The Culo’s Pt. 05: The Agreement

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The Culo House

Janet was woken up by the sound of rain hitting the sliding glass door. She had a pounding headache. Devin was lying on top of her, snoring lightly into her hair. Janet looked at the clock. It read 6:14 am. She tapped her boyfriend’s giant shoulder, waking him up.

He yawned and smacked his lips over top of her. “Good morning, Tall girl,” He said, looking down at her. “Get up. I have to get upstairs.” Devin got off of her, and the couch stretched and put his clothes on.

“It’s always raining in Seattle,” Devin said, watching the cold dark sky. “I don’t wanna kick you out, babe, but I didn’t mean to fall asleep down here,” Janet explained while putting her clothes back on.

“No problem, Tall girl, I’ll be seeing you.” Devin hugged her and stepped out into the rain. Janet noticed the beige couch was soaked from last night.

‘Don’t know how I’m going to hide that.’ Janet thought as she put on her glasses. Before she walked up the steps, she saw a security camera in the top corner of the room.

She remembered that one time when she was sixteen, their basement got broken into, and her father, Carl, placed a camera in the basement. Luckily the red light that meant it was recording wasn’t flashing.

Janet walked up the stairs that lead to the living room. She yawned and rubbed her eyes under her glasses. She checked her phone; the brightness of it straining her eyes due to the house’s darkness.

Janet stepped around the carpet, barefoot towards the kitchen. The dirty dishes from the Chinese food they had last night still needed to be washed. She made herself a coffee and finished off the plates. She took a sip of her sugary drink and walked over to the living room couch.

Janet set her coffee on the table. Turning on the news and staring at her phone, laidback on the couch. A knock at the door took her out of her trace. She turned down the tv and walked to the door. “Who is it?” Janet asked.

“Hey Sal, It’s Thomas. Thomas Roth.” Janet immediately opened the door halfway. Her coach was wearing a green raincoat with a hat over the top.

“Janet?” Thomas said, looking up at her.

“Do I sound like my mother that much?” Janet asked herself rhetorically.

“Can I come in?” He shouted over the thunder. She could see he was freezing.

“Sure.” She opened the door all the way and let him in.

“You can put your coat on the rack, next to the welcome mat.”

“Thanks,” Thomas put his soaked coat away and wiped his boots on the mat.

“Geez. You’re soaked; let me get you a towel.” Janet said, closing the door behind.

“What’s that smell?”

“Oh, I just made some coffee. You want some?”

“Sure,” Thomas said.

“Okay, but you should take those wet shoes and socks off. I’ll turn up the heat.” Janet said, walking upstairs. Thomas was a bit surprised by his student’s niceness as he took off his wet clothes, leaving him barefoot and only wearing a long black tee-shirt on top.

Janet came back downstairs with a small blue towel. “Head’s up.” She said, tossing the towel in his direction while she went to the kitchen. “Thanks again.” Thomas sat down on the couch, drying his hair.

Janet came back with a cup of hot coffee and handed it to Thomas. “So what’s up, coach?” Janet asked, sitting next to him and sipping her coffee. Thomas took a big sip of the coffee, some of it hitting the bottom of his auburn mustache. “Can I-“

She cut him off, “You’ve got a little something on your face.”

Thomas used the towel resting on his neck, and he wiped his upper lip.

“So, what were you saying?” Janet asked, leaning back on the couch and turning off the tv. “Can I speak güvenilir bahis to your mother?” Thomas asked.

“Sorry, coach, you can’t interrupt her beauty sleep.” Janet joked.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“I can’t tell you,” Thomas said

“Why not?” Janet asked.

“It’s private.”

“Is it about yesterday? Is that why you walked here in the rain on a Saturday at six in the morning?”

“Yes. Well, yes and no.” Thomas said.

“So, what is it?” Janet asked, sitting up.

“I can’t tell you,” Thomas said sternly, staring at his student.

She took a huge gulp of her coffee, got off the couch, and walked over to the curtains, opening them. The sun shone through the rain clouds slightly, making the room brighten. Janet stood over him.

“Fine. I’ll just wake up my mother- actually no, I’ll wake up both my parents at six in the morning and tell my mom you’ve been fucking my dad behind her back.” Janet said, raising her voice.

Thomas shot up from off the couch, trying to intimidate her., but standing at only five foot seven, Janet still had the height advantage.

“Okay, look, that’s completely unnecessary. I can’t make you team captain.” Thomas said, his face turning pale.”

