Teachers Pet Ch. 02

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The first chapter is not required reading to understand this story, but it certainly helps.

Chapter Two

For a few seconds, Rachel simply stared at me, her eyes wide and shock evident. I could tell the other students thought it was funny, the new kid screwing up with the hot new teacher, but it was much, much worse than that. I didn’t know what to say and clearly neither did Rachel, but thankfully the moment passed and Rachel remembered where we were.

“It’s nice of you to show up, Mr. Stevens, however unexpected it might be.”

“I… um… yeah. Nice to, um… see you, to. I didn’t mean to show up like this.”

The other students continued to whisper, unaware of the double meaning of our conversation.

“Yes, well, I suppose we’ll have to talk later about what’s going to happen now, won’t we?”

The rest of the class did the “oooh” thing and I just nodded. Rachel went back to her lesson on the basic parts of a good argumentative essay. She didn’t look at me once for the rest of the class and I didn’t do a great job of paying attention. School wasn’t necessarily hard for me. I was one of the lucky few who could get something pretty quickly and school stuff came easy. The period ended and I hurried to pack my things up.

“Mr. Stevens,” Rachel called over the other students packing up.

Everyone “oooh”‘ed again. I sighed and pushed through people to the front of the class. Rachel sat at her desk.

“Yes?” I asked.

Rachel waited until the last student had left before speaking.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she hissed.

“I… um… go to school here,” I said.

“Well… what the hell?” Rachel said again. “I didn’t know you were a kid.”

“I’m not a kid, I’m 18,” I said. “I’m legally an adult and we didn’t do anything wrong or against the law. Why are you pissed at me?”

“Because I thought you were a man. It makes all the difference in the world that you’re my student.” She paused for a second then said, “We can’t keep doing things together.”

“What? Why not?” I asked, well aware that the next period would start any second. “Imagine how well this could turn out for us. You’re a teacher, I’m a student. We live right next door to each other. You’re every guys wet dream and I’m willing to bet that every guy and even some of the girls that come in here will want to fuck you. Come on, you’re amazing. Are you telling me you never thought about fucking a student? Or being a student and fucking a teacher?”

Rachel hesitated and I knew the thought had crossed her mind if not today, then at least sometime in the past.

“Listen,” I said. “Don’t just end things like that.” I snapped my fingers. “If you’d found out I was 18 and not your student, would that have changed things? Maybe, but maybe not. Think about what we could do here.”

Rachel groaned at my words and the bell rang.

“Just think about it,” I said.

I dashed out of the room, but ran into someone who was about to go in. We both fell to the floor.

“Sorry,” I said. “I didn’t -“

“Want me to beat you until you cry?” the other guy finished.

I looked up and saw Danny getting to his feet. I stood up, too. He looked seriously pissed. Before I could say or do anything, he grabbed me by the collar and slammed me up against some lockers.

“You know, you were a real smart ass earlier,” Danny said. “And now you just knock me down for fun.” He got up quicker than I could and grabbed me by the shirt. “Now you’re dead.”

He was bigger than me, at least five inches taller and probably forty pounds heavier. He yanked me to my feet and slammed me against the lockers. Other students started gathering around and people started yelling “fight!” down the hallway.

“Listen man,” I said. “I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to be an asshole.”

“Too late,” Danny said, cocking his fist back.

“Excuse me,” Rachel said, stepping out into the hallway. “What’s going on here?”

Danny stopped, eyes wide as Rachel folded her arms under breasts, pushing them up and together. The cleavage was impossible and hypnotized him.

“I said,” Rachel continued, “what’s going on here.”

“I… um…” Danny said. “This loser shoved me as he was leaving the room. I was just going to get him what he deserved.”

“Yes, well, it’s the first day at school,” Rachel said. “We wouldn’t want to cause any unnecessary problems, would we?”

I knew the question was directed at me, but knew better than to reply.

Danny looked from me to Rachel and back to me.

“You’re lucky the hottie is here,” he said, letting me go and dropping me onto the floor.

“That hottie is teaching your next period and if you want to avoid a detention, you’ll learn some respect and find your seat.”

“This isn’t done,” Danny growled. He grabbed his backpack and went into the classroom.

“Show’s over,” Rachel said. “Everyone get to class.”

Rachel came over to help me up. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I just… this isn’t how I saw things playing out.”

