Sorority 2 Pt. 01

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26-year old Hannah looked at herself in the full-length mirror at the end of the landing. She held herself gracefully, gliding through life with a dancer’s ease, her slim, 5’6″ frame curvier than you’d expect. Her legs were long and slender, her bottom peachy and soft, hips pleasingly wide, waist impressively narrow. Her breasts were firm, a 32D although they looked smaller as they stood high on her chest. Her impish good looks were complemented by glossy, shoulder-length black hair and penetrating, intelligent brown eyes. She was dressed for bed, in nothing but some white, satin-effect, bikini-style panties.

After studying her reflection for a moment longer, Hannah turned to look at her sister, Penny, who was sitting in the bathroom, perched on the edge of the tub. The family resemblance was strong, and although Penny was two years younger, the girls were often asked if they were twins. Penny’s body was similarly slim, toned and curvy – her bottom was a little fuller, her 30C breasts a little smaller and her raven hair was set off by deep, sparking blue eyes. Her looks were softer, her features communicating innocence and naivety where Hannah suggested playful, wilfulness. Penny was also ready to turn in for the night, but her outfit was much more conversation-worthy – white, lace-frilled ankle socks and a transparent, white babydoll negligee revealed her smooth curves, and also revealed the disposable diaper she wore.

Just finishing up brushing her teeth was the third sister – a step-sister, actually – Natalie. She was just as beautiful as Hannah and Penny, but in a different way. 20-years old and, at 5’2″, shorter than her sisters (although not related they’d been raised together since Natalie was young and they all considered each other family) Natalie had an open, expressive face, a wide mouth with full lips, cheeky green eyes and an unruly tumble of deep, auburn hair. Her body looked like a teenage boy’s cartoon of a girl, huge, pillowy 34F breasts over, a narrow, gym-toned waist that flared out to her round, full bottom (buying clothes was a nightmare!). She was wearing her favourite knickers – white and candy-pink hooped bikini briefs and a simple, white t-shirt, which fit loosely other than where it strained across her boobs.

Hannah admired Natalie’s bottom and the way it filled the seat of her white and pink knickers in a way that would have made their parents very uncomfortable. Of course, their parents did not know that the three girls had been engaged in a three-way, incestuous, lesbian relationship with each other for the past year. They’d explained away Penny and Natalie moving in with Hannah as simple economic prudence, and at every other family gathering one of them would take a man, just to fend off any suspicion, however unlikely that may be. After all, their parents could not begin to imagine the scene that was about to play out when the sisters were all ready to go to bed. Or rather, their special bed. Hannah’s house had two bedrooms. One was used infrequently, a clean and Spartan room containing a comfy bed for when one or more of the girls needed a good sleep. The other room was where they headed now, Hannah looking serious, Penny looking sheepish and Natalie giggling to herself.

The second room contained two beds – one a king-sized, normal bed, the other a single bed-sized baby crib. There was also an armchair, a desk and a chest of drawers. It was in the crib that Penny slept most nights, as during the last year she had realised and accepted her sexual nature – she was a submissive with no limits she’d yet found, who was sexually attracted to her sisters and loved to be treated as a baby. She wore and used diapers much of the time, and was usually in baby mode in the house, dressed as a cartoonish corruption of a toddler. It was with Natalie that Penny had first explored this side of her nature – a good place to start, as the voluptuous girl was a sexual deviant of almost every stripe. She’d tried and enjoyed most things you could imagine, but the twisted and submissive time she spent with her sisters was her favourite. The fact that the two younger sisters were submissive was perfect so far as Hannah was concerned, as spanking, punishing and dominating her sisters was just about her favourite thing in the world. Well, alongside her own peccadillo, anyway – though she never used diapers, she also hardly used the toilet, loving the feeling of pushing out a large pile of poo into her knickers. Together, the sisters were a stinky, kinky trio, who loved each other vivid porno deeply, just not how their family might prefer!

