Shining Girl Ch. 02

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Many thanks to Mriceman1964 and Firefly for putting up with me and being gracious enough to tell me what they really think of my efforts, and most especially to Ryan K. AKA FCMCSI on the site, who gave me the storyline almost in passing, thank you for your inspiration; without your ideas, I really don’t know where I would have gone with this. I like the ending of this chapter, and what comes next, I hope you do too! Please don’t judge until you’ve read the next part; you know I like cliff-hanger endings, go with it, I hope you’ll think it’s worthwhile!

As always, if you like it, please vote for it, if you don’t, please tell me why; I do answer all feedback, except the loony, scary or just plain weird ones, and if you want to post just nasty comments with no foundation, I’ll delete them, I can do that, it’s allowed…



I was dreaming about Teruko, shopping with her in Tokyo, in one of the boutiques on Shinjuku, and she looked so adorable, not to say hot and desirable in the little skirt and sailor shirt she was wearing, like a fantasy Anime princess, and I had to kiss her, but as I leaned down, she touched my lips with her finger tip, gently stroking my bottom lip.

“Time to go now, Jakku-san, we must go, it getting late!” she smiled, and with that I came fully awake.

“You awake now, my husband?” she grinned, “It early but getting late, we must go soon, must call mummy first, please!”

I shook my head to clear it of the cobwebs of sleep still surrounding it, noting sourly that Teruko was obviously a very early-morning kind of person; how depressing…

She climbed off the bed and retrieved my handset from my trouser pocket, handing it to me.

“Call now, please, must go soon, miss traffic!”

Mum was a little surprised to hear from me so early, immediately panicking and wanting to know what was wrong. I reassured her that nothing was wrong, that I was calling so early because we were coming up for the weekend and Teruko wanted to leave early to avoid the Saturday morning traffic on the M40 motorway out of London. Once mum was calmed down, she wanted to know what had brought this on, and I had to do some nifty footwork to avoid blurting out the real reason for our visit; that I was busy rumping my little sister, and I wanted her blessing, or at least to look the other way…

Instead I told her that Teruko was homesick and missing her, something guaranteed to make her all eager and motherly — God, I’m so manipulative sometimes…

I had a quick shower while Teruko made breakfast, and we sat and ate together before she went to take her own shower. I sat with my cup of coffee, thinking about her, alone in that big scary shower, all naked, and wet, and slippery, and helpless, and needful, and considered whether I should offer to protect her from anything that crawled out of the drain-hole; of course, that meant I had to be in there with her, but sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…

I debated with myself over what I should do; leave her in peace to have a nice invigorating shower, or slide in there and introduce her to Jack junior and his two dangly friends. Decisions, decisions, but eventually the part of me that was currently doing most of my thinking said ‘okay, she’s wet, she’s slippery, she’s got a body made for sin, and she’s obviously in dire need of some inflation from that very handy pump you’ve got there, what are you waiting for, a damsel in distress awaits, fucking get on with it, she’ll be done soon…’

My conscience pricked at this point. What was I doing, she was my little sister, for God’s sake! And that was when the real me chimed in.

“Oh yeah? Really? That didn’t stop you yesterday, all day and half the fucking night! You went at it like a pair of energizer bunnies on Meth, you just kept going, and going, and going, so it’s a little late to be thinking ‘she’s my sister’! Either you want this girl, and let me just remind you of what she looks like naked…there, got that, wasn’t that nice?…in which case get in there and bang her the way she likes it, or strap your cock to your leg, find a Trappist monastery, put on a hair shirt, and shut the fuck up for the rest of your life; make up your fucking mind, Jackie-boy, I think she’s about to go ‘Ding’…!”

Arguing with myself, horny and conflicted, definitely not a good state of mind. In my head I sounded like a screenplay for a Woody Allen film, so I let my instincts make an executive decision about what to do next. They made me drain my cup, check junior was ready to rumble, yep, all working there, and sneak up to the bathroom. Grinning like a circus chimp, all doubts now resolved, or at least cuffed and gagged and shoved in a trunk, I slid silently through the door, dropping my robe on the floor and easing the shower-cubicle door open, basically intending to pounce on her unsuspecting, hot little body, but she was waiting, one eyebrow raised, smiling brightly.

“I wait for you, I want see how long czech gangbang porno it take you to make up mind! Now you here, do back, please, my husband!”

