Snowed In Ch. 04

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Everyone including myself watched as mom almost teasingly removed her blouse, taking the time to actually hang it over the back of her chair. She then reached behind, undoing the clasp on her bra, letting it fall down her arms and away from her breasts as they revealed themselves, likewise now hooking it over her chair too. She cupped them in her hands, rubbing them as though to give some circulation to them, though my cock simply responded to the eroticism of the moment.

“Damn!” I breathed outwardly breaking the momentary silence. Like I said, it had been years since I’d actually seen mom’s boobs. They might not have sat as high up on her chest as my sister’s did, but they were every bit as alluring and as sensual, if not even more so than theirs were.

I noticed then that even her nipples appeared larger, somewhat darker, and certainly wickedly erect. She even tweaked them a little as she sat there, as though wanting to ensure they were as fat and as hard as they could possibly be. Just seeing her do that sent another nice throb to my cock as I felt it lurch inside my jeans.

“Feel free to touch them, if you want to,” she told me, though she also looked over towards my sisters upon saying that. “And you’re both welcome to do the same if you’d like,” she added. “It’s been a long time since you have,” she then said looking back towards me.

I glanced over towards dad, seeking his assurance. He was smiling, though he nodded his head at me, and then looked towards mom nodding again. I knew then that I had it, even though I hesitated briefly, still a bit unsure until mom spoke.

“Come here, touch them,” she told me softly.

The room grew silent, everyone watching, as though holding their collective breaths. I stood, not even caring that my pants were tented, which they were as I walked over towards her. Mom scooted back in her chair, pushing away from the table, her gorgeous breasts beckoning to me as I reached out cupping each in my hands. She sighed contentedly, closing her eyes for a moment when I did, and then speaking.

“Here, what’s say we make this a bit more comfortable,” she said simply reaching up, undoing my belt and then unzipping my jeans. In seconds she had my rock hard cock in her hands, a sensation that felt deliciously wicked, erotic as did her breasts as I continued holding them, now fingering those hard extended nipples of hers. I glanced over towards my sisters, curious as to their reaction, still a bit lightheaded at this sudden unexpected turn of events.

Mandy was cupping her own breast through her blouse, watching. Her eyes seemed almost glazed over as she sat there watching mom holding onto my dick, fondling it. Collette actually scooted her own chair back, making it clearly obvious when she did, that she had indeed been sitting there fingering herself as even dad looked over looking at her now, her hand quite obviously busy between her legs.

“Hmm,” mom moaned. “You’re juicy,” she now giggled appreciatively. She sat holding my dick, now rubbing the head of it back and forth against her nipples firmly. I stood looking down, watching her as she did, reveling in the sensation of it as she tickled her nipples with the head of my cock, likewise tickling it.

She now squeezed the head of it. As she did, she produced a rather thick droplet of precum, which she now used to smear about the tips of her nipple, squeezing it again, producing yet another, now switching to the other one where she likewise treated it, as well as me, to another nice tingling sensation.

Much to my surprise, Mandy too stood up from her chair having already unbuttoned her blouse removing it. She now reached behind likewise undoing her bra, letting it fall, her large full breasts now free as she took the few steps in reaching us. Silently, she reached down. I relinquished the breast I still held, allowing her to cup it with her hand instead. As she did, I quite naturally reached up, now cupping hers. It was a thrilling sensation for me, holding mom’s breast in one hand, my sister’s in the other as mom continued to hold, stroking my cock, moving it back and forth, over and around her hard sweet aroused nipples.

I soon felt my sister’s hand joining moms. Mom now letting go as Mandy took over for her, still rubbing the head of my dick back and forth, circling mom’s tits, specifically her nipples, even slapping my prick against them. I shuddered involuntarily in delight as she did so, moaning audibly.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, especially with everything that was now happening all at once. And it was of course not totally unexpected either as even dad now stood, the sound of his own belt being undone, followed by his zipper coming down. I looked over, tearing my eyes away from mom and my sister’s tits, I swallowed hard, a bit stunned. Dad’s cock was humongous! Or at least it looked like it anyway. Maybe it was the angle, or the lighting for some reason, but it was also deep purple, massive, as he took it within his hand stroking it as he sat back down watching us. The head of his czech first video porno cock looked like fat purple mushroom, far bigger around than my own, which was slimmer, more pointed. Even as he sat there stroking it, I watched his hand bump against the thick protruding flange around the head. Already the sounds of his own slickness being added to the atmosphere of the room, which had suddenly grown thick with the sexual tension.

