The Diner Ch. 02

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She woke up with a jolt. She was naked, strewn on the cold tile floor and needless to say, confused. She rubbed her eyes and the events of the night before pieced themselves back together in her mind. ‘Where is he?’ The thought alarmed her. Had it been a hit and run? Had she been more raped than seduced by him… taken advantage of for her kindness to this stranger?

She was a mess. The place was a mess. She staggered to her feet and squinted at the clock to find it was only four, relieved to find she’d have plenty of time to clean up. Her ears perked as she became aware to movement in the diner.

“Morning, sunshine.” Her gaze traveled downward to find him behind the counter, making coffee. Smiling the same dazzling way that had pulled her in from the moment they met. She shook herself in an attempt to rid herself of the ridiculous thoughts that had haunted her just moments ago.

“Hi,” she finally responded. He chuckled at her as she managed to regain the power of speech.

“You ok?” He looked her up and down and felt himself thicken just at the sight of her, of this body that he had taken just hours ago. He knew she’d probably be a bit sore. His girth was a stretch for any woman to take as violently as he’d given it to her, but he couldn’t help himself. The way she submitted to him, letting him be in control, piqued his interest. She trusted him, a stranger, so willingly. Was she so desperate for sex or was there something more? He needed to find out.

She swallowed. It hadn’t occurred to her until he asked that her whole body ached. Her sex was raw, her nipples over-sensitive, her darkest hole violated. She was sure that she’d have bruises on her neck from his grip and on her thighs from where his belt had been, but somehow knew she wouldn’t mind. It was a new feeling, but she thought with a grin, not an altogether bad one.

“Light and sweet,” she nodded to the cup of coffee he had just poured. She mounted a stool at the counter, wincing as her exposed lips brushed the vinyl. He was quick to fix the two coffees. He needed to get back to her as soon as possible – to feel her, to smell her, to gaze upon her. He leaned across the counter and brushed a stray hair behind her ear. She blushed. The fact that she could still be so shy to his touch after the night they shared intrigued him even further. He needed to know her better – he yearned to. “I hope I wasn’t too rough on you…” he trailed off. He knew he had been too rough. ‘What a moron!’ he chided himself silently. What kind of answer did he want? ‘You were’? Where would that get him?

“No, no. Not at all.” She surprised herself with the quickness and sincerity of her answer. She was in pain! How could that not have been too rough? ‘Because it felt so good,’ a thought from somewhere inside reminded her. The idea startled her: She wanted more. What was wrong with her?

Sliding his hand across the counter top to cradle hers, he lightly spoke, fixing his intent gaze upon her dark eyes. “Absolutely nothing…” he started, uncannily and unknowingly answering her question, “…nothing I have ever experienced was as good as us last night, Jess,” he finished.

She bit her lip. All she could do was nod in response.

He walked around the bar and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her, nuzzling her neck softly. He felt her relax under his touch. He had a new confidence, thanks to her responses, and he wasn’t willing to let this opportunity to explore things further pass him by. He turned her stool so she faced him. He took her chin gently in his hand, meeting her gaze with his own searching one. “I promised you an all-nighter, and we have quite a while until we have to have this joint cleaned up.” He pressed his lips to hers and she seemingly sprung to life. His passion was fueled by her eagerness and he roughly pulled her closer, groaning with abandon into her throat as her smooth skin melted against his. He groped her ass and she whimpered, but he didn’t relent and she didn’t try to stop him. Her flesh rolled perfectly güvenilir bahis between his fingers.

Finally, the kiss broke with their breathlessness. His hands kept kneading her orbs and he stiffened against her stomach as the scent of her womanhood intoxicated him.

“Will,” his hands stopped short at the mention of his name. He looked at her questioningly.

She hadn’t wanted him to stop, never wanted him to stop. But then why had she stopped him? Before she caught herself in another internal conflict of ‘safe’ versus ‘need’, her lips were forming words, her throat soft sounds. “Take me.” There. She’d said it. The two most loaded words of her life.

Her seductive words were all he could stand and quickly, he pressed himself to her, forcing her back harshly against the cold metal and glass door of the drink cooler. He heard her breath rush out in a quick, sharp yelp before his lips clamped around hers, silencing her with a rough kiss. As their tongues snaked together, his hand slid between her willing and parted thighs, tugging and squeezing at the sticky, swollen flesh of her pussy. He knew she must ache there as she flinched under his touch, but his fingers effortlessly slipped within her, telling him she was ready for more. He longed to give it to her… his cock already rigid with desire, but he needed to taste her sex – their sex – before he did.