I needed no second invitation, taking the shower gel and pouring a liberal handful on her back, taking my time to rub it into her soft shoulders and sleek, sexy back. I worked my way down, admiring the way the suds ran down her back as the warm water drummed down on both of us, eventually reaching my first target, her spectacular backside. I took my time to massage the gel into her firm springy cheeks, pulling them apart as I gently rubbed her anus with a soapy finger before sliding it into her. Teruko giggled and pushed back against me, arching her back to make her jutting breasts even more prominent.

I pulled my finger out of her and slid my hands up her ribcage to enfold her magnificent tits, feeling the nipples turn to pebbles under my fingers. Oh yes, she was into this alright! (and by the way and just to clarify things; some girls have breasts, some girls have boobs, and then some, a few, a lucky, lucky few, have tits; magnificent, malleable, made-to-manhandle tits; Teruko was very definitely in the third category…)

She turned around to face me, wrapping one leg around me, which made the tip of my erect cock brush her pussy lips. A grin played on her lips as she rubbed her slit lightly along my cock head, watching the sweet agony building in my eyes. I held her tightly by her waist, and pushed back against her, the tip of my cock only just parting her lips and wringing a sighing groan from her.

“Down, please Jakku-san, please to kneel down…!” she gasped, and I obliged, sinking to my knees, my cock standing loud and proud as it jutted up, purple and swollen, ready for her.

Now Teruko straddled me, slowly sinking down to take hold of me and guide me between her labia, then suddenly dropping down, impaling herself on me, drawing a loud gasp from both of us. I held her by her sides as she leaned up over me, her hands stroking and caressing my face as we kissed like demons, wild, savage kisses, our lips pressed together in a tight seal as our tongues fenced and wove around inside each other’s mouth. All the while, Teruko humped and ground herself on me, her pussy rhythmically clasping and releasing my cock as she hammered herself onto me. The delicious squeeze and release sensation was driving me mad with lust, all I wanted was to hear her scream in orgasm as I pummelled her pussy into submission and filled it to the brim with my spunk. She seemed to have the same objective in mind, and so we hammered and pumped against each other, slamming our sexes together, fucking like two jungle animals, lust and desire bursting out of every pore. At some point we ended up on the floor of the shower with me on top of her, slamming my cock into her as hard as I could while she humped her pussy against me with equal vigour.

She came with a scream of release, her pussy clamping down on my aching cock as she shuddered and trembled against me, obviously having an epic, monumental orgasm, which was all I needed to blow my stack. My cock lurched as spunk roared out of me in an unstoppable jet, hosing into her, the feeling so intense I blanked everything except the feeling of being inside her as I came, and the incredible tightness of her pussy clamped around me, milking my pulsating cock.

Teruko slumped down as I collapsed on top of her, her heart hammering in time with mine, her chest heaving as she slowly recovered. Her pussy fluttered and clenched around my still-hard cock as mini-orgasms and aftershocks flared inside her, finally dissipating to leave her limp and sated underneath me while the warm water sprayed us both.

Finally she leaned up and kissed me once, very tenderly, a thank-you kiss.

“That so good, Jakku-san, but now we are late! I like you make me late like this!” she grinned cheekily, kissing me once more on the tip of my nose, and slowly, slightly unsteadily, getting to her feet to wait for me. I stood up, a little creakily; that orgasm had wrung me out like a dishrag, and I leaned back to let the needle spray wake me up a little. Teruko stroked my face with her fingertips.

“Poor Jakku-san, so tired, I help you!”

I should have heard a warning note in her voice, because she stepped out of the cubicle and turned the thermostat all the way down. I yelled as a blast of icy water hit me square in the chest; that woke me up in a hurry!

Choking and spluttering, I finally managed to find and hit the button to shut off that barrage of frigid water, my pale, sunshine-deprived body a distinct shade of blue, not quite Smurf-like, but definitely on the way there.

Teruko stepped back into the cubicle with a large bath sheet to wrap around my shivering pale blue wreck of a body.

“Jakku-san awake now? Cold water after hot shower very good for you, you very awake now! Why you funny colour?”