The sound of yet another chair being scooted out now alerted everyone that Collette too had gotten up. She reached down pulling my jersey up and over her head, though tossing it behind her haphazardly when she did. She then grabbed the waistband of her panties simply yanking them down, now standing there entirely naked. Without a word she simply walked over looked down at our father, and then climbed into his lap. His deep-throated groan said it all.

Having heard that, mom looked over, smiled as her eldest daughter reached down grabbing her father’s cock in hand, placing it, pointing it at her succulent wet femininity, and then plunged. Even dad gasped, as I did. In seconds he was balls deep inside Collette’s cunt. She sat unmoving for a moment, getting the feel of it, and then slowly rose, inch by inch, revealing the now wet glistening length of dad’s shaft as her pussy slowly revealed it, before plunging down once again, even more forcefully, all but taking his breath away.

With that simple act, even more so than what the three of us were doing, I now knew, or at least hoped, I’d be slipping my own cock deep inside my mother’s cunt. As much as I’d wanted to fuck, and knew I would eventually fuck my sister’s, at this moment in time, more than anything, I wanted to be inside mother. Boldly, I said so, looking down at her.

“I want to fuck you!”

She groaned hotly having heard that. “Say it again.”

“I want to fuck you!”


“Fuck you! Fuck you hard!” I gasped as Mandy pulled heavily on my prick.

“Do it Brian! Do it! Fuck mom…fuck her hard, do it now!”

It was almost funny in a weird sort of way. Mom stood up removing her pants, surprised to find she hadn’t worn any panties beneath them as she skimmed them off herself, now standing naked in front of me. “Mandy, help me clear the table,” she asked, as the two of them quickly busied themselves with removing the coffee cups and bowl of fruit which was sitting there. It was as though they were clearing away the dinner dishes in a sense, as I stood there watching, my hard dick obscenely bobbing up and down in front of them as they did. A thin streamer of cum drool leaking out, falling towards the floor as mom almost offhandedly caught it, wrapping it around her finger and then sucking it off, simultaneously placing our now empty cups on the kitchen counter. She returned seconds later, sliding onto the dining table onto her back, her legs just hanging over the edge of it.

“Throw me one of those seat cushions,” she told my sister. “And then…get naked!”

Mandy laughed, grabbing one, placing it behind mom’s head as she hurriedly stripped off her jeans. Stepping out of my own, which were still down around my ankles, I drew nearer towards the table. I was a bit surprised to discover that mom was shaved. I guess I’d considered that more of a modern trait these days as both of my sisters had done so too. But seeing mom’s totally bare, puffy swollen pussy was a nice surprise. I hadn’t expected it. Even her lips appeared to be far more swollen in appearance than either of my sisters’s had when I’d looked at them. Her pink slit, even pinker, almost an inflamed red, looking as though she’d applied lipstick to it or something. I was mesmerized with it, standing there looking at her, my hard throbbing cock only inches away.

As much as I wanted to slide my cock into that wet glistening nasty looking snatch of hers, I wanted to touch it to. As though reading my mind, perhaps seeing the expression on my lusty face as I gazed down at her, that’s what she then told me to do.

“Go on Brian, touch it…touch me,” she moaned hotly. “Finger it, finger my cunt. Taste my juices, make me even wetter than I already am!”

I reached down with my hand, slipping one finger inside. She was wet, extremely so, very slippery, and hot too. The warmth from her pulsating cunt as it clenched my finger, drawing it even more deeply inside her sent shock waves of unbridled lust coursing up and down my entire spine. Her lips were thick, far more elongated than my sisters, and so I pinched them, pulling on them stretching them out. She gasped pleasurably as I did.

“Yes! Yes! Play with it Brian! Play with my pussy!” she almost yelled. “And you!” She said now eyeballing my younger sister, “come suck on my tits!”

As I stood there finger-fucking mom’s bare pussy momentarily, listening with delight at the sound of her squishy, slippery juices, Mandy now leaned over, her lips rapidly surrounding one of mom’s nipples sucking it into her mouth. Her hand cupping the other, czech gangbang porno tweaking and teasing her nipple, her own breasts hanging down, which mom quickly found, likewise now playing with hers as I stood there watching.

