Soft Body

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“Ouch!” Wendy yelled, stopping Darnell mid-stroke as he laid naked in between her legs. He was trying his best, from the missionary position, to get her to scream out… but not quite like that.

“Oh. Sorry,” he said, quickly shifting his balance to one hand and relieving the pressure he had placed on his girlfriend’s ponytail.

Wendy scowled at Darnell as she rubbed her head in an attempt to dull the pain. Darnell – his shaft still inside of her – could feel that he was losing his erection. He placed his hand back down and waited for Wendy to lay back.

She then asked him, “Are you done?”


“I mean…it’s OK,” Wendy said as she laid back down and closed her eyes.

Darnell stared at her in disbelief. He then took a deep breath and attempted to ease his half-erect penis further inside his girlfriend’s ever-drying vagina. After a few lackluster strokes, he stopped and asked her, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, Darnell. Now…come on. Let’s finish.”

Darnell shook his head, pulled out of Wendy, and climbed from on top of her. “This isn’t what I had in mind when I said ‘let’s fool around’ this morning.”

“Well you know I have a busy morning. I have to work out and I have a meeting. I have…”

“You always have something, Wendy. We haven’t had sex in a month. And it’s not like you were into it this time.”

“I’m focused on my work,” Wendy said as the two sat up in bed facing forward. “I’m not going to apologize for being driven. I have goals and I am focused on them.”

Darnell nodded. He then got up from the bed and grabbed his shorts from the floor.

“Look,” Wendy said as she rose from the bed, “…maybe we can do something tonight.”

“Sure,” Darnell said with a half-hearted smile.


“Do you have any clients this afternoon?” Wendy asked Darnell as she packed her gym bag.

Sitting at his desk in front of his laptop, Darnell answered, “Two. Wendell and a new woman that I just finished putting together a workout for last night.”

“Oh, nice. I didn’t know you had a new client.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think she is going to be entering any bodybuilding competitions anytime soon. She is pretty obese.”

“Why don’t you work out more people that are already in shape?” Wendy asked. “Don’t you like a challenge?”

“I’m with you, aren’t I?”

Wendy smiled. She then raised her arm and flexed her very well defined bicep, posing for Darnell. “I don’t think I require your services, sir.”

He chuckled. “I like helping people who aren’t in great shape. I like to help them… you know… reach their fitness goals? People like you are driven. You don’t need me. You need like… The Rock or someone like that as a personal trainer.”

“Oooh. That would be a fun workout. But you’re as in shape as The Rock. Hell, your muscles are more defined.” Wendy then started rubbing Darnell’s arms. After a few seconds of massaging she said, “Maybe we should have finished this morning.”

“Really? You want to go there?”

Wendy took a deep, longing breath. She then shook herself out of her state. “No, I have to get going.” She then grabbed her workout bag and water bottle and began walking out of the bedroom before turning around. “Hey, have you met our new neighbor yet?”

Darnell shook his head as his eyes stayed on his computer screen.

“You should talk to her. She could definitely use your services.”

“She’s overweight?”

“Oh yeah,” Wendy said. “No muscle tone anywhere. She has a school-aged kid. Maybe she never lost the fat from having a baby.”

“You are such a body snob.”

“I just don’t understand why someone would go around looking like that…” Wendy paused as she flexed one of her triceps. “…when you could look like this.”

Darnell looked up at her. He then shook his head and chuckled. “Everybody doesn’t want to be a competition bodybuilder.”

Wendy shrugged. “That’s fine. But…I mean…at least lift a weight every once in a while. You know? Run a lap. Swim a lap. Hell, walk a lap.”

Darnell grimaced. “Is she that bad?”

“You’ll see,” Wendy said before leaving for the gym.


After his morning workout and shower, Darnell sat down at his computer to go over the data for his personal training clients. Just before diving into his work he remembered he needed his water bottle.

As he walked into the kitchen Darnell looked through his second-story window at a woman and her young, backpack-laden child walking across the parking lot. Moving closer to the window, he thought it must be the new neighbor Wendy told him about. Except she looked nothing like the obese picture Wendy painted.

