Stacy’s Mom

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Chapter 1

Stacy’s hand rapidly moved up and down Wayne’s cock, which slid easily through her fist, lubricated by trail of saliva that stretched from her lips to the dark purple head of his engorged penis.

Just moments ago, those lips had been wrapped around his turgid pole, but Stacy knew Wayne was close to cuming, and she didn’t want him shooting his load in her mouth. That was just plain gross. Stacy definitely didn’t swallow, despite Wayne’s protestations, but she was happy to jack him off.

The two teenagers had mastered the art of “everything but,” and their forays into Cameron Park had become frequent, usually at Wayne’s suggestion. Stacy always agreed, though, because she was in love with him, and she knew that if she didn’t take care of his “needs,” he’d find someone else who was willing. He was totally hot, and Stacy knew a lot of girls at school had their eyes on her tennis star.

True, the backseat of his old, beat-up Cutlass Supreme wasn’t the most comfortable, nor romantic, place to “do it,” but they really didn’t have a lot of options. At least the heavily wooded park offered a variety of secluded dark areas for parking, and they had tried them all.

Wayne’s moans became more fervent as Stacy’s hand pumped him up and down She let her fist slip all the way up over the head before gliding back down in a twisting motion like a corkscrew. She’d seen that technique on an HBO show called “Real Sex” or something like that. The series featured vignettes about sex, and this one episode involved a group of women having what could only be described as a Tupperware party, except the wares were decidedly more phallic. The women had a blast picking out dildos, vibrators and other sex toys, but the part Stacy liked best was when the hostess showed the women some new techniques for given their men hand jobs. The women all propped up their new dildos and practiced their newfound skills.

Stacy and Wayne had never gone “all the way,” although Wayne definitely wanted to. Stacy had been reluctant, wanting her first time to be perfect, and not in the back of a Cutlass — a BMW maybe — but definitely not a Cutlass.

Wayne was about to blow, his grunts coming closer and closer together. His hips were thrusting up and down, fucking Stacy’s fist as if it were her tight virgin cunt. Stacy’s arm was getting tired, but she didn’t stop. She kept thinking that Wayne would pop at any second, but the saliva that had coated his dick was starting to dry up, and she needed more lubrication.

She leaned over, her lips just inches away from the head of his cock, and she allowed a string of spit to slip between her lips and fall directly on the tip of his penis. Her fist slipped up over the head, gathering up this new lubrication and smearing it down his thick shaft.

Hope momentarily shot through Wayne like a lottery player waiting for the last number to make him a millionaire as he thought that maybe, just maybe, she was finally going to suck him off. The image of spraying his load into her sweet mouth was more than he could stand.

With her face just a hair’s breath away, he erupted.

The first shot sprayed across her lips, and without realizing it, her tongue flicked out across her lips to wipe away the substance. Before she knew it, she had swallowed her first taste of cum, and as that thought was registering, his second shot coated her cheek. Finally reacting to what was happening, she jerked her head back but not before shot No. 3 landed in her long blond hair.

Now safely out of range, the first aftertaste of cum hit her, and she screwed up her face in a slightly disgusted expression.

Wayne’s orgasm quickly subsided, but the head of his penis continued to pump out semen that now ran down his shaft coating it in his milky fluid, giving Stacy’s still pumping hand new lubrication to work with.

Her fist gradually slowed as Wayne’s breathing became more normal. Opening his eyes, he saw his cum coating his girlfriend’s somewhat stunned face.

They were silent for a moment. The only sound was Wayne’s breathing, and Stacy’s swallowing as she tried to clear the taste of his spunk from her mouth. What she wouldn’t have given for a diet Coke right about then.

“Wow! Stacy,” Wayne said. “That was awesome.”

Stacy couldn’t help but smile at the compliment, but she wasn’t sure she was thrilled with this new development. “Would Wayne now expect her to suck him off?” she wondered.

With that the shock of the incident past, she realized that while his cum didn’t taste great, it certainly wasn’t as disgusting as she thought it was going to be. She thought that maybe she’d be willing to let him cum in her mouth. Perhaps she could just spit it out afterward instead of swallowing. “Would that hurt his feelings?” she wondered.

