Summer with Shell Ch. 02

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I found summer boring after Shell left for college. I ended up staying home more often than not. I watched way too much porn, and I masturbated more often than I’d like to admit. When I did hang out with my friends, it wasn’t as fun without Shell. It got old quick especially without any women around. There was Steve’s girlfriend, Kim. She is rather cute, but she’s hung out with us for so long, I might as well count her as a guy.

Jamie, my older sister, recently came home from a 30 day summer session at college. I never really thought of my sister as anything more than an annoying decent looking girl that I could catch a few flashes of skin now and again because she was right there. Growing up in a strict home, I knew incest was terribly wrong, but I never had any real desire for Jamie. My only desires were to catch a look at a naked girl up close.

But in 4 weeks since graduating high school everything has changed. The sudden jump start to my sex life combined with its equally quick complete stoppage has caused my hormones to go crazy. I have found myself looking at my sister in a different manner. Instead of trying to catch a view of her skin, now I cannot get her off my mind. She is medium height maybe 5’6″ or so with dirty blonde shoulder length hair. She has the hourglass figure of a college freshman who had a little more beer than exercise in her first year of college, but she still was in decent shape. Her tits were easily a 36C if not D cups. The biggest difference in my sister since high school is the large amount of cleavage she shows off now. It’s not often that she isn’t wearing a low cut tank top.

Our parents were out of town for the weekend, and I decided to try something, anything with her. I wasn’t sure how far I wanted it to go, but I wanted to try. I knew it was wrong to want your sister, but I needed to find something new to get off on. Thoughts of my sister’s tits helped me make up my mind. It was early Friday evening when I heard our shower turn on. I walked over to the bathroom door to quietly test it. It was locked. Being a Jack and Jill style bathroom shared by two siblings of the opposite sex, both of the door locks face my room. Leaving both latches facing my sister. If the bathroom is open to my side, I can get in the bathroom, but she can lock her room. And if she’s in the bathroom, she can lock the bathroom door to my room from inside the bathroom. The only downfall earlier in life was that my sister could then come into my room anytime she wanted through the bathroom, but I couldn’t use the bathroom if she had the locks turned.

I waited a few minutes after the water started just to make sure she was in the shower, and I fiddled the lock on the door open. I didn’t really intend to jump in the shower with her or anything. Actually, I had no idea what I intended by going in there. But she was now 4 feet away with her totally naked body glistening in the shower. My cock started to harden under my mesh shorts and boxers. Having only seen two fully naked women in real life before, it was an instant turn-on to see Jamie naked, even if she was my sister. Two or three strokes had my cock fully hard. She was turned away from me facing the shower while running her hands through her hair. With her elbows pointed to the ceiling and her shoulders back slightly, it made her breasts seem more pronounced than I have ever seen them. That stance also pronounced her luscious ass and legs. I licked my lips as I stroked. Then Jamie turned around and met my eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing in here!?!” she yelled as she tried to cover herself. One arm wrapped around her chest to cover her nipples but barely covering her large breasts. The other arm reached down covering her pubic region with her hand. “Get the fuck out you pervert!” she continued to scream at me.

I think all that I could get out of my mouth was something about needing something or other from the bathroom. I rushed back into my room closing the bathroom door, as something else hit the back of the bathroom door. Back in my room I felt totally fucked. Should I be trying to do something here, or is it just totally wrong to want your sister? I felt conflicted, but entirely full of desire. This was different than my desire for Shell. I loved Shell and thoroughly enjoyed fucking her. Wanting Jamie was far more enticing right now. Mostly because it was taboo.

I knew that she was going drinking with her friends tonight. Often she comes back from the bars horny, and I can sometimes hear her masturbating in her room. The thought of my sister masturbating disgusted a younger me. But today it got my mind going, how could I make sure that happened? Was there anything I could do to ensure I could watch Jamie touching herself? I felt dumb, but the thought of her naked body turned me on so much I wanted to try something else.

The idea I came up with was stupid, and never should have worked. It was like a five year old trying to con their parents into their way. But I had two nights to fuck Jamie before our parents came home. I knew the bars canlı bahis closed at 2:00 A.M. so she would be home sometime in the next hour or so after depending if they stopped for food or not. I put the hottest porno I own on in the DVD player in the living room, then went back upstairs.

