Sis Visits Her Bro

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This is a sequel to an earlier story, “Teasing Sister”, where a 24 year old sister teased her 20 year old brother into an incestual relationship, with the encouragement of her husband.

Although a sequel, this story has been crafted to be complete in itself, readable on its own.

After three years from their incestual awakening, the brother was posted to an overseas job in a foreign country.

In this story, the couple makes plans to visit the brother two years after his posting. Unfortunately, the husband cancels at late notice because of a work contingency.

The sister and brother reconnect after some initial awkwardness. The husband gets his ration of jollies from the sibling’s webcam action.

This story revolves around a small cosy cast universe of three characters. Firstly, Lee, the husband, aged 30, as of the time of this story. His wife, Dee, aged 29. And Jude, her brother, aged 24.

The sex is teasing, sensual and lightly rendered. If you are looking for caterwauling and torrenting sex, this is not for you.


Chapter 1: Lee and Dee

Chapter 2: Bedroom Banter

Chapter 3: Arrival

Chapter 4: Reconnecting

Chapter 5: What The Maid Saw

Chapter 6: Dinner Fun

Chapter 7: A Secluded Beach

Chapter 8: Siblings Times Two

Chapter 9: Webcam

Chapter 10: Parting Is So Hard


Chapter 1

Lee and Dee

Lee is six feet three inches, sculpted on a mass of ninety-seven kilograms. Athletically built. He is average endowed at six and a half inches. Thick girth. On any other man, the girth will appear lewd, but Lee carries it proportionally through. His circumcised shaft on a mown pedestal carries a regal dignified look.

Dee weighs seventy-three kilograms, artfully rendered on her five feet six inches. Her piercing hypnotic blue eyes laser you into tranced submission if you hover within range. Lite buxom best describes Dee’s feminine charms. Curvy contoured hips. Luscious creamy thighs taper down to sylphy tender arcs of calves. Her buttocks are delicious firm orbs. Each orb separately defined, each with an animated life of their own, when they clench and quiver.

Dee has two distinguishing intimate features. She has asymmetrical breasts. Her left breast is a medium-to-small B-cup. Her right, a full D. Each breast has its own distinct identity and personality. The B-cup is pert and subtle as a B is apt to be. The D is fulsome, luscious and assertive. Both are natural in their own renditions and feel.

There is a sensual allure to her asymmetric form that is easy to identify, but hard to define precisely. Imagine a male admirer, a discerning breast connoisseur, beholding both sights, pert and lush, feeling up both pliant forms, relishing the best of both worlds, on the same woman. Double allure.

Dee was initially shy and self-conscious of her asymmetry. She tried to conceal her breasts under loose tops and such. Over time, and from the loving attention and pointed validation of Lee, she has come to appreciate the sensual power of this allure. Once liberated from this self-imposed hang-up, Dee’s sexuality soared with flourish.

Dee has a pronounced full mound. It comes to the fore in its full splendour when she wears a hugging swimsuit, or a camisole leotard. Her inner lips barely peek out between her outer lips. A neat meek mound. When she wears a garment which is tailored to a flaring high-cut vee, her voluptuous mound, pressing into the sheer fabric, is a sight to behold. A tantalising rise of lush labia emerging from a delicious dip of cleft that deepens into the tip of vee. A dizzy contoured wedge of cameltoe. It wreaks havoc in the private imagination of any lucky male who is within range of this visual treat.

Dee’s mound is shaved silken smooth since she discovered Lee prefers it pristine.


Chapter 2

Bedroom Banter

Lee (husband): Hmmm… All set for our trip?

Dee (wife): Huh? Why do you ask?

Lee: I spy a pristine mowned mound.

Dee (jocularly): Hmmm… You are sharp as a rice pudding!

Lee: Slide over. I want a feel of your preparation.

Dee slithers over. He doodles cryptic secret text messages on her silken mons pubis.

Lee: You are a good sis.

Dee (teasingly): I have to give a good impression. Exemplary. I have to live up to lofty expectations as a big sis.

Dee draws his hand away. She closes her creamy thighs a little. She brushes her mound, patting, preening, and then pincers her thumb and forefinger to pinch her slit close. She has a neat mound. Her pouty form conceals her inner substance.

Dee (coyly): Is this showing too much? Or, not nearly enough?

Her husband does not reply. He is all over her. Humping.

Dee (whimpering): Oh brother!


Lee has an unforeseen work contingency. Shit happens. He has to cancel three days before the trip.


Chapter 3


Hong Kong.

