Taco Belle

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Johnathan had been working at Taco Bell for almost a month when he met her. He was working on the cash register, and was just getting the hang of taking orders and the like. The restaurant was inside a mall, and the amount of nearby competition from other restaurants made it so that Taco Bell was often empty. At these times, Johnathan simply sat at the register and fantasized about every attractive woman that walked by.

One afternoon, Johnathan was sitting at the register, bored and tired. The rest of the Taco Bell staff were either in the break room or in the back of the restaurant, washing dishes. Suddenly, a flash of motion caught Johnathan’s eye. He looked up and almost gasped aloud. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was approaching his register. She had shoulder-length brown hair, so light is was almost blonde. A few light freckles were sprinkled across her gorgeous face. Her small nose was almost pixie-like. Her large eyes, bright green, were framed by long, sexy lashes. She was wearing figure-hugging blue jeans that seemed painted on. From his position at the register, Johnathan could make out an incredible ass, free of pantylines and thong outlines. His mouth dried as she approached. His eyes darted down to her chest. Her B-cup breasts were contained in a tight, snug red sweater, and he could see her small, perk nipples poking out. He struggled to look at her eyes rather than at her incredible body. Johnathan recited the standard Taco Bell greeting.

“Hello, welcome to Taco Bell. How can I help you?” he asked, heart pounding like a drum in his chest. He thought to himself, “only those thin denim jeans lie between me and her hot pussy”, and he felt himself stirring in his pants. Bad idea- the Taco Bell uniforms made an erection visible to everybody.

“Hi. I’d like a taco and a small drink.” She said. Her soft voice was light and pleasant.

“Do you want it hard or soft?” Johnathan asked, then froze in horror. What did I just say, he wondered.

“What?!” She asked, laughing prettily at his embarrassment.

“I mean your taco. Do you want a hard shell or soft shelled one?” He explained. He felt his face grow hot, and knew he was blushing.

“Oh, a hard one!” She said, a smile gracing her incredible face. She shifted her weight and leaned in a bit closer. ” I like them hard!” She whispered sexily, and winked. Johnathan’s heart rate quadrupled instantly, and his brain went into hyperdrive trying to think of a witty and flirtatious remark to return. He failed, and opted just to laugh and return the wink.

“That’ll be $2.10 please.” He said, a dopey grin still on his face. He held out his hand to receive the bills she was withdrawing from her purse.

“Let’s see…There’s two dollars, and… here’s a dime!” She said, slipping the money into Johnathan’s palm. For a brief instant, their skin touched, her soft smooth skin with his hot clammy palm. He felt an electric shock shiver up his arm. She looked up and smiled prettily again as he cashed the money into the register and handed her a receipt and a small cup for her coke.

“You’re guest number 68, and here’s your cup.” He said, sorry that this brief encounter with a goddess was about to end.

“Thanks!” She said cheerfully. ” Personally, I prefer 69!” She said lightly, and turned towards the drink dispenser across the eating area. She walked away, hips swinging, perfect ass clad in a second skin of denim. He felt himself growing hard again, but his attempts to look away from her incredible rear failed miserably. Her last remark echoed in his ears. I prefer 69. The thought of himself anywhere near her naked body sent his built in lust-o-meter canlı bahis to a full 10.

Suddenly he realized that the staff who usually made the food were in the back of the restaurant. He was the only one around to make her taco. He went back to the food prep area and quickly filled the taco with beef, lettuce, and cheese. Johnathan than wrapped it and put it on a tray, and carried it over to the take-out counter. He glanced her fabulous figure in the corner of the eating area, sipping at her drink through a white straw. The sight of her lips pursed prettily around the straw sent his mind flying into the gutter all over again.

“Guest number 68!” He called out, facing her direction. She sharply looked up, smiled, and walked over. He couldn’t help but stare as she approached. The red sweater she wore was made up of a thin, fuzzy substance. Her nipples had become stiff from the friction of the fabric rubbing against her bare breasts. The place where her legs met formed a small V, and the creases in the denim outlined her thin pussy lips. She met his eyes with her own incredible green ones and smiled directly at him. A smile automatically rose to his face, and he wondered if it was possible that this incredibly gorgeous girl, who couldn’t be older than 19, was actually interested in him. While he was far from ugly, he was also far from the male supermodel type that girls like her must date.

