The Affair Episode 10

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This story started off in Loving Wives, but it really did not fit in very well. The chapter can stand on its own, but it will make a bit more sense if you start from the begining.

I have two people to thank for help with this story, Cheer_Smarte526 and YellowEyes. They both helped make the story better. I hope you enjoy it.

Step by step, Brad ascended the stairs. The house had been dark when he arrived home, and he had not turned on any lights. By the time he reached the bedroom, his eyes had adjusted to the dark.

He paused in the doorway. Charlotte was sprawled out on the bed, lying on her belly. Moonlight poured into the room through the windows. All of the curtains were drawn back. The display on the clocked showed it was eight minutes to midnight. True to their arrangement, his wife did not have a stitch of clothing on. She had kicked off the sheets, and her entire body was exposed. Brad could not look away from the sight of his wife. She was laying face down on the bed, her ass illuminated by the moonlight.

Charlotte stirred. Brad let out a sigh as she rolled over. She turned onto her back, her legs spread just enough for him to see her labia and her arm stretched over her head, putting her breasts on display. Brad was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. His cock ached; he had put a lot of miles on it today, and it was obvious that another erection was not going to happen any time soon.

Brad began to undress, never taking his eyes off the sexy creature sprawled out in front of him. He quietly slipped into bed next to his wife. The distinct scent of Charlotte’s arousal caused Brad to look at her again. He noticed her nipples were erect. A soft moan escaped her lips, but her eyes remained shut.

Brad rolled onto his side, entranced by the sight of his wife having what appeared to be a very sexy dream. His cock struggled to get hard, but he was simply too exhausted. He leaned over, holding his mouth less than an inch above Charlotte’s breast, letting his warm breath flow over her swollen nipple.

Brad’s hand hovered over Charlotte’s pussy. He could feel the heat radiating out from her sex. He dared not touch her, not wanting to interrupt her dream. He hoped she could remember enough to tell him about it in the morning.

From his vantage point just above her tits, Brad could see that she was breathing faster now, her chest rising and falling at an accelerated rate. The heat between her legs increased, and Brad realized he was watching his wife have an orgasm in her sleep. She moaned again, and then her entire body relaxed. Charlotte’s breathing slowly returned to normal.

Brad sat up and took on more look at his wife. He could see a wet spot on the sheets between her legs and concluded that it must have been quite a dream. Brad lay on his back, listening to Charlotte’s quiet breathing and drifted off to sleep. It was midnight. His birthday was over.


The first rays of the morning sun found their way into the bedroom, providing just enough light to reveal both inhabitants lying naked on the bed. Charlotte’s eyelids fluttered, and she yawned before looking over at her sleeping husband. He was lying on his back, with his arms sprawled out to either side. She noticed he had an erection, which was not out of the ordinary. Brad frequently woke up with ‘morning wood’, but given the previous day’s activities, Charlotte was a little surprised he could get it up.

Charlotte decided that he deserved a special wake-up and leaned over his body. Her lips were less than an inch from the tip of his cock, and he showed no signs of waking up. He smelled like sex, but it was not her own scent, and it wasn’t the scent of his mistress Sherry either. Charlotte wondered who Brad had found to fuck in the middle of the night.

She decided the interrogation could wait. There were more pressing matters to attend to. Charlotte wrapped her lips around her husband’s cock. He moaned. She lowered her head, and his erection slid into her mouth.

Brad awoke to the feeling of Charlotte’s tongue caressing the head of his cock. He opened his eyes and raised his head to take in the sight of her head bobbing up and down. The dull ache from all his birthday fucking faded as his wife’s warm, wet mouth slowly engulfed more and more of his rigid shaft.

“Best wake-up ever,” he moaned, as he reached out and put his hand on Charlotte’s thigh. He pulled gently, encouraging her to move closer. She took his hint and lifted her leg over Brad’s head and straddled his face.

Charlotte considered her action a late birthday present. She wasn’t a huge fan of the 69 position, but Brad liked it. While having Brad’s cock in her mouth was a turn on, actually giving him a blowjob made it difficult to focus on what Brad was doing to her. She stopped moving, holding just his engorged head in her mouth. Brad’s strong hands pressed down on her ass until his tongue began to lap at her swollen labia. Charlotte moaned as Brad’s lips brushed against canlı bahis şirketleri her clit.