All the while she was talking, she was towelling me, trying czech harem porno to hide a grin while she dried me off, gradually restoring feeling as my nerve-endings woke up again after going into some sort of thermal shock. I promised myself a fitting revenge for that, although I couldn’t work out what; anything I could think of doing to her she was liable to come back and ask for more, with extra ketchup…

When she’d finished, she kissed me lightly on the lips, her lovely tight body moulding itself to mine, and I instantly forgave her; hell, with a body like that I’d forgive her if she was a mass-murdering, cat-torturing, nun-poisoner, or even collected Barry Manilow records…

The drive home to Shrewsbury was pretty uneventful; even with the interlude in the shower we still managed to get across London and on to the M40 in good time and with relatively little stress, Teruko gawping like a tourist as we drove along the Embankment, past the Houses of Parliament acros the river on the north bank, excitedly pointing out the Elizabeth Tower that houses Big Ben, and the giant arc of the London Eye. We made good time home, mainly because I’d flatly refused to let her drive; Teruko drives like a Messerschmitt pilot during the Battle of Britain, eyes narrowed and eyebrows knitted, her knuckles white on the wheel, and I wanted to arrive home alive and in one piece, in that order.

Mum was all over Teruko, a quick peck and a “Hello Darling!” for me, but the full production number for Teruko; you’d have thought she’d been off pioneering in the waste spaces of the world for years on end, not 150 miles away for a few months! Eventually all the ‘Oh my baby, I missed you so much, I’m so glad you came home, come and tell me all about London’ etc. abated, leaving me feeling more than a little guilty over what we were here to tell her.

Senshi the dog was just as manic, almost bowling Teruko over in his eagerness to lick her face; believe me, I knew how he felt…

Mum had made breakfast, the full English, so we tucked-in, and I have to say, having brekkie made by your mum is one of the little things that makes life worth living. While we ate, we chatted about life, university, classes, my job, small talk, but I could see mum picking-up on an undercurrent; all her ‘Okay,what have you done now, Jack?’ instincts were twitching, so, after clearing up and putting all the dishes in the dishwasher, we joined her in the sitting room.

She waited until we’d made ourselves comfortable, Teruko sitting next to me, which was her usual place whenever I was home for a visit, with mum in her favourite chair opposite us, looking at us quizzically.

“Okay, darlings, it was sweet of you to come home and see me, I’ve missed you both terribly, and even Senshi’s been moping around, so tell me; what brought this on?”

Teruko and I exchanged glances, and she moved a little closer to me on the couch, her fingers twining in mine. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow with mum; it was how she usually sat with me, but this time mum picked-up on something different.

“All right, Jack, what’s going on?” she asked, her eyes flicking from me to Teruko, and back to me.

I swallowed; this was it. Teruko smiled at me and nodded, so I cleared my throat and began.

“Mum, we, I have something to tell you. There’s this girl, she’s beautiful, smart, everything I want, and I’m in love with her, and I sort of asked her to…marry me…and she said yes…”

Mum leaned back in her chair, one eyebrow raised.

“Well, carry on, just exactly who is this girl?” she asked, and I lifted our joined hands and kissed Teruko’s hand.

“Mum, Teruko and I, we sort of…found each other, and I love her, I think I always have, and she loves me, and we want to get married one day and start a family. Say something, please!”

Mum leaned forward, her eyes narrowed.

“I see. Teruko, go to your room, please, I want to speak to your brother in private!”

Teruko stood up, suddenly looking apprehensive, my squeeze of her hand not cancelling out the raised eyebrow from mum, or the expression on her face.

“I wait for you call me, Jakku-san!” she smiled, her bottom lip trembling slightly. Mum watched her leave the room and climb the stairs, Senshi bounding ahead of her, and then rounded on me.

“So mister, do you mean to tell me that while your sister was living with you, supposedly being looked after by you, what you were actually doing was…was…I don’t even want to think about what you were doing! I expected better of her, and I certainly expected better of you, John Cameron, although God knows why. First and foremost, she’s your sister, which in my day actually meant something! Secondly, it’s illegal, or were you so busy yanking your pants off that it never occurred to you wonder whether or not incest is against the law? Jack, she’s your little sister, are you out of your bloody mind?”

That put me on the defensive right away.

“Look mum, this czech sharking porno is something we both want, and it just…happened, it was meant to be, that’s how we feel!”

My mother snorted derisively.

