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The ‘boing’ sound of his electronic alarm popped up on his monitor. The meeting was to start in about 10 minutes. The piles of requests kept oggling from the in-basket, laughing at him.

He had been so wired lately he had developed a slight twitch under his left eye, he thought.

Jack slid his finger over the bridge of his glasses and pushed them back into comfort. Sweat was barely tangible in the trail of his spine. The boss was awaiting Jack’s masterpiece this afternoon.

A co-worker, Dan, walked by and blurted “Hey, take your time. The boss just called and advised he was touring the other section’s work area with the new VP. Lucky them! Don’t sweat it babe, you have another… (looking at his watch) oh, hour or so.” Dan skipped over to the small kitchen for more gossip with the ladies.

Jack took a deep breath. He knew his presentation was almost finished and polished enough to show, but something else was ticking on his brain.

The phone rang.

“Finance, Jack speaking…” he muttered, unprepared for a phone call.

“Hey beautiful”, she breathed into the receiver. “I’m downstairs. Meet me in the parking garage – your batmobile, in five. Don’t dissapoint me.” – *click*

Jack gulped.

Who was this? The call didn’t last long enough for his brain to register. Was it her?


He placed a few paper piles neatly on one side of his usual work space and pushed everything neatly away but kept digging into his brain, questioning if that had really just happened. He couldn’t just leave work and go to his car on a whim. Come on. Well, this was not business as usual. She never calls.

He casually turned his screensaver on, making sure no one suspected he was away, took a sip of water to soothe his throat and walked down to the elevators. The giggles coming from the small kitchenette whizzed by. He couldn’t be bothered. Jack checked himself in the steel reflection of the elevator panels. He crunched his cheeks to make sure his dimples showed, just as she liked.


He looked up, and composed himself again. Walking out of the elevator, he looked around to perhaps find her green eyes. She was nowhere in sight. “Why would she be there anyhow” he thought, “she did say the batmobile, the parking garage. What could she possibly have up her sleeve… such timing.” he grinned.


Upon his footsteps down the last flight of stairs he could hear a clear delicate drumming sound against metal. She was standing there, forearms pressed against the ledge of the car’s roof, hands hanging there, just drumming her fingernails in a languid rhythm. Her back arched, firmly and patiently waiting. A slight grin was perched on her glossy lips as she looked him up and down like a juicy New York steak.

“I believe you’re illegal bahis on time, D-licious. Very good.”

“Thanks” he smiled. “Is there a special occasion, or…”

She slipped her index finger over his mouth to stop his lips and pulled him to her. She whispered, softly, “I don’t need special occasions. Now, you’re going to take the little itty bitty car key and unlock the doors. You’re going to get your sweet (…groping his) yummy ass in the driver’s seat and drive us away from this concrete box, (looking at his lips) right – fucking – now, Batman.”

He couldn’t find words. He had completely forgot about where he was, about the presentation, the meeting, the new VP, the time it was.

Perhaps all logic escaped his cramped mind when his eyes lingered over her lips as she whispered those soft commands. His eyes dropped to her neck, to her plump tits. He noticed now her lack of clothes. It was rather obvious that under her slip-on silk dress there wasn’t much underneath. Perhaps just her crotchless pantyhoses.

The heat from outside just crept down the dark concrete path and rose to their cheeks. He leaned in, unlocking the passenger door and opened it for her. He could almost taste her. She leaned in and lapped the soft skin of his collar bone ever so slowly while tugging at his shirt collar. She then licked her lips, turned and got in the car, still grinning.

Finding his feet, he came around and sat in the driver’s side, deciding he should concentrate if he wanted to drive.


The bump as they slid out of the parking garage didn’t even phase her. She gripped his hand and simply pulled it between her thighs, scrunchng the flowing bottom of her dress up against her tummy. Her right knee and leg nudged up against the dash board, she pushed his unexpecting fingertips up and down her bare wet slit.

The way she groaned reminded him of a cat’s purr. She kept on and he could feel how smooth her cunt lips felt. No panties, he liked. Somehow the whir of the motor faintly buzzed in his ear. All he wanted was to shove his fingers into her by now, to feel the tightness grip at his knuckles.

A few blocks away from headaches and worries, he could feel the dampness seeping between his knuckles just below his curled wrist. She was aptly manipulating his fingers in and out of her cunt as if she had wanted this for days, calculated move, having visualised just how she would get what she wanted, just like this. He knew she always found a way to clearly let him know what she expected too.

“Turn left on this street” she ordered. He managed to gently follow the corner and roll on. Two motors to manage. He loved it.

She directed him to this little nook in the rich neighborhood of town. A tight parking lot next to a terrace facing illegal bahis siteleri an empty Cafe. He turned the ignition off and turned his stare to her. She rolled down her window, unbuckled his safety belt and hers.

Pulling her car seat way back she whispered “I want you to finger fuck me, Jack. You’re gonna make me cum. And cum hard.”

