Telemarketing Turnabout Pt. 05

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Adriana Chechik

I want to thank all of the readers who are ‘tuning in’ for another chapter of this saga. For those who are just discovering this story, it all begins with chapters 1 and 2, which can be found in the Mature category of this site.

Please, please, please… Send me your comments and feedback. You, the readers, have a voice, and we authors only know what you like, or dislike, if you tell us.

I eagerly await your directives.

Thanks again.


Jessica, or Jessi as she quickly became known, was a delightful child, sleeping well right from the start. She was as cute as hell, and I loved her dearly. I was also green with envy.

You see, she always got first dibs at the buffet, also known as Lizzie’s monster tits. Lucky kid.

It’s not like I never had a chance. I spent plenty of time moored to one of Lizzie’s nipples, drinking my fill eagerly, but Jessi had first priority, as many as ten or twelve times a day at the beginning.

Even though the c-section had saved her pussy from the ravages of childbirth, it would be about eight weeks before Lizzie was up to having sex again, so I had to ‘settle’ for Becca’s charms in the meantime, often while Lizzie watched and masturbated.

On one such occasion, a few weeks after Jessi’s arrival, Becca and I were fucking each other silly, when we heard Lizzie scream. Both of us looked in her direction, to see her fingering her snatch wildly as she came. It wasn’t her fingers that caught our immediate attention, however.

She was laying flat on her back, and her giant, engorged tits were pointing straight up, crowned by her spire-like nipples. Twin fountains of breast milk squirted upwards as her orgasm triggered a massive let down.

Becca and I cast amazed looks at each other, and scrambled quickly across the bed. We each excitedly encircled a spurting nipple and sucked, gulping down her delicious milk, which I assume, came as a pleasant surprise to her. She moaned loudly, placed a hand on the back of our heads and pulled both of us tighter to her breasts. We suckled dutifully, and Lizzie began to squirm under our attentions.

“Oh god, yes… Both of you… Suck my huge tits dry!… So good! So… Uhnnn!… Uh-huh… Oh yes, Yes, YES! CUMMING!” Her shriek of joy actually woke the baby, bringing an end to our festivities abruptly. Becca was the one who raced off to check on Jessi, while Lizzie panted in post orgasmic recovery.

Becca and I quickly developed a taste for Lizzie’s milk. When she was really full, her milk was just tasty, but got richer and more delicious as her breasts were drained. I eagerly volunteered to be leader of the ‘let down squad’, and along with my beloved partner Becca, we performed our duties with maniacal devotion.

I wasn’t the only one who found suckling Lizzie a highly arousing task. I came home from the office one day to find Lizzie on the pool deck. Her Mother was latched onto her left nipple, having already drained the right. Both women were masturbating furiously, and Becca was the first to cum.

When she did, she had to pause her sucking action and pull back to let out a muted squeal, just as Lizzie hit her peak. Milk sprayed out, dousing Becca’s face and hair, and dripping down her neck. Becca got her mouth back in place as soon as possible, finishing the job, and only after she was done did either of them notice that I was standing there, with a massive bulge in my pants. They looked at each other and smiled, before Lizzie crooked her finger at me, urging me forward.

In one of the most incredibly erotic and arousing blowjobs I had ever seen or felt, the two of them did a tandem suck, which they had done before. What really set this one apart was Lizzie’s special touch. She did her shift, sucking me with her usual mind-blowing skill, but before she handed me off to her Mother, she squeezed her nipple, spraying milk all over my cock. Becca eagerly licked it off, then sucked me for a few strokes. Lizzie was still in position, poised for a repeat, so Becca held me out. Lizzie’s milk coated my shaft and her Mother’s hand with sweet, creamy icing, making Becca moan in delight as she plunged my cock into her mouth. She passed me off to her daughter, who reapplied the glaze before she swallowed my dick. Back and forth they went, with Lizzie doing her paint job each time.

It felt amazing, but it looked even hotter, and it made me cum huge, deep in Lizzie’s mouth. There was a donut of milk froth around her mouth, scraped off my cock by her lips. Becca looked a little disappointed that I hadn’t cum in her mouth, but she didn’t know about Lizzie’s other trick. Neither did I.