She wore yoga pants and a form-fitting t-shirt that came halfway down her well-rounded backside. She wasn’t muscular by any means, but she wasn’t fat either. Her thighs weren’t small but they seemed firm. He also enjoyed her shoulder-length, curly, light brown hair.

It was several seconds before Darnell realized he was staring at the woman. He then stepped güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri back from the window so that he would, hopefully, not be seen but could still see her.

As the woman opened the back passenger side car door for her daughter, Darnell anxiously awaited a frontal view of his new neighbor.

She finally closed the back door and quickly made her way to the driver side. Her shades obscured her face but he could see that she had nice-sized breasts.

As his neighbor drove her daughter to school, Darnell pondered Wendy’s comments about her. He knew Wendy was all about elite fitness, but he couldn’t understand why she was so down on a woman that – at least to him – had such an incredible body.

Darnell left the kitchen, went into his office, gathered his laptop, and headed for the living room. During a typical morning he would work from his bedroom office, blasting his music as he went over client’s data. That day he sat on his living room couch in silence… listening for his new neighbor to return from taking her daughter to school.

After about 15 minutes, he heard the sound of a car pulling into the parking lot. He tossed his laptop aside and tiptoed toward the kitchen window. Careful not to stand too close, he stared at his neighbor’s car and awaited her exit.

After several seconds she opened the door. He studied her as she walked from her vehicle to the apartment building. She still had on her sunglasses but he could see the shape of her face. It wasn’t slender but it wasn’t chubby by any means. He had already taken notice of her sizable breasts. Her stomach was flatter than he imagined. She had shapely thighs and calves, which tapered down nicely to her small feet. And he was transfixed by the curviness of her hips.

As she disappeared from view, Darnell – feeling like a cat burglar – eased over to the front door and watched her through the peephole just as she was entering her apartment. He got a closer look at her behind, though it was mostly covered by her shirt. It was more tantalizingly thick than he realized.

She closed her front door and Darnell stood in contemplation for more than a few seconds. He thought back to when he was making love to Wendy that morning – or trying to – and imagined how different it would feel to make love to someone with a body like his neighbors’. He then took a deep breath, shook his head, and went back to his work.


A week later…

Wendy, sitting on the couch at the foot of the bed, looked up from the video she was watching on her laptop. She saw Darnell peering into the bedroom from the living room. She paused the video and removed her headphones from her ear, raising her eyebrows as she looked at her boyfriend.

“I was just wondering how long you were going to be,” Darnell said as he moved toward the bedroom entrance.

“Oh. Well, as soon as I’m done with this last video I am going to the gym. Remember? I told you that my trainer texted me that he was going to be an hour late so I was getting some studying in.”

Darnell nodded.

“Aren’t you usually working out right now?” Wendy asked, nodding toward the second bedroom they turned into a small gym.

“Yeah. I thought that when you told me you had an extra hour, that… Don’t worry about it.”

Wendy returned her headset to her ears and her eyes to her laptop. “You shouldn’t have postponed your workout for me,” she said. “You have a schedule. You should keep it no matter what.”

A dejected Darnell turned toward their home gym to start his workout.

About ten minutes later, Wendy walked into the gym as Darnell sat on the workout bench and typed into an app on his phone. “I’m about to leave.”

“OK,” he said, briefly looking up at her.

Wend then asked, “When are you working out?”

“In a few minutes,” he said. “I’m changing some exercises. Adding one.”

“Abs?” she asked.

He looked up at her. “Abs? Why do you say that?”

“I thought you might be adding more definition to them.”

“To my abs?” he said, lifting up his shirt to expose his very defined eight-pack.

“They’re nice,” Wendy said with a shrug. “But they could be a little tighter.”

Darnell dropped his shirt. “I’m not training for a competition, Wendy. That’s your thing.”

“But you could be a bodybuilder.”

“But I don’t want to be, Wendy.”

“Why not?”

“Because…” Darnell said before exhaling. “It’s just not my thing. I like working out. I’m not obsessed with it.”

“You think I’m obsessed?” Wendy asked.

“Of course you are. You need that to be competitive. And that’s fine. For you. It’s just not for me.”

Wendy pursed her lips. “You’d be great,” she said as she left their gym room. “You definitely have the body for it.”

