The Encounter

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I’d been dancing for a solid two hours and I needed a drink. Like real bad. I danced my way to the bar. There you were. I noticed you watching me the whole night. It was interesting to have someone so focused on me. It made me a little nervous, to tell the truth. But there you were all the same. Watching my every move. You caught my eye and smiled, I gave you a shy smile in return. I got my drink and danced my way back to the dance floor.

You didn’t say a word, just slid up behind me like we had been doing this all night. You rocked with me as I rocked with the music. You put your arms around my waist and danced closer, holding me tight. You danced around to the front of me. Still never saying a word. With you standing in front of me I could take you in. You had seen me all night. I wanted to see you. In the dark room, I could tell you were a little taller than me. You had your hair pulled back in a messy French Braid. You seemed a little older than me, or maybe it was the way you carried yourself. You had so much confidence in the way you moved. As if the room and the people in it were there just for you and your enjoyment.

You put your arms around my waist again, pulling me closer to you. The music picked up the pace, again we are rocking to the music. You moved with my every move. Suddenly the music stopped and the lights came on, you didn’t let go of me. We were still rocking to the music that was once playing. You so close to me I can feel the beating of your heart. Your heartbeat matched mine. Fast. Frantic.

When I don’t think we could get any closer, you pulled me closer still. You bend down and whisper in my ear,

“I’ve been watching you all night. Well… I’ve been watching you for a few months now.”

My eyes meet yours. Hazel. “Why?”

“You’re gorgeous and I want to know more about you”, was your simple reply. maltepe escort I didn’t know what to say. I was curious as to why you wanted to know more about me. I worked, went to school, and came to the club on Saturday nights. That’s all I did. Nothing too interesting about that.

You told me we work in the same building. I’m one of the most compassionate social workers you’ve ever been in contact with. I remind you that we have never been in contact. Your laugh is rich and full of life. I want to hear it again.

At the same time, we realized we are the only people on the dance floor. The bartender looked on in amusement. He knew I would never talk to anyone while I’m here. You must have been something special to get me talking. We quickly got off the dance floor and headed for the door. When we got outside you asked for a ride home. I told you I’m walking. I don’t drink and drive. “Very mature of you.” You laughed that wonderful laugh again.

We begin to walk in the direction of my apartment. You took my hand as if it was the most natural thing to do in the world. I let you hold it. I don’t generally like to have my hands held, but with you, I didn’t mind.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“Beachfront”. There goes that laugh again.

“Why are you walking out of your way to get home?”

“Because we’re talking and it would be rude to walk away in the middle of a conversation.” This time I laugh. We continue to walk hand in hand, silence greets us. It’s not an uncomfortable silence. It’s as if we had been lovers for years, this is just another day for us.

It suddenly occurs to me, I don’t know your name.

“Rebertta, but everybody calls me, Robbie.”

“T, short for, Tish.”

We continue our walk. The ocean breeze felt wonderful after being in a hot club for maslak escort hours. At long last, we reached my apartment. “Sure, I would love to come in for coffee!” I look at you in amazement. You are a very bold woman.

“Sure, why not.” was my only reply. When we got inside I told you to take off your shoes. You looked at me, “Really?”

“Off.” As I walked through the apartment I turned on lamps and the music that’s always playing in the background. I don’t like the silence.

I went into the kitchen to start the coffee you were so excited about. You slid up behind me and put your arms around my waist, yet again. I let you. You began to kiss the nape of my neck, moving to my right ear. You nibble there for a few seconds, then you move around to my left ear. You took me by the shoulders and turned me around so I’m looking at you.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now.” You pulled me closer. You kissed me with a tenderness I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting tenderness. As your kiss deepened, a gradual urgency took hold. You kissed me as if your life depended on that one kiss.

You broke the kiss and looked at me with pure lust. “I want you, all of you.” At this point, I needed you to touch me. Touch me in all the places I hadn’t been touched in so long. Touch me in a way that would make all the pain from my past love fall away.

I returned your kiss. Having just as much urgency as yours. As we kissed I led you to my bedroom. You began to undress me as we went. I did the same to you. Once we are completely undressed you laid me on the bed and put your left thigh in between my legs, pressing firmly on my clit. I automatically arched my hips to meet your thigh. You pressed more firmly. I arched my hips to meet your thigh over and over. When mecidiyeköy escort I was close you withdrew your thigh.

“Not yet.” “Do you have any toys you like?” I had a strap-on and a wand. “Those will do nicely.” Once you got the strap-on settled in a way that you liked you came over to the bed again. “Do you need lube?” I shook my head.

“Up!” I stood up from where I had been laying on the bed. You took my place. “Come.” I was apparently willing to do whatever you said. You had started the night in such a way that I felt like I should just go along with whatever you said. So far, it had worked in my favor.

“Come.” You said again. I came and stood in between your legs. You sat up to take one of my breasts in your mouth. I moaned out my approval. You nibbled on my breast like you nibbled on my ear. Softly. Then you bite me. It wasn’t a hard bit, but it made me catch my breath all the same. You went to the other breast and repeated what you had done to the first. Again, I moaned out my approval. You pulled me on top of you so that I was straddling your lap. “Easy now.” as I slid onto the toy. I had to catch my breath. I hadn’t taken anything in a while so I needed you to be easy. You held me in a way that made it easy for me to ride you. As I fully took on the toy, you came up to meet me with a new thrust. When I thought I couldn’t take anymore, you flipped me over so that I was on the bed. You took my wand, as you fucked me with the toy, and placed it on my clit, and turned it on. You fucked me with more intensity as you teased me with the wand. You would allow me to get close to cumming, then you would take the wand away. You did that for what felt like hours. Finally, you placed it on my clit and held it there. The orgasm I had was so intense I was brought to tears. You took the wand away and withdrew from me.

I had never been taken to a place of such ecstasy. I was yours for the taking after that night. We’ve been together for ten years. I tell you this story every year on the anniversary of that night so you won’t forget the most amazing encounter of my life. It all started with a night at a club. It’s been a great ride, thank you, Robbie.

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