She glided her left foot gingerly over his right thigh, the hem of her dress staying at hip level, exposing her slick pussy to him in the lazy sunlight. She leaned towards him now, caressing his cheek as she suckled on his lower lip. She savored him, like the rarest of dark chocolates, with her hungry mouth. Immediately, his hand dove down between her thighs, teasing her, the back of his hand crawling its way up from her bare knee to her pussy lips. Down the other thigh to between his legs and down to her foot.

She bit his lip gently. “Do it, Jack, finger fuck me to a crisp, now.”

“Show me how bad you want it” he tested.

She groaned into his breath, and shoved her own fingers slowly and deep into her soaked pussy. Raising her hand, she glided her coated fingertips over his lips, sloppily and intently as she guided his fingers now, right up into her aching pussy. Her eyes locked in his stare, she shoved his fingers up as he countered by pushing them in so hard, she gasped. He bit his lip, pulled them out and then right back in as deep as he could.

“Ooh, mmm that’s it. That’s exactly what I want, Jack.” she moaned. “Fuck, that feels good.” she hissed.

He could hear the slushy sound, her sopping wet cunt gripping at his fingers, now slamming up and into her cunt, roughly rubbing the top walls, thumb grinding into her clit, driving her sweetly nuts.

“Make me cum, Jack, make me cum, oh god you’re gonna make me cum right on your fucking hand,” she grunted. Her hand gripping at his neck. She kissed him hard, yanking his shirt away from his pants as fast as she could manage, moaning low in his mouth.

His other hand managed to slide right into the low cut of her dress. He could feel the softness of her plump tits heave up into his palm. He squeezed and mashed her tits, wanting to palpate them all over.

Her hand spilled onto his bulge now, the feel of her grip on his hard cock just flicking his urge up one notch. She pressed, fumbled with the button belt and zipper, soon caressing his bare cock in her hand. Moving her hand up underneath his half undone shirt, she kept caressing with her fingers, raking with her nails, her other hand firmly exploring the smoothness of his warm cock.

She whimpered and sighed through their kiss with every squeeze she could apply along his hardness. She stretched her arm, stroking his full cock, slick now from the drops of precum she smeared down the canlı bahis siteleri length, glossy, slippery and tight. Her gentle fist over and around this smooth and hard fuck rod, she wanted him gushing in her mouth again, soon.

The harder he finger fucked her the more clenched her cunt gripped onto his fingers the louder she moaned. He had her cumming hard within minutes, as if she were boiling, her cunt rippling inside.

Jack groaned instantly, noticing the messy hand he’d just inherited. This big smile glowed on his face, shaky breath, burning want. She licked her lips, bringing his fingertips to her lips to suck them slowly. Entranced, he leaned back, stared.

One slight shift of her hips into the passenger’s seat and her lips were hovering over his cock. Tongue grazing the rim of the cool moist helmet. One slow dragging lap from her moist tongue just smudged all over the dome. Rough intent licks.

Jack sighed, leaning back, watching her. His gentle, warm hand brushing her hair away from her temple and cheek, as her sheen lips wrapped and suckled on his sweet cock head. “Mmmm” she groaned. Squirm he did, licking his cunt juice coated fingers clean, just to drive her up the wall. He knew what she was after and knew she would get exactly that.

Before long, he could feel her tongue massaging the underside of his shaft, tugging at his cock as if to invite it, to slip into her throat, to ease up, to let her fuck him slow and deep with her hungry mouth.

His fingers getting a gentle grip of her hair, hips rising in rhythm with her head slowly screwing downward on his cock, he fucked her willing mouth, a little deeper with each thrust. A little slicker with each tug. The warmth in contrast with the cool air she sighed drove him over the edge, slowly and surely.

He could sense his cock throbbing harder as she suckled, swallowed. Her palm kneeding and caressing his balls, leisurely. All seemed in slow motion, freeze frame with this sensation of heat, wetness and yearning. He wanted to cum for her, to cum hard and give her that sweet load she was thirsty for. His hand again found its way to her wetness, this time slowly teasing and beckoning her sensitive clit to throb. She groaned on contact.

Jack immediately felt her throat pushing down against his cock and slip right over. The feel of his firm hand into her slit stirring her. She swallowed and fucked his slick cock slow and proud with her willing mouth. “Argh fuck, fuck, sweet fuck!” he grunted, loud. She had him cuming now, hard, slow, groaning, twitching. She loved how he tasted. The feel of his juices coating her tongue, mouth, her throat, she gasped, suckling until there was no more. Swishing her tongue up and down the shaft until she had lapped every drop of him clean.

He finally gently let go of his grip in her thick hair and kissed her soft moist lips. Tongues gliding and savoring each other’s flavor through a long suckling kiss. He sighed long and deep, half smiling.

“Back to work, Genius” she grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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