I assumed she was swallowing my load, but she wasn’t. When I finished spewing, she pulled back, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around my cock, until she could tip her head back a little. While her Mother and I watched in awe, she pushed a little of my jism out with her tongue. It oozed over her lips and down her chin, mixing with the milk residue. Becca and I both moaned loudly, kartal escort but she was the one who leapt in, using her tongue to scrape up and consume the gooey mess from her daughter’s face. Lizzie pushed more out, and her Mother cleaned up again. Eventually, they just locked into an ultra-sexy open mouthed kiss, trading the remnants of my cum back and forth. A final bout of tongue bathing, and they both sat back, smiling up at me.

My cock had flagged slightly after I shot my wad, but the sight of my ladies trading my cum so passionately remedied that immediately, and I was rock hard again.

Moments later, I was fucking Becca doggy style on the grass. The deck was too hard on her knees. Lizzie, not one to be left out if she could help it, pulled her lounger over, parking in front of her Mother. She laid back and spread her legs wide, an invitation that Becca was only too happy to accept.

So, I was pounding Becca, who was grunting and moaning, while fervently licking her own daughter’s juicy cunt. Lizzie was harmonizing nicely, and playing with her nipples, which were squirting and spraying milk all over herself. This time, Lizzie came first, I pumped Becca’s pussy full of spunk, and Becca brought up the rear, so to speak, all within a few seconds of each other.


Once her c-section incision had healed, Lizzie was back in the game, and she was insatiable. Five weeks prior to delivery and eight more after made more than three months since she had been fucked. Horny simply doesn’t do it justice.

She threw me down on the bed and climbed aboard, stuffing my rampant cock up her gash without any ceremony. Thirteen weeks without benefit of my cock stretching her cunt had restored almost virginal tightness to her moist depths, but she was a woman possessed, pounding up and down with furious desperation. I laid back and watched her with rapt attention, transfixed by her huge, bouncing breasts and flying red hair. She was biting her lip, trying to control the volume of her cries. Jessi was asleep, and Mommy wanted her to stay that way.

She leaned forward, dragging her erect nipples across my chest on the way toward kissing me passionately. When she sat back up and arched her back, her breasts started to leak, dripping milk in tiny rivulets that ran over the bulging lower curves of her boobs, and down her torso. She kept bouncing her voluptuous body on my hard dick, panting and moaning quietly. She leaned forward again, with both hands on my shoulders. While her hands kept me from reaching her breasts for a refreshing drink, tilting forward did bring her clit into contact with the base of my cock. She gasped and grunted as she sought release by rubbing hard against me. Finally, she threw her head back and let loose a silent scream.

Her nipples opened up, and warm milk began to squirt all over the place, raining down on me like a white monsoon. It was messy, surprising, and highly erotic, making me cum with a loud grunt, filling her pussy to overflowing.

Her orgasm drained her, literally, and she dropped limply on my chest, breathing heavily. I could feel what I assumed was my cum oozing out of her twitching cunt, and dripping down my balls. Warm, sticky milk trickled across my ribs, puddling on the sheets. We were a mess.

Becca suddenly raced into the room, disappearing into the bathroom. She reappeared with warm cloths and towels.

“I saw it… I saw it,” she laughed, pointing at one of the eight tiny cameras and handing me a washcloth, while she mopped up some of the milk that was still on the surface of the sheets. I wiped the glaze from my face. Lizzie was still laying on my chest, and hadn’t moved since she crashed. Becca buzzed around the bed, towels flying, and finally settled next to me. She stroked Lizzie’s hair and dabbed at her brow.

She moaned quietly, and her eyes fluttered, opening at last. She smiled.

“Hi baby,” I whispered, “you okay?”

“Mmmm hmmm.” She lifted her head. “Sorry about the mess.”

A few minutes later, we were in the shower together, washing the sticky residue off our bodies. Becca took advantage of our absence to change the sheets. The dirty set went into the laundry immediately, as we only had two sets of custom-made sheets for the giant, custom-made bed. We would need more. There were still several months of lactation and group sex ahead of us.

We discovered that breast milk had several uses, beside feeding Jessi.

For one, it made a great titty-fucking lubricant, in sufficient quantities. In a similar vein it also made for a great handjob. Lizzie had taken to a ‘clothing optional’ mindset during the summer months, and I got plenty of special attention from her while she was resting by the pool. At least outside, the inevitable mess was easier to clean up.


Lizzie and I had a conversation one day, about six months after Jessi’s birth, that made life less stressful for all of us, eventually. Ever the sly one, she chose to broach the subject while I was busy providing my daily maltepe escort bayan let down service, which meant my mouth was full and unable to respond.

