Sister Moves In With Older Brother

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My current relationship with my sister first when my sister came to stay with me after she left her husband. Jacquee, a beautiful girl; about 5’6 and about 135 pounds with beautiful brown hair and the most alluring sensuous brown eyes ever issued to a woman.

She had been living with me a couple of months and had got to know each other quite well again. Jacquee had taken over the household chores while I was busy working. On weekends we would plan a night out together or spent weekdays working around the house with household improvements and garden or having picnics in the park or in the back yard. We had all the actions of a happy married couple, content with our lives though we both had our own rooms.

I had an in-ground pool built in the back yard and when summer came we used it almost every night. As I worked; Jacquee would spend a lot of her days giving herself the darkest sun tan a woman could get without interrupting her beautiful skin and completion. I would often return from a day of work and Jacquee would be naked or darn near naked in the back yard sucking up the sun. I would never go out to the pool area when she was in this state but would sit in the sunroom looking out at my beautiful sister.

On this one particular night when she came inside, she had dressed in a modest see-through dressing gown. She then went about getting dinner ready and sitting watching the kitchen TV. We chatted as we waited for the coffee to brew and I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her body as she walked about cooking and as she sat at the kitchen table. I sat there the entire time with my manhood pushing against my pants.

As we sat sipping our coffee a commercial appeared advertising the start of a weekend of Drag Racing opening near us. Jacquee then suggested that we go to the drag races as it was a Friday night and I did not have to work the next day. I was eager, as I had not attended the races for quite a while; it was a great night to attend the races and could not think of a better way to relax and enjoy being together. The drive to the races were an hour drive from my house and we didn’t want to be late so we decided to place dinner on hold and got dressed and hit the road. It was nearing dark by the time that we arrived at the races and the first race had just begun.

Jacquee had remembered to pack a couple of blankets and we put one on the ground and put the other one over the top of us it was very cozy and the races were great. After about an hour I went and bought us a couple of beers, each which was a welcome for the both of us as I had worked all day and Jacquee had been in the sun. The kiddy driven cars had finished and the real stock cars big ass porno were just starting in the first race. All of a sudden Jacquee turned to me and kissed me on the lips telling me that she loved me and then thanked me for letting her live with her while she sorted out her life.

I was a little stunned at the full kissing but we often kissed it just was never as passionate between us and shrugged it off as Jacquee just being her good natured self and focused on the races again. After a few minutes we were in need of more beer and I went to get another so I took the walk to the snack bar. I would be driving home and was only able to have one more and was quite sure that Jacquee would enjoy another couple. So I bought Jacquee another two and me another one mine went down with ease and I settled close to her for the rest of the races.

I could sense that something was also different after our kiss and we snuggled close to each other with Jacquee sitting between my legs. At first there was no problem with her sitting like that and we watched the races but my cock wasted no time in growing hard. I was in a very awkward position but I was also excited by it as I was sure Jacquee could feel my cock pushing into her back but I was enjoying having her so close to me. After a few minutes Jacquee leaned her body against me and I was sure that she was enjoying the closeness of the two of us. I remained like that and when the races finished Jacquee then turned to me and kissed me again I offered no resistance and as we were kissing we both opened our mouths kissing deeply.

We then broke our kiss and then returned to watching the next race that had just started. The ice had been broken and I made no effort of hiding the bulge that was pushing into Jacquee’s back as the race finished. After a minute I felt Jacquee’s hand touch the outline that was in my pants. I was shocked but I made no effort to move away from her as I was enjoying her hand on my cock it was exciting having her touch my cock. I had not been with a girl for a while and it made it more exciting having my sister touch me. I made no effort to move and Jacquee squeezed the bulge softly.

We sat like that for the last two races and my cock was a raging hard-on by the time we were ready to pack our things and start the drive home. We packed the blankets up and made our way to the car holding hands along the way we were just like any couple in love no one could tell that we were brother and sister. We were raised in a different town so we did not have to justify our selves to anyone? it was very exciting. I was sure that Jacquee was caught up in the moment and I was giving way to it also as we big tits porno walked. Our talk was about the races and the thrill of being out of the house together. I had been working a lot and it was the most enjoyable thing we had done together since she moved into my house.

