The Chance to Change Ch. 05

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Things are finally coming together for Wyatt. This chapter shows fantastic sides to each character, and I really hope you all enjoy it. I’ve just finished chapter 6 and will be sending it to my editor, WokeUpOneDay today. He has been amazing at helping me edit my story. Please support him and his work.


After cursing myself for asking Karla out in the first place, I decided to just let it go, focus on being happy for a change and enjoy the time with her company. It didn’t help that I had suggested we do something on the weekend. It felt like a lifetime away. We would be going on a date, pretty much the only thing I’m not supposed to do with an employee, and I’m going to do it.

I found it weird to think that I was putting everything on the line just to have some fun with Karla. Even though I found it was strange for me to make a decision like that, I couldn’t help but feel like it was all completely worth it. To some degree she was a stranger to me. I had only known her a little over a week, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was something deeper than just lust and excitement with her.

When I thought about Karla, it wasn’t the pure primal instinct you’d expect that drove me towards her; it was the thought of our very first encounter. I saw her standing a few meters away from me, generating this aura of strength, intelligence and passion all rolled into one. That is what stopped me dead in my tracks that day. Her presence still has the same impact on me. Even in my thoughts she caused me to lose concentration.

Most people would see that as a bad sign. But if anyone makes you feel that way, a way that can stop you where you stand, can bring a smile to your face during the worst days, can cause you to lose concentration just on a thought and can stand strong after battling their demons, then you should grab hold of that person and never let them go, no matter what happens.

Karla made it a difficult week to work. She would grin, wink and flirt with me every chance she got. I was pretty sure that at this point that Jenny had noticed something was up. She hadn’t said anything to me, and I was hoping she hadn’t to my superiors, but there remained a doubt in my mind that she might at some point.

Halfway through the week I had asked Karla for her number on a lunch break. She couldn’t help but mock me for wanting her number, to which I replied that I wouldn’t take her out. She pretended to be more disappointed than she was and proceeded to give me her number. At the time it might have been a mistake because by Thursday I was already receiving flirty messages and work relationship related memes.

I could tell she was enjoying herself a little too much. It led me to believe that she liked the danger and excitement, and there wasn’t a place on earth more dangerous to fool around in than Adverts Inc. One slip up and you’d lose your job and reputation as a good employee. Mr. Goodwin was friends with every major business leader within a fifty mile radius. You wouldn’t get a job that you wanted if you ever broke his rules.

Friday was finally upon us and I couldn’t wait to get it behind me. The weekend became a destination of uncertainty that me excited to even think about it. I hadn’t even thought of what we would do on the date. All I could think about was what might transpire afterwards, possibly even during the date.

I sat at my desk, pondering over whether to ask her to go for food or the movies. Both seemed cliché and not worthy for the woman I’d be taking. During my thought process, Karla had walked over to my desk with a cup of coffee in hand and stood directly in front of me, gazing down at the man that was completely oblivious to the world.

“You look cute when you’re thinking.”

I was immediately brought back to reality. “Did she just call me cute?” I wondered.

“Oh Karla, sorry about that. I was in a world of my own. What were you saying?” I couldn’t help but look at what she was wearing. It became something I did far too often and couldn’t bring myself to stop. She wore a cream coloured v-neck blouse that buttoned up at the front.

“I said I’ve made you a cup of coffee.”

I knew that wasn’t what she originally said, but I let it go in fear of someone else hearing. “Perfect, thank you Karla. I want you to help Tracey with her presentation. She has two clients coming in on Monday for a showcase and I want you there to learn and help in any way she requires. Is that ok?” I knew that Tracey didn’t need help, but I needed to keep up the act of predictable boss and employee.

“I can do that.” Karla lowered the coffee cup onto the coaster as she bent over my desk, giving me an ample view of her impressive cleavage. She remained there for a moment, allowing me a stare.

“Is there anything else you want boss?” she whispered across the desk.

Her words hit me in slow motion as I tried to gain my senses back. Since day one Karla had been a little bit flirty with me, but the teasing was getting out of hand. It not only added to the thrill, but it made the güvenilir bahis anticipation for the weekend even stronger. Work used to be so simple, but now I worried that someone would notice something and destroy all I’ve achieved.