Waiting. I felt like going downstairs a 100 times. Put an end to this stupid plan, but I never did. I didn’t know what she would do when she came home. I hoped that she would think that I jerked off watching the porno on the big screen, finished my business and just forgot to turn it off before going up to bed.

3 A.M. Laying in bed playing a video game, I hear Jamie stumble in the front door, drunk. Probably more than just drunk, wasted as usual. Hopefully, I hear something. Did she bring home some guy tonight, or what? I try to listen, but I can’t hear anything. I try to give it a few more minutes to see what happens.

3:05 A.M. Still nothing. Nothing at all. I should wait longer to check just so I don’t run into her on the stairs or anything.

3:10 A.M. I walk down the hall and look over the balcony. The sight is just what I hoped for. My sister is half-laying on the couch rubbing her crotch over her jeans. Holy fuck, this is awesome. But being me, I want more than just watching this from up here. I quietly but very quickly walk back down the hall and down the back stairs through the kitchen towards the living room.

I tried to be quiet walking into the family room, but there was no need. The scene on the television showed two big tittied lesbians moaning while one was fucking the other doggystyle with a strap-on. In any other situation, the scene on the television would have kept my full attention, but the action in the room had me exited. Jamie was laying on the couch with her jeans and panties down around her knees. Her tank top was pushed up over her breasts to the top of her armpits. Her ample breasts were spilled out over her push-up bra that kept her tits pushed together. They looked massive. Her eyes were glued to the screen and both hands were wrapped around a large pink vibrator pushing it in and out of her pussy. She must have had that in her purse or stashed somewhere in the room. I could hear the muffled sound of the vibrator’s pulsing each time she pulled it out. I got this far, but had no plan what-so-ever of what to do next. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I stripped off my clothes and proceeded to walk into the family room hard cock in hand. Finally, I sat down on the couch between her and the entrance to the kitchen.

“Can I watch with you?” I asked.

She sat up actually leaving the vibrator in her pussy saying, “You fucking pervert, I’m gonna tell mom and dad.”

“You’re gonna tell them what? That I interrupted your dildo session while you were watching porn on the big screen in the family room? I’d like to see that,” I joked back.

But instead of leaving, she moved further down the couch. “Stay if you want,” she said. “But you need to stay over there.” I was shot down, but I did catch the way she eyed my cock.

With her full attention back on the movie, she sat up fully and kicked her jeans and panties off to the ground. She pulled the tank top the rest of the way over her head too. Leaving only her bra on with her tits on full display spilling over the top of it. Her right hand went back to the vibrator starting to slide it in an out of her pussy again. Her left hand found her way to her giant nipples. She pulled and tugged on the ends of her nipple making her areolas darker and more pronounced. My hands having been on my cock this whole time continued to stroke at as slow of a pace as I could make myself. My head was on a swivel, alternating between watching my sister play with herself, and every time her pleasure seemed to intensify I would glance to the screen to see the hot action on the TV. The one of the lesbians was riding the other cowgirl style using an L shaped dildo instead of a strap-on now, so they could both fuck each other. That was so hot I wanted to keep watching, but I couldn’t lose my focus. Jamie started to sigh with long breaths as she fucked herself. I tried to match her breathing with my own. My strokes now keeping up with her dildo. Then she started to glance at me in between watching the lesbians on screen. All my senses were starting to get overwhelmed and knowing she was trying to watch me or even trying not to watch me. I didn’t know, but she was glancing over at me. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I started to cum, blowing my load all over my stomach. Moments later Jamie’s whole body started to convulse and shake. She then became very still as she let out several long moans with her head tilted back as far as it would go. I saw her right hand pushing the vibrator in and held it in at its full length. I leaned over to her body, and lapped my tongue over her exposed hard nipple before engulfing it into my watering mouth. She allowed my sucking until the moaning during her orgasm subsided. Then used her other hand to push my head away. She was obviously bahis siteleri still feeling the sensations of her orgasm as she stood up and walked away with her vibrator in hand calling me a pervert. She left the porno playing on the television and her clothes strewn across the floor. I watched for a little while longer until exhaustion started to overcome my body. I decided to head up to bed ignoring thoughts about trying anything more with Jamie tonight.

