The Corset

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I could look into my closet and see it sitting in there all black and shiny. I know how tight and snug it feels against my soft skin. It was just whispering my name and it wanted to be unleashed and tightened around my waist. It wanted to be applied to my body to soak up the sweat that would soon fall from my body as I was being fucked so hard.

It all started on a humid night in Hawaii. I was walking home after dinner at a friend’s house. I had had a few glasses of wine. While I was walking home I was thinking of how I wanted to unleash that corset to be seen. I would think of something and think to myself, yes that’s it. Then think of something else or another way that I wanted it to go. So, I decided that I would then just go with the flow.

Once I walked through the door I went to the bedroom and into the closet where the corset was and grabbed it with care. I held it up and looked at it wondering how to get it on fast enough to get my ass out there looking all hot and sultry.

I grabbed each side with one of my hands and wrapped it around my plump torso. I held it and then started to fasten each hook on the front side of the corset. As I started moving up the front of the satiny black corset the fastening was getting harder and harder. Almost impossible over my breasts. I had to suck air in and hold it while I worked on the hooks, then exhaling and starting the sucking in again. My chest was feeling so much more constricted as I was getting higher and higher up. I love this feeling…

As I finished, I pulled my hair out of my hair clip and let it canlı bahis all down, shook it out and then fingered through it; however, I didn’t like what I saw so I put it back up again. I grabbed all my hair in my hands and twisted it around and clipped it. I strategically pulled out some hair in the front and let it dangle over my face. I then fixed my make up and started out of the bathroom looking seductively hot as hell.

When I got to the door to walk out into the living room I couldn’t get the ample motivation to walk through it. I peeked several times to see what he was doing and tried to walk out there but I couldn’t.

As I was feeling the corset running both hands down my bust to the bottom of the satin corset, I found myself pushing my hands farther until I hit my warm pussy. I then started to play a little bit before I placed a couple fingers over my clit and started working it a bit. By the time that I put my fingers over my clit to my surprise it was all ready erect and hard from my fingers previously teasing the lips of my wet cunt.

As I rolled my fingers over my magic button I took another peek to see what he was doing and then with the other hand started to finger fuck my wet pussy. As I was building up to cum I stopped rather rapidly. After a few seconds I started teasing my throbbing cunt again. Then I decided it was time. I cleaned off my fingers licking each one clean with no trace of pussy anywhere. I was ready for him to “bang my meat curtains.”

I started out of the room coming around the TV to stand in front of him. I jumped down on him bahis siteleri as he was sitting on the couch watching TV and reading his book. I just waited and he looked over me and put his book down.

We started to move our heads around to make our lips meet for that ever so perfect kiss. As I placed my hands on him he looked at me with those, “I am going to fuck the hell out of you… good and hard look!” I knew at that point that he loved the way I looked. He didn’t have to say anything. But, when he did it made it all the more better.

We played around on the couch while I teased his cock with my tongue for 2 minutes since that’s all the time I got. Then he jumped up and I followed his cue to the bedroom. As I was feeling sexy, I kept feeling the need to feel up and down the corset. I laid on the bed and waited for him to join me.

When he crawled on to the bed he grabbed me and pulled my body down a tad and then rolled me so I was half way facing down on the bed. I knew that this was one of the best ways to penetrate me since it felt so good. My engorged clit wanted to be caressed while he was teasing my gash with his semi-hard cock. As his cock was getting harder and harder he placed one hand on my side and the other was guiding his manhood into my wet vagina. As he stuck the head into me, I could feel my pussy starting to throb and clinch down on his now very hard cock. He just gently thrusted it in and out of me until it was glistening with my juice. Once he felt no friction he then slammed it in. My body got tense and my face was pouring out what emotions bahis şirketleri my voice wanted to be screaming. As he was thrusting his cock deep inside of me all I could think about it how my corset constricted on my breathing. I loved it… the thought, the feeling, the knowing that I could breathe however; I wasn’t able to take in the breath that I needed to be taking in. As I could feel him building he grabbed me by the hair and pulled tight enough to pull me back to kiss me and tell me to cum for him… MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! As I clinched down and started clinching my vagina muscles harder and faster to cum, I started to shake and move in excasty. I let go and started moaning out in pleasure. My body got hotter, and soon begin to throb along with my clit. When I thought I was done cumming he would slam me harder and faster and again… it would start all over. My body was starting to tire as my breathing was different and labored.

When he knew I had cum and good, he grabbed my leg and pushed me all the way facing down so he could cum deep inside of my now dripping pussy. He grabbed my hair and placed a hand around my neck so I could just feel it there holding enough pressure to grasp it, he started to fuck me harder. On the verge of passing out, I started cumming again. As I was pushing back with my hips to feel the head of his cock up against the top of my vagina, I felt him starting to cum. I grabbed the wall and pushed back as hard as I could as I clamped my pussy so tight. To hear him moan out in pleasure as he cums is like a song. I felt a few more almost motionless movements as he then collapsed on my back.

I could hardly breathe with the corset so tight around my chest. I moved a few times and he got right up. I then laid next to him and we fell asleep together in bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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