“Jack, she’s only eighteen, she’s still a child, how can she know what she wants? And you, you’re a grown man, you should have had enough restraint to walk away, not just stand there and unzip! I really expected better of you, I really thought you’d matured; apparently I was wrong! You were supposed to take care of your sister, not seduce her! You’ve disappointed me deeply, Jack; you went to a place you’re supposed to avoid at all costs, for some very good reasons, and you took your sister there with you. Do you know how angry that makes me? You brought her here to England to keep her safe, we made her part of our family, and now you go and do this? I’m ashamed of you, Jack, you should have known better, you’re bloody well old enough to know better!”

A movement caught my eye, and mum turned her to look where I was looking, to see Teruko standing in the doorway, tears running down her cheeks.

“Please do not be angry with Jakku-san, haha, and do not be angry with me; I love Jakku-san, he love me, we are together now, for always. This is what we want, please, do not hate us, haha!”

Mum turned away from her, her mouth twisting.

“Baby, you’re not old enough yet to know what you want!”

Teruko shook her head, tears glittering on her eyelashes.

“Mummy, I have always known, and I am old enough to know this now!”

Mum looked closely at her, her eyes flinty.

“Baby, are you sure about this? Is this really what you want?”

Teruko nodded, her eyes shining.

love him and I want to be with him, please do not hate me, mummy!”

Mum’s expression softened, and she beckoned her closer, to hold her close and murmur in her ear “Since you came to me, you have been my beloved daughter; I will never hate you!”

Mum hugged her for a few more seconds, then held her away to look in her in the directly in the eye.

“Baby, you’re still only a young girl, please think about this…”

Teruko looked back steadily, and kissed her once on the cheek.

“Please mummy, this is what I want.” She whispered

Mum looked squarely at me.

“If this is what you want, and you both say you know what you’re doing, all I can do is remind you of what I just said; Teruko’s your sister, Jack, not some girl you met at a party, she’s your flesh and blood! But I can see that whatever I say, nothing is going to change your minds, so I’ll only say one more thing; she’s my little girl, don’t you dare hurt her, Jack Cameron, do you hear me?”

I nodded, and then I noticed the tears glimmering in the corners of her eyes. Teruko saw them too, and reached up to wipe them away, kissing her once on the cheek.

“Do not cry, haha, I will look after Jack! Your children will always be here, I promise!”

Mum smiled, and kissed her back, then stood up and hugged me.

“I suppose congratulations are in order, after all, you just got formally engaged!” She smiled sadly as she said it, and a great weight seemed to lift off my heart as she did; she’d accepted it, fighting it all the way, but she’d accepted us! She looked narrowly at me.

“One thing, though, don’t let it go to your heads, both of you; while you’re here I’ll have no bed-hopping, do you understand? You may or may not be shacked-up in London, over here you’re still brother and sister, at least for now, remember that, and try and not let your urges get the better of you!”

She hugged Teruko one more time then left the room, trailing her hand over my shoulder as she left, tapping once, lightly, with her finger as her hand brushed my shoulder, a code to follow her, so I did, while Teruko opened the French doors and followed Senshi out into the garden.

Mum led me to her room, sitting me down on the bed while she rummaged in the bottom of her closet, eventually pulling out a beautifully lacquered Japanese casket. She opened and tipped it out, jewellery cascading out onto the bed.

“These were my mother’s, things I bought, things your father gave me. One day it would have all gone to you, or Teruko I suppose, so pick a piece, pick out something suitable for me to give your fiancée on the day of her engagement!”

I looked through all the conventional rings and bracelets, chains and pendants, and then a piece caught my eye; a beautiful, exquisitely carved milky jade pendant of two rats manhandling an egg; the carving was breathtaking in a piece no bigger than the end of my thumb, the feeling of antiquity radiating off it in waves. Mum smiled as I picked it up, admiring the quality and detail of the carving. “Well done, you picked a lovely piece, Edo period, the man at the British Museum dated it to about 1760, one of my favourites, and appropriate; rats are symbols of prosperity and increase in Japan, Teruko will appreciate that. Your father gave it to me when I left Japan with you, so it’s only right I give it to her.”

I looked closely at her.

“I’m sorry we sprung this on you like this, mum, honestly; I thought by now you’d be loading the shotgun, or at least booting me out the front door, but you’ve got me picking out bride-pieces! What am I missing here?”

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