“Umm, yes. No. I uhh, I don’t know,” I said struggling to find any words to say. “I’ll call you if I think of anything.”

Karla giggled and started walking away. I then noticed that she had dark grey work trousers on that clung to her ass as she walked. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was for my benefit.

It worried me that she was a tease, but I noticed that she didn’t seem to tease the other men on the floor, even if it was obvious that they were staring from time to time. She may be a tease, but she was a loyal one at that.

The day was moving ridiculously slowly as I found myself watching the clock on my desk. I had gone for lunch hoping Karla would join me, but she and Tracey were neck deep in the presentation. I decided not to interrupt them since work was supposed to come first after all. I did however send her a message asking if she wanted me to walk her home. I didn’t get a reply and started to worry that she was getting cold feet from the idea.

Unfortunately from my desk I couldn’t see Karla very well over by Tracey, my quick thinking being my downfall. Work for the day was nearly over and I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what it was that I had done wrong. Then I had a text. ‘My friend is walking me home.’

“Shit! What did I do wrong?” Just as my brain went over every possible answer I received another message.

‘Meet me on the staircase when everyone is gone x.’

Hope had been restored, I wasn’t sure how I knew, but I had a feeling she was once again playing some game with me. Everyone in the building was relatively lazy. Most weren’t unfit, but they saw the stairs as pointless while the elevators were working fine. The staircase was practically unused by anyone.

After nearly everyone had dispersed I saw Karla walk out of the room as she headed for the stairs. I made sure no one was looking and soon followed her. I pushed the doors open to reveal the big window overlooking the city, but no sign of Karla. Had she gone downstairs?

The door shut behind me and before I could fully turn around I saw someone jump behind me and place their hands over my eyes. I already knew it was Karla. If not for the delicate hands then I would have noticed the sweet raspberry smell of her perfume.

“Guess who,” Karla spoke with a whisper in my ear.

I could feel her large breasts pressing into my back that nearly cost me an idea. She liked games. My turn! “Hmm. Soft hands, large boobs and the voice of an angel. Jenny is that you?”

I heard her gasp a little over the top as she let her hands drop from my face. I had the strongest urge to bite one of her fingers, but managed to hold myself back.

“Fucker! You know it’s me!”

I couldn’t help myself but laugh. “I knew it was you Karla.” I turned to see her looking at me with an adorable smile. “Your perfume gave you away.”

“Oh? And how do you know what perfume I wear?”

I gently pushed her up against the window and looked deep into her eyes. Karla’s expression turned from thrill to pure lust at my actions.

“A boss doesn’t have to answer to his employees if he doesn’t want to,” I replied with a smirk.

“Oh I see. I’m just an employee now huh?” She started to unbutton her blouse as she spoke. “So that means you aren’t allowed to enjoy this then too?” She stopped undoing her top, revealing her sexy, navy lace bra.

I tried to hold myself back, trying to focus on her eyes, then failed and looked down.

“You’re not supposed to be looking,” she coyly smiled.

I looked at my watch. “We’re not in work hours,” I replied and then looked back at her bosom.

Karla laughed and started to do her buttons back up. Her cleavage became harder and harder to see. She was still against the window and even though we were too high up for the outside world to see without binoculars, I still found it thrilling to have her in this position.

“That’s all you’re getting for now boss,” she said leaning in close, “although it is tempting to take it further.”

At this point I was so horny. Every single day was just one big tease and added to the build up until one of us would finally take it past the line. It became an unspoken game between us. Who was going to break first?

I raised my hand up her front, tracing the back of my fingers up her blouse and over her perfect globe. Her eyes watched my hand rise until it reached her neck, and then she looked me in the eyes as I reached the back of her head and pulled her hair, revealing her smooth neck.

I immediately started to kiss the area around her collar bone. She moaned aloud as my lips explored her neck, sucking and biting every inch. I started to suck on an area I thought she might be sensitive to, a little below her ear. I was right and was rewarded with an erotic moan of pure pleasure.

Karla grabbed the türkçe bahis back of my head, holding me in that one spot on her neck and moaning as my other hand explored her hip. I reached down and lifted her leg up, pushing myself deeper into her wanting body.