Wayne, patently oblivious to the confusion that was running through Stacy’s mind, ran his fingers through her hair, stopping suddenly when he encountered the glob of cum that had ended up there. canlı bahis He jerked his hand back, a little disgusted that he had touched his own spunk. He quickly wiped his hand on the seat of the Cutlass.

He leaned forward to kiss her, and she opened her mouth to his tongue, but he quickly withdrew when he tasted an unexpected flavor on her lips. He suddenly realized what it was, and now it was time for his face to contort in a disgusted look.

What he would have given for a diet Coke right at that moment.

Stacy smiled inwardly at his predicament, not feeling the least bit guilty. If he wanted her to swallow his cum, he could, by God, get a little taste, so to speak, of his own medicine.

She leaned in to kiss him again, and he pulled back slightly, but there wasn’t far for him to run, and soon he felt her soft pink tongue part his lips. He couldn’t help but respond. He was a guy, after all.

He returned the kiss, which grew more fervent. His hand had slipped up under her shirt, and caressed her right breast through her silky bra. She moaned into his mouth as she felt her nipple harden.

Pulling back from their kiss, she reached down and with one quick motion pulled her tight T-shirt over her head.

No matter how many times he saw them, Wayne never got tired of looking at her beautiful young breasts. They weren’t big by any means, but to him, they were just about perfect, albeit still encased in her sheer black bra.

He leaned in and kissed the area between her breasts as his hands encircled her, reaching for the clasp in back. With one hand, his fingers deftly released the complicated clasp of her bra, and the elastic straps parted quickly. “Very smooth,” she thought, marveling at his dexterity. She’d had enough boyfriends fumble with her bra to appreciate his mastery of that piece of apparel. Not for the first time, though, did she wonder where he had acquired his skills.

Stacy hunched her shoulders in, allowing the straps to drop off her shoulders. Only her forearms, pressed against her breasts, kept the bra in place. She gradually let the bra slip off her breasts until they were bare before him, their smooth milky white capped by small areolae and red, angry nipples that were so ripe they look like they were about to burst.

She noticed his cock twitch and begin to harden, even though just a few minutes ago, he had spewed all over her.

Wayne immediately went for pay dirt, and without so much as a “how do you do,” he latched on to Stacy’s right tit and started sucking.

Despite his obvious experience, he was still a teenage boy and not quite in tune with the concept of foreplay. She gently pried him off her breast and whispered, “Softly. Just lightly lick it. That’s it,” she encouraged.

He was definitely getting the hang of it, and Stacy arched her back, pushing her breast more fully in his mouth. Her plaid skirt had ridden up on her thighs, and with one leg tucked underneath her and the other on the floorboard of the car, the lacy thong she was wearing was clearly visible. While Wayne alternated between her breasts, she allowed her fingers to trace a path to the rapidly moistening juncture between her thighs.

She slipped a finger under the silky fabric and it was immediately coated in her juices.

She leaned down and whispered into Wayne’s ear. “I want your mouth on me.”

He kissed his way down her flat belly, taking a momentary detour to her cute little navel, and she slid down in the seat so that she could recline and open herself up to him.

He pushed up the short skirt and began planting delicate kisses on her panty-covered mound. He could smell her musky aroma, and it was driving him wild.

His kisses became more forceful, and she could feel his tongue caressing her through the fabric. Occasionally, he would lick along the edge of the panties at the juncture of her thighs.

“Take them off,” she commanded, and he did.

Hooking his fingers in the strings that wrapped around her hips, he tugged the unsubstantial fabric down, and as he peeled it off of her, she brought her knees together and raised them in the air, so that he could more easily remove them. Down her legs they slid, and once they were completely off, she opened her legs slowly until they were fully parted and she was totally open to him.

He moaned again, and she could see that his cock was fully erect again and already leaking a little clear fluid from the tip.

With nothing to stand in his way, he leaned in and began kissing her lightly furred mound, his tongue snaking out to flick, caress and insinuate itself into every delicate fold.

Wayne definitely had a talent for eating pussy. True, they had been practicing — a lot —but he had always been good. He was even better now, though, having learned the specific techniques that turned her on.