Darnell chuckled. “Thanks,” he said as he turned his attention back to his phone.

A couple of seconds after the front door closed, Darnell heard, in a muffled tone, “Hi, April!”

His eyes widened as he rose from his chair and darted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri out of his gym, across the living room, and toward the front door. He slowed his pace and eased himself toward the peephole so as not to alert the two women on the other side of the door to his presence as they stood in the stairwell and talked.

“He’s a really good personal trainer, April.” Wendy said.

“Her name’s April,” Darnell whispered to himself.

Wendy continued, “You should see some of the people he has worked with. Some incredible transformations.”

April smiled and nodded, “Yeah, you’ve told me.”

“OK, OK. Just…if you’re ever in the market…” Wendy said as they both descended the stairwell toward their cars.

Darnell eased over to the kitchen window, waiting for the two women to come into view. April was wearing cloth running shorts that sat just above mid-thigh and a loose fitting t-shirt. Well…looser than her usual t-shirts. The few times Darnell had seen her during his mornings that week – waiting on the couch for her to return from dropping her daughter off at school – he noticed she was always wearing the same style of shirt.

The shorts were especially eye catching to him as he had never seen so much of her bare thighs. He was so drawn to her legs that morning that it took him a minute to notice her curly hair drawn back into a ponytail. Most of it, anyway. From her appearance she seemed to have been in more of a hurry than usual.

Wendy and April continued to talk as April helped her daughter into the car. When she was done, she faced Wendy, whose back was to Darnell. Though April’s shirt was not tight, Darnell enjoyed the way it fell on her breasts, outlining their shape. The bottom of the shirt almost completely covered her shorts, which gave the appearance, at times, that she wasn’t wearing any. A sexy notion that Darnell enjoyed.

He also got his first full look at April’s eyes and face as she was standing still and not wearing sunglasses. He found her stunning. The sun caught her grey eyes in a way that caused Darnell’s heart to race. As he continued to study his neighbor he was beginning to think that he was the one who was obsessed. Since the first day Darnell saw April he tried to catch a glimpse of her every chance he got.

His thoughts were interrupted by Wendy who, without turning around, gestured toward the window in front of which he was standing. April then looked up and into the window. It was at this point that Darnell realized he hadn’t positioned himself in his safe space back from the window so that he couldn’t be seen. April looked directly at him.

As their eyes met he panicked. Her arm began to raise in an apparent attempt to wave at him. He, however, was worried that Wendy would catch on to what he was doing so he darted back from the window and out of sight. In retrospect he felt like a small child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Maybe the adult thing to do would have been to stand there and wave back?

Darnell waited almost a full minute before easing into his safe zone so that he could see but not be seen. His embarrassment at his actions was overridden by his curiosity about his neighbor and her conversation with his girlfriend – not that he could hear it.

He could see April – as she continued to talk to Wendy – resting her elbow in her hand and covering her mouth. She seemed to be covering a grin. After a few seconds April looked back up at the window. Her obscured smile widened as her gaze remained on the window long enough to make Darnell wonder if he had been seen, despite his attempts at stealth.

April briefly glanced back at the window as she and Wendy’s conversation concluded. Darnell watched Wendy as she got into her car. He then looked at April. Just before she ducked into her car she, once more, looked up at Darnell’s kitchen window with a small smile. She then got into her car and left to take her daughter to school.

Darnell couldn’t be sure if he had been seen. The first time she looked toward the kitchen their eyes locked and it was obvious they saw one another. The other few times he couldn’t tell. He knew one thing for sure: his nervousness wasn’t going to stop his trips to the kitchen window whenever he managed to catch April in the parking lot. It had become one of the highlights of his day.


Darnell sat on his couch, working and keeping his ears attuned to the outside. A time or two he flinched, thinking he heard April’s car pulling up, but it was a false alarm.

He finally heard her car and leaped from the couch, speeding to the kitchen window. He definitely learned his lesson, keeping himself in his safe zone and out of sight.

As April got out of her car she had a pleasant smile on her face. Darnell loved her smile. He also really loved the shorts she was wearing. He did notice that April glanced toward his window a couple of times before disappearing from view, furthering his paranoia about her noticing him watching her and güvenilir bahis şirketleri Wendy as they talked.

