The Date

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The day started off just like any other. A cool sunny morning greeting me on my way to work but somehow, something was different. Ah, yes. The date with Shana this evening. Through a weird series of events, things just clicked and we decided that we should do dinner to chat about things going on in our lives. You know, just a chance to unwind.

We decided to meet up at a local restaurant. I arrived first and got a cozy table in the corner. I was a bit nervous because I had always had these, well, feelings towards you. Little flirtatious stares and comments. Things that had to be stifled in the work place lest someone get their noses bent out of shape. Also, we didn’t really want to raise any eyebrows. Loose lips and all that…

I glanced around again and I see you strolling back to the table. You’re dressed in jeans and somewhat conservative looking top. As always, the pants seem to accentuate that great ass of yours. The new job must be working wonders since you’re fit and trim and looking like a million bucks.

We chatted through dinner, catching up on things but a certain tension filled the air. You could almost taste it. Little glances back and forth. After we settled the bill, you asked me if I’d like to come back to your place and “shoot the shit” for a while. I could find nothing wrong with that question at all! We drove our cars back to your place and settled on the couch.

We turned on the TV and got comfortable. I edged a little closer to you and put my arm around you while gently massaging your shoulder. You curled up a bit on the sofa and rested your head on my shoulder. We stayed like this for a while just canlı bahis şirketleri quietly talking and laughing and just, well, relaxing.

And then, it happened. We sort of turned our heads towards each other. Our eyes met. And then we kissed. First gently, with our lips just touching. Then, more passionately. We came up for air but only briefly. I caressed your cheek with my hand and our lips met again. I drifted down to the nape of your neck and lightly brushed my lips against it. I could feel you gently shudder. Your eyes closed and your breathing got heavy.

My hand drifted down to your chest. I gently massaged you breast and nipple. You moved your hand between my legs and gently stroked me. I lifted up your top and kissed you between those beautiful tits of yours. Things were getting too hot for the couch so we decided to head into the bedroom.

We stood, embracing each other, and kissing. We began to undress each other. I pulled your top off and unbuttoned your jeans. I helped you pull my shirt off and unbutton my pants. We slid our pants down and there we were, you in your bra and panties and me in my boxer briefs. We embraced again, kissing, and just rocking back and forth gently. I was so hard I could hardly contain myself and I could feel your heart literally pounding against my chest.

I unclasped your bra and slid my briefs down. We embraced again and I cupped your breasts and gently kissed your nipples. I gently settled on my knees, hooked my thumbs under your panties and slid them off of you. While on my knees, I grasped your beautiful ass and pulled you towards me. I kissed your pussy and the area all canlı kaçak iddaa around it.

I stood up and got behind you and held you close to me. Then, I reached my hands around you and cupped your breasts while kissing your neck. You rocked back and forth, quietly moaning. You turned slightly and led me to the bed.

We laid down side by side and caressed each other. I rolled you onto your back and spread your legs and inched my way down between them. I began to kiss and lick your pussy and clit. I started slowly and flicked my tongue from side to side and up and down, over and over. You began to moan and I could feel your tense up and relax, tense up and relax.

I continued to lick that luscious pussy of yours. It’s one of the things in life I simply love to do. I could spend hours if not days eating you out. I opened up your pussy a little more and flicked my tongue back and forth even faster.

I could tell you were close but I wanted this to be a special “O” for you. I inched my way back up your body, pausing to kiss your nipples and finally your lips. I rolled onto my back and in one move, pulled you up and on top of me. I slide down slightly so that you could lower your hot pussy onto my face.

I grabbed your ass and pulled you down onto my face and began to eat you out. I flicked my tongue back and forth. I gently spread your lips apart and twirled my tongue in and out of you. Your clit was throbbing and your pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I could sense you were getting close again so I rolled you over onto your back and slid down between your legs again. I began to flick my tongue back and forth much canlı kaçak bahis faster.

Your breathing began to sharpen and you started rocking your hips up and down. Suddenly, you tensed up and began to gently shudder and moan under your breath. I continued to lick and kiss your pussy until you put your hands on my head and pull me up on top of you. I am almost beyond being rock hard at this point and the anticipation is practically killing me.

I get between your legs and gently push my hard cock into you. You wrap your legs around me and pull me in, deeper. This has to be one of the truly great feelings in the world. I begin to thrust, slowly at first then a little faster. I get up on my knees and put your legs on my shoulders and continue thrusting. You reach down and caress my cock as it slides in and out of you.

You pull my cock out and reach down and take me into your mouth. You swirl your tongue around a little and then guide me back into you. I begin thrusting again. As you wrap your legs around me, I roll over onto my back. You start to ride me, “cowgirl” style — one of my favorites. You arch your back and really start to get into it. I continue thrusting while cupping your tits and flicking your nipples with my fingers and tongue.

You reach down and start to caress your pussy while riding me. I feel your pussy tighten up as a little orgasm sweeps over your body. I roll you into your back and start to thrust again. You wrap your legs around me and pull me closer. I feel my orgasm building deep inside me. Finally, I let go as waves of pleasure sweep over me and I shoot hot cum deep into your pussy. Wave after wave crashes around me. I feel your heart pounding and your breathing is heavy and raspy.

After a few minutes, we cradle each other, while lying side by side. We gently kiss and drift off into happy, satisfied sleep.

And so ends our date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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