She closed her eyes and gave herself over the indulgent feeling of one of the most intimate acts between a man and a woman. Without even realizing bahis siteleri it, her hands came up and massaged her breasts, pushing them together and letting them fall apart. Sweeping the flats of her hands over her nipples, and pinching and tugging on them lightly.

Wayne focused more on her clit, lightly circling it with his tongue before brushing back and forth lightly with the wide surface instead of the tip. She had taught him that. Every so often, he would abandon that little nub, sliding his tongue lower and thrusting it into her eager hole, and that would cause her to moan and arch her back, pushing her hips and crotch into his face. Once or twice, he even slipped a little lower so that his tongue brushed against her tight little asshole, and she would flinch at the incredibly erotic sensation, wondering if he had done that intentionally or if it had been an accident. He never lingered long, so she wasn’t sure.

Wayne reached beneath her to cup her naked butt cheek with his right hand, while he insinuated the fingers of his left hand into the mouth of her pussy. His tongue swirled up and down and around her clit, now keeping up a steady rhythm so that she could reach her orgasm.

“Oh, yes. That’s it. Oh Wayne!” she was now squirming on the seat, her hips moving and thrusting in time with his tongue and fingers. She continued to squeeze her breast with one hand while allowing the other to slide down to her pussy. Using her fingers, she spread herself open even more so that her clit was fully exposed. Whenever Wayne withdrew his tongue, she could feel the cool air on her private parts, and it would make her shiver, but only for a moment, as the warmth of his velvety tongue coated it again in a mixture of his saliva and her own natural lubrication.

Her hips were bucking faster, now, and she moved her hand to the back of his head to hold him in place and guide him where she wanted him to go. Wayne did his best to hold on, focusing most of his attention on her clit, but also running his tongue up and down her slit to more fully stimulate her.

“Oh God, I’m cuming. Yes! Ungh! Ah! Yessss!!!”

Her hips were now fully off the car seat as the orgasm overtook her, and she thrust her hips forcefully into Wayne’s mouth. She was now using both hands to hold keep his face buried in her crotch, and Wayne wondered if she’d let him up long enough to breath.

She continued to mumble incoherently as she came down from the high of her orgasm. She was breathing rapidly, but she let up on Wayne’s head, and he sucked much-needed oxygen into his lungs while continuing to plant light kisses all over her vulva.

He slid up her body between her legs, and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips, but oddly, that didn’t disgust her, and she wondered why.

His hard cock nudged against her opening, and she knew she had to be careful. It wouldn’t take much for him to slip inside her. God knew she was wet enough.

He was gently thrusting with his hips, and she realized she was going to have to take care of his new problem or he would go home with a serious case of blue balls.

“Sit back,” she said, and he moaned a little in frustration, clearly hoping that she was going to let him fuck her.

As previously mentioned, Stacy and Wayne had mastered the art of “everything but,” and now Stacy straddled Wayne’s lap. She pulled her skirt up to move it out of the way and then pushed her cunt up against his hard shaft and began grinding against him as he thrust up and down between her lips but not entering her.

“Please Stacy, let me put it inside you,” Wayne pleaded. “I can’t stand it anymore.”

“No, baby, we can’t. You know that. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

She increased the speed of her hips thrusting against him, and he humped her with a renewed sense of urgency. Her sopping pussy had more than enough lubrication, and she loved the feel of his hard dick pressing against her clit, sliding between her labia. She hugged him tightly, her breast pressed against his chest as she rode his cock.

The erotic sound of his penis slipping and sliding between her lips, coupled with sound of their bellies slapping together and labored breathing turned them on even more. Wayne reached around to cup her butt cheeks, allowing the finger of one hand to slide into her crack and press against her anus. She hated to admit it, but that felt good — really good.

She might have been able to come again if he could have lasted, but he was so primed that it only took a couple of minutes for him to blow his second load, this one covering her stomach and skirt. “Shit,” she thought. “That had better not stain.” She’d never be able to explain to her mom how she’s ruined another school uniform.

She collapsed on his chest, and they kissed deeply. His penis began to shrivel, and her cunt was a sticky mess. Eventually, they realized they’d have to get dressed and get home. While the almost 19-year-old Stacy had a pretty liberal curfew, bahis şirketleri Wayne had just turned 18, and his parents still expected him to be home by 11 p.m. He hoped that would change soon.