Tonight was a Friday, which meant only one thing in Hannah’s house – no limits. Nobody had to be up for work the next day, nobody had any conflicting arrangements. Friday’s were kept free and clear so that the sisters could indulge. They’d all had plenty to eat and drink and were ready for the fun and games to commence. What actually happened each Friday would vary, depending on what fun they’d had during the week. This week had been busy, though, and Natalie had been away on a course for most of it. In fact, other than a spanking Hannah gave Penny on Tuesday evening, they’d barely seen each other, so a whole week of sexual tension had accumulated for them to work off.

The girls hurried down the landing to the bedroom, Hannah at the back watching Natalie’s bouncing cheeks, Nat in her turn staring raptly at Penny’s nappy. As Hannah was the dominant, the other girls happily allowed her to dictate what would happen, so as they all entered the room, the younger two turned to face their big sister.

“Ok girls, here’s what you’re going to do,” Hannah begin, brown eyes twinkling. “Penny, you’re going to sit on the floor, by the desk. You’re to be a big girl and not use your diaper. If you do use your diaper then big sister will have to punish you. Natalie, you will bend over the desk, face down. Penny will have her face right between your legs to make sure that you don’t do anything naughty either – and if you do you’ll be punished too. Clear?” Her younger sisters both nodded. “Good. Then what are you waiting for?” Penny and Natalie quickly took up their designated positions, while Hannah sat in the chair, eyes focused on the other girls, hands idly stroking her pussy through the material of her panties. Hannah gaze started at Natalie. Now that the ginger girl was bent across the desk, heavy breasts squashed into the desk top, her panties were stretched across her full bottom cheeks. Hannah studied the panties, admiring the way the horizontal pink and white stripes on the material brought to mind caning her sister – she assumed that this was deliberate. Studying the seat of Natalie’s knickers, she could also see the faint tide-mark like stains, tell-tale indications that Natalie had wet herself more than once in these knickers and not properly washed them. Penny would certainly know that, as her pretty face was inches away from Natalie’s crotch, so the scent of dried urine must be filling her nostrils. She clearly didn’t care as she nuzzled at Natalie’s pussy, pressing her face against the stained panties. Otherwise, Penny looked quite demure, sitting cross-legged in her diaper and babydoll – or as demure as a 24-year old wearing a diaper and rubbing her face against her 20-year old sister’s pussy through a pair of pee-stained panties can do, anyway.

Of course, Hannah’s warnings about “being naughty” were nonsense. Penny and Natalie were both desperate to use the toilet, although for both girls that was increasingly a metaphor – what they really were was desperate to use their diaper and panties, respectively. Natalie was trying to hold on, as she loved the feeling of being desperate and then finally having an ‘accident’, whereas Penny was getting more and more turned on by the smell of her younger sister’s panties. She didn’t like to hold on – even when not in a nappy, she loved to just let go, especially if Hannah was around to punish her for doing so. For her part, Hannah was still stroking her pussy, waiting for the inevitable moment that one of her sisters let go. She was wondering what she’d punish them with – slipper or paddle, cane or strap, all of the above – and how hard and for how long. One thing was certain – Penny and Natalie would be dirty and be crying with sore, red bottoms before the evening was over.

Penny was the first to break cover. Her nose was pushed against Nat’s crotch, breathing deeply, as Hannah had surmised, and getting off on the stale pee smell from her step-sister’s stained knickers. Her tongue licked lazily at the dry but dirty material, filling her mouth with a fuzzy pee taste. Natalie rocked her hips gently in response, pushing her pussy towards Penny’s face. As Penny nuzzled at Natalie, she tried to relax as much as she could. She could feel the pink nipples of her C-cup boobs poking against the babydoll she wore, clear through the gauzy material. But most of her attention was on her bladder and bowels. Closing woodman casting porno her eyes she licked more fervently at Nat’s panties as she relaxed fully.