“Why?!” Janet nearly shouted.

“B-because Lana Sumpter does me favors.” Thomas stuttered.

Janet had a confused look on her face; Thomas noticed it. “S-she uh gives me b-blowjobs.” He could barely speak.

“Oh, my God. She’s one of the worst players I’ve ever been on a team with, but because she’s a whore you let place her above everyone else?” Janet asked.

“Y-yes.” Thomas choked on his tongue.

Janet sat back down on the couch and touched her coach’s shoulder. She felt the itch again.

“Coach, You know I’ll be graduating soon. This captain position is practically my last chance to get my scholarship,” Janet said as she watched the color return in his face, and he got into a relaxed position.

“Besides, who am I to judge a grown adult on his sex life?” Janet joked.

“Go down to the basement for me and wait. I’ll be back.” Janet then got up from the couch and rushed upstairs.

Thomas finished his now room-temperature coffee and walked downstairs to the basement. He knew what Janet would give him. Thomas waited for about six minutes until he heard his student coming down the stairs. Janet was wearing a red satin dress. ‘That’s the same dress Carla wore.’ Thomas thought, his eyes wide with shock.

“You like my dress, Coach? I knew you’d be pretty familiar with it.” The dress hugged her athletic body fit on her body almost as well as it did Carla’s. Her breasts were pushed up and out, the dress slid up her long legs and thighs with every step she took. Her glasses were gone, her hair was combed straight down. She was still barefoot.

“The dress was a complete mess when I saw it last time. I don’t know why my dad decided to fuck you in my prom dress.” She said, walking towards him.

“Y-you look nice,” Thomas said.

“Aw, thanks, Coach.” Janet then grabbed him by the shoulders and forcefully pushed him down on the stained couch. “Take your pants off. Now.” Janet’s fake smile went away quickly. Thomas unbuckled and slid both his pants and underwear down his legs, revealing his resting erection.

Janet slid the dress up and began to finger her pussy. She got down on her knees, one hand fingering herself, the other grabbing her coach’s cock and roughly jerking him off. “This is the cock Lana sucks?” Janet said, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. “I have a question, Coach.”

“What’s your question?” Thomas grunted.

“Does Lana take you all the way in her whore mouth?”

“N-no.” türkçe bahis He admitted.

“That’s a shame.” Janet then shoved his dick in her mouth all the way down to the base.

“Ohh fuck!” Thomas shouted.

Janet pulled her mouth off him and placed her free hand over her lips. “Shut up.” She put his dick back down her throat with no trouble and played with his balls. Thomas grunted, and his legs shook. Janet got off of him with a loud pop and aimed her coach’s dick away from her. Thomas then inadvertently shot six big loads all over himself, staining his shirt.

“Is that all you can handle, Coach?” Janet mocked him. She straddled him and put her pussy juice covered finger in his mouth.

“So that’s the cock you fuck my dad with? Because yesterday evening, he told me you two don’t speak anymore.” Janet rubbed her wet pussy lips on his cock.

Janet then pulled the straps of her dress down, revealing her bare 36C tits. She squished them together and rubbed them a bit. She felt Thomas’s cock harden against her pussy due to their position. “Do you want to suck my tits, Coach?” She asked, rubbing her own tits more.

Thomas didn’t even bother answering. He simply sat up and grabbed her tits in his hands and started to suck on the hard nipples while groping the soft parts of them. He twisted, licked, sucked, and squeezed so much Janet was moaning and grinding into him in pleasure.

Janet smiled as she positioned herself, so she was above his hard dick. His cock was slid up in the front of her pussy, just laying there, and then Janet started to roll her hips grinding against his erect penis, making herself even wetter than she already was.

Once she started to moan, she realized it was time to fuck. She grabbed Thomas’s cock and positioned his tip at her pussy entrance and then quickly dropped back down onto his hips, taking him in entirely with one thrust. She felt him buried inside her, throbbing and rubbing against her walls.

Janet leaned back, one hand supporting her and the other caressing one of her tits; Thomas’s hands were also on her waist, making sure she didn’t fall as his student began to roll her hips, making his cock pull out and push into her pussy. Janet kept at it slow for a bit wanting to enjoy this. Thomas was definitely better than she thought.

Janet then sped up, and Thomas started to meet her thrusts with his own, and the pleasure started to build up. She sat up straight, both hands-on Thomas’s chest, and she was bouncing up and down hard and fast now each time he filled her up entirely, making her scream.

