The Beginning

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I unlocked the door and went in. I set my luggage down and turned on the lights. I tossed the key onto the table and sat down in the chair. What an exhausting flight that was! I certainly was glad to finally get to the hotel, check in and take my shoes off. All day in those shoes, my feet were screaming “Soak me!” I would, but later. Right now, I had to check my email.

I got my laptop out of its case, and plugged it into the phone jack. I keyed it up and logged into my email account. There was a message from you! That always brightens up my day. I opened it and read it. You told me that you were looking forward to my arrival and that I was to let you know where and when I got into town. My heart began to beat like crazy. I hit the reply button and told you that I was finally in town, and that I was at the Hyatt Regency. I also said that there would be something for you at the front desk for when you came to see me. I hit send and anticipated a reply. I sat there for about 20 minutes when I heard “You’ve got mail!” come across my laptop. I opened my account and lo and behold! there was another message from you. In it, you said that you were still at work, but that you would be over to the hotel at 4:30pm after you got off from work, and that you would check at the front desk for my little something for you. I replied back that I was glad you got my message and that I would be waiting for you. When I sent the reply, I felt a rush flow over me like warm water all over me. Just the thought of being in the same city as you makes my blood boil. I smiled and sighed deeply and logged off my computer, and put it away. Now, time to get ready.

I went over to my luggage and opened up my suitcase. I pulled out my clothes and hung them up so they wouldn’t get wrinkled, of course. I put my toiletries in the bathroom, and decided to take a soothing shower before you got there. It was only 2:30pm, and I had lots of time to get ready. I removed my travelling clothes and threw on my bathrobe. I then turned the water on in the bathtub, making sure of the right temperature, and then pulled the knob for the shower.

I let my robe fall off my shoulders, and stepped in, letting the warm water relax all the tension from a long day’s travelling out of me. I let the water cascade over my head. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I closed my eyes and could feel the water flow over me. I pushed my hair back off my face as the water baptized me, and matted my hair down. I lightly glided my hands over my body, softly caressing my breasts and slowly rubbed my hands over my hips. I grabbed the soap and started to lather up myself, when my mind thought back to the day that you and I met online and started our relationship.

We had such a wild chat that day. Telling one another how wet we both got when we were excited, how much we enjoyed having our pussies licked and sucked, our clits tickled and our fingers going into our pussies. I closed my eyes and thought about that, and as I did, my hand nonchalantly went down my body over my breasts. I have huge breasts, and I can’t wait for you to get your mouth around one of them. I slowly, softly caressed my right breast, holding it up and letting the water flow over it, watching my nipple rise with the flow of water, and feeling the tingle flow through me from my nipple to my pussy. I lather up my hands, and lovingly, caress both my breasts in my hands, pushing them together and watching the soap cover them. I run my fingers over my nipples, and they rise higher and get so hard, I pull them as I wash them and the tingles begin to really flow into my stomach and down to my pussy.

I run my hands over my stomach, then over my hips and down to my legs. I rub soap all over my legs and work my hands between my legs. I put one foot up on the side of the tub, and cup my hands to caress my pussy, already soaked just from thinking of you. My lips, soft and swollen, with just a thin layer of cream seeping through my slit, I put my hands on both sides of my lips and gently pry open my lips. I run my fingertip lightly over the insides of my lips and shockwaves go through me. I close my eyes and start lightly rubbing my lips, thinking of all the things you and I have talked about in the past, and of all the things that we will do today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives. My clit peeks out from under its hood and I pull it back and start flicking it with my fingernail, feeling the yakacık escort sparks fly through my stomach and up to my breasts. With one hand, I caress and pull my tits and nipples; with the other hand I start to massage and rub my clit and pull it, fantasizing that it’s your mouth covering my pussy and closing around my hard wet clit. I picture you sucking it, licking it with the tip of your tongue, your hands holding my hips as I grind against you. I picture me pulling my nipples harder, twisting them and feeling the twinges of pain and pleasure collect in my pussy.

I feel my finger slip inside my wet hole, and I pretend that that is your tongue, reaching inside me to feel my inner walls and my pussy grabs onto my finger like it will your tongue and you flick it in and out, like a lizard, holding my hips as I grind harder against your mouth, my cream and juices smearing around your face and mouth as I cum. By now, I am rubbing my pussy furiously, and pulling my nipples, I burst with a rush of juice flowing out of me, the waves of pleasure holding onto me, as I cum in the shower. As the waves decrease in intensity, I slide down the wall of the shower, and sit with the water running over me, my pussy throbbing as I catch my breath. Finally, I am able to stand and finish washing so that I can be ready for you when you come.