The next morning I was awoken all too early by a phone call from Shell’s mom asking me to come over to help her move a couple large things around the house. I agreed to come over shortly, but got an extra hour of sleep before heading over. Apparently there was no furniture needing to be moved, which made for an extremely enjoyable morning. I had left Shell’s house an hour or so before her dad was supposed to get home from work.

Not long after getting home I found myself laying in bed naked watching porn on my laptop. I’ve found that the more often I have sex, the more often I am turned on when I’m not having sex. This has led to a vast increase in my masturbation schedule as opposed to before that Sunday afternoon with Shell and her mom. I found myself thinking of those large breasts that were recently cupped in my hands. Shell’s mom’s skilled hips riding me. Her ability to let me slowly enter her followed by a compelte release of my cock. This allowing every nerve along the ridge of my cock to feel the sensation of be engulfed by her pussy. Followed by a full change of pace to furious humping urging my body torwards release. And of course slowed back again, to a creep prolonging the teasing until my impending climax was built up to the point of nothing being able to hold it back.

Wishing for the feeling of Shell’s mom back on top of my cock, my bathroom door opens. Jamie walks in asking, “Watcha doing? Having some fun are you?” For whatever reason I quickly tried to cover myself up with a pillow, but offered no verbal resistance to her being there. “You didn’t get enough this afternoon with Mrs. Anderson? Yeah, I know what you were doing today, or should I say who you were doing.”

Jamie looked pretty good right then, with her dirty blonde hair pulled up in a folded over pony tail thing so the ends of her hair were come back up. She was wearing a bikini top and jean shorts with the button undone and the zipper part way down. I could see her bikini bottoms above the zipper. I love this look on anyone. On a blonde like Jamie with big tits, I liked it even more.

“So, you like checking me out or what?”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, but I guess my body language took care of most of that for me. My eyes were looking over her body, while I slowly shifted my body to be laying slightly on my side facing her a little more.

Jamie moved her hands to her skin just above her waist. “Is this what you like now? Your sister’s body? Yeah, I think it is.” She took a step closer to my bed. “You like checking out your fucking sister you sick bastard.”

She licked her lips as her hands slid up that hourglass figure of hers. They stop sliding at her breasts, her palms were now pushing her tits together and her fingers were pointed right at me. The amount of cleavage she was sporting grew so much her tits were almost spilling over her bikini top.

“This is turning you on more than that porno, isn’t it? Or should I tell mom and dad that I accidentily interrupted your jerk off session and you asked me to strip for you.” Then she seductively whispered, “but I don’t have to tell…”

By this time my hand had slipped under the pillow, back to my ever growing cock.

“You want to see your sister naked right in front of you again, don’t you. This is how its going to work. Move that pillow and keep touching yourself. You stop, I stop. If you touch me at all, I stop. If I stop, I leave and this never happens again. Got it?”

A stammer of yes was about all I got out of my mouth, but at least I was able to say something. I noticed I was biting my lower lip while checking her out. The tips of Jamie’s fingers started to slip under the edges of her bikini top. Slowly moving up and down along its edges. I moved the pillow to the other side of the bed, revealing my fully hard cock with my right hand stroking the tip.

“That’s it, that’s what I wanted to see. Now you know the rules, you can’t stop.”

With that she pulled that material of her bikini down her breasts and tucked it underneath them. It was so hot to see her with the bikini still on, but her full breasts spilling out over the top of it. She pulled the hair clip out allowing her dirty blonde hair to fall over her shoulders as she did one of those head sway things. Her fingertips found their way back to her breasts as she started to work her nipples now. Pushing each other towards the other then swiping her fingers over them again in the other direction. I loved how hard they were getting. And her areolas which were so large and seemingly flat at first, seemed like they started to shrink. bahis şirketleri Instead of a smooth pink sanddollar with a small nipple in the center, they were now overly pronounced oval shaped discs covered in the hardest goosepimples in a deepening pink color. And in their center were rock hard almost thumb sized nipples sticking out a quarter of an inch.