It was extremely erotic and I knew I was about to snap, so without warning I pulled myself away. She remained against the window looking at me confused with a pout of disappointment.


I laughed. “If you’re good tomorrow, then I’ll finish what I started.”

Karla played with her long brown hair as she walked towards me to stand only inches away. “And what if I’m bad?”

“God shes hot!” I thought.

“Oh you’ll find out.”

Karla smirked. “Where are you taking me tomorrow?”

“Shit!” I got sidetracked thinking I had done something wrong and didn’t put any thought into a date idea.

“The beach!” The words came out as a surprise and were spoken louder than they were supposed to. It was autumn, but the weekend was forecasted to be unusually warm. Why did I have to look at the weather on that day of all days?

“Ohh, because you want to see me in a bikini? Clever,” she joked.

“Double shit!” I thought. “Why would I suggest that?” I brushed it off to focus on Karla.

“That’s not the reason. I just want to see you wet.”

The sexual tension in the air tripled as Karla’s eyes went wide with excitement.

“Now that sounds like fun.” Karla kissed me on the cheek and turned towards the stairs before looking back at me. “I’ll see you tomorrow Wyatt.”

It took me a few moments to regain the sensation in my legs. My blood pumped around my body at such a speed I thought I might explode! After getting to grips with what had just transpired, I went home and tried to mentally prepare myself for the day to come.

“The beach? Why did I have to suggest the beach?” I thought. A woman like Karla in a bikini, glowing like the sun was going to be absolute torture if I couldn’t do anything to her. I’d only have boxer shorts on to cover my erection if things got too intense. Seeing her in clothes has an unreal effect on me, and I knew that this was going to be very difficult to keep my mind straight.

“The beach? Fuck!” I felt unprepared to see her nearly completely naked, but at the same time I was ecstatic about the idea. “This is going to be interesting.”

I threw my knee height trunks on, double checking to make sure there was plenty of baggage around the crotch area, just in case of any unexpected “hard ons” that might occur. I put a white vest on, grabbed my car keys and headed out the door.

The journey to Karla’s place was only a few minutes driving distance from mine and I managed to miss a lot of traffic, luckily not having to go too far into town. The beach was probably about twenty minutes away which would give us plenty of time to chat and flirt, no doubt.

I sent her a quick message, and before long Karla came out through the building’s entrance wearing a big cashmere scarf that covered from her neck down to her thighs. I felt lucky it was hiding enough skin that my cock didn’t react.

As she got in the car she put her bag on the back seat and strapped in. I took note that even with the pashmina scarf on, the seatbelt still sunk between her boobs. Unfortunately this did have an effect on me but I managed to stay calm, focusing on the road ahead.

We made idle chit chat as we made our journey to the beach. I was a little bit more tanned than Karla who was very nearly white. Even though she had told me she preferred the summer to winter, she was paler than what you’d expect with summer in the rear view. The sun was burning bright in the sky without a cloud in sight and barely a breeze. It was a perfect day to tan, or burn if you were stupid.

We walked side by side down the beach to a nice quiet spot. Karla had told me she wasn’t the biggest fan of people in general, something we both agreed on, so I decided that an area away from the majority was a good idea.

“Here looks like a nice spot,” I said as we approached a big parasol.

After paying the man for the spot, Karla started unwrapping herself from the scarf cover up. My eyes were naturally drawn in. Slowly removing the garment a new piece of skin started to show, beginning with her hips and ending just under her bikini top. She had dark red bikini bottoms on that looked divine against her beautifully pale skin, and finally giving me my first good look at her perfectly shaped ass.

She continued to unwrap herself which unveiled her impressive bust clad in a matching crimson bikini top. It looked a size small, pushing her gorgeous breasts out of their confines, and like they would easily pop out if she jogged or moved too quickly. The thought was a welcome one.

Finally, with what little clothing she had on, I stood there in awe as she began to seat herself on her towel. She posed like a goddess that deserved all the attention in the world.

Karla caught me staring and couldn’t help but grin. “Is this too much for güvenilir bahis siteleri you to handle?” she coyly asked while gesturing to her curvaceous body.

“I’m sorry, what?” was all I got out.

Karla laughed at that and immediately relaxed. I laid my towel out and sat beside her, only leaving a small gap between us.