I dry off and dress, putting on my best dress for you — a dark blue, one piece, knee length dress that zips down the back, with jacket to match, bra, suspenders, thigh high stockings, no panties, and shoes to match. Add my pearls and my tennis bracelet, and I’m all set for you. I get an envelope out of my purse, and get the extra key that I had the front desk make for me. I sit at the desk in the room, take out a piece of hotel stationery, and write out a note to put with the key — “I knew you would come. Room 2315. Come straight up. I’ll be waiting for you.” I put the key into the envelope wrapped around the note, and head for the front desk. I put your name on it, and hand it to the desk clerk, telling him to give it to you when you come in. I go back up to the room and continue to prepare the room. In my other bag, I get out the bottle of brandy I brought along with me and set it on the table, then I get the glasses I brought, and then I go get some ice. I also brought along some special things to share with you, and I put them where I can get to them. I look at my watch — 4:00pm. In half an hour, you will be here. I decide to go out onto the balcony to wait. My heart is pounding with anticipation and my pussy is still throbbing from my solo performance in the shower. I sit in the chair by the table on the balcony and wait.

At precisely 4:30pm, I hear a soft tap on the door. My heart leaps into my throat, but I tell myself to keep calm. I move so that I can watch you come into the room without you seeing me watching you from the balcony. You put the key into the lock, and walk in, and look around. I hear you call out to me, but no answer. I am mesmerized at the sight of you. You are as every bit as beautiful as you described yourself to me, tall, about 5’8″ same as me, 34D breasts, tanned all over with a swimmer’s build, and long dark hair with red highlights in it. I am captivated by your beauty, but I don’t make any movement just yet to let you know where I am. You set your purse down and walk slowly in the room, calling out my name and looking for me.

You are closer to the window now, and I can see your sparkling green eyes with just a hint of devilishness in them. I hear you call out my name again, and as you turn your face away from the window, I say softly, “Don’t turn around, my love. Walk over to the bed facing away from the window and sit down on the bed.” For a moment, you are stunned, but you stay facing away from the window, and walk over to the bed and sit down on it. I can hear you breathing as I walk in. I see you start to turn around but I say, “Don’t turn around. Not yet, my love” You hear me walking towards the bed, and even from the distance that I’m at right now, I can hear your excitement, and I can smell your excitement, too.

I’m standing on the other side of the bed and I hike my skirt up and crawl up on the bed behind you. You feel me sitting behind you, and even without touching you, I can feel you trembling. The only sound we hear is each other breathing. I reach out and put my hand on zeytinburnu escort the back of your head and lean in closely.

“Are you scared, my love?”


“Why?” I start letting my hand slowly caress the back of your head. “We’ve both been waiting so long for this. Why are you scared, my love?”

“I’ve never felt like this before.” you answer, your voice trembling.

“Felt like what, my love?” I drag my finger tips across your shoulders and down your back.

“So in love with someone. I’ve loved others, but I’ve never been truly ‘in love’.”

“Stand up, my love.” you stand and I can see that your whole body is trembling. I walk around to your side of the bed and put my hand on your arm. “Look at me, darling.” You turn and look at me, and I smile at you, you smile back and we both have hints of tears in our eyes. “I’m telling you, right here and now, you will always be so very loved by me, darling. Forever.” and I reach over to you and pull you to me, and we hug one another as if we had never hugged anyone ever in our lives. Your nose buried into my neck and shoulder and I could hear and feel you breathing against my neck, memorizing my scent, and my arms held you like I was holding onto you for dear life.

We both cried, and laughed and giggled, and hugged for at least 10 minutes, till finally you broke the hug just long enough to look into my eyes, and you whispered to me, “Don’t ever let me go.” and I nodded and whispered back, “I won’t, I promise.” We leaned into each other and we kissed deeply, passionately, our mouths fused together, our tongues in each other’s mouths, our arms around one another, our bodies fusing together.

I pulled you away for just a moment, and asked you if you would care for a drink, that I brought along something special for us. You pulled yourself back into me and said, “I don’t need anything but you right now.” and walked us back to the bed and you had me sit on the bed.

You stepped back so that I could watch you. You turned around and reached back and slowly unzipped your dress. Then, you pushed it off your shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I wasn’t the least bit surprised that you were totally naked after you slipped it off. You were just as I pictured you, and you took my hand and stood me up, and unbuttoned my jacket and slipped it off my shoulders. Then, you turned me around and unzipped my dress and pushed it off my shoulders, too, and laid it on the chair. Now, I stood in just my bra, my suspender belt, and my stockings and shoes.

You knelt down and slipped off my shoes, caressing my feet and ankles as you did, then you reached up and slid my stockings off one by one. As you knelt down there, you were eye to eye with my pussy and you could smell my excitement, but you made no attempt, just yet, to touch or kiss me there, though I was aching for you to. Then, you stood back up, and turned me around and undid my bra and slipped it off me. Now, I was as naked as you were, and you turned me around, holding me at arms length. I looked down at you and was just captivated again by your beauty. You took my hands and lead me over to the bed, we stood by it, and you took me into your arms, my breasts pushing against yours, and we kissed again, deeply and passionately, our tongues slipping into one another’s mouths, and your hands moving up and down my back, touching my ass and my thighs, and the crease where my legs begin and my ass ends. My hands are doing the same to you, I feel the tightness of your body, the firmness of your butt and stomach against mine. You smile, reading my thoughts — in the latter years of my life I’ve kind of let myself go, and you smile, and say, “Dont worry, dear. I’ll get you back into shape.”