With reflexive speed, he dipped down, gathering her knees over his arms, throwing her up towards the ceiling as he stood back to his full height. As he raised his arms up to grab handfuls of her firm, full breasts, her legs slid over his shoulders, clamping his head tightly between her silky, smooth-skinned thighs. Her scent intoxicated him again as his nose buried between her moist, red lips. He flicked out his tongue and tasted the sweet tang of her tiny, puckered hole… feeling it quiver and quake against the tip. Shaking his head back and forth, his nose rubbed against her raw clit, while his tongue dug deeper into her backside.

Reaching up, Jess pressed her hands against the ceiling, steadying her sway – restoring her sense of balance while his mouth revisited the all the areas he’d so recently fucked. Pushing her hands upwards into the hard roof, she forced her pussy down tightly against his face, and soon she began rocking her hips back and forth, her slit wrapping around the ridge of his nose, her ass opening further for the barrage of his tongue. Her nipples ached as she realized they were clamped between his fingers, and the pain was exquisitely delightful – a perfect ache. She leaned her head to the side and screamed down to him, “Ohhhh, God, Will…. Fuck my ass with your tongue! I love it… I need it! Please… Fuck me!”

Releasing one breast, he slapped at it several times, each smack turning her flesh a deeper shade of crimson – each strike bringing forth a louder cry from his vixen. Releasing the other breast, he brought his hand below her ass, cupping her cheeks – kneading, groping, distracting her from other movements as he reached into the cooler and withdrew one of the large bottles of specialty beer she kept on hand for the occasional discerning patron. This he quickly uncapped in the opener mounted to the side of the door, covering the opening with his thumb before shaking it vigorously. All the while, he salivated and spit against her rosebud, dipping his tongue as deeply as he could, swirling it in circles. His hand on her ass kept the one cheek widespread, stretching her tight hole around his tongue as he brought the bottle to just below his chin. Pulling away, he spit one last time on her ass then pressed the bottle to her, slipping his thumb off the top as he set it firmly in place against her other cheek.

She moaned and writhed slightly as the cool glass touched her skin, but thought nothing more of it, concentrating instead on the sucking sensations of his lips on hers. She cooed as his tongue swirled repeatedly across her clit then slowly dipped down to her caverns, leaving her nub begging for more attention. Round türkçe bahis and round he twisted his tongue, thrusting it in and out occasionally, curling it forward and holding it tightly against her tender inner flesh. She barely noticed as he slid the cold hard edge of the bottle along her cheek… ever closer to her tight backdoor… and soon enough it was pressed against it. She felt as he slid his tongue from within her and shivered as he spit on her sex and ass once again. Then suddenly, she felt the hard icy object slip within her most secret place, still sore from his earlier violation there. As soon as it entered her, another sensation literally erupted inside and she felt the tingling of the carbonated pressure shooting into her darkest depths. She screamed and tensed, her entire body rigid… pressing her hands into the ceiling, clamping her legs around his neck and shoulders… abs rigid and sweaty… back arched… all driving him back a step or two.

He released her ass and slid his palm under the small of her back, lifting and supporting her at this awkward new angle, ever-cautious of her support, but not wanting just yet to bring her down around him. He twisted the half-empty bottle back and forth in her, listening as her screams of shock wound down to moans of pleasure. The twists of the bottle slowly became shallow thrusts in and out, her whimpers punctuating each inward thrust.

“Push your hands against the glass behind you, Jessica. Push against me just like you did earlier,” he commanded. “Stay tight, baby… we’re slowly going to walk you down the wall.”

She crossed her ankles behind him and did as he asked, pressing herself between his strong frame and the support of the heavy door of the cooler. Alternately padding each hand down the glass pane, she slowly lowered herself down until she was horizontal to the floor. Brief glimpses of circus trapeze artists, or Olympic gymnasts fluttered through her mind as she tried to imagine what they must look like, but these thoughts quickly vanished as his voice came to her ears once more.

“Jess… I’m going to remove this from inside you. I want you to be sure you squeeze tight… don’t let out a drop… not until I tell you that you may. Do you understand me?” he asked. He watched her as she nodded her head from between outstretched arms, her tone muscles showing all their definition as she hovered between him and the wall. Her body glistened with sweat, faintly shimmering with the low lights of the cooler and red neon glow. Her breathing was ragged and pronounced, as he saw her luscious breasts heaving up and down just beyond the much closer swell of her mons, mere inches from his face. Her scent hit him again and he felt a surge of blood pump into his already-full manhood, and he knew now was finally the time.