Literally, fragrant harbour. Vibrant. Colourful. Teeming. Layers of inscrutable mystique to peel, and ankara escort then some. It opens up your senses as no other place can.

A glorious ten days.

Dee tries to keep her hands from trembling. Her heart pounds. Her mouth, dry. It has been two years since she last saw him. She stares out the stained window of her taxi, as she is being driven to her brother’s apartment.

Two years. The arrow of time. A blink. And yet, so very longingly long.

“Here you are, Miss” the driver drops her in front of her brother’s apartment building.

Dee sighs. She grabs her purse. The driver gets her suitcase. Jude is already at his apartment building main entrance waiting for his big sis. His smile makes her heart melt.

“Jude!” Dee shrieks. She runs to her brother. She wraps her arms around him.

“Whoa! Hey sis!” Dee replies kissing his sister’s forehead.

Dee stares up at him. “I miss you, bro. Bigtime!”

“I miss you too. You are a sight to behold!”

Dee blushes. “So are you.”

Dee cannot stop staring at her sibling. His hair is longer now, mid-brown and his smile, so disarmingly captivating.

“Come in, sis.” He grabs her suitcase in his strong arms.

He closes his apartment door. He leads his sis to the living room. A skylight delivers the sun right into the room. This is the clearest light that Dee has ever seen. She flops down on the couch. She takes a deep breath. Jude sits next to her. He holds her hand.

Dee ascertains the apartment. Jude is doing well. It is spare and simple in the way only the very expensive can be.

“How have you been, sis?”

She opens her eyes. She beams.

“Good! And it just got infinitely better a moment ago.”

“I am sorry that Lee couldn’t come with you.”

Dee places her head on his chest.

She snuggles closer. “Jude, thank you for letting me visit you.”

He cups her face. He makes her look up at him. “I love you, sis.”

He leans down and kisses her lips tentatively, softly, just as he had always done growing up with her. They are innocent kisses. She smiles. Her eyes drift close.

“You look tired, sis. Let me take you to my room. You can take a nap.”

She moans. “Mmmm, thank you.”

He observes that she does not move. He takes the liberty to pick her up in his arms. He carries her to his bedroom. She is light as a feather. He looks at her face. Peaceful and beautiful. He lays her on his king sized bed, watching her hair fall on the bed first. He cannot stop staring at her. The white tight top rides up slightly. Her alluring asymmetrical top of D and B cups. Her black slacks cling tight on her form, pressing every curve to the fore. Is that a pouty cameltoe?

“Phew, sis you are so damn pretty.” He mutters to himself. He leaves her on his bed. She dozes into transcendence in a blink.


Chapter 4


Four hours later.

Dee’s eyes flicker open. It is evening. The light is waning. But, it is the brightest grey light she has ever seen.

She stretches her body on her brother’s big bed. His cologne lingers in the sheets, mingled with his earthy male scents. She rolls on his bed languidly, feeling a luxuriant happiness, full of expectations, although she is not quite sure of what exactly. She cannot help wonder how many women Jude had brought to his home for a nightcap. But, she does not smell anything feminine on this bed. She smells again instinctively. She feels somehow validated.

She gets up. Tosses her hair back in an arc. She smells something cooking in the kitchen. She smiles when she sees her brother busy in the kitchen.

“Mmm, something smells good.”

Jude emits a half-laugh. “Well, I can’t cook that well. But, I hope you will still enjoy.”

She looks at her brother admiringly, if not longingly, then licks her upper lip. “I already like the main dish.”

Dee walks to him and sees he is cooking pasta. “How sweet! My fave!”

She giggles. Nuzzles his cheek. He grabs her and holds her in his arms. “You sleep OK?”

She nods. His body presses against hers. She reaches up to kiss his lips. This time, the kiss is a few seconds longer. Her toes curl.

“So when do we eat?” She asks anxiously.

“Five minutes. You can go freshen up. I will have it served for you.”

She freshens up. The table is set. Piping hot plate of spaghetti. Her mouth waters.

“Oh my goodness! This looks delicious!”

Jude smiles in satisfaction. He pulls out a chair for his sister. “Have a seat. I will be back with the wine and garlic bread.”

As Dee waits, she grabs the Parmesan cheese and sprinkles it over her spaghetti. Jude comes back with a basket of warm garlic bread. And a bottle of red wine. Pinotage. Home away from home. He pours Dee a full glass. He sits down to pour his own. He watches his sister devour her plate.


Dee slurps up a string of spaghetti, staining her pretty lips like a coquettish vamp. “Oh yeah! I am starved. I haven’t had a big appetite in a long time.”

“Glad you are enjoying my craft.”