Still stroking herself in the chair, Hannah enjoyed the scene, and smiled wickedly as she heard the tell-tale hiss from between Penny’s legs. Her enjoyment was secondary to Penny’s, however. The black-haired beauty flushed as the first burst of urine spurted out into her nappy, and made sure she stayed relaxed so it flowed evenly, soaking the absorbent padding in her diaper but still running over her bottom. As an adult, her warm pee was a greater volume than the nappy could absorb, and she loved the soggy, heavy, wet feeling of an overloaded diaper. As she peed she breathed in more deeply in her excitement, the smell of Natalie’s pee-stained panties thrilling her at one end as her own peeing into a diaper thrilled the other.

“Are you being naughty, Penny?” asked Hannah, eyes glinting. “Are you doing pee-pee?” Taking her face from Natalie’s crotch, Penny affected a cutely guilty expression, like a naughty child that’s been caught red-handed. Pouting, she nodded her head. “Oh dear,” continued Hannah. “Bad girls do pee-pee when they’ve been told not to. And bad girls get punished, don’t they?” Penny nodded, eyes now downcast. Hannah’s knickers were now visibly wet at the front, but with juice from her sopping pussy rather than pee like her sister’s diaper. “Well, the first part of your punishment is that you can just stay sitting there in your wet nappy like a dirty baby.” Hannah was stern now, and stood up to walk towards her siblings. “I’ll deal with you soon, but looking at the state of these knickers, I think your younger sister has been naughty too, and I’m going to punish her first.” These words sent a bolt of pleasure through Natalie. She’d expected from the posture she was told to adopt that her chubby bottom would be getting some attention, and she arched her spine as well as she could to raise her bottom enticingly, further stretching the pink and white knickers across her full cheeks.

Hannah was feeling cruel and also sexy, and decided not to start with the customary hand spanking to warm Natalie up. Reaching into a basket of implements by the desk, she chose a think, leather belt. Doubling it over and holding the buckle, she stood behind Nat. Penny looked up at her, grinding discreetly in her wet diaper. Hannah measured her aim, then without further warning whipped the belt down across Natalie’s behind. Hannah let out a sharp cry, but of course made no attempt to move. Silently, Hannah raised the belt above her head and brought it down again, then again, then again. Nat gasped following each sharp crack, the thin material of her stained panties offering nothing by way of protection, and plenty of her wide bottom was exposed to the belt directly. After the first two dozen hard lashes, her resolve broke and the gasps became sobs as she started to cry, her bottom red and painful. The worst (or best?) thing was that she was desperate to use the loo, knew she was about to go in her knickers, and knew that Hannah would punish her even harder if she did.

Hannah watched closely as the belt thrashed the 20-year old’s bottom. Natalie kept raising herself onto her tip-toes, before treading gently. She made no effort to protect her punished bottom, but her attention was also clearly divided as her need for the toilet grew. She started to pant and make a low, mewling noise, tears still rolling down her cheeks. Knowing she was about to break, Hannah aimed a stinging blow across Nat’s thighs, then another, even harder. Those lashes broke Natalie, and with a loud sob she collapsed limply over the desk as her piss exploded into her pink and white striped knickers, flooding the stained gusset and cascading down her legs. Of course, it also trickled and spattered all over Penny who was still sitting between her legs in a wet nappy. Penny looked up happily as Nat’s pee splashed over her face and hair, running down her cheeks and dripping onto her breasts, wetting her flimsy negligée.

After the initial gush, Hannah resumed thrashing Natalie’s red bottom, the belt flicking droplets of piss all over the room, only stopping when Natalie stopped wetting. All the girls were aroused now, their nipples hard and erect, pussies wet with more than just pee. Hannah shoved Natalie slightly aside, so she was still bent across the desk with her punished bottom in the air, but so she could take her place türkçe alt yazılı porno standing over Penny whilst leaning over the younger, ginger girl. “Lick me, Penny!” she commanded, simply, and as she’d been doing earlier Penny pressed her face to one of her sister’s knickers. Due to the different stance, her nose was now nuzzling into an asshole rather than a pussy, but her tongue lapped eagerly at the damp material, tasting her older sister’s eager pussy. Meanwhile, Hannah ran her hands over Natalie’s well-disciplined bottom, enjoying the feel of the burning flesh under the piss-wet knickers. Hannah wound her hand into Natalie’s hair and roughly pulled her to a standing position, drawing the busty girl toward her so they could kiss. Their mouths met in a passionate clinch, Hannah’s soft 32D boobs smothered by her young sister’s 34F chest. Hannah reached behind, cupping and squeezing Nat’s smarting cheeks, enjoying the way Natalie flinched when she roughly squeezed her sore, swollen bottom.

