Summer’s Sweet Revenge

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Adam made all kinds of excuses for showing the pictures of my tits I’d sent him to his friends. He was drunk. He wanted to show them who had the hottest girlfriend. You would have let me show them if I asked you anyway. I didn’t really care that he showed them, I was angry that he didn’t tell me. I have big, natural 36 D’s that he just loves. He gets insanely jealous because I must admit, I do like showing them off. He is always worried about another guy touching them. Probably because he knows how much I enjoy it. If you touch them right I just about cum on the spot. Its probably just insecurity, but he needed to be taught a lesson.

I let Adam think everything was fine for a few weeks and made all sorts of plans in my head. I got in touch with a friend that I grew up with who was coming home from deployment and asked if he would be willing to help me out. Blake was definitely on board since he has always wanted to become a little friendlier with my tits.

The day I decided to put my plan into action I prepared everything very carefully. I put on the lavender tank top and little black shorts that I wore to work out sometimes. I made sure I had nothing on underneath. Adam told me that he found it irresistible. I was hoping Blake would too. I figured after being away for 14 months he probably wouldn’t care what I was wearing. I propped the pillows up on my bed so that Adam would have a perfect view of everything that was going on. I got out my strong metal handcuffs and put them on the nightstand. This was not going to be a job for the cute fuzzy ones.

Waiting was the hardest part. The anticipation was killing me. I was starting to get nervous that I’d give in to Adam the second he got here. When I heard his car I think I almost came right then. I opened the door to greet him with a big smile.

“Wow, babe, look at you,” Adam said as he walked in the door and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. He quickly slid his arm around my body to give my ass a firm squeeze and continued inside so I could close the door. “Need a workout?”

“I really do but I don’t feel like going all the way to the gym. I was kind of hoping you would be able to help me out a little. Maybe get my heart rate up?” I said.

“Summer, you naughty girl, what did you have in mind?” Adam asked with a big grin.

“Come with me and I’ll show you,” I said as I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. With every step I felt my slit getting juicier and juicier. It didn’t help that Adam used his free hand to grab my right tit as we walked. I was afraid that I’d give in the second we got to my bedroom but I stayed strong. As we walked through my bedroom door I turned toward him and said, bahis firmaları “Now take everything off.”

I saw Adam’s eyes travel over to my nightstand and he smiled when he saw the handcuffs. “Feeling bossy today?” He stripped in record time, not being worried about being sexy at all. I’d counted on this.

“Get on the bed and get comfortable,” I said. As he walked over to my bed I added, “And put your hands above your head.”

“Yes Mistress Summer” Adam said with a chuckle. He did as I told him but I still didn’t feel he was taking me seriously. After he was comfortable, I got on top of him and started kissing his neck the way he liked. I could feel his hardness increasing so I reached over for the handcuffs and sat up and straddled him. I made sure my big tits were rubbing against his face as I cuffed Adam’s wrists to my headboard.

“Now sit back and enjoy,” I said as I got up and brought the chair over from the corner of the room and put it in perfect view for him. I placed the computer chair there because it swivels. I wanted him to be able to see from every angle. I sat down and leaned back and started rubbing my hands over my chest and my stomach. I didn’t know how long I could keep this up without just going for it. Where was Blake?

“Are you going to give me a striptease, Summer?” Adam asked. I could see his hard dick start glistening at the very tip. This was turning him on more than I’d expected.

“Something like that” I replied.

Just as I had my fingertips at the waist of my shorts and was going to go for it, my bedroom door opened and Blake walked in. He’d changed over the last year. He was more muscular and very tanned. I was instantly more excited about this.

“Dude, what the fuck! Get out of here!” Adam shouted as he tried to pull his cuffed wrists down.

“Or what?” Blake asked in a loud, commanding voice. “You don’t look like you’re in a position to make any commands right now, Partner.”

I couldn’t help grinning as Adam stared at Blake trying to figure out what was going on. “Listen, this is my girlfriend and we were just having a little fun. You can leave us alone now,” Adam said.

Blake stood behind me and rested his hands on the back of the chair. “Your girlfriend? I don’t know too many guys who so willingly show off compromising pictures of their girlfriends to their buddies. Do you, Adam?” Blake asked.

“Listen, dude,” Adam tried to explain, “I was drunk and it was a mistake. Summer knows it will never happen again.”

Blake moved his hands down to my shoulders, still standing behind me. I could feel the warmth of his fingers tracing my collarbone. “What the fuck are you doing, dude! Get your fucking kaçak iddaa hands off her!” Adam was getting pretty upset now.