“I know,” I said, not hiding the hurt and sadness in my voice. canlı bahis “Me neither.”

“Just give me some time,” she said. “I need to figure things out.”

“Okay,” I said and went to my next class.

The rest of the day dragged by. Classes were, well, classes and were boring. The first day always suck and today was no different. I made a few friends because people quickly heard about me and Danny getting into it. I smiled, but I wasn’t anybody for fights. I just didn’t like people being assholes.

Right after the bell rung, I was walking back to my locker through the science hallway, which were packed, and I’d just passed the bathroom when someone ran out laughing and slammed into me. I looked up and sure enough, Danny was sprawled on the ground, two burst water balloons in his hands. His friends came out a second later and saw the two of us on the ground, their arms full of water balloons.

“No fucking way,” said one of the big guys with balloons.

“Kick his ass,” said the other.

Danny looked up, more pissed off than before. “Do you have a death wish?” he asked.

Like before, everyone around stopped and stared, some already chanting “fight, fight, fight!”

“What’s going on here?” a loud voice demanded.

Danny stood up and I saw Tina pushing her way through the crowd. I’d been so busy trying not to get beat up, I’d forgotten her outfit. She wore a tight white blouse that curved around her generous chest and clung to her trim stomach. Her gray pants hugged her legs and mouthwatering ass. Her thick brown hair hung on either side She was every inch as stunning as Rachel, a few inches shorter, but every inch the jaw-dropping figure. “Everyone get lost,” she said. “You two, in my room. Now!”

She stood with her hands on her hips, dirty blond hair framing her fierce eyes as she looked around the crowd. Even Danny’s friends left and the rest of the students started heading out and I slowly grabbed my things and headed into her room. I sat down at a desk and slumped down into the chair. Tina stopped Danny just inside the doorway.

“Look at him,” she said quietly, nodding her head toward me. I wasn’t sure if she meant for me to overhear her or not.

“Is he really worth your time?” She asked. “Really? He’s the new kid with a big mouth. Let me give him detention and walk away.”

“But this is the third time today he’s been an asshole -“

“And is it really worth jeopardizing your scholarship over beating him up?”

“My scholarship?” Danny was surprised and I could hear the nervousness in his voice. “What do you mean?”

Tina took a step closer so they were barely a foot apart and put a finger between her breasts. “I’m good friends with the athletic director here,” she said quietly. “Actually, he’s more like a close uncle. My job is to make sure things go well here in school for a lot of the athletes he can’t keep an eye on. It would be an awful shame if I had to tell him you were beating students up. Who knows what would happen.” She moved her finger to his chest, Danny’s eyes glued to it. “But we don’t want that to happen, do we?”

Danny shook his head.

“Good,” she said. “Go home and I’ll deal with him. Besides, you have a big game tomorrow night right?”

“Oh yeah, Homecoming,” Danny said, still entranced by Tina being so close.

Tina gave him a smile that made my knees go weak and I was sitting. Danny swallowed heavily.

“Go on,” Tina said. “I’ll deal with him.” She nodded her head in my direction.

“Okay,” Danny said, sparing her cleavage a long glance before she returned her attention to him.

“Looking forward to seeing you play well tomorrow,” Tina called over her shoulder as she walked toward the room.

He stared at Tina, his eyes clearly on her ass, for another moment or two before leaving. Tina shut the door behind her and took a seat at her desk. There was one of those chair-desk combos next to her desk and she pointed to it.

“Have a seat,” she said.

I got up and set my bag down on the floor, the chair facing toward her desk. That meant that no one could see the lower half of my body, which was all well and good, because I had a raging erection I’d had to cover with my backpack as I’d come over.

“He really was staring at my breasts the whole time, wasn’t he?” Tina asked, sitting down behind her desk.

I nodded.

“No reason to be so quiet,” Tina said, leaning forward and smiling. “I’m not going to get you in trouble or anything, so don’t worry about detention. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to talk to you all day.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because of what you did to my roommate.”

“She told you?”

“Told me? She showed me.” She laughed at the momentary panic on my face. “Don’t worry, she didn’t have a secret video camera anywhere. I came home and found her asleep in a room smelling like sex. She also wasn’t shy about sharing the pictures you sent her.”

I realized Tina was watching me and for my reaction, and that this was a critical moment. I could be a scared high schooler or show her that I was a real man. I could be a scared bahis siteleri boy or prove that I wasn’t afraid of this unusual situation. “Did you like them?” I asked, hoping my voice sounded confident, and not the nervousness I was feeling.