“Is your mom back from her business trip?” he asked.

“No. She gets home tomorrow night, but Gram will be worried if I don’t get home soon,” she responded. Stacy lived alone with her mom after her dad walked out on them a couple of years ago. Whenever her mom was out of town for work, Stacy’s grandmother stayed over to “keep her company,” but Stacy didn’t mind because her Gram was cool.

“Hey,” he said, “Maybe I could come over tomorrow and we could hang by the pool. What do you say?”

“Sure, that’d be great,” she said. “Now, we’d better get you home.”

Stacy loved to give him a hard time about him being younger, referring to herself as a “cougar” even though they were less than a year apart. Wayne didn’t really mind, though, he told her he liked older women because they were more “experienced.”

Stacy slipped her thong back over her sloppy pussy, and Wayne tugged on his briefs and jeans and pulled his shirt over his head. After one last kiss, they got back into the front seat, and he fired up the Cutlass.

They drove out of the park, talking about anything and everything, and Wayne navigated to Stacy’s upscale neighborhood. The large “track mansions,” as he called them, sat on huge lots. Most had pools and multi-car garages. One even had a basketball court in the back yard. Wayne couldn’t believe that people had so much money they could afford to live in such luxury. Stacy’s mom had her own consulting firm that did very well, but she also had a trust fund and divorce settlement to help out.

Parking in the large circular driveway, he walked her to the front door.

He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, allowing his hands to roam freely over her butt and under her skirt.

“Wayne! Stop!” she protested, “My grandmother could be watching us. You don’t want her to have a heart attack, do you?”

Wayne reluctantly removed his hand from her bare ass and kissed her again.

“I had fun tonight,” she said with a grin.

“Yeah, me too,” he said. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school and then we’ll hang out by the pool, right?”

“Right,” she answered. “Good night.”


Chapter 2

Stacy stuck her right foot into the string bikini bottoms and tugged the skimpy red fabric up her thighs, making sure the minimalist fabric covered her private areas.

It’s a good thing I shaved this morning,” she thought. The bikini bottom was nothing more than two triangles of fabric — one small and one larger — held together by two strings. It thrilled her slightly to know that with a simple tug of one of those strings — it could be an accident even — and she would be totally exposed. She wouldn’t put it past Wayne to “accidentally” make that happen.

She donned the bikini top, which was even less substantial than the bottoms. Two little triangles covered the highlights, but you could see quite a lot of cleavage and the sides of her 34B breasts.

Stacy wished her breasts were bigger, like her moms. She had to admit that her mom had a killer body. She’d even seen Wayne checking her out once or twice.

She heard the doorbell ring, and knew it must be Wayne. She bounced down the stairs to open the door for him.

“Whoah!” he exclaimed when he saw her in the bikini. “You look hot!”

“Why thank you,” she said, doing a little pirouette so that he could take in all of her attributes. By the time she facing him again, she could see that he was already growing hard by the way his bathing suit had started to bulge.

“We’d better get you into the pool so you can cool off,” she joked, leading him through the foyer into a kitchen that would make any gourmet chef jealous.

Entering the back yard, Wayne was greeted by a site he never grew tired of. Stacy and her mom had transformed the back yard into a tropical paradise. The pool was designed to look like secluded lagoon, complete with a waterfall that splashed playfully over natural stone into the deeper end of the pool. The water was a deep blue that Wayne had learned was made possible by the color painted on the bottom of the pool.

Large ferns, hibiscus, bougainvillea and other tropical plants were everywhere. It seemed like he had stepped into a rain forest.

They picked out a couple of teak lounge chairs, both covered with comfortable cloth-covered green cushions.

“Would you rub some oil on me?” Stacy asked. “I don’t want to get burned.”

She lay down on her stomach after handing him the oil.

“Where’s your mom? I though she was getting back today from her business trip.”

“She won’t get home until later. Gram is inside reading.”

She saw disappointment in his eyes, and thought she knew what it was about.

“Don’t worry, we can still fool around. She won’t bother us. Now, about that oil …”

Wayne straddled her hips, so that he could easily apply the oil.

“We’d better untie this,” he said, undoing her bikini top, “so I can make sure to cover your whole back.”

“You’re so thoughtful,” she said sardonically.

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