“This heat is incredible. I haven’t been to the beach all year. Thank you Wyatt.”

I tried my hardest to avoid staring at the angel, but failed as I stole a few quick glances. I replied, “You’re very welcome, but if we’re not careful we’ll burn today.”

I pulled out a bottle of tanning oil and sunscreen and started covering my arms and chest in a thin layer, followed by the rest of my toned body. This got me a stare from Karla, but as I looked over to her she quickly looked away, which made me grin.

After I finished oiling myself I asked, “Do you want some Karla?” I held the bottle towards her.

“Yes please. Can you do my back?”

I was worried she would ask me that, but I couldn’t help myself if I wanted to. Karla turned around, laid on her front and untied her top. I was staring again, but this time I had zero control. My eyes loomed over her nearly naked form, her impressive breasts squashed against the towel as they spilled out either side of her chest. I quickly shuffled over as I came to my senses and started squeezing the lotion into my hands.

“This might be a bit cold.”

Before she could say anything I placed my lotion-covered hands on her lower back causing Karla to let out a small squeal. The gorgeous brunette nearly jolted upright but stopped herself as she remembered her top was only half on.

Karla settled back and enjoyed herself as I started massaging the oil into her back. The more I massaged into her skin the more she would coo at the feeling. I began at her lower back and slowly worked my way up her smooth body.

By the time I reached Karla’s shoulders she was quietly moaning to my touch. It was barely audible but I was sure I could hear it. I found myself getting lost in her beauty, her soft skin, her impossibly peachy ass, her flawlessly round breasts coupled with the side boob poking out to taunt me. I had to touch them. It was no longer a want, it was a need.

I put more lotion on her back, this time Karla was ready and didn’t wince at the cool liquid. I massaged her shoulders and after a few moments, I made my way down her sides, gently getting closer and closer to her assets. I think she knew where I was headed. Other than the ever-so-quiet moan she didn’t say anything, so I continued.

Then it happened, I brushed my hands over her left mound. “Impossibly soft,” I thought. I kept up the motion, moving from her left breast to her back and down to her right, and then repeated the action. I was in heaven and wasn’t sure how long I had been there until Karla’s voice shook me from my dream.

“Having fun are you?” she spoke with a slight giggle to her voice.

I stumbled and pulled my hands back in surprise. Instead of replying I began to work her legs, running lotion up and down her gorgeous skin. Avoiding the temptation to move my hands up to her inner thighs and towards her rear, I reluctantly pulled myself away after getting one last good look at her nearly naked body.

I relaxed back on my towel beside the beach babe and tried to comprehend what had just happened.

“Thanks boss,” she said with a smirk. “That felt amazing!” The last word was drawn out in a satisfied tone.

“Probably shouldn’t be feeling my employees up,” I said with a nervous laugh.

“Feel up? You only rubbed lotion on me, for twenty minutes.”

I checked my watch and she was right. “Fuck!” After laughing it off, we continued making flirty banter for about an hour or so, absorbing the sun before she asked if I wanted to go for a swim.

Naturally I wanted to swim as the heat got more intense, so we got up and we both made our way to the water. It was cold, but it didn’t stop me from diving in, hoping to impress my company. Oddly enough it worked. I came back up I saw her laughing while she waded through the water to meet me.

I brushed the cool water from my face as she approached. Karla’s alluring eyes were locked on me, her hair cascaded over her shoulders and resting on her chest. The water glistened in the sun all around as we got closer and closer together. The scene was mesmerising, like a masterpiece painting being witnessed for the first time. We stood eye to eye, both of us trying to read what the other was thinking.

I lost all will and glanced down at her bountiful chest one more time.

“You know if you keep looking at my body then I’ll start to think that’s all you want,” Karla spoke with a slightly annoyed tone and had raised her eyebrow.

I had to remain calm, act like I wasn’t completely nerve wracked that I had already ruined it. In that very moment I took the deepest breath while I thought what to say.

Then suddenly I felt different, like we were alone together. Not just the sea but the entire world had fallen silent with no one else around. It was just me and Karla in an endless ocean as the waves gently pushed us closer together with every heartbeat. She was the only thing I could see, and the only thing on my mind.

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