He slowly withdrew the bottle from her and set it on the counter just to his side. He could hear the faint splatter of a few drops of the ale as it hit the floor. “Tight, Jess… stay tight,” he reminded her. Bringing both hands to the cleft where her ass curved into her thighs, he asked her to unlock her legs from behind him and pinch her ass tight. As she released, he lifted her thighs from around his shoulders and alternately passed each arm over and around them, returning his grip to her waist, feeling her wrap her legs tightly around him. His fingers curled down alongside of each cheek, drawing them apart… another splatter as drops hit the floor.

“I’m trying! I’m trying!” she pleaded.

“Well, if you can do no better than that, I suppose I’ll have to help you,” he responded. His cock was already pulsing along the cleft of her ass, and he could feel the carbonation bubble along his length as it dripped from her, the pressure obviously too much to withhold. With a quick dip of his hips, he brought his fat head against her well-lubricated rosebud and a sense of déjà vu washed over him.

Until he slipped in.

The sensations were beyond description. The heat in the walls of her darkest tunnel contrasted sharply with the icy cold güvenilir bahis siteleri liquid that he felt himself floating in. The violent fizzing action of the carbonation was made more apparent by the occasional sweep of his cock against the delicately smooth skin encasing him. He was, once more, in heaven. He barely even heard her screams and shudders as he drove in and out in long, smooth strokes… relishing in all these new sensations, combined with the underlying captivation he’d felt since he met this woman. She was exquisitely tight around him and as he opened his eyes and looked down on her, he saw she’d let herself arch back further, her hands now on the floor, body a tense bow… ready to fire – just as he was fast becoming.

Returning to the present, he watched her reflection in the glass door, her breasts stretched towards her head, the sharp line that divided her perfect frame into two equally perfect halves forming a crease down her rigid abs and trailing towards the shallow hole of her navel. From there, the subtle feminine swell of her tummy apexed in a small tuft of dark, curly hair perched on her prominently swollen mons. Her lips were swollen so much that every detail of her pussy was visible… inner labia, clitoral hood and head… her delicate frenulum and perennial tissues… the stretched, smooth, dark ring of skin puckering and folding along his veiny shaft. Being such a visual lover, each of these lingering images not only burned into his mind, they brought him right up to the brink… teetering on the edge of release.

She could barely stand herself, either. His massive cock felt even larger than it did earlier that night… and she loved it. She really, truly loved the feel of him in her ass. Not so much for the physical pleasure she was getting from it, which stemmed more from her flirtations with pain as a sense of erotica than anything else – but more from a total and complete release she felt around him. She was supremely comfortable and confident in surrendering any and all of her self to him for whatever purpose he chose. Even the idea that she hardly knew him seemed trivial. She felt as if she’d found what others call a soulmate. And right now, her soulmate was taking her to new physical heights she’d never thought possible.

Craning her neck forward, she looked up her body to see his dark and muscular frame impaling her… feeling the closely trimmed curls of his pubic mound colliding with each full thrust against the smooth skin of her painfully swollen pussy. She knew he’d attend to her needs there in due time, and as she thought of his service to her, a faint smile played across her lips, and she drew her gaze up his rigid torso to lock with his mysterious and dark eyes. She grinned mischievously as she called to him, “Fuck me, Will. C’mon Daddy… give my ass the good hard fuck you know I need. Can’t you feel how much I love it?”

He could. She was amazing. Her taunts coaxed him onwards and upwards. His trusts becoming more sporadic… his legs tensing as he stood on tiptoe, driving every last bit of his muscle deep inside her, and all the unique sensations culminated at once into a huge eruption. He felt as if his orgasm spewed from every cell of his body, and in that same moment, the pressure had build up inside his lover so much that the liquid began to spray back around his cock. He withdrew and a long stream drizzled down his thighs and her back, then he thrust in again, adding another spurt of come to the liquid already inside her… feeling the mixture ooze around his girth again. Over and over he repeated this for what seemed like ever, her shrieks this time clearly of joy.

Finally, his legs began to cramp and he awkwardly lowered the both of them to the floor, slipping out of her on the way down, the makeshift enema splattering against his thighs and the cool concrete. He felt himself curl into a fetal position as the cramps in his legs joined the ones in his groin and balls, the immense orgasm completely taxing him. The last thing he remembered before passing out was her presence beside him… kneeling there and cradling his head against her thighs… fingers in his hair… soft words in his ears… passion and feelings even deeper ebbing and flowing between them without words or even conscious thought.

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