Brad lowered his head for a moment, staring at Charlotte’s wet vulva. His fingers stretched out until they could reach the wet, pink flesh. Brad pushed one finger inside her, relishing the warm wetness of her sex. Seeing her being penetrated caused him to push his hips upwards.

Charlotte sat up, and turned to face her husband, “So you had quit a birthday, didn’t you?”

“You fucking know I did,” he replied, grinning.

“Did you have sex at the gym?” she asked.

“Yes, Amanda kind of threw herself at me.” Brad replied.

“Holy shit!” Charlotte exclaimed. “How much pussy do you need?”

“All I need is you. The rest is just icing on the cake.”

“I think you have had more icing than cake,” she replied. Charlotte had noticed the way Amanda looked at her husband, so it was not a complete surprise that she had come on to Brad. Charlotte found the thought of her husband fucking the sexy young blonde surprisingly arousing.

“How did you know?” Brad asked.

“I just know. It’s a wife thing. Don’t ever try to sneak something past me. Is that why you did not wake me up?”

“Actually, no. I honestly did not think I could top the dream you were having,” Brad answered. Just the mention of her dream heightened Charlotte’s arousal.

“Do you remember our arrangement?” she asked, looking at his erect cock.

“Yes I do, and I will find a way to honor my obligations,” he replied.

“You are too tired… or too sore?” she wondered aloud, her voice coy. She knew she would be bit annoyed that he had not held something back for her. Amanda had not been part of their arrangement, although she did not really fault Brad for what he did. Charlotte wondered if he would be able to make her forget his transgression.

Brad glanced down at his dick. It was sore, but it was also fully erect. He was amazed at what he had accomplished in the past twenty four hours, but he wanted more. More importantly, his wife wanted more, and he did not plan on disappointing her.

“So, this dream: was I part of it?” he asked.

“I don’t remember it that well. I do know there was a foot massage, and I know I was pinned down and fucked hard. Does that sound like something you would do?” She asked the question with a seductive smile on her face.

Brad knelt at the foot of the bed and wrapped his hand around her foot. Her skin was smooth and clean. Brad pressed his thumbs into the ball of her foot and was rewarded with a soft moan. He moved her foot to the side slightly, giving him a better view of her vulva. Brad never tired of seeing his wife naked.

“You like?” he asked.

“You are off to a good start; it might have been you,” she whispered in response. Brad continued to massage her, working his way back to her heel, then gently pulling on each of her toes. When he finished massaging one foot, he switched to the other.

“Any requests?” he asked.

“I’m not falling for that,” she answered. “I want to see how creative you can be.”

“Then come lie on the floor so I can give you a proper massage,” he instructed.

While his wife crawled out of bed, Brad fetched a candle and some massage oil from the dresser. For once, Charlotte’s obsession with candles had come in handy. He lit it and set the candle on the floor a few feet away from where she lay face down on the floor.

Brad crouched between her legs, disappointed that her vagina was now masked by shadow. Putting both hands one leg, he began to caress her calf muscle. Bit by bit, he worked his way up. Brad softly pressed his fingertips into the backside of his wife’s knee. She moaned and squirmed in response.

Brad felt his heart rate increase when he pressed his hand against the inside of Charlotte’s thigh. Brad slipped his fingers between the floor and her leg and then gently caressed her thighs. He pressed his fingertips into her thighs and his thumbs into her hamstring muscles. As Brad moved up her leg, he could feel the heat emanating from her sex.

Charlotte licked her lips and let out her breath. So far, Brad was making good on his promise to please her. Her arousal was building as Brad’s slow massage covered more and more of her body. The feeling of the hard floor pushing her stiff nipples back into her firm tits was unusual, but also enjoyable. Charlotte arched her back when Brad’s strong hands squeezed her ass. Both of his thumbs followed the valley between her ass cheeks, before disappearing into the gap between her legs. He stopped frustratingly short of touching her wet and swollen labia.

Charlotte lifted one shoulder and cupped her now exposed breast with her hand, only to have Brad pull it away. He grabbed his shirt off a nearby chair and draped it over her head. She took a deep breath, inhaling his scent. Brad also repositioned himself so that he was kneeling above her head and leaning over her body.