Jacquee sat close to me on the bench seat of my truck as we drove home with her hand on my thigh as we drove to McDonalds for supper and made no effort to hide her affection at the window of the drive thru. I felt a bit uncomfortable as we were ordering but then I reminded my self that we were not from the town and started to relax. It was the strangest feeling to have this happen it was a great feeling and I started to unwind as we drove to the next window to pick up our food.

We ate in the parking lot eating and talking as we did we spoke about her marriage braking up and her living with me for the long term and how we could hide it from the few family members we still had and decided it would be no problem for us. With the food was finished I turned to Jacquee and kissed her with the most passionate kiss I had ever given a woman and Jacquee responded kissing me back with the same passion. We were like teenagers on a first date. I moved my hand to her breast feeling the woman that was my sister.

Jacquee moved her hand to my chest and held me close whispering that she loved me more than anything in the world I wasted no time in telling her of the same feelings were in me for her and we held each other close for what seemed like ages. I moved my hand back to her breast after a while squeezing her nipple gently as they rose into a hard bud and I teased the other the same. Jacquee moved her hand to my cock and worked the bulge in my pants with her hand and I knew she would make me come if she kept the squeezing up. She must have sense it and pulled the top of my sweatpants down to reveal my aching cock.

I could not believe that this was happening to me. My sister, pulling my cock out of my pants and I then wasted no time in pushing her head over the head of my shaft. I was on fire the whole time it was every dream come true.

Jacquee had a very skilled mouth as she worked tongue around the head with the passion that she had kissed me. I knew I was not coming to hold on for very long and I was absolutely on fire as I could feel my self almost ready to come. I had my hand touching her nipple through her top and I could feel her nipple standing up with excitement. I then lowered my hand to her jeans and opened the top bottom she was wearing no belt and this made it easy for me to get my hand inside of her jeans. Jacquee lifted her body a little and I pushed her jeans blacked porno down to her thighs. Her panties were still on but I had no trouble in pushing them down and touching her pussy.

Jacquee had just a little pubic hair above her sweet pussy and I could smell the sweet aroma in the air it was in absolute bliss her sucking my cock that was about to explode in her mouth.

I said “Ooh God”! “Sis you are making me feel so good.”

As I could feel my creamy liquid being pumped into Jacquee’s mouth swallowing every drop as it went down her throat. I was in a state of shock when she lifted her head licking the last drops from her lips. She then suggested that we drive home to spend the rest of the night together. Jacquee kept her hands on my thigh as we drove and we talked about what had just happened. I was sail in a state of shock and could hardly talk as we drove. Jacquee did most of the talking and I listened.

I then opened the door and lifted the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen and entered into the house with Jacquee in my arms and carried up the stairs to my room placing her gently on the bed.

I then helped her off with the top that she was wearing and she was pulling my pants down to my knees my cock was hard by then and she wasted no time in pulling the jeans that she was wearing off throwing them on the floor. I was shaking with excitement as I lay on the bed next to her and wasted no time tasting the pussy that I had seen at the side of my pool for the last weeks. I then kissed and bit her breasts as I worked my way down her soft body. I touched the lips of her pussy with my lips and herd her give a soft moan as I did this I then pushed my finger into her and moved it at a slow pace back and forth.

Her body was trembling and I could feel her pussy clenching and rippling as the speed of my fingers increased. I love the scent of her womanhood and needed to feed my hunger feed desire for her. As she was about to reach the top of her orgasm I replaced my fingers with my tongue and could feel her hips bucking. We then held each other in a close embrace while I played with her breasts. I then kissed her and she cast one of her wicked smiles.

We lay like this for a long time before she sucked my cock back to a rock hard state. She then straddled my body pushing my cock into her soft pussy. As we fucked I twisted her nipples and raked my fingers over her soft breasts we fucked for what seamed like an eternity with me finally emptying my load of cum into my sisters’ pussy. We fucked twice more before we finally went to sleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning I went down on her pussy bring her to one orgasm after another. We spent the rest of the weekend in bed together and have started to explore each other’s fantasies. The list was varied and without a doubt very, very erotic. Jacquee and I are looking forward to sharing them with you. We appreciate any input.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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