Sharing My Son with My Girlfriend

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When I noticed that a very attractive young redhead had moved into our condominium complex, I suggested to my son that he go introduce himself. “There’s no sense hanging around here, moping after Brooke and feeling sorry for yourself,” I told Daniel. “She’s engaged. You need to get over it and move on. Our new neighbor looks to be a few years older than you, but you’re a handsome young man, so maybe she won’t care about the age difference.”

I didn’t like seeing Daniel so forlorn but he had really thought Brooke Harper was “the one”. A very attractive brunette from a good family, she had my son wrapped around her little finger. The problem was that Brooke only wanted Daniel for a good time and when she’d had enough of him, he was cast aside like an old dishrag. My son is a soft touch and he was further devastated when Brooke announced her engagement to the son of a very prominent local family. Brooke wasn’t above flashing her fancy engagement ring in front of their mutual friends, knowing it would get back to him. Daniel was crushed because he’d planned a future with Brooke and he couldn’t seem to get past it.

Not that his mom was doing much better in the romance department. Poor Karen, divorced and single again at 41. I had no choice about the divorce — my husband was / is a cheating schmuck and in bed, a dud. It remains a mystery to me now as to why I married Paul in the first place. He was good looking enough and had some money, but there were better men out there that I could easily have married. I’m almost as attractive as Brooke and have kept all my “assets” and I recently returned to brunette from years as a blonde. Daniel mentioned to me that he likes me a lot better this way.

Daniel finally got out of his self-induced funk and went next door to say hello to our new neighbor. I suggested he ask her out for coffee and welcome her to the building. I don’t think he was even gone for 15 minutes when he came back with the most dejected look on his face.

“Her name is Simone, mom and she seems nice enough,” he told me as he flopped in his favorite arm chair and looked up at me. “She told me no thank you and thanked me for the offer. I get a weird vibe from her, mom. I’m not too sure she likes men.”

Why do so many men assume that if a woman rejects them, that they’re lesbians? At times, Daniel is very much his father’s son. I told him that he was being ridiculous and I’d invite her to coffee the next afternoon while he was hanging out with some of his friends. Perhaps I could sell young Simone on the merits of my son. After all, who knew him better than I did? He’d been my sole ally since divorcing his father; his younger sister had chosen to stay with her father.

I made my way over to Simone’s home the next day, hoping to convince her that Daniel wouldn’t be such a bad choice for a boyfriend. Frankly, I thought my son needed to get laid. I know that it might seem odd, a mom thinking that about her own kid, but I thought it would do him a world of good. A good screwing can snap most of us out of a rotten funk and Daniel was firmly entrenched in his.

Simone seemed quite please to see me. Up close, she was even prettier than I had thought, adorable, actually. On closer inspection, she wasn’t a true redhead, but a curly-haired; strawberry-blonde who was wearing a pair of tight white shorts and white heels, with a pink top that was knotted underneath what seemed to be lovely breasts. She had very lovely blue eyes and a naughty little smile. I was fairly certain that if I could convince her to give my son a tumble, she would show him a great time in bed.

“My son came over to introduce himself yesterday, I thought I should do likewise,” I said to her. “He was right about one thing, you’re very attractive.”

“Thank you,” Simone said to me in her soft, husky voice. “He seemed — nice.”

The odd way she said it made my pry a little. “He would have liked to ask you out but he said you didn’t appear interested. That perhaps you didn’t like men?”

“They’re okay, I suppose,” Simone shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me. “I’m not a lesbian, if that is türkçe alt yazı porno what you’re asking. I date men on occasion, although I prefer the company of women. We’re better in bed. I usually have sex with men while having threesomes.”

I had to admire Simone’s candor, it was quite refreshing for someone her age. She also wasn’t at all self-conscious about her body as she sat on the couch and crossed her legs; she made sure that I got a good look at her.

“You must know what I mean,” Simone continued as I sat across from her. I wasn’t quite sure just what she meant by that and told her so. “Sex with women,” she elaborated. “You must be aware that it’s better with your own than it is with men.”

I looked at her with a stunned expression and told her that I’d never experienced sex with another woman. Here expression was equally shocked. “I can’t believe it,” she said to me. “I got the vibe that you were a lesbian or bi, like me. I’m almost never wrong about these things. I hope that I haven’t offended you, Karen.”