Thomas simply grinned and groaned as he picked up the pace as well, his second climax just around the corner. Janet’s fingernails scraped against his chest, leaving small white lines as she felt her pussy tighten, and then she felt it hit her like a ton of bricks. This was such an intense orgasm that she whited out.

She gave a shrill scream, “Oh fuck! Jesus Fucking Christ!” Janet’s juices exploded out onto Thomas’s cock, and that was all it took for him as well, and he pulled her close, shoving himself in as far as he could go as he felt himself also spurt his cum into her pussy, the warm fluid making Janet moan as she came down from her orgasm.

“Dammit, Coach, you’re amazing. Did Lana let you have any of this?” Janet asked him, laughing. “Nope. Can’t say she has.” Thomas said. Janet grinned, “Want to go again?”

“No problem with me,” Thomas said. Janet moved to the left side of the couch. Getting onto her hands and knees facing away from him, shaking her ass in his face, and Thomas subconsciously grabbed it with both hands, caressed it, and even gave it a slap once, güvenilir bahis siteleri which made Janet let out a squeal.

Thomas grinned, “You like that?”

“Mmm, hm.” She moaned. Thomas smacked her ass two more times; each one rewarded him with a cute squeal and another shake of her ass. Finally, after a few more, Thomas got down to business. He got on his hands and knees and positioned his cock at Janet’s asshole and slowly pushed in, feeling himself becoming enveloped by her tightness.

“Holy shit!” Janet squealed and shook.

“Ease up; you can handle it, Jan.,” Thomas said.

“Does my asshole feel better than my dad’s, Coach?”

Thomas didn’t answer and picked up the pace.

Janet sighed with pleasure; getting it from behind felt terrific to her. She felt him push all the way in, and when she felt him pull back, she got herself ready, and then just as he started to push back in, she moved back herself meeting his slow thrust, letting him know that he should speed up.

Thomas got the message and grabbed her ass with both hands. He then proceeded to thrust in fast. The sounds of their flesh slapping together echoed in the basement.

“God, yes! Fuck me, Coach! Take my ass with your big cock.” Janet screeched. She continued to meet his thrusts, and slowly but surely, her orgasm made its way up to her front door.

Janet didn’t want this sex to end; it was probably some of the best she’d ever had. “Oh, fuck, yes! I’m going to cum again, Coach!” Janet told him. Thomas nodded, “Me too. Where?”

Janet was in heaven, her tongue was hanging from her mouth, and her eyes were rolled into the back, “Ass. In…my…asshole. Cum in my fucking tight little asshole!” Janet screamed.

Thomas grunted as he felt his own release trigger and dumped his load into Janet’s ass; in giant spurts, he managed to fill her up so much that his cum spilled out of her ass and back onto his own cock.

Thomas pulled out, and Janet slumped forward onto her belly, and Thomas lay on top of her, stroking her hair.

“Hey, Coach? Does this mean I can be captain now?”

“Yup,” Thomas answered.

“Hey, Coach? Are you gonna still going to want to fuck my dad?”

Before he could answer, they heard someone calling Janet’s name. “Get up quick!” Janet whispered. Thomas pulled out of her quickly and wiped the cum on the couch. Janet rolled off the couch and tried to get her thoughts together.

“Jan! You down there?” It was her father, Carl.

“Yeah, Dad! Just give me a minute!” Janet said, pulling the straps of her dress back up her shoulders and letting the bottom fall past her sore ass and pussy.

“Get out of here, Coach!” Janet whispered at him as he put his pants back on.

“What about my coat?”

“Just run around the house and wait at the front door!” Janet whispered again as she heard her dad coming down the stairs.

Thomas quickly slid the door open and ran out into the rain, forgetting to close the door.

“Hey, kiddo…” Carl said, staring at her daughter, the ruined couch, and the open door. “Why’re you wearing your prom dress?”

“I was Um, I was-” She then noticed the vacation camera sitting across from the couch. “I was taking pictures for my photography class. That’s why the door is open.” Janet said.

“Why is the couch covered in stains?” Her father asked.

“I spilled drinks on it while I was taking pictures.”

“Um, okay. Well, I made breakfast, so come upstairs.”

Carl then made his way back upstairs with a strange shifty hitch in his step.

Janet knew he didn’t believe it, but he didn’t press the problem. The clock read 8:33 am. She closed the sliding door and went upstairs.

She saw Carl open the front door, and her heart jumped.


Thomas immediately turned around, forgetting his coat, and sprinted away. Carl closed the door and walked back to the kitchen.


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