Stolen Moments

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Alex knocked gently on Becca’s door while balancing a plate of grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of milk between his hands. “Becca?” he called out softly. His younger sister had been in her room most of the day, for the past couple days actually, and the few times she had come out she hadn’t looked well at all, saying something about cramps and a fever the last time he’d asked.

Since their parents divorce years ago, when he was 15 and she was 8, each parent had taken a kid and they hadn’t seen much of each other at all- and visits every other weekend had turned into every other month and then barely just on holidays, though they had still talked every night. Then he’d gone away to college and it had turned into years without a visit, even after their dad died. But when their mom got sick too he’d taken a break from college to help care for them both and they were as close as ever.

When nobody answered, he opened the door carefully and peered inside. The room was cloaked in darkness, except for a portion of the room near his sisters’ bed where moonlight streamed through the window. Alex shut the door with his foot and called out softly. “Becca?” Becca stirred from a light sleep at the sound of her brothers’ voice. If she thought sleep would make the cramps go away, well she was wrong. It still hurt. At least her head had ceased throbbing. She curled even tighter on her side. “Go away, Alex,” she muttered, her voice muffled by the pillow. “I’m not fit for company. Just leave me to my misery.”

Alex placed the plate and the glass on a bedside table and turned on the lamp. “I won’t. Get up, Becca. You need to eat.”

“I don’t want to eat. I just want to die,” she groaned pitifully. Alex sat on one side of the bed which had Becca sitting up sluggishly, reaching for the sheets. “Alex, I’m not exactly dressed for company.”

“I’m not company, I’m your brother,” he said, rolling his eyes. But as she straightened he suddenly became aware of what Becca was wearing to bed. She only a small white tank top this time and a pair of high-cut white briefs, the top ending just above her belly button and clinging to her, showing off her chest. Alex was clearly shaken but trying to cover it. This was his sister! “Jesus, Becca! Is that what you wear to bed?” His tone was shocked and a bit angry but he couldn’t help it. It was criminal, the way she looked.

Her long, thick hair fell in sultry disarray about her shoulder, her beautiful breasts beckoning to him- and damned if her nipples weren’t hard. Alex’s gaze was transfixed at her long and smooth legs and he swallowed hard. Suddenly visions of those legs wrapped around his waist… or astride his thighs flooded his mind. ‘Dangerous territory, Alex. Behave yourself. She’s your sister, your flesh and blood. This is wrong. Just don’t think about how badly you want to jump her right now….’ He shook his head, trying to clear the images away and control his body’s reaction.

Becca, now conscious of her state of undress, gathered the light sheet to her chest. “It’s hot!” she replied almost defensively, a hint of anger in her own tone. “I can’t bear wearing pjs in the summer. And I told you I wasn’t exactly dressed for visiting. How was I supposed to know you were going to come traipsing in here in the middle of the night!”

“I did *not* traipse in here. And it’s only 8 pm, for God’s sake! It’s not like I’m interrupting your beauty sleep!” Alex retaliated.

“Grrr, whatever!” He rolled his eyes, taking the pillows and arranging them against the headboard. “Get comfy, Becca and eat.” “But I don’t-”

“Eat. Now!” Becca snatched up the plate from the table and leaned back against the pillows. “All right, all right! Geez, Alex, you’re such a bully,” she said as she bit into her sandwich.

“And you’re a stubborn kid.”

“I’m not-” Chew, chew. “-a-” Swallow. “-kid!”

The sheet had slipped to Becca’s waist and Alex canlı bahis looked pointedly at the exposed skin of her chest and hard nipples. “Hmm, you’re right. I stand corrected.” He couldn’t help but tease. She blushed charmingly when she realized where he was looking. Alex just grinned maddeningly at her. She stuck her tongue at him before stuffing more sandwich into her mouth.

Alex surveyed her room for a moment, giving her time to finish her food. He noted the very feminine pieces of furniture and the frilly curtains on the windows. His gaze settled on her dressing table where six slim colored bottles that served as candleholders were displayed. Then he remembered another kind of bottle. “Cramps still paining you, kid?” he asked, not bothering to conceal the concern in his voice. Becca finished her milk before grimacing.

“Yeah. I’ve always had cramps ever since I got my first period. I always try to avoid socializing with people before and during the first two days ’cause that’s when the cramps are really bad and I get irrational and cranky.”

Alex smirked. “So I noticed.”

“Shut up!”


“Grrr!” Another infuriating smile from Alex. Then a thought struck Becca. “Oh, my God. I can’t believe I’m discussing my period with you!” she exclaimed, embarrassed for the second time that night. Alex reached out to touch her arm.