“Honey… I think one baby is enough for me,” she began. I was just getting to her really yummy ‘hind milk’, so I wasn’t about to release her nipple to ask questions. Another minute, and she tapped me on the head, our signal that I had relieved the uncomfortable pressure sufficiently. I detached, licking off the residual fluids from her inch-long nipple.

“Continue,” I said, moving to her other, fully engorged breast, which was leaking slightly. “I’m listening.” I latched on to this nipple and began to suckle.

“Oh fuck, that’s good baby. This one’s really full. Anyway, as I was saying, I don’t really need to have another child… ” She paused, and I didn’t know if her silence was planned, or in response to the pleasure I was giving her.” Oh shit, that feels so good. Harder. Suck it harder! You’re going to make me cum!” I did as she asked, increasing my suction, and felt her shudder as she had a gentle orgasm. The flood gates opened, and her breast pumped milk into my mouth as fast as I could swallow. She finally gave me the tap.

I sat up, wiping my chin with the back of my hand. Lizzie was leaning back against the headboard of the bed, with a slightly glazed look in her eyes. She cupped her breasts in both hands, hefting them, then patting them.

“Thank you, Sweetheart,” she breathed, “and… Thank you, Sweetheart! That was wonderful.”

“I live to serve,” I laughed, licking my lips while staring at her big tits. She laughed again. “So, if I understand what you’re saying… you don’t want any more kids, planned, or more importantly, unplanned. Does that pretty much cover it?”

“You always know what I’m saying, even if I don’t always say it,” she replied, smiling and leaning forward to kiss me.

“I assume you know someone who would perform the job?” I asked, making the ‘snip snip’ motion with my scissor fingers.

“I can make some calls, yes. When?”

“As soon as possible, I guess, before I think about it too much!” I blurted. She hugged me.

“You know it’s perfectly safe, right? And you’ll be able to fuck Mom and I with no worries. No more pills…” she comforted me, listing the benefits.

“Yeah baby, I know. But no guy likes to think about someone with a knife going near his balls,” I laughed.

“Well,” she said quietly, giving me a coy look and a little grin, “how do you feel about half-naked, big-boobed redheads going near your balls?

“Hmmm, I think I might risk it.”

Lizzie laughed and pushed me onto my back. A few seconds later, my shorts were on the floor across the room, and she had swallowed my softie, intent on making it a stiffy. Cocksucking was one of her best tricks, and as good as Becca was at it, Lizzie was even better.

Her lips were nestled in my pubes, and the full length of my rapidly hardening cock was down her throat. She started her head-bobbing, deep-throat technique, sucking me furiously. She knew exactly what I liked, and was providing it in spades.

“Oh yes baby… You suck my cock soooooooooo good.” She moaned, and increased her pace. Her mouth was making that wet, slurping noise that a really good blowjob makes, and it was driving me crazy. My hips started an instinctive, involuntary pumping action, and I put one hand on top of her head, fucking her mouth. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!… Yes baby… suck it like that! You’re gonna make me cum, baby!” She moaned loudly, sucking harder. “Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes… Yes!… YES! I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR MOUTH! OH YESSSSSSS!”

Lizzie pumped her hand in a blur, moaning, gulping and swallowing as I blew a huge load down her throat. When she had extracted everything I had to give, she released me, letting me fall back weakly onto the bed. My head lolled to one side, and I saw Becca standing in the door, watching. She had a big smile on her face.

“Wow!” she giggled. Lizzie turned when she heard her Mother’s voice.

“Oh, Hi Mom! Good news… No more birth control. My darling husband has consented to have a vasectomy!”

A few days later, it was done. My balls ached for days, and I found a new use for bags of frozen peas, but it passed. Once the lab confirmed that I was free of ‘swimmers’, the girls ditched the remainder of their pills.


Jessi’s need for her Mother’s milk trailed off midway through her second year, and she was weaned shortly after. Weaning me was a little more difficult, and my interest in Lizzie’s breasts kept her milk flowing for another couple of months after Jessi was done.