Meanwhile, still wildly fucking next to us, Collette was bouncing and grinding on dad’s cock like there was no tomorrow. Her head thrashed about wildly from side to side, the slap of flesh as they came together in a frenzy of unbridled passion had simply added to the symphony of mom’s succulent sucking cunt as I buried my fingers inside her, digging out her juices which I then applied to her amazingly hard clitoris, teasing the fuck out of that.

“Enough! Enough! Stick it in me!” She wailed aloud finally. Not wanting to miss it, Mandy stood up, though still thumbing mom’s breasts, watching as I stepped forward slightly holding onto my cock, placing the tip of it at the entrance to her sex.

“Can I?” she suddenly asked. “Please? Can I be the one to put it in her?” Mandy asked.

Words weren’t necessary as I stood there patiently waiting. Mandy now came over to likewise look down just as I still was. Her small delicate hand now wrapping itself about my elongated shaft nearer the balls. I felt a shiver of delight as she rubbed it briefly up and down mom’s juicy wet split, digging a furrow in her sex as she did, and then tapping it softly, playfully against mom’s clitoris, which she now spread even more revealingly with her other hand. Like freshly whipped cream, I saw the almost frothy white coating of mom’s juice leaking out of her, pooling there between her legs. Mandy used my dick like a spoon, scooping it up, my prick now lathered in it as she leaned over, my dick tip now nearly inside my mother’s cunt. She licked, lapped, and tickled us both simultaneously, tasting and savoring our combined juices.

Even Collette and dad had all but stopped what they were doing, now looking over at the table as mom laid there, watching…waiting.

“Do it Brian! Do it!” Collette cried out, “Stick that fucker in there!”

Mandy pulled, easing my dick inside. We both watched from our vantage point as the head slid in, finally forced to relinquish her hand as the rest of my shaft soon followed. Mom grunted with the sudden feel of me buried inside her, both of us unmoving as we each took a moment to savor the feel of it together.

“Mandy…come sit on my face,” mom said. “Let me eat you while your brother fucks me, but turn around so you can watch, see it while he does.”

Quick as a bunny, Mandy climbed up onto the table, spinning about and then settling herself over mom’s face just as I began to finally thrust in and out of mom’s pussy. I was amazed, yeah…pleasantly surprised at how tight she felt. Once again reminded of the size of dad’s cock, as big as he was, why she would feel so tight around my own shaft, yet she did. Though she was also very slippery, the feel of which as I began picking up the pace, thrusting in and out of her was beyond words.

And of course once again nearby us, the sounds of dad and Collette going at it just as furiously as they had been, heightened our pleasure as well. Looking up, Mandy sitting on mom’s face, her delicate pink tongue lapping away at my sister’s cunt, the folds of her own sex seemingly sucking on mom’s tongue. Mandy’s magnificent breasts free-swinging again, a sight that never failed to arouse me to even greater heights than those I was already feeling.

Pleasures, that were already far too soon, threatening to ignite the explosion in my balls that I surely knew would send torrents of white hot cum spilling into my mother’s womb.

Dad had always been a big strong guy. He wasn’t muscled bound or anything like that, just damn fucking strong from all the heavy lifting he’d done for most of his life. But when he actually stood, lifting my sister as easily as if she’d not even been there, it still took me by surprise, as it had her. Wrapping her legs about his waist, still fully impaled on his massive cock, she hung there riding his prick as dad walked over, now standing to the side of us looking down.

Ok, so it was a little weird having dad stand there watching me as I fucked mom, especially when he spoke.

“That’s it son, not too slow, not too fast, better control that way too. Your mom really enjoys it nice and easy, pulls a bit more on her clit while you’re screwing her…”

“Alright Harold,” mom said, still lapping away at Mandy’s cunt, though she took another breather in order to do so again. “Brian’s doing just fine without your having to coach him. And beside’s I’ve already fucked you once tonight anyway, and what I don’t want right now is the feeling that I’m fucking you again. So…shut up and let your son fuck his mother his way!”

“Yes dear,” dad said sheepishly as both Mandy and Collette stifled a giggle, though once again Collette spoke as she climbed down off dad’s cock. If I thought it was purple-hard before, it now looked downright fucking angry!

“Fuck brazzers porno me doggy…daddy,” Collette said, sounding more like a little girl again as to the far more mature woman she obviously was. She had turned around presenting that near perfect heart-shaped ass of hers towards my dad, having turned around one of the kitchen chairs as she leaned against it. Dad slid up next to her, placing his hands on my sister’s ass, and then shoved. I swear it nearly came out of her mouth when he did that. The air in her lungs exploded, a near breathless exclamation soon following, “Oh…fuck!”