“Hey. You know you can talk to me about anything, kid. I might’ve been gone for a long while, and I don’t know as much about some things as mom, but I’m still there for you if you need me.”

“I know. It’s nice having someone you can talk to with just about anything.”

“I’m glad,” Alex said with a soft smile. Becca gasped audibly as a sharp wave of pain rolled in her belly. She dropped the half-eaten sandwich back on the plate. She drew her knees up to her chest and rested her forehead on her knees, trying to control the pain.

Alex jumped to his feet, his face taut with worry. “Don’t try to move, Becca. I’ll be right back.” And then Alex left the room. When Alex returned, Becca wasn’t on the bed. He heard the click of a light switch just as Becca opened the bathroom door.

“I just brushed my teeth and changed–uh–changed–,” She gave up trying to explain a delicate matter. “What do you need a hot water bottle for?” she asked, gesturing to the item clutched in his hand.

“It’s for your cramps. Come on and lie down on your side.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna lie down with you and hold this bottle against your belly.”

“I can do that by myself, Alex.”

“Just do as I say, Becca!”

“But it’s… it’s not done, it’s not right Alex, I’m…!”

“Like hell I it’s not right! Now lie down!” Becca threw him an infuriated/exasperated look and sluggishly went back to bed and lay down on her left side. Alex took off his boots and climbed onto the bed. He switched the lamp off before settling in behind her.


“I’m all covered, Becca. Now relax.” Alex curled himself against Becca until they were lying like spoons side by side. He slipped his left arm under Becca’s head while the other went over her waist to hold the hot water bottle against her soft belly. His right thigh slipped between her knees and Becca tensed. “It’s all right, baby. It’s all right,” he whispered in her ear.

“You feelin’ better, kid?” Becca, lying still and tense, whispered, “Yeah. It’s eased, somewhat.”

“Maybe you’ll feel a lot better if you try to relax. You’re as stiff as a board.”

She tried to face him, protesting, but Alex held her down with his arm. “Alex, please! You don’t have to do this.”

“For the last time, you won’t hurt me! Now, just… just let me take care of you.” Let me hold you, baby.

Becca burrowed closer, relishing the warmth of being held by Alex and striving not to feel anything more. Though it was easy enough to imagine that Alex bahis siteleri was her boyfriend, holding her because he loved her. She closed her eyes and pretended that Alex was anyone but her brother, that this wasn’t wrong. She couldn’t let it slip out that she felt, or especially considered, anything more than sisterly love for him. Because then he’d pull away forever, even if he stayed until their mother was better, thinking she was some kind of perverted freak, and she’d lose her hero, her beloved older brother and cherished friend all in one.

While Becca was coming to terms with her own feelings, Alex was fighting his own battle too. Having Becca in his arms was driving him crazy. Nobody ever felt so right in his arms. She fit so perfectly and so sweetly. He gathered her body more closely to his, buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply. He never wanted to stop touching her. He wanted to protect her always. He had ceased to analyze why he felt such an intense protectiveness when it came to Becca. He just did. He cared for her. And that was more than he ever felt about anyone for that matter. “Thanks for being here Alex,” she said softly.

Alex continued to stroke the bottle against her belly. “No problem at all kid. Now try to get some sleep. I’ll stay with you.”

“Alex, you don’t have to–ouch! That hurt!” Alex pinched Becca in her fleshy bottom and soothed it immediately with his hand.

“Now sleep.”

“You’re such a bully, Alex,” Becca muttered. “Good night.”

“‘Night, baby.”

Alex woke to the feel of soft, warm flesh beneath his hands and the first thought that came to him was: There’s a woman in my bed. Disoriented, he opened his eyes open but all he saw was a cloud of brown hair. He sniffed and the faint but now increasingly familiar smell of fruity shampoo filled his nose. Becca. I slept with Becca.

He blinked at the sunlight filtering through the window and slowly, the events of last night played in his head. He remembered coming into his sisters’ room with food and a hot water bottle. He remembered seeing her in her sleepwear… Alex gulped at the lingering image in his mind. He remembered getting into bed with her, holding the hot water bottle against her belly. He remembered snuggling up to her warm body… Suddenly he became aware of their position. But after a moment of trepidation, he realized he wasn’t in an awkward or dangerous position at all. In fact, he was in a very comfortable position. He was lying on his left side with Becca’s back snuggled up against him.