Suggestively, escort ankara “You give me hunger pangs.”

Jude continues to eat and stare at his sister. He cannot believe how beautiful she is. It seems that she has gotten more beautiful from when he last saw her two years ago.”

After dinner, the siblings head for the living room to watch some TV. Sis snuggles up against bro. They sip the rest of the Pinotage. Jude puts his arms around his sis. Her younger brother, and yet, no longer. He holds her. He strokes her soft hair.

“It is getting late. Why don’t you go shower. And get ready for bed? I have to shower as well.”

“I wish we can take a bath together.” Dee blurts without realising what she has said.

Jude raises a brow. “Uh… well, we haven’t taken a shower together before.”

Dee laughs. “I know. I just don’t want to be alone. Now that I am here. With you. Every moment counts.”

“Listen, go shower, and I will shower after you. I don’t want to use the other bathroom since it only has a tub.”

Dee sighs. “Yeah, OK.”

“Now go on and shower.” Jude teases.”

Hmmm… two years is awhile in spacetime. Dee reckons there is effort she needs to exert to get back to an even keel.


Dee showers. Jude waits outside the bathroom, as promised. He desperately yearns to go in the shower with his sexy sister. Touch her. Kiss her deeply. Make love to her. It is wrong, so wrong, which is why he wants it more than anything.

He paces the hallway as he waits.

In the shower, Dee closes her eyes as the warm water glides off her body. She can still feel her brother’s kiss on her lips. His strong arms crushing her body lovingly. She sees his gorgeous smile. She runs her hands down to her breasts gently pinching her sensitive nipples as she continues to think of her brother.

She begins to remember their incestual awakening five years ago. She, twenty-four. He, twenty. That was eons ago. And yet, the same fleeting tingle is still coursing through her.

By the time she knows it, Dee’s hand is between her legs rubbing on her pussy. She spreads her pussy lips open. She massages her engorged clitoris. She opens her eyes and realises she has been in the shower a wee too long. She finishes rinsing off and heads out.


The door opens. Dee steps out. She has a towel around her body and her head.

“Good shower?”

“Yes! Thank you. Exactly what I need after my epic flight today.”

“OK, my turn now.”

“OK. Thank you again, Jude, for everything.”

“No problem.”

He steps into the bathroom ready for his shower. A feminine scent.


Moments later, Jude is in his bedroom trying to find a decent pair of boxers to wear. Normally, he doesn’t care. But today, he does. He grabs a black silk pair. He slips it on. He then throws on a white t-shirt and goes out to the living room to see his sister.

Dee is in her silky black high-cut camisole. The vee cut flares high above her hips. A faint pencil shading at each side of the vee edge. Is that a sliver of shadow, or wayward wisps of pubis? It is hard to tell. The charm is in never quite knowing.

She almost sings out, “Hey Jude!”.

“I am done with my shower now.”

Dee gets up from the couch. She stretches her body with feline grace. Her taut camisole strains, the tension revealing her every curve. Jude gulps.

“I am really beat. I guess I should get to bed.”

Dee heads to his room. She turns to look at her brother once again. “I am going to bed. You coming or what?”

“I am right behind you, sis.”

Once in her brother’s bedroom, Dee pulls the covers off the bed. She jumps in making herself comfortable. Jude stands and emits a half-laugh.

“Oh come on, it is not everyday that I get to spend the night with you.”

Jude scoffs and climbs into bed with his sister. She lets him have some of the covers. They both get comfy in the bed. Jude turns off the lamp next to him.

The darkness of the room does not frighten Dee. She knows her big little brother is there to protect her. She nestles her body close to his.

Jude wraps his arm around his sister’s waist. Her arse presses against his penis. He moves back slightly to avoid getting an erection.

His sister needs her beauty sleep tonight after her long flight. She is here for ten days. There is time enough.

But, Dee moves close to him again. Her warmth, her smell, sexy body close to him is too much. His warm, strong body feels so good against hers. She turns her head for a brief moment and kisses his lips softly. Jude fights hard to keep his penis from hardening.

“What is that for?”

She giggles. “Goodnight kiss. What else?”

Jude laughs nervously. “I know that. Night, sis.”

They both fall fast asleep in each other’s arms. She dreams brotherly dreams. He, sisterly.


Chapter 5

What The Maid Saw

Jude wakes up the next morning. He unconsciously shifts his body, pressing it tighter against the warm body next to him. He instinctively moves very slowly ankara escort bayan enjoying the small pleasure his penis is feeling. Suddenly, he opens his eyes and realises he is in bed with his sister. He gasps and quickly pulls back. Dee slowly turns over and smiles.