She continued to work and squeeze her nipples as she wriggled out of her jean shorts. Next she bent her head forward, pulled one tit up towards her face. She stuck her tongue out and lapped at the nipple. Bringing her breast a little closer to her mouth, she wrapped her lips around the nipple and started to suck it in. The sight was overwhelming. I kept stroking but harder now. Far more intense. She sucked a little bit more while I watched her cheeks and lips convulse around it.

She release the nipple from her lips, looking straight into my eyes saying, “found something else little brother likes, huh?”

I wanted to start talking dirty back to her, yeah I fucking like that. Now fucking suck the other one while you start to fuck your pussy with those fingers. But that was all in my head, all I actually managed was “yes, I do.” In this time she had slipped her bottoms all the way off. Jamie walked up to the bed and climbed on the edge. There was my sister kneeling totally naked on the edge of my bed staring at me jerking off. Her fully shaved pussy was no more than a foot away from my rock hard cock.

“You want to see your sister touch herself again? I see your eyes glued to my dripping wet pussy.” With that she used two fingers to spread her lips apart. “Yeah you like this don’t you. Jerking your fucking hard dick for your sister.” Her fingers started to rub circles around her clit. “You like seeing me play with my clit. Are you thinking about fucking your sister? You are, aren’t you?” Her other hand had found its way back to her nipple, while she rubbed her clit.

I was stroking my cock harder than ever.

“Can you hear how wet your making me? My pussy is sopping wet watching you.” Hearing that I wanted to grab her hips and pull her on top of me. But there was no way I could let this end now. I had to let her keep going. So I kept my hands wrapped around my cock building closer to full release. Her breathing had quickened in the last few minutes. Then her left hand joined her right on her pussy. Her right hand kept frigging her clit, but with her right she slid one, two, three fingers inside her pussy. “I know you like that, seeing me pump my pussy with my little fingers?” How bad do you want to fuck me now?”

That was all I could take, as I arched my hips towards her and exploded. I shot some right onto her leg, the rest on the sheets between us.

She gave me a smirk as she got off the bed and walked back towards the bathroom. On her way, she picked up her clothes and threw me a towel. “Thanks,” was all she said as she left.

My cock was still hard in my hand. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but that couldn’t be it. It wasn’t ending like this. I got off my bed and followed her through the bathroom into her room. She must have heard me.

Looking over her shoulder she said, “what are you doing in here?” in that semi-annoying voice that girls can get.

Somehow I abandoned all of my normal shyness. I was going to say and do everything I wanted. If she said no, I would stop and walk away. But if she didn’t, I was going to be in control now. And I was never going to let go of that control. I caught up to Jamie half way to her bed, and turned her around.

I grabbed her by the elbows, “now its time for my rules. I am going to lay you down and fuck that wet little pussy of yours. Do you understand?” She pushed her chin down and away from me. I grabbed her chin in the crook of my hand and turned her to face me.

“I am so sick you teasing me with your skimpy ass clothes. Your bullshit flirting. So from now on I am going to come into your room every night with my hard fucking cock, and you’re going to be wearing some sexy lingerie for me every time. And you’re going to fuck me every night. And when I stop coming to your room, you’re going to miss my cock so much, that you are going to come into my room, wearing the skimpiest sluttiest thing you can find and beg me to fuck you. From now on those are the rules, you got it?”

I have no idea where that came from, but it was so awesome to stand up to my bitch of a sister and put her into place. She nodded at me and without saying a word dropped to her knees. I closed my eyes as her tongue slid from the base of my cock all along the underside ridge to the tip and back several times. Next, she started to suck. It was just the tip at first, then she started to change it up. One, three, one, four, two, five inches. Followed by a full out deep-throat. She must have stayed at the base for a full 15 seconds with all seven inches of my hard cock down her throat. She released my cock from her mouth with tears filling her eyes from the reflex. She started to suck again, more slowly this time. My fingers wove into her hair, nudging her forward to increase the pace. When next she released my cock from her mouth, I reached under her arms and pulled her upright just to push her back onto the bed.

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