There was this one day, during the ‘Lizzie’s tits are mine’ period. It was a nice warm day, but it was raining out. Since when should a little precipitation stop us from getting it on? Rain or not, Lizzie was riding my cock as I laid back in the poolside lounger. She was playfully squirting me as she bounced, but the rain was washing the milk away as fast as she could escort pendik squeeze it out. Her long hair was soaked, hanging in wet ropes around her face, where it framed her long, raindrop adorned eyelashes. She was stunningly beautiful, as usual, even more so when she was cumming, and she was doing that for the second time in the last five minutes.

I watched her shake and quiver from below. My eyes were drawn to her nipples, where a combination of milk and raindrops dripped off the inch-long tips. I reached up and grabbed her left breast with both hands, pinching the engorged nipple with my thumbs while pressing on the top curve with all eight fingers.

Wow! The resulting flow wasn’t a squirt, and it wasn’t a spray… It was a geyser! Even though I was over a foot away, it still hit me in the face. I did it again, adjusting my aim, and this one went right in my mouth. Every time I squeezed her tit, Lizzie groaned loudly, and ground her clit against my cock. I expressed about eight good shots before the flow dropped to a trickle.

Well, if it worked on her left breast, it should work on the right, so I switched and squeezed. Bingo! Right down the hatch. Lizzie was moaning, grinding and wiggling her tongue at me.

“Gimme some! Don’t be a boob-hog!” she hissed. “I want some.”

I didn’t want to waste her delicious cream trying to direct it into her mouth, so I squeezed out four shots into my mouth, and transferred it to her during a passionate kiss. She made yummy noises the whole time, ending it by sucking on my tongue. I took advantage of her position to latch on and drink the rest of her supply. She had another shuddering orgasm just as I finished.

The rain started falling harder, then harder still, and was accompanied by a few rumbles of thunder, but we weren’t giving up yet. I took the top position and started to fuck her hard, while she peeked up at me through the raindrops, smiling the whole time. The rain was pelting down, making Lizzie sputter through her panting breaths, but at no point did she indicate anything but willing participation.

I pounded her cunt for about another five minutes. Normally, when we’re having sex in the backyard, we kept our volume levels low, so the neighbors, as remote as they were, wouldn’t hear. In this rain, no one would be listening, and the sound wouldn’t carry, anyway. That was good, because she was screaming.


About five seconds after she started to scream, the heavens answered, in the form of an earsplitting thunderclap. Lizzie jumped, but was too far into her shrieking orgasm to stop. I screamed as well while I emptied my balls into her twat. She pulled me closer, and I could feel her shivering. Whether it was the cool rain or the thunder, it appeared our time was up.

We headed inside to find Grandma comforting a scared Jessi who had been woken from her nap by the thunder, or our screams, hopefully the former. We scooted past them, directly into the shower, where warm water and a position in my arms stopped Lizzie’s shivers. We made out, tongue-wrestling under the shower head, for ten minutes, before finally departing. We dried off and curled up in bed, continuing to kiss for a while, until sleep took us both.

There were several more milk-soaked sessions of lovemaking, but I knew I couldn’t ask her to put up with the discomfort of her giant, heavy breasts forever. Once my demand ceased, she dried up quickly.

Lizzie had been joining her Mother in the pool for quite some time, ever since her incision had healed. They exercised together, and soon enough, the weight Lizzie had gained during pregnancy melted away, leaving her as lean and fit as before, if not more so. A couple of pounds did remain, but they were welcome additions, residing in her breasts, which had reverted from the massive H-cups she had while breastfeeding, to a more manageable but still spectacular F-cup. She now matched her Mother perfectly, and the lingerie collection that had previously been Becca’s alone became a shared commodity.


We had decided, well before Jessi arrived, that we would need to revert to a more ‘normal’ sleeping arrangement when she was old enough to notice what was happening. Well, that day was fast approaching. Jessi was mobile, toddling around the house. It looked like our days, and more specifically our nights, as a threesome, were numbered.

The transition would be hardest on Becca, as she would be exiled to the guest house, while Mommy and Daddy still got to sleep together. We might still get the occasional opportunity to reunite, but those would be few and far between. It would fall to me, to keep Becca satisfied with solo visits, while Lizzie kept an eye on our daughter.

Our last night sleeping together, we knew it was the last one for quite some time, and we weren’t going to waste any of it.

I got home from a client appointment at their home, and walked into a very quiet house. Jessi was in bed, asleep, as she should have been. Becca and Lizzie were in bed, not sleeping, as they should have been. I went upstairs and found them, propped up by pillows, in opposite corners of her bed. They were facing each other, and masturbating furiously.

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