Darnell quietly moved toward his front door, his eye hovering over the peephole as he had done quite a few times before then. As April emerged into view she turned and glanced at Darnell’s door. She was still wearing a smile as she turned to enter her apartment, making Darnell even more self-conscious about the morning. That feeling was quickly eclipsed.

April, attempting to unlock her door, dropped her keys. Squatting to pick them up, she straightened her legs as she stayed bent at her waist.

Darnell gasped loud enough to hope he wasn’t heard. He still managed to keep his eye glued to the peephole… and to April’s behind. The bottom of her shorts rose enticingly close to the curvature of her ass. April then stood straight up, placed her key into her lock, entered her apartment, and closed her door.

Darnell stood in the kitchen and ran his fingers through his hair. “Damn, she’s fine,” he said before moving back into the living room to try and clear his mind enough to continue his work.


The next morning Darnell stood in his safe zone in the kitchen staring out of the window and anxiously awaiting April’s morning walk through the parking lot. He had heard her front door close seconds before. She emerged with her hair looking like she had just come from a salon. Her hair framed her head with large curls as she wore a floral sundress that hugged her waist, flared at the bottom, and struggled to reach her mid-thigh.

Instead of opening the back door and allowing her daughter to climb into the car – as she normally did – April bent over, straight legged, and lifted her daughter into her arms. Darnell’s mouth hung open as he watched April’s dress rise up the back of her thigh until it almost reached her behind – much like her shorts the day before.

April got her daughter into the car and then walked toward her door. Darnell then saw the front of her sundress, the top of it plunging into a V-shape and exposing a significant amount of April’s ample cleavage. Wearing a pleasant smile, she never looked up toward Darnell’s window as she climbed into her car and drove her daughter to school.


As April returned to the apartments and exited her vehicle, Darnell stood dutifully in his safe zone in the kitchen. April, still wearing her smile that hadn’t seemed to have left her face since the day she spoke with Wendy in the parking lot, walked slowly toward the apartment building as Darnell studied every curve of her body and face. He was beginning to feel like an addict.

He moved to the peephole, watching April enter her apartment and silently hoping for another key mishap. He couldn’t get over how sexy her legs were to him. He was typically attracted to very muscular women, but something about April’s soft lines called to him. April entered her apartment and closed her door. Darnell sighed and went back to work.


The next morning Darnell stood in his safe zone in the kitchen, staring out of the window and waiting for April’s imminent emergence. Darnell gasped as he saw her. April was wearing teal colored, skin-tight bike shorts that stopped at her upper thigh. She was also wearing, not a shirt, so much as a matching sports bra. It was his first unobstructed view of her behind. Darnell wondered if he would ever again remember how to breathe.

To him, it felt as if the time it took April to get her daughter into the car was interminable. He was desperate to see what she looked like from the front in her outfit. Not that he was in a hurry to stop examining her luscious ass as she walked to the car. Darnell was completely bewitched by every inch of his neighbor’s body.

As April turned around and closed her daughter’s car door, Darnell’s head dropped and his mouth hung open. April’s athletic bra had her breasts on full display and Darnell got an excellent look at her amazingly flat stomach. A piece of him wanted to take a picture of her so he could enjoy the view for more than the few brief seconds he got to ogle her. As April got in her car and left, Darnell continued to stare out the window and shake his head.

Several seconds went by before he left to retrieve his laptop and water bottle. He then immediately returned to the window. Darnell temporarily set up his mobile office on his kitchen counter as there was no way he was going to miss April’s return to the parking lot. He got very little work done over those next few interminable minutes, as he could not get the image of his neighbor walking toward her car in her bike shorts out of his mind.

When April pulled up in her car, Darnell promptly closed his laptop and moved into viewing position. He gawked as April climbed out of her car and closed the door.

She then stood in place as she lifted one arm over her head. With the other hand, she pulled her elbow behind her head as she did a long side stretch. She then switched arms and stretched the other side of her body.

Continuing, as Darnell’s eyes were glued to her body, April placed both of her hands behind her back, clasped them, and pulled them upward. That stretch thrust her cleavage significantly upward, testing the elasticity of her sports bra until Darnell was begging for it to give way.

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