All three girls were quiet now, the only sound in the room coming from Penny licking at Hannah’s gusset and Hannah and Natalie’s kissing and groping. All three girls were happy and all three were concentrating. Again, it was Penny who went first. Drawing her knees up and rolling back slightly so she was sitting on her tailbone, she kept her tongue busy between Hannah’s legs, her hands clutched at her own breasts through the piss-damp babydoll and her stomach clenched as she let a long, soft log of shit slide out from between her round bottom cheeks. The warm, squidgy mess at once filled the seat of Penny’s wet diaper, as well as filling the room with the smell of her load. As with her wetting, Penny made no effort to control her poo, preferring to feel like she had no control, and was relaxed as a second wave of poo squeezed out, squashing into the limited space in the back of her diaper and covering her bottom in sticky, smelly shit.

Natalie was next. Her kissing of Hannah became more fierce, accepting her sister’s tongue deep into her mouth, licking over Hannah’s face, crushing their breasts together. Natalie broke the kiss for a second, holding her breath as she squeezed, and delighting as her anus pouted and a thick, soft piece of poo curled out, pushing out the back of her wet, smelly, dirty panties and leaving a distinct bulge. Natalie gasped as a second, slightly smaller poop pushed out, then a third, filling the back of her panties as another dribble of pee trickled down her legs. Hannah kept her hands at Natalie’s bottom, cupping the obscene bulge in her young sister’s panties, feeling the weight of the shit and gently squeezing and pressing, spreading the sticky mess thickly over Nat’s thrashed cheeks.

As the third piece of shit squeezed softly out into her youngest sister’s filthy knickers, Hannah was also about to let go into her still clean white panties. Still kissing Natalie, she clenched her stomach for a second and then let in a rush. First pee gushed from her into the pristine gusset of her knickers, and for the second time that evening Penny was showered with piss from a sister. Undeterred, she kept licking at Hannah’s crotch, slurping and drinking her pee through her panties. Then, with a moan, Hannah let go her load, thrilled that she could feel that Penny still had her face pressed against her curvy bottom, so as the back of her panties suddenly tented out by a big, soft turd, it was right in Penny’s face! Penny was overpowered with dirty sensations – her nappy was soaked with her own piss and swollen with shit, her body was wet with piss from both her sisters, her mouth tasted like a toilet from licking Hannah’s crotch and now her nostrils were full of the scent of the poo that was pressing against her nose and forehead just the other side of a thin pair of dirty knickers. Hannah squeezed again, the back of her pants bulging as she filled them with soft, sticky lumps. She ground her ass back, pushing her poo-filled panties right against Penny’s face, smooshing the shit over her own bottom and overwhelming Penny.

This was the final straw for the sisters. Penny thrust her hand into her wet nappy to rub herself to a furious orgasm, while Natalie and Hannah continued to kiss whilst rubbing each other’s cunts. In moments, all three were sighing, lost in bliss, only made better by the disgusting behaviour they’d indulged. Breaking her embrace with Natalie, Hannah sank to the floor, laying beside Penny who she started to kiss and hug gently, stroking her sister’s pee-coated boobs through her damp negligee. Natalie boosted herself up to sit on the desk, the feel of her shit squashing under her as she lowered herself down, the poopy mess flattening under her and messing the lips of her pussy the final, dirty thrill.

Hannah broke off kissing her sister. “Shower?” she asked, brightly.

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