“Well, good morning.”

Jude feels his face turns beet red. His morning wood is throbbing. “M-morning. How did you sleep?”

Dee looks as if she is in a daze. “I slept so good. I haven’t slept that good in a long time!”

“I’m glad, sis. Listen, I have a domestic helper, Ying, who comes in the morning three times a week. She will be here in a while to make us breakfast, and do the housekeeping.”

Dee raises a brow. “Ying? Is she a slutty maid?”

Jude laughs. “No. She is in her fifties, and a very good maid.”

“I see. I am glad you didn’t hire one of those…”

“Sis, you have been watching too many movies that romanticise the East. I would never.”

“Good.” She winks at her brother and gets up.

Jude watches his sister stretch her lovely body. His eyes revisit, parse and devour every beautiful curve she has in those few seconds. Is she putting on a show?

“I am going to wash up.”

“OK, then. I’m going to lay here for a while.”


After her bath, Dee goes to the kitchen following the aroma of home cooked breakfast. She sees Ying in the kitchen cooking.

Jude is both right and wrong about Ying. She indeed looks in her fifties. A compact lite buxom frame. Pretty in a plain sort of pleasant way. Far from the dowdy frumpy image that Dee conjured in her mind.

“Hello, Good Morning!” Dee greets.

Ying blushes. “Good morning! So nice to meet you. Your brother had told me to expect you.”

Dee shakes Ying’s hand. “Nice to meet you too.”

“Everything smells great.”

“Have a seat. I will serve your breakfast.”

Dee takes a seat. She hears footsteps.

“Good morning, Ying.”

“Hello! I just met your lovely sister.”

Jude takes a seat next to Dee. He grabs the newspaper that is on the table.

“Enjoy your breakfast,” Ying announces setting Dee’s plate down.

Dee looks at her plate. A curious mix of dainty Chinese tim sum, scrambled egg, French toast, and a side bowl of fruit. Fine and hearty, eastern and western on the same cuisine palette. A fusion breakfast. Ying pours Dee a glass of juice.

Ying serves Jude his custom coffee and toast. He is not a particularly breakfast person.


After breakfast, Dee completes her unpacking, methodically deconstructing her baggage, setting up this and that. She pauses and admires her velvety lingerie and sleepwear stash, mostly new purchases, with vivid possibilities coursing through her mind. For some inexplicable reason, she decides to try on her new sheer high-cut lounge-around leotard. She never had the opportunity to try it on after her hurried shopping foray, just before her departure for this trip. She looks in the mirror. The jet black contrasts with her creamy white skin prominently. The crotch vee flares high up her hips. The vee gusset is a slender sliver of nominal textile. The sides of her mound are exposed in their silken glory. Dee decides to remain in this garment for awhile because she feels so good in it.

Jude is busy clearing his emails and such on his laptop PC, accumulated from the night before.

Later, Jude and Dee relax on the couch. It faces the open patio, and then Hong Kong harbour in the distance. They hear a door slam shut. That must be Ying leaving because the apartment appears housekept and in renewed cosmic order.

They warm up as they banter, nuzzling, catching up on the two years. The taut tension from yesterday melts away.

Ying pads along the hallway to the living room to inform Jude that she is done for the morning, and that she is going off. As she rounds the hallway into the living room, she sees the siblings chilling on the couch.

Ying is about to make her announcement, and then bites her lip, knowing better. From her perspective angle, she can see them, but they cannot see her. In any case, even if they can, they appear preoccupied with themselves.

Jude is stretched out languidly, in boxers, bare chested, on the couch. Dee, in a casual leotard, is nestled in between his legs, reclined on him like he is a chaise lounger. Dee is nuzzling her brother’s cheeks.

Ying spies Jude drifting his right hand, tentatively at first, then experimentally, to his sister’s crotch. He doodles cryptic hieroglyphics on the sheer fabric of the vee wedge.

The sister writhes a little. The vee snags into her slit. Is that accidental? It looks like one of those impossibly nominal Brazilian thong bikini bottoms. More of her mound is now exposed. A reflective glisten. The brother continues with the doodling motion. Now that the crotch fabric area is reduced, his doodling strays onto the silken margins of mound flesh on each side of the vee fabric. Is that soft rise of flesh he is touching his sister’s outer labia? The whole crotch area appears pouty. Is that her natural form, or she is engorged with excitement?

This intimacy is all very strange. What is happening here? Are they really brother and sister? They must be. Why would anyone who are not siblings, and who are this intimate, claim that they are siblings?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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