The Drive Home

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It was a dark and overcast day. The traffic was heavy outside the shop window. Hannah could not concentrate on what she was supposed to be doing. She could not stop thinking about last night’s encounter with Pedro. Pedro was supposed to be Hannah’s personal driver, although, last night that took on a different meaning.

On the way home Pedro turned into a dark alley on the other side of town. Not knowing what was happening, Hannah tried to call up to the front of the vehicle but Pedro had already exited the car. Hannah tried the door but before she could open it Pedro opened the passenger door and got in beside Hannah.

“Pedro, what is going on? Why are we stopped here?” Hannah asked, her voice distressed. She kept looking at Pedro wondering what was going on his mind. He seemed to have a wild look in his eyes.

“Come on Hannah, you know why we have stopped. You have not been able to keep from looking at me in the rear view mirror for the past month now. Every time that you think that I am not looking you pleasantly brush your hand across those beautiful tits of yours or stroke the upper part of your thigh, hiking your skirt up almost to your hips. I know what you want. You want Pedro to take care of you. You want canlı bahis şirketleri Pedro to drive you to places where no car can go.” With that he grabbed the back of Hannah’s neck and crushed his lips against hers.

While his tongue was probing the inside of her mouth his hand went to the top of her jacket and started to tear it off. The sheer blouse that she was wearing underneath was no match for the strong hands that took seconds to pop the buttons and reveal the lacy bra that cradled Hannah’s very full 38DD breasts. While his tongue was probing the inside of her hot mouth, he proceeded to rub her already erect nipples between his fingers. Pulling her hair he now kissed his way down her neck until he found the rock hard pebble that was her nipple. She cried out with pleasure as he played with it, tugging and nipping at it with his teeth.

Pedro was beginning to run his hands the length of her shapely legs. Further up and up, his hands roamed seeking her hot spot. His hand found her wet and ready. She was going to be putty in his hands, but he wanted to keep her waiting for what she wanted. He was going to make her give him what he wanted.

“Okay Hannah, you want some of Pedro, you want to taste me canlı kaçak iddaa now?” With the urgency in his voice he quickly got out of his pants and put Hannah on her knees in front of him. Her mouth was just over the tip of his cock. He was so hard and ready he couldn’t wait any longer. He started to fuck Hannah’s mouth.

“That’s right, take all of it. Take all of Pedro.” Hannah was sucking the life right out of him. He couldn’t believe what a great cock sucker she was. “You are amazing.” Hannah was enjoying herself. Pedro’s shaft was so slick with her spit that it slid in and out of her mouth easily. She began to play with his balls and that just drove him wilder. He once again grabbed her by the hair and raised her so that she was sitting just over his cock.

With one quick thrust Pedro slid Hannah on his dick for the ride of her life.

” Oh yes, let me ride you stallion. I want to ride you all night long!” Hannah could not believe the amount of pleasure she was getting from this. Hannah rubbed herself as she rode Pedro’s long muscle.

” That’s right, bitch, ride me, I am going to take you places you have never been lady.”

Pedro felt Hannah’s muscles wrap around his shaft as her body shook. Pedro’s canlı kaçak bahis juice shot up into Hannah just as Hannah’s second shock wave hit. Pedro lifted Hannah off his lap and set her back onto the seat. She was still in throws of ecstasy and to drive her over the edge he placed his mouth over her clit and sucked hard on the tiny bud. Hannah started to buck her hips and cry out again. She grabbed Pedro’s head and wouldn’t let go. “Yes, oh yes, keep going, don’t stop.” Just when she thought she couldn’t handle any more, Hannah was overcome with the biggest orgasm of her life.

Pedro sat up and licked his lips. He picked up Hannah’s discarded blouse and wiped himself before pulling his pants back on. He looked over at Hannah who had looked as though she was sleeping off the effects of Pedro’s ride. He secretly smiled at himself. He knew that he had outdone himself this time. But then again, the bitch was hot. He got out of the back of the car and drove the lady home.

Hannah woke up the next morning in her bed. Naked. All she could remember was the wonderful ride that she had in the back of her car. On the pillow beside her there was a note from Pedro. It was his resignation letter. Hannah was so disappointed. She had really enjoyed last night.

With the memory of last night still in her mind, Hannah didn’t seem to mind the overcast day as much. She seemed to be able to concentrate on the many ways she wanted to interview the new drivers for Pedro’s spot.

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