I smile, and you push me back on the bed. You kneel down and push my legs apart and put your hands on my thighs. You then help me to lay back on the bed, and you come up over me and lay over top of me, your hair hanging down in your face, your breasts also hanging and swaying with every move you make. You straddle me, and I feel your pussy, already wet and creamy, against my own, and you lean down putting a hand on either side of me, and you kiss me again, so deeply, so lovingly, our breasts again pushing together, my hands coming up around you, holding you to me.

My hands go to your head and run my fingers through your hair, then aksaray escort travel down lightly over your back and over your hips, and the tops of your thighs. You break our kiss and move your mouth to my neck, sucking and nipping at my neck. I feel your tongue licking me tasting the sweet saltiness of my skin. Your tongue rubs around my earlobe, and I go skyward. A moan escapes my lips as you kiss my ear and run your tongue over it. As you do, I feel your legs close around my hips and start to grind against me. Your mouth, in the meantime, has moved to my right breast, and you take it in your hand and push your mouth to my nipple, sucking it and licking it, making it wet with your saliva, and you pull it with your lips and teeth. Shocks go through my body, and I push my breasts upwards to your mouth. My hands clamp around your head and hold you to me as I will our baby, someday. You suck and lick my nipple, your other hand massaging and rubbing my other breast, pulling on my nipple and making it hard. Then, I feel your mouth go to it and suck on it as you did the first one. Then, you take both my breasts in each hand and push them together, as if you are trying to make one great big breast, and you take both nipples in your mouth. My hands are on your shoulders, and you let my breasts go, and start kissing your way down my stomach.

You run your tongue around my navel, and flick your tongue in and around it, more shockwaves, flow through me and I hold the back of your head. Your hands are on my hips cause I am moving all over the bed. I feel your nipples graze against my thighs as you lick and kiss around my navel. I reach back and grab the head board and push myself up to your mouth and I feel your hands move to my legs. Then, you kiss down my right leg, over my knee and calf, over my foot and toes, then start your way back up my left leg. As you do this, you spread my legs. Now, you can see inside me. My lips are swollen and wet, the juices are seeping from my slit. You open my legs wide, as wide as they will go and lean down, and give my mound a nice kiss. Then, on my lips, just on the outside you kiss them.

Something explodes inside me when I feel your lips on my lips, and a long slow moan comes out of me. You push my legs up till they are bent and you hold them back and you kiss my pussy again. I feel my pussy kiss you back. You kiss my lips again and again, over and over, just kissing it, never slipping your tongue in or anything. You are necking with my pussy, and I am going over the edge with anticipation and excitement, and you know it. My cream and juices are, by this time, pouring out of me, and you finally can’t take it anymore either, and you french kiss my pussy. You part my lips with your tongue, your tongue slips into my wet slippery hole and you hold onto me for the longest kiss ever. I’m totally sailing over the edge but you keep me held back, because you are going to make me cum so hard for you.

You push my legs back and grab a pillow and stuff it under my hips and you spread my legs again, as wide as they will go and begin lapping my pussy, sucking my lips, chewing on them literally, and pulling on my clit with your lips. I am holding onto your head and shoulders, and I grab my tits at some point and start pulling and pinching my nipples, my hips grinding and bucking against your mouth and face at the same time. You hold my hips and ass, and lap at my pussy like a puppy drinking from its water dish. I am grinding harder, writhing under you so much that you hold my hips and ass, and as you lick and suck my clit and lips, you slip a finger into my asshole, and that sends me skyrocketing over the edge. You wiggle your tongue in my pussy, your nose bumps against my clit as you lick me, and your fingers wiggle around my asshole, and its all so wonderful!

I feel my body tense up, and so do you. You lick faster, you wiggle your fingers faster and harder, and my legs begin to shake and shudder, and I grab your face, and with a loud moan, I tell you “Open wide, darling!” and a rush of cream and juice flows from me like a river busting through a dam. You keep your mouth there the whole time and devour all my cream and juice, swallowing every drop, bathing at what doesn’t go into your mouth. The spasms are incredible, all the tensions have left my body, and I am floating in space.

When the spasms subside, you crawl back up to me, your face and hair covered in my cum, and I hold you against me and lick and kiss you, tasting myself on your lips. I suck your tongue and lips clean of all my cum on you and feed it back to you in a kiss. You lay on top of me as we kiss, and I look up into your eyes and we smile, and I whisper, “This is only the beginning.”

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