“Like them? I spent all night masturbating and Rachel came and…” She trailed off and smiled at me.

“And what?” I asked, returning her smile with a smirk of my own.

“Well, a lady doesn’t tell,” Tina said. “But we both enjoyed them.”

I caught the unspoken “together” and my smile grew.

“I’m glad.”

“So am I,” Tina replied, “but the question now is what’s going to happen going forward? Rachel texted me just a short while ago about the strangest thing, that the guy who’d fucked the shit out of her was actually a student in her class.”

“I… um, well, she never asked,” I said, trying not to sound desperate. “I want this to work out and I’d do anything to see that happen.”

“Anything?” Tina asked.

I nodded. “Anything.”

“What if I told you the Rachel and I share everything?” Tina said.


“Everything,” Tina repeated, emphasizing the word. “You see, us girls have got to stick together and with Rachel being my best friend, she and I are very close. And before this little bit of trouble, let’s just say that Rachel wasn’t so shy about thinking your little tryst would be more than a one time thing and more.”

And more? I thought for a second. Then it dawned on me. Rachel didn’t just think about fucking me again, she thought about a threesome with me and Tina! A fucking threesome!

Tina laughed. “I see you’re starting to connect the dots. Now, I want you to understand Rachel is a first time teacher and obviously doesn’t want to run into problems or scandal. Me, though, I’m a bit different. I like the risk and from what I’ve seen you’re new. That means no friends to tell about us, right?”

I nodded.

“So what are your thoughts, then, on keeping this little secret and seeing if this could be more than a one shot deal?”

“Honestly, the last thing I was expecting was to have two neighbors as hot as you. I mean, I haven’t seen you… naked… or anything, but I’ve seen Rachel and I’ve seen the picture of the two of you.”

Tina smiled. “Mmmm, yes, that is a good one. You should see our friend who took it.”

“Is she as stunning as you?” I asked.

Tina glanced at the door before swiveling her chair so she was facing toward the windows. She undid a button on top of her shirt. “One button for each compliment,” she said. “And I’m not sure. She’s hot… but I’ll leave it up to you. But back to my question: one time shot or not?”

“I honestly hadn’t thought about it,” I said. “Thinking about it now, though, I’d have no problem keeping it going. There are risks, but I think the benefits outweigh them. What do you think?”

The bell rang a second time.

“Don’t worry,” Tina said, not breaking eye contact with me. “I can give you a ride home. You do want a ride, don’t you?” She raises an eyebrow and I catch her double meaning.

“I think we could both do with a good ride,” I replied. “I mean, how often does a beautiful woman offer a random guy a ride?”

Tina smiled and undid her next button. With three buttons undone I could clearly see her lacy light blue bra straining to hold in her full breasts.

“You don’t have to keep complimenting me,” she said, leaning forward to enhance her cleavage, the deep shadows between her breasts bringing my cock to full mast.

“I don’t,” I replied, “but let’s be honest here, I’m trying to convince you to follow through on your thoughts to fuck me.”

Tina’s eyebrows rose at my bold statement, but she returned my sly smile. “So that’s what you think is going to happen, huh? Just gonna get a woman to leave her job, take you home, and fuck you?”

“You tell me,” I said. I knew I was being a bit bold, but it was clear Tina had seen my cock and wanted a bit more of a personal viewing. Also, her innuendo left very little room for doubt. About her intentions. “I don’t want Rachel to get in the way since it’s clear that she still has issues with it, but I’m not in any position to turn you down or want to miss an opportunity like this one.”

“Don’t worry about Rachel,” Tina said. “She’s got a staff meeting after school today. She doesn’t know about this, but honestly, I need to get annihilated.”

“Uh… like drunk?”

“No. I need to get fucked. Hard. It’s been too long since I’ve felt a cock in my throat or deep in my pussy.” She started rubbing two fingers over the fabric covering her pussy. “If you want to think I’m a slut, you can. I’m just a very sexual person who has certain needs that need to be met, and to be honest, I need a good fuck. The college boys around here are lacking, at least the ones I’ve met and while there are a few good looking guys on the staff here, I came home to find my best friend raving about this hot guy she fucked who gave her one of the best orgasms she’s had in some time. Turns out that guy is sitting here, with me. That leaves you with two bahis şirketleri choices. You can pass up this opportunity and both of us will miss out or you can prove Rachel was right about how great the sex was and I can try to convince her that you and her… and me might not be so bad to try?”