Soon dad was thrusting into my sister as hard and as fast as I’d ever seen. Even the howling wind outside the house now had to compete with the howls of ecstasy and pleasure that Collette was screaming out. Once again the furious slap of flesh on flesh, titties bouncing, swinging, the feel of mom’s delicious cunt sucking my cock, mom’s tongue lapping away a hundred miles an hour at Mandy’s cunt.

It was too fucking much.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum!” I announced, unable to help it, not wanting to stop it either.

“Yes, fill me baby! Fill momma with your fuck juice!” she cried out urging me to do so. Mandy had scrambled down off our mothers face, now standing just behind me. I felt her hand reach up between my legs, softly cupping my extremely tight balls. If I hadn’t been only seconds away before then, I certainly was now. I felt her gently squeeze my nuts like one might do with a rubber ball, though far more gently. When she did, it was as though she had herself forced out the explosion I now felt. The intensity of my release causing stars to appear inside my head, the exquisite sensation of my semen racing up my shaft, and then exploding out the end of my dick, soon after swallowed up by my mother’s still clenching, pulsating pussy as she joined me in pleasure.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screamed out over and over again as she came with me.

That seemed to trigger Collette’s orgasm too, though I didn’t know it at the time, not until several minutes later after I had collapsed, now laying across my mother, my hands having somehow found her breasts again, kneading them contentedly as I lay there trying to collect myself.

“Good god honey!” Dad said in obvious amazement, do you always do that now?” He asked. “And look at what you did to mom’s floors!”

“Shut up Harold!” Mom said once again, and then adding much more softly. “Damn…I missed it again?”


Once again things got momentarily awkward, but only for a moment. Mom as usual acted as though there was absolutely nothing out of the norm going on, which I think helped, at least for me. Even dad seemed like dad, though it was still weird seeing him standing there in conversation with his big hard dick sticking out. He still hadn’t cum yet, though neither had Mandy.

Collette had in fact grabbed a dishtowel and mopped up her recent spending from mom’s floor, even though mom had told her not to worry about it…unlike my own.

“Harold? Why don’t you and Brian pour us some of that lovely Port of yours, and then bring it into the living room. Maybe check on the fire, make sure it’s nice and toasty in there so we can play a bit more when everyone’s ready to do so.”

“I’m ready now!” Mandy half pouted, obviously horny.

“Yes…I know that you are dear,” mom said sweetly. “And I’m going to see to that personally myself,” she added smiling at her.

“So…why didn’t you cum yet daddy?” Collette asked. “It felt like you were about to,” she asked as we all walked into the living room and sat down on the chairs and couches. Mom had changed the sheets on the bed, but it had been put away until it was bedtime again.

“I almost did…you almost had me,” dad answered. “But I wasn’t wearing a condom, I didn’t, well…you know.”

“I can’t get pregnant,” she said reminding him. “You know what the doctor’s said.”

“Even so…the doctor’s aren’t always right you know honey. I didn’t want to take any chances, just in case. And don’t worry about it anyway…the evenings young yet,” he said winking at her.

True to her promise, mom led Mandy over towards the couch and had her sit down, forcing her to spread her legs as she did so. “Ok boys…why don’t the two of you come over here and lick some titty while I do this?” she said ordering the two of us over, which we both happily did.

“What about me?” Collette asked.

“I was wondering when you’d ask,” mom said chuckling. “Your job is to come slide beneath me. I’ve got a pussy full of your brother’s cum that is just waiting for you,” she told her, which upon hearing that sent an enormous jolt of electricity up my rapidly reawakening shaft.

“Yummy!” Collette said as she hurriedly scrambled beneath mom, positioning herself, as mom then sat comfortably down on my sister’s face, leaning forward now, parting the red sea of Mandy’s cunt, as she began to tickle her clit with her tongue.

Mandy was in seventh heaven, as we all seemed to be. Even sitting there on the arm of the couch leaning over as I sucked on her right breast, dad sitting beside her on the couch sucking on the other one. Each of her hands in our laps, stroking the two of us simultaneously, the sound of mom’s rapid-fire tongue doing the clit-diddle, and Collette, working on mom like a Hoover vacuum as she lay beneath her.

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