“Thanks, Johnathan!” She said, placing her drink on the tray next to her taco. Johnathan’s heart froze. She knows my name?!

“No problem. How’d you know my name?” He asked, amazed that his tongue was still functioning in the dry arid desert that his mouth had become.

“It’s right…there” She said, lightly placing her finger on his chest, inches away from his nipple.” on your nametag!” She said, and laughed lightly.

“Oh yeah…” He said, embarrassed.” Well, this isn’t fair- You know my name and I don’t know yours!” He said. God, how corny can I get? He wondered sadly. But she just laughed that beautiful, tinkling laugh of hers again, and graced him with another one of her incredible smiles.

“My name’s Beyoncé.” She said. Beyoncé.. he thought, repeating it in his mind. It matched her in beauty, and yet it sounded almost like some exotic sex position. ” Wow…that’s a beautiful name.” Johnathan replied. He knew how corny it sounded, but he said it with sincerity, and she could hear it.

“Thanks. If you like my name, you should hear my phone number!” She replied, smiling again. This smile had a bit more than just friendliness in it, though. It practically screamed of sexual promise. His heart resumed it’s frantic pounding. She really is interested in me! He thought, almost ecstatic. Damn I’m lucky! Suddenly, Johnathan was aware that he had no idea how to respond. I always was bad at flirting, he thought.

“I’ll leave it here for you.” She said, pulling a pen out of her purse. She leaned forward and began scribbling digits onto the back of her receipt. His eyes momentarily widened. The neck of her sweater was wider than he realized, and when she leaned forward, her incredible breasts were almost fully visible. She looked up and caught him looking. She smiled again, straightened up, and handed him the receipt.

“Call me sometime, ok?” She said, holding his gaze with her own.

“Ok..You got it!” He said, hardly daring to believe his luck. He had dated tons and tons of girls, but NEVER one who was even half as gorgeous as Abeyance.

“Promise?” She said, smiling that amazing smile again.

“You have my word, Beyoncé. I’ll call you tomorrow, as soon as I get off work. We can go see a movie!” He bahis siteleri said, already making a mental note to borrow money from his friends before then.

“Great! I’ll see you tomorrow, then!” She said, and turned to walk away. He gazed longingly at her awe-inspiring body, and she turned around to throw him one final wave before turning the corner and leaving the food area. Her blonde hair was visible for a split second afterwards, than that too was gone. The only trace of his amazing encounter was the receipt he had clenched in his sweaty fist. He straightened the paper out and read it. Then he read it again. And again. Scrawled under her phone number, in long looping cursive, was a short message: Johnathan, I want you to put your beef in my taco. This was followed by a pretty little heart, and her signature.

Johnathan was almost bursting with anticipation. He had a date with the hottest girl he had ever met. Furthermore, she had told him that she wanted to get laid. By him. His dick, already rock-hard, throbbed at the thought of being engorged in her gorgeous, wet pussy. The next few hours of work flew by. By the time he got off and had biked home, he had the next 48 hours until their date planned out.

The Date

The movie was ok. They had decided on the phone to see The Matrix 3. The high point of the film was the sex scene. While they watched the two on-screen characters fuck, Johnathan got hard. Ordinarily, he could have exerted some self-restraint, but the fact that he was sitting next to the personification of beauty destroyed any chance of him remaining flaccid. Suddenly, Beyoncé reached over and grabbed the remaining pieces of popcorn from the bag on Johnathan’s lap. As she did, however, her hand stroked his erection. A wave of ecstasy spread from her touch, which vanished as quickly as it had appeared. He shifted his weight, wondering if the touch was accidental or not. Had he glanced at her face, he would have seen the smile on her face and realized that it was far from an accident.

The film ended shortly after, and they sat in the lobby, talking about their favourite parts. Johnathan was pleasantly surprised to find that she was incredibly easy to talk to, not at all snobbish, and that she had a wonderful sense of humor. As they conversed, his eyes wandered over her figure again.

Today she had on a white tank-top with spaghetti straps. She wore no bra beneath, and her small, light pink nipples were easily visible. However, she wore a light black jacket over the tank-top. Thus, his view was averted except at those heavenly moments when the crinkle of the cloth exposed herself. She wore a denim skirt today, which cut off midway on her thigh. As she shifted in her seat, her skirt rode higher and higher, until he was certain that her panties would come into view at any second.

