The Bar Ch. 02

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After leaving the bar that night we decided that one time just wasn’t going to be enough for us. We had to have more of each other, all night, without any thing to get in our way. So you had me follow you to a hotel that was nearby the bar. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was affordable, and we figured that for getting nasty with each other, it did the trick. We checked in and got ourselves a room with a king size bed….nice and big for our long night of fucking.

Once we got up to the room, you opened the door, and after I walked in you closed it behind me. I turned around to look at you, and just like that our lips met each other and we were embraced in one of the most passionate kisses ever. Our tongues intertwining with each other, hands roaming all over one another’s body. Your hands grasping my ass, pulling me closer into you, feelings your cock growing harder with every kiss. Before we continue any further, I excuse myself to go into the bathroom to freshen up a bit, even though I know this will be a very long night for both of us! After going in the bathroom and removing most of my clothing, I come out wearing nothing but a black lace bra, matching garter belt, and black silk stockings. I walk out and look at you, only to see you sitting in a chair, shirt off, pants off, and your glorious cock standing at attention, shining in the light from the precum already on it.

I smile at you and ask, “Do you like what you see?”

You look back at me and say, “Yes I do, and I want all of it here tonight.”

With that, I walk over to you, lean forward and kiss you and begin to straddle your lap. I slower start to lower myself down on top of your throbbing cock…..getting just close enough that you can feel how hot and wet my pussy is, without even having to touch it. While I continue to lower myself down on you, you take my tits out of my bra, and start to play with my nipples. Taking each one in your mouth separately, running your tongue around them, making them nice and hard. Biting down on them hard enough that I flinch in pain, but yet it feels canlı bahis so good, I beg for more.

“Oh God Kevin, don’t stop, keep sucking them.”

And just like that, I lower myself all the way onto your cock, feeling it fill me up completely, and tightening up my pussy just to make sure that you can feel it inside of me. MMMM you feel so good, I can’t wait to start fucking you hard, riding you like I was a dirty little cowgirl!

The look on your face when I put all of your cock inside me was that of pure excitement. I could tell that you were enjoying being in me as much as I was enjoying the way you felt there. After just sitting there for a minute, I start to rock back and for on your lap, grinding my hips deep onto your lap, making sure I can feel every inch of you all through me. I start to grind harder on your lap, eventually starting to bounce up and down on your lap taking every inch of you in and out of me. Screaming in pleasure each time I plunge myself back down onto your cock.

“MMMMM Kevin, I love the way you feel inside of me, fuck me harder!”

With that you kiss me hard and deep, take me off of you, and bend me over the chair you were just sitting in. My pussy is dripping wet with my own juices and your precum, but I want you to make it wetter….I want you to make me cum all night long.

Being bent over the chair, I had it going through my head that you were going to nail me from behind but I was wrong. Before I could realize what was happening, you were laying on the floor asking me to sit on your face. You kept telling me you wanted to know what I tasted like and that you wanted me to cum on your face. With pleasure, I slowly lowered my dripping pussy right down onto your tongue. Oh god it felt so good! Feeling my juices drip out of me and knowing they were going all over your face felt amazing….feeling your tongue run over my clit and then go deep inside me was enough to put me over the edge and like that I started cumming.

“Oh yea I’m cumming baby, don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum all over your face.”

When bahis siteleri I finished cumming, I stood up and so did you. You looked me right in the eye and then leaned in to kiss me, being sure to give me all of your tongue, making sure that I could taste all of me on your lips and tongue. Mmmmm I tasted so good in your mouth, but that was just the start of what was to cum that night!

As the night went on we spent the majority of the time fucking each other like crazy. Every position and place you could think of, we were doing it. Table tops, chairs, beds, floors, it didn’t matter as long as we could have one another, we were happy. When we weren’t fucking we were usually playing with each other in some way, kissing, touching, even a little cuddling. After a few hours, I was so covered in cum that I figured it was probably best if I took a shower, but I wanted you to join me, I thought it would be hot for us to be in the shower together…happily you agreed!

Once the water got to just the right temperature we both got in and stood under the water. God, I just had to kiss you. It felt so much like being in the rain with you, and I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. I looked into your eyes, leaned forward and our lips met. It was so erotic. The feeling of our naked bodies pressed against each other, our hands caressing each others’ bodies, our lips and tongues meshed together….it was too much for both of us, we knew we had to have each other right there.

I leaned up and whispered in your ear, “I want you to fuck me in the ass, right here.”

I looked at you, waiting for your response, and when the smile came across your face, I knew that you were up for it too, and looking down I saw that you were “up” for it!!! Just like that, I turned around, put my hands on the wall in front of me, and leaned forward. I could feel your hand reach down to my ass and start to massage it, first sticking one finger, then two inside my asshole, getting it nice and stretched out for your cock. Oh it felt so good; I couldn’t wait to have you deep inside of bahis şirketleri me, feeling your balls slap up against my pussy. I could feel you rubbing the head of your cock around my ass and very gently you pressed it against me. I jumped a little, but I took all of you inside me with ease.

Feeling you inside was amazing, my ass was so tight and I could feel every single inch of it grip you and pull you inside me.

“Oh baby, yes it feels so good, I want you to fuck me now, and fuck me hard!”

I felt you grab onto my hips and start thrusting hard into me. Pulling your cock all the way out, only to slam it back in with each of your thrusts. Moaning and screaming was coming out of my mouth it felt so good, I couldn’t help it. I knew that you were going to make me cum this way, harder then I’d come in a long time, and I wanted you to cum too. I asked you to go faster and harder, and with each hard thrust you started to smack my ass and I loved the way it felt. I felt like such a dirty porn star, being in the shower, having the hot water run over my body while you were fucking me like crazy in the ass, pulling my hair back at same time, or reaching around to play with my nipples. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was going to cum, I had to cum.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum right now for you.”

“Cum for me sweetie, cum in my ass.”

God I wanted you to blow your hot load in my ass so bad, I wanted to feel it squirt into me, and then run out of my ass. When I started to cum, I tightened my ass around your cock and the tightness was too much for you, and you came right there in my ass. MMMMMM I could feel your big, hot load squirt deep into my asshole, at the same time I was cumming, it felt so good. I turned around to face you and look at your face.

I whispered in your ear again, “Did you like that?”

You looked at me, kissed me and said, “God yes, it was amazing!”

I smiled back and said “Good, it felt amazing for me too!”

Once we finished getting cleaned up, we retreated to the bed, and cuddled with each other. Naked bodies pressed against each other, with our arms around each other. It was a nice feeling. We would fall asleep this way, only to wake up in the morning for more fun, fun that neither one of us would ever forget!!!!!!

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