My eyes went wide. “Let’s get out of here,” I said.

Tina smiled and bent down to pick her bag up, making sure she bent at the waist and giving me a great view as her ass stretched

“Follow me to the office,” Tina said. “Look a little upset, but don’t go overboard. I’m told the view from back there is great.”

I did my best to look a bit annoyed and sullen as we walked to the principal’s office, but if you’ve ever walked behind a woman who has a great ass, it’s kinda hard to not take a long, long look at it. And I’m not talking about some halfway decent ass. I’m talking a full, rounded ass created half as a gift from God and half through handwork at the gym. God damn.

It was a long walk down the halls and while most of the kids were gone, there were definitely enough who saw the new kid looking upset walking down the hall behind the hot teacher who looked serious. I saw the gorgeous redhead chatting with a few other hotties at her locker. She was in a cheerleading uniform (no surprise) with a cropped top across her chest and a very short skirt barely making it halfway down her thighs. The other girls talking with her, a black girl and a girl with naturally tan skin. They had similar figures to the redhead, firm, high breasts that were at least a C-Cup and asses that really pushed their skirts out. I tried to focus on her beautiful long dark hair to keep from getting distracted.

They muttered to each other as Luke and Tina walked by, the redhead locking eyes with Luke for several seconds before looking away. The girls continued to mutter to one another as Tina and I kept walking down the hallways.

“God, I could just devour those girls,” Tina said when they were out of earshot. “They look fucking delicious.” She shook her head. “And that redhead clearly wanted a piece of you.”

“I think she’s dating Danny,” I said. “So no dice there.”

“Oh please,” Tina said. “He’s the quarterback. He’s got his choice of girls. And from what I heard, he’s getting tired of Ariel.”


“The redhead.”

“Ah.” I thought for a second. “How do you know so much about this stuff?”

“You think I just sit in my classroom after everyone leaves and ignore the rest of the world? I hear the whispered conversations, the trash talking, all of it. These hallways echo and the locker room shares a vent with me. I can’t hear a lot, but if Danny is yelling to a few of his boys about banging a new slut, it’s more than loud enough for me to hear.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“He may think the school is empty during preseason football practice, but you’d be surprised how many teachers are here. Although the construction on the third floor kept most of us away, some of us had real work to do. We hear everything everyone says and I’m betting he’ll get caught sooner or later. Just you wait.”

I thought about that as we continued walking through the hallways. It took us a few more minutes to get to the principal’s office and I drew more than my fair share of stares. The new kid who’d picked a fight with the football star getting walked to the principal by one of the hottest teacher in the school. People would definitely be talking tomorrow.

We arrived at the principal’s office a couple minutes later.

“So, he’s going to grill you at some point,” Tina said as we stopped in front of the door. “Just play along with what he says. I need a good stretch today.”

As she turned to the door her back was nearly touching my front and she dropped her hand to my crotch and gave it a quick squeeze before opening the door for me.

“Not helping,” I hissed as we entered.

Tina just threw a smirk over her shoulder at me. We went inside and a woman who looked to be in her fifties sat behind a desk with neat stacks of papers on it. She was typing at her keyboard and barely looked up as we came in.

“Just a moment, please,” she said. A small name plate on her desk said “Ms. Smith.”

A few second ticked by. There were a few chairs off to the side and some filing cabinets along one wall, and pictures of the former principals along the other wall.

“How can I help you?” Ms. Smith asked.

“I need to speak to Mr. Phillips,” Tina said. “This young man missed the bus, but fortunately he lives near me. I wanted to clear this with Mr. Phillips so I can give this young man the ride he needs.”

The secretary didn’t blink at Tina’s last statement, but I had to look away at a bunch of old white guys to keep my dick from getting any harder than it already was.

“He just got out of a meeting, so if you want to head right in, I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you.”

“Thanks,” said Tina.

She stepped ahead of me and opened the door to the principal’s office. I followed her in. It was large and so was the principal. He looked like a football lineman. He had some degrees up on his wall and some on his desk, along with a full wall of books and another wall of filing cabinets. A couple of wooden chairs faced his desk. He looked up and smiled.

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