaning loudly, she grabbed his head and shoved it deep inside her wet hot pussy juices. As she cum all over his face, he slurped up every drop of it before nibbling on the lips of her pussy.

She pushed him down on the top of the truck, as she began to pull at his shirt. As she began kissing him passionately, she pulled his shirt over his head. Then taking her soft fingers she ran them along his collarbone and down to his fingertips. She kissed his ears and nibbled on his neck. Running her fingertips back up his arms until, she reached his armpit. She kissed his hairy chest and teased him all the way until she reached the top of his jeans.

Her hands trembling, she undone his belt, and unfastened his jeans. She began sliding them down over his hips. Running her tongue across his manhood as she pulled them on down his long legs. She kissed and nibbled at his leg as she pulled his jeans to the top of his boots. Taking the boots off, she pulled his jeans off and threw them aside. She worked her way back up to his inner thighs were she nibbled at them.

Pulling at the silk boxers, until his manhood flopped out. She kissed the tip of it as she pulled his boxers over his long legs. Teasing it, with her tongue, then nibbling at his thighs until she threw his boxers to the side. Taking his balls between her fingertips, she massaged them, and then taking the tip of his cock in her mouth she licked it teasingly. She slipped her free hand around his cock, rubbing it up and down as she went.

Sucking on the tip of his manhood, she stroked him until it began to harden. Then going down on it further with her lips around it. She sucked a little harder with each stroke as she massaged bahis şirketleri his balls.

Slowly she ran her hand under his ass, and slipped two fingers in his asshole. She sucked him harder and with longer strides. Fucking his ass with her fingers, she felt his cock swell in her mouth. She went down on it hard as she bobbed her head up and down, she finger fucked him with each stroke. She took his cock deep in her throat and sucked it until she felt his sweet cum oozing down her throat. She licked every drop of it and swallowed as he moaned loudly.

Straddling his legs, she eased down on his cock. She began rocking back and forth as she rubbed his cock against her clit. Her tits were flopping freely as she rode his cock. She rocked back and forth, as she leaned in to kiss him. Sucking on his lips, as he reached for her tits, she flicked her tongue in and out of his mouth. With a moan as he played with her tits, she bucked her hips as his cock ramped in her pussy faster and faster.

As the pussy juices oozed out onto his balls, he moaned. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her down on his cock stroking across the g-spots. As her body tensed up, she bucked her back backwards, riding faster and harder. Looking into his face, he could see the excitement about to explode in her eyes. With an evil grin, he thrust his hips up ramming his cock deep in her pussy. As they came at the same time, he pulled her down on his chest. His hands rubbing up and down her tense back as they relaxed. They lay in each other’s arms for what seemed like an eternity.

They gathered their clothes in the blanket and pitched them to the floor. He grabbed the radio and started down the ladder. As he reached the bottom, he motioned for her to slowly come down the ladder. Once on the ground, they picked up there belongs and headed to the locker room.

Once in the locker room, he leaned her over the table. He smacked her on the bare ass as he took his foot and spread her legs apart. Inserting his cock from behind, he began ramming in cock in and out faster and faster, as his balls smacked her clit. Pulling her back on his cock, he fucked her harder with each thrust as he slapped her ass leaving red handprints.

Just about the time, they was ready to come he pulled his cock out. Taking his fingers he spread her asshole, using one hand he guided his rock hard cock into her puckered up asshole. Slow at first, until her asshole took the tip of his cock in. He pounded her ass hard as he reached around and started fingering her clit and g-spot.

Screaming, she thrust back against his manhood. “Fuck me, brad fuck me”

He smacked her ass one last time as he rammed his cock deep in her asshole. In the mirror he could see her eyes roll back in her head as she let out a very loud squeal. Her body was shaking beyond control as he shot her ass full of cum. Pulling her hips back against his cock, he rapped his arms around her. He carried her into the shower and turned on the warm water.

After showering, they he dried her off and then himself. About the time they sat down to put their shoes on the fire alarm sounded. He looked over at her with a smile on his face, and then he kissed her lips softly.

Wrapping his arm around her shoulder, they walked out into the night air. As he took her back to the hotel, they chatted about the days events and if he would spend the night or go home to his house.

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