His left hand was filled with a round generous breast, his right hand was resting possessively on her thigh. He stretched his legs a bit only to find out that his right one was wedged high between Becca’s long legs. He thrust upward, lodging his thigh snugly between her legs. The action wasn’t without a consequence. He groaned as a familiar pressure filled his groin, as he rubbed his erection against Becca’s buttocks. He continued to thrust slowly until he felt Becca move and moan in her sleep. That’s when it hit him. “Jesus Christ!” he exclaimed with self-disgust, pulling away.

What the hell was he doing, taking advantage of a sleeping innocent girl? Especially his Becca, his precious little sister? Alex silently berated himself for his inexcusable behavior. He willed himself to relax and let the tension go away. He tried to think of other things. He even started reciting the alphabet backwards… Z, Y, X, W, V,U,T,S… But it was no use. His erection refused to subside and he didn’t want to quit touching her. Not ever. All he wanted to feel was her. All he could think of was the precious woman lying in his arms.

She was asleep, she was having her period, she was *his sister*, but he still wanted her. If that didn’t make him a horny bastard, he didn’t know what would. Wishing that Becca wouldn’t wake up anytime soon, he let himself take advantage of this bahis şirketleri unguarded moment. Despite what Alex told himself time and again about Becca being his sister, and just a kid, he couldn’t help himself- and what his hands held didn’t lie. Becca was definitely a woman. He flexed the hand that held her breast and he drew in a deep breath at its softness. He didn’t know he was a breast man until he became fixated on Becca’s breasts.

He moved his hand until his thumb could flick the plumped out nipple. Soon, it began to tighten and grow hard. He passed his finger on the bumps of her aureole, memorizing their texture through her tank top. Then Alex went back to focus on her nipple. He thumbed it to hardness. Then he knew. He had to see her breasts. He had to! Somewhere at the back of his mind he heard his conscience yelling at him to stop, telling him what a pervert he was but he ignored the warnings. Alex was so intoxicated with the need and lust for Becca that he ceased to think clearly. He just felt. With both hands, he carefully lifted her top until he bared her breasts. Her beautiful alabaster breasts with pink-brown nipples. With the top out of the way, Alex filled both hands with her breasts and groaned. Ah, Becca. So perfect. So beautiful.

Becca arched her back and moaned. The pleasure that was singing through her veins seemed to reach Becca’s consciousness. Her body arched and her skin tingled at Alex’s touch but her mind perceived reality as a dream, so she dreamed on. Alex froze; waiting for his sister to wake up. But she didn’t. She just sighed deeply and settled back down. Alex continued with his ministrations. He cupped her breasts, weighing them in his big hands. He pinched her nipples softly and then not so softly. He took his time playing with them, squeezing them, wishing he could take her nipples into his mouth and suck them hard.

He thrust his hips involuntarily against Becca’s at the thought. His other hand wandered towards her smooth belly, caressing and warming. Becca moaned at the loss of contact on her other breast and writhed in protest. “Don’t fret, darlin’,” Alex whispered roughly in her ear, realizing she was responding subconsciously to his touch. “I’m still here. I’m still touching you. God, you’re so hot baby.” He bit off the last sentence as his hand cupped her mound. He could feel her moist heat through her cotton panties.

His thumb and forefinger found her clitoris through her panties. He stroked that nubbin of flesh in a rhythm that Becca’s hips followed, thrusting against the hand between her legs. Alex fell into the dance of her hips, too and soon they were both rocking on the bed. “Oh, yes, baby, move those hips for me. Unh, yeah, yeah…” Alex continued to clutch at her breast while his other hand wove its magic in the place where his sister was most a woman.

Becca was a quivering mass of pleasure. She threw her head back, trying to contain the loud moan that threatened to erupt from her throat, even asleep. A wild feeling bloomed in her belly and she knew ecstasy was close with each movement of those fingers. Alex felt it too. “That’s it, darlin’. You’re close. Come on… oh yeah. Come for me, baby. Come for me.” And as if Becca’s body was actually listening to Alex’s command, ecstasy thundered through her. “Kyle!” Becca arched her back as her climax took her, sweeping out all over her body, Alex still thrusting away, exploded at the same time, she got him so hot.

Kyle. Her boyfriend. He winced slightly, slowly pulling away, shame washing over him at what he had just done. But he couldn’t help but wish he could’ve seen her face contort in bliss, wish it could’ve been his name she cried out…. But he had to be satisfied with this stolen passionate moment. It couldn’t ever happen again. Becca slowly floated down from her high, sighing deeply in the process. Her restless movement alerted him to the fact that she was waking up. He knew he couldn’t be caught humping against her like a maniac. He couldn’t bear Becca’s disgust. Breathing hard, he carefully removed his arms from her body and slowly rolled to his side of the bed. He was in for a long day.

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