When he saw her grab her breast, canlı kaçak iddaa Brad hesitated. He loved watching Charlotte play with her tits. It was tempting to let her continue, but that was not part of her plan. He was a bit disappointed that he had to cut short his caressing of her firm ass and the probing of her nether regions. He covered her head with a shirt and knelt just above her head.

Brad stretched his arms out and put his palms on the small of her back. He could not resist extending his fingers to touch her ass one more time. His hard cock ached, almost like it knew it was inches from Charlotte’s soft lips and wet tongue. Bit by bit, he worked his way up her back, using his hands to work out the knots in her muscles. When he reached her shoulders, Brad ran his fingers through her hair, parting it to expose the skin underneath. Then he bent over and pressed his lips against her, kissing the nape of her neck.

The sensation of Brad’s kiss sent a tingle down her spine. Charlotte was both relaxed and aroused. His hands gripped her shoulder, and he rolled her onto her back. She caught a brief glimpse of him. He was illuminated on one side by the flickering candlelight and on the other side by the morning sun.Brad covered her face with his shirt again. His thumbs pressed into the base of her neck, releasing what little tension was left in her body.

Charlotte spread her legs apart, waiting for Brad to ravish her naked body. His fingertips advanced towards her breast. Her nipples ached for his touch. She felt his hand on her ribs. The edges of his thumb and forefinger pressed against the outer circumference of her tits. She could feel her pulse pounding, as his warm breath cascade over her nipples. She could not see him, but knew his lips were inches from her skin. She drew her shoulder blades together, pressing her breasts to his mouth, but he wasn’t there. She waited for him to squeeze her tits in his strong hands, but instead she felt his fingers sliding down her body until they rested on her mound.

Charlotte felt as if she was gushing onto the floor. Just before she could raise her arm and take matters into her own hand, Brad straddled her. His knees pressed against her hips and his shins pinned her arms in place.

It was with great effort that Brad resisted the temptation to take his wife’s breasts into his hands and mouth. He allowed himself a few moments to gaze at the soft globes, as the morning light streamed in through the windows. The flickering candlelight made her erect nipples cast shadows on her skin.

He moved to sit over her, pressing his thighs against her ribs. Brad reached out and grabbed her knees, drawing them in, then grabbed her ankles and pressed the soles of her feet together. The position he had put her in spread her labia apart just enough for him to make out her inner lips. Brad took a long look at her vulva. He wondered if she knew he was staring at her sex. For reasons he did not understand, she was reluctant to let him see that portion of her anatomy, so he took full advantage of the opportunity.

“Stay,” he commanded, as he released her ankles. He grabbed two nearby pillows and wedged them under her knees to hold her legs in place. Keeping one hand on her mound, he pulled the skin back until he could see her clit. Her skin glistened with wetness. There were so many things he wanted to do, so many ways she wanted to touch, kiss, lick and caress her. He placed his free hand between her legs, his knuckles pressing against the floor. Brad’s extended fingers pointed toward Charlotte, and then slowly slipped under her ass. Brad lifted one finger just enough to slightly part her ass cheeks and let his thumb rest against her inner labia. She was so wet and hot it felt like she was melting.

“Please,” Charlotte begged, “please touch me. I need to come. I really, really need to…”

“Is this what happened in your dream?” Brad asked.

“I’m not sure. Why don’t you keep going and maybe I will remember more. Please don’t stop…” Charlotte replied.

In answer to her plea, she felt Brad’s fingers slide down from her mound. When his finger tip briefly brushed her clitoris, she felt like she had been struck by lightning, but in a good way. His finger settled next to her nub, and made small, soft movements. She could feel her climax building at a glacial pace. Just when she thought she could not stand it any longer, he would make a small adjustment and take her to another plateau. Just like the massage, it was slow and felt wonderful.

An unexpected source of pleasure was the solitary finger Brad had wedged against her ass. She had initially recoiled from his touch, but now it spurred her climax onward.

Brad continued to stroke his wife until the candle burned out. Every moment he stared between her legs, he felt his arousal grow, just as his erection grew. Just as the flame flicked out, he heard Charlotte’s moans become words. She squeezed his finger with her ass, as she writhed with canlı kaçak bahis pleasure. Brad wriggled his finger, wondering if she had even noticed it was there.

“I want you inside me. I want to feel you inside me,” Charlotte whispered.

