The Ecstacy

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He comes to me in the darkness. I wait shaking as I hear him, his rustlings a mystery. As he passes in front of the window I see his silouhette, big and dark. My breathing shallows as I lie still in anticipation of his touch. He draws back the covers and the black air feels chill on my skin. This is what I need. Forbidden and heated in the cold of night. I tremble as I turn to his embrace, my guide, my teacher, my lover. His strong arms enfold my lithe young body and his lips find mine unerringly in the dark.

He rouses at the touch of my skin against his, soft and warm against the wiry hardness of him. When his hands cup my aching breasts, he squeezes them gently and tells me how he loves their round firmness. His fingers tweak my pink nipples sending ripples of desire through me. Against my lips he moans and I press to him. He drags his lips upwards, kissing the tip of my nose.. my brow between my eyes. His kisses delicately cover my eyelids, fluttering down my temples to my ear. He nuzzles and sucks the lobe gently and his hand holds my head against his lips, tangled in my long hair.

I feel him twitch against my thigh, his response firing the burner inside me. My need centred within my abdomen, heat radiating intensely through my feminine core. Instinctively I move my hips and part my thighs. His chuckle drags me back for a moment, “Not yet, no, not yet!” His mouth opening over mine, his sinuous tongue snaking past my teeth. The tip tickles my palate. I suck it. Tasting, wanting to feel him. He senses my need and rolls me onto my back. With his knee he nudges mine apart.. I lie subdued beneath him, wanting his mastery.

Luxuriating in his attentions, stretching catlike I open for him. He kneels between my legs. güvenilir bahis His head lowers to my breast. Gooseflesh as his breath flows against me. Gasping as I feel his teeth squeeze my hardened, pink nipple. He tugs and pulls it, stretching the sensitive end. Mercilessly he nips. Forcing my cry of shocked pain. Again, he laughs. I blink back stinging tears, feeling pleasure replace the sting as his mouth suckles me. One nipple, the other. Countless moments in bliss. His mouth and fingers playing my breasts.

A symphony of desire builds as his tongue traces a delicate filigree over the muscled surface of my flat tummy. Lower he wanders, his fingers digging into my hips, at last lifting me. Held up to his questing mouth, shoulders pinned to the bed under my own weight as he drinks. My legs spread and hanging in space unsupported. My arms splayed to either side as he begins to devour me. My cunt a feast. He pauses and I hear his desire, “Cum for me.” Reduced to an ember of wanton lust I burst out for him to suck my clit. How I need him!

Like a virtuouso he draws the music of passion from me. I feel incapable of nothing less than complete surrender to his composing. His tongue manipulates each fold of me. The blood singing through my vessels as he thrusts into me and slowly twirls it around my hard nub. He licks. That tongue of his dragging along the crack of my ass, pressing tauntingly across the nerves of my asshole, lewdly hinting of how wonderful it would feel to have it within. My fingers tear at the sheets. My nails leaving imprints in my palms. His lick proceeds, the sensitive separator pulsing as he laps hungrily at sweet, flowing pussy juices. The rasping surface delves shallowly into my musky hole and at last drags türkçe bahis wetly over my swollen clit. Again and again.

The crescendo crashes around me as he orchestrates each section. Encouraging the performance. I weep. The beauty of feeling intensely painful. He sees. He cries out in agony at my grief, wanting to bring me the marvel of sensation once again. He raises me to cradle my shaking form in his gentle arms. I whisper, “Now?”

I feel his hardness against my hip. I smile now knowing my power. Need cracks his voice, weakens his arms. “Now,” his whisper breathes against my neck, “Yes, now my little love.” I lever myself up onto my knees.. I tug his arm to invite him. He moves and prostrates himself beneath me. I straddle his hips and rest my head against his back. My tears wet on our skin. I lift my cheek and turn, licking the salty drop. My tongue trails across his shoulder blade to his spine. He rolls beneath me and I lift up to allow his erection room to nestle between us, hard against my belly.

He pulls me up along his body. Our lips meeting in hunger. Starving for his love, to be his possession. His cock, fully erect, stands along my crease. I feel it hot against my slick wetness. It nestles within the open lipped kiss of my sex. I gasp out his name and bring my feet up at his sides. Squatting over his pelvis, I grasp his turgid length. His bulk barely contained in my fist. His length a pulsing, veined tower standing tall and waiting for my hot, wet night to engulf it. I bring it to my opening my slowly undulating hips dragging my wet desire across the round knob of his shaft.

He bumps against my clit and I am reminded how good this will feel. Slowly, I lower onto him. He breaks open my lips and presses güvenilir bahis siteleri to my tight opening. Squeezing him as I tug him, I want him inside so badly. My hips gyrate. I feel his cock caress and dilate me. His shaft moves deeper as I move to my knees. Gravity doing what my movements cannot. I feel him slide as deep as my body will allow. His hands on my hips press me down further still, stretching, hurting. With my cry of pain he lifts me with his hands. The pleasure so intense we tremble.

He pulls me onto him as he thrusts. His cock seems to seek my soul along with my sex. My existence centred on this fuck. The smell of my juices on his face, the taste of his kisses, the colours exploding behind my eyelids filling my night with visions the sound of our joining wet, smacking fuck, the touch of his shaft filling every void within me, all enfold me. My orgasm expands, growing to bursting. I scream as I release hot, wet splashes onto him.

He allows me to collapse forward onto his chest. His hands stroke my tightly strung muscles still twitching. I return to his voice murmuring into the top of my head. “Hush now. Now for me.” his words a litany, rhythmic, my heart seems to beat with his. My breathing his breathing. He drops his hands to cup my ass and starts to fuck me with long, slow strokes. Now. Now for me.

I move with him his hands guiding my hips. Almost out of me and then plunging in. I sit up and ride him. Knowing his orgasm nears as fast as mine is. Slowly I lean back. Resting my hands on his thighs as my hair falls against his skin. His cock bends and with the right rock of my hips I feel him on my G spot. I gasp as he again grabs my ass and pulls me hard on to him. The breath leaves him almost explosively as he sends his hot ejaculate into my womb. I clench around him. Not stopping, my own so close. With another grind of my hips I join him in his pleasured agony.

In unison we shout into the darkness.. Now! For me! Now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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