“Like I said before, you’re not in a position to make any commands right now,” Blake said as he slid the two skinny straps over my shoulders simultaneously. “Summer thought that since you like showing her beautiful breasts off so much, you would probably like watching them be played with, too.” Blake moved his hands down and cupped my tits letting my tank top fall beneath them. My nipples were already so hard. “I could see why you would want to show these off. They’re outstanding. Feel even better than they look” Blake continued as he kneaded my big titties from behind.

“Okay, dude, you’ve made your point. You can leave now,” Adam said.

“No, I don’t think I have yet” Blake replied as he walked around to the front of the chair and kneeled in front of me. He moved his head close and stuck out his tongue. He quickly flicked it over my left nipple while he brought his hand up to lightly tug on the right one.

I let out a gasp and watched Adam. He stared intently as Blake squeezed my tits together and sucked and rubbed furiously. I threw my head back and closed my eyes as I let out little moans of pleasure.

All of a sudden Blake stopped and looked over at Adam. “How would you like seeing those gorgeous tits covered in my jizz, Adam?” He stood up and pulled his basketball shorts down. I was surprised when his cock sprung out at me. His hair was trimmed and he looked to have a good thick eight inches.

I leaned forward and rubbed my right nipple on the head of Blake’s dick. I felt a little wetness and sat back in the chair and lifted my nipple up to my mouth to suck it off. Blake pulled his t-shirt off and started stroking his big cock while rubbing the head over my tits. I cupped my tits together encouraging Blake to slide his cock between them while I rolled my nipples between my index fingers and my thumbs.

“You’re a fucking slut!” Adam shouted at me.

“And you must love it judging from all that precum on your stomach” I said back.

Blake put his hand on top of my head and pressed down trying to make me take the head of his rod into my mouth. “I told you that you could cum on my tits, Blake. That’s it.” I said.

Blake moved back quickly and got on his knees in front of me again, still stroking his cock. He started sucking on my left nipple and ran his other hand down my body to my leg. I felt his hand travel up my inner thigh and I put my hand over it to stop him. “Just my tits, Blake. That was the deal.” I said.

“Stop playing games, Summer. I can feel how wet you are halfway down your thigh” Blake kaçak bahis said. “I’ve never felt a girl get so wet before.”

“Fucking whore!” Adam shouted.

“That’s it” Blake said and pushed my knees apart.

“What are you doing? I said just my tits!” I said to Blake.

Blake just ignored me and pulled my shorts to the side. He ran his middle finger up and down my slit. “You are so wet,” he said. “This joker needs to be taught a lesson and you obviously need a good fucking right now.” As he said this Blake picked me up with one arm and carried me over to the side of the bed Adam was lying on. He stood behind me and pulled my shorts down. I could feel how drenched they were as they slid down my legs leaving a trail of wetness down my inner thigh. Blake grabbed both my hands and pushed me forward. He put them on the bed so that my body was hovering over Adam. I could feel my nipples grazing against his balls and his hard cock.

I felt the head of Blake’s hard cock slide in between my smooth, wet lips. He ran it up and down my slit before plowing into my pussy in one glorious thrust. I let out a loud moan. I felt his hands grip my shoulders for leverage and I started pushing back to meet his thrusts. I couldn’t take it anymore. I yelled, “Fuck me, Blake!”

Blake drilled his big fat cock into my pussy like an expert as he let out grunts and moans. I didn’t hear Adam say anything but I could feel his dick throbbing under my tits as Blake worked my pussy over. “Don’t stop, Blake! I’m gonna cum!” I moaned as I felt it building. With that Blake started making long, hard deep thrusts into my wet cunt until I couldn’t take it anymore. “OHHHH FUUUCCCKKK!” I started cumming harder than I’ve ever cum in my life. I felt a big gush and a few more thrusts then Blake pulled his cock out of my pussy. I turned my head to look at Adam and saw Blake standing next to him stroking his big, glistening cock quickly. I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing but the sight of Blake’s gorgeous dick pointing at my boyfriend while he stroked it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. It only took a few seconds before Blake’s thick white load shot all over Adam’s chest.

“What the fuck, dude!” Adam said as Blake wiped the head of his dick on a dry part of Adam’s chest.

“Treat her like a lady and give her what she needs” Blake said as he took my arms and helped me stand up. “Now don’t get any ideas when she uncuffs you.”

I was still in a daze from the entire scenario. Before I knew it Blake had my phone and his in his hands and was snapping pictures of Adam covered in Blake’s cum. Then I noticed that there were two pools of cum. Adam really liked what he saw. My tits rubbing against his cock and balls must have sent him over the edge.

Blake started getting dressed and kissed me on the forehead when he was done. “You still owe me a tit fuck,” he said as he walked out the door and winked at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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