“So what did you think of the ending?” She asked, shifting about again. Her skirt rode up dramatically, and his eyes involuntarily stole a glimpse towards her crotch. Unfortunately, dark shadows were all that greeted his eyes. However, she caught him looking. Johnathan froze, wondering if he should apologize like a gentleman or laugh it off. Beyoncé quickly took the decision away from him, though.

“Sheesh, if you’re that desperate to see under my skirt, you only need ask!” She chided, smiling sexily. She crossed her legs as she did so, so that he couldn’t see past her upper thigh without oral consent.

“Well, it’s not like you’re gonna lift up your skirt in the middle of the lobby, is it?” He asked, gesturing at the people still exiting the theatre.

“Nooo,.. but there is that bathroom right there!” She bahis şirketleri said, already standing. She grabbed his hand and pulled him up. ” C’mon, let’s go!” She tugged him towards the door.

“Hey, wait up! This is the girl’s bathroom! What if there’s somebody in it?!” He asked worriedly. Beyoncé stopped just outside the door, his hand still in hers.

“Are you saying you don’t want to play with me?” She asked plaintively, knowing the answer full well. She crossed her hands in front of her and made sultry puppy-dog eyes that were amazingly cute and sexy at the same time.

“Let’s go!” He said, and pushed the door open. She followed immediately behind. Luckily, the bathroom was empty. Clean, shining pink tiles covered all four walls, and mirrors reflected a nervous looking boy and a gorgeous young woman.

“This stall right here!” She said, and tugged him into the one furthest away from the door. She latched the door behind her.

Johnathan opened his mouth to say something, but she stopped him with a kiss. Her mouth, hot and eager, met his, and for a long time they kissed, her hands caressing his back, his drifting down to cup her perfect, round ass.

His hands drifted up to her shirt, and slid up beneath. Her stomach was tight and firm, the skin soft and hot. He slipped his hand under the soft fabric of her tank-top, and gently slid it up over her shoulders. He broke off the kiss to gaze at her incredible breasts. Perfectly shaped, nubile and round, each tipped off by a small, pale pink nipple, already growing stiff from desire. He stroked them in circular motions, pinching her nipples between his fingers. She gasped quietly, and kissed him again, pushing her body close to his. Her hands slid down the front of his jeans, gently grasping him in her hot hand. Slowly she tugged his shirt over his head, then threw her own tank-top from over her shoulders and onto the floor. They embraced again, her hand slowly tugging at his erection.

Slowly, she slid down onto her knees. She smiled up at him, tugged down his pants, and gazed at his exposed cock before lunging forward and taking the whole length in her mouth. He gasped loudly, rocking his hips back and forth as she simultaneously jerked him off and fellated him. Her tongue circled around the head, her fingers rubbing his shaft. Her technique was fabulous, and Johnathan felt an incredible orgasm arising. He murmured a warning to her, remembering how angry his ex was when he surprised her with a mouthful. Johnathan expected her to jerk him off and let him come on the floor or in the toilet. Instead, she leaned her head further still, until her nose was nuzzling in the tangle of his pubic hair. She was deep-throating him on their first date!

Her head bobbed up and down, her lips wrapped around his dick in a perfect pink O. Within seconds he felt himself spasming on her tongue. He threw his head back as streams of hot semen spurted down her throat. He looked down and could see her Adam’s apple bobbing as she gulped it down. She tugged him a few more times, almost as if she were milking a cow, before removing him from her mouth. She licked her lips sexily, then leaned forward to suck off the remaining cum. He stood their amazed, chest still rising and falling rapidly as his heavy breathing slowly returned to normal. She stood up, pink nipples pointing straight ahead, and drew close to him.

“Now you’ll stay hard for the main event!” She said, and yanked down her skirt. She bent down and stepped out of her last item of clothing, before straightening up and standing before him, her amazing body fully exposed. She was well shaved, not a hair on her below the belt. Her pussy was already slick and wet, her lips slightly swelled and pink. He hesitated briefly, foolishly, before stepping out of his jeans, kicking them aside, and sliding into her embrace.

To Be Continued…

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