They were the most erotic works Brad had ever heard. Each syllable dripped with sensuality. No amount of dirty talk, no begging to be fucked, no pleading to have his cock in her wet pussy, no insisting that he come in her mouth could match her soft plea. Brad slowly turned around. He lifted the shirt off her face and kissed Charlotte on the lips.

As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he pressed his cock against her. Charlotte’s soft, wet lips parted to accept his girth. Brad pressed his hips forward until his entire length was buried inside her. He kept his arms straight, watching her breasts sway as Charlotte ground against him.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Charlotte said, between gasps for breath. “I’m ready for you to come. I want you to come inside me, I want you, I want you…” Her word faded to a low moan.

From the moment he saw her breasts bouncing up and down, Brad knew he was past the point of no return. As her muscles tightened around him in orgasmic contraction, Brad felt his climax rush out of his body. It was the most intense, most pleasurable orgasm he had felt in a long time. When he was spent, he slowly collapsed on to his wife. As he laid on top of her, the thing he was most aware of was the feeling of her tits pressed against his chest. Finally he rolled onto his back.

“Happy birthday, even if that present was a little late,” Charlotte whispered.

“It was, it was,” he replied.

They both lay in the bed for a few minutes catching their breath. Brad stroked Charlotte’s hair. Charlotte sat up and reached over to her night stand.

“I have one more present for you,” she said, handing him a small booklet. Brad flipped through it, as she continued talking.

“I’ve decided to be more adventurous in bed,” Charlotte went on, realizing that her gift paled in comparison to what had just happened. “Those are sex coupons. There are ten for sleeping naked, three for letting you watch me masturbate, four for hand jobs, and two letting you cum in my mouth.”

Brad thumbed through the booklet a second time even. He appreciated the gesture, but was too spent to seriously consider using any of them. He wondered if there would ever be double coupon days. He put his arm around his wife and pulled her close.

“This has been a fantastic birthday,” he said.

“Glad you liked it,” Charlotte replied. “All of it.” Charlotte snuggled up against her husband.

“So, are you going to tell me about your dream?” Brad asked.

“You were certainly one of the people in my dream,” she replied.

“How many were there?” Brad inquired.

“At least three,” Charlotte answered.

Brad sat up, “Anybody I know?”

“Yes, me,” Charlotte replied, sitting up to lean against her husband.

“Who else?”

“I’m not saying. Not yet,” she answered. She watched as Brad flopped back onto the bed in mock frustration. Charlotte stood up. She could feel Brad’s cum running down her leg. How the hell was he not empty after all the fucking around he did.

“Once again you have made a mess of me; I’m going to take a shower… alone.”

“You don’t want to stay here with me?” Brad asked.

“I do, but I have a brunch date with your mistress,” Charlotte replied. “She’s my friend too, you know.”

“Are you going to talk about me?” Brad asked.

“Oh, I imagine you will come up at some point,” Charlotte said, as she shut the door and started the shower.

Brad reclined, thinking about the way his wife looked in the shower, the water cascading over her naked body, and drifted off to sleep.


The door to the bathroom cracked open, and a wisp of steam flowed out. Charlotte’s head emerged, her hair wrapped in a towel. When she noticed that Brad was fast asleep, she tiptoed out and grabbed her clothes. Still naked, she stepped into the hallway and shut the door to the bedroom. If Brad woke up, he would probably try to talk her back into bed. Brad was difficult to say no to, and Charlotte didn’t want to be late for her brunch.

She finished getting dressed in the hallway. She walked downstairs and picked up a magazine. She had a little time to kill before Sherry showed up.

Brad was still in the bedroom when Charlotte heard a car pull into the driveway. She set down her magazine and walked to the window just in time to see Sherry emerge from her car. Sherry was wearing an outfit she was ten years too old to be wearing, but somehow managed pull off. She was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt that showed off her large breasts and a short skirt that flaunted her legs. Sherry’s hair was pulled into a tight pony tail that swung from side to side as she walked up to the house.

Charlotte opened the door and greeted Sherry with a hug. The two women exchanged greetings and then sat down to chat.

“So, how did Brad conclude his birthday?” Sherry asked, not really expecting her friend to go into much detail.

“I was asleep when he got home. He said he just go into bed and fell asleep,” Charlotte replied.

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