“No, I’m not offended,” I answered her. “I just have never been with a woman. I was married at a young age and Paul — that’s my ex — would have freaked if I ever suggested a threesome. He was very conventional about such matters.”

“Would you have been willing if he had suggested it?” Simone smiled and leaned forward a bit, displaying her lovely cleavage.

“When I was your age, probably,” I told her. “You should be willing to live a little when you’re young and then you don’t have any regrets later on. Oh well, there’s no use worrying about it now.”

“Would you like to have a threesome today?” Simone leaned close and placed her hand on my knee. “Minus the man, that is.”

I was taken aback and felt a rush of terror coming over me. I pushed it away. I could simply have said no and that would assuredly have been the end of it. Simone was only flirting with me and she was just testing the waters. I surprised even myself by nodding “yes”.

Simone grinned at me and stood up. She took my hand and I thought she was going to lead me into her bedroom. Instead, she pressed my hand gently to her cheek and then, she pressed her lips to my hand and kissed it. I felt a chill go through me and I shivered as she moved closer and pressed her lips to my own. Not even in high school had I dared kiss another girl. Now I wished that I had because kissing her was unbelievable and erotic.

I tried to remember all the wonders of an erotic kiss, all the subtle nuances and the little things a girl likes to do to convey her interest. I must have been doing something right because Simone said “nice” as our lips parted and her fingers grazed my cheek again. Her cobalt blue eyes looked into mine and this time, she did lead me to the bedroom.

As Simone wasn’t wearing a lot, it didn’t take her long to strip out of her clothes. I didn’t hide my fascination with her incredible young body. I take care of myself and yet, I felt inadequate in front of Simone. The look in the pretty girl’s eyes told me that I was being ridiculous; she wanted me and was almost impatient for me to remove my skirt and blouse. She frowned a bit when she saw my underwear. “You’re a gorgeous, hot brunette, Karen,” she said to me. “You should be wearing lingerie that reflects that, skimpy bras and thongs. We’ll have to go shopping.”

I shook my head. “Never mind the added expense, who would I wear it for?”

“Me gorgeous, you’d wear it for me,” Simone breathed. “We won’t have to worry about the cost, my family has money. They pay just to keep me out of their hair. Come over here, let’s get to what we came in here to do.”

I was more scared of this than anything in my life, despite the intense yearnings I was feeling. I didn’t know what my desires for a young woman almost old enough to be my daughter meant. Nonetheless, when Simone started to kiss me in earnest, I felt myself melting and leaning closer and wanting more. I was accepting my newfound feelings and going along with them. I kissed her back and I didn’t flinch when she touched my breasts. türkçe ifşa porno I loved the feeling of her lips sucking my nipples and could feel the heat all the way down to my pussy.

“God Karen, your skin is like silk, you’re smoking hot,” Simone said to me. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous young thing was saying this to me when she was quite possibly the prettiest little pink cupcake I had ever seen. Still, she kissed and touched me everywhere she wanted and I didn’t stop her. Whatever she wanted, she could have. I was already a slave to her desires.

Simone made wonderful love to me. She kissed my face and my ears and she touched my breasts and my stomach, she worked her way down with her face and her talented, soft hands. I was on fire by this point and I’m not sure what I was saying, I was likely babbling incoherently. Sex had been off the table for a long time and sex this good, even longer. When she started kissing between my thighs, I went off like a rocket. No one had ever given me oral sex like this. I was transported to a whole new universe.

Her tongue swept into my pussy and she made quite the little show of eating me. I felt myself cumming and gasping out lurid suggestions while she dug in deep with her mouth. What a nasty little thing she was and boy, didn’t I love it!

“I think it’s safe to say you’re bi,” Simone giggled as she came to rest alongside me for a minute. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

“God, how could I NOT?!” I was still breathing hard. “No one has ever done things like that to me. God, I think my toes even curled.”

“When you are ready, you can try to do some of the same things to me,” Simone suggested. “Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, I’ll be here to guide you.”

I was justifiably nervous about what to do with my new lover. With her youth and vitality, I knew I would come up short, although that didn’t seem to be a concern of hers. I was finally able to summon up enough courage to begin exploring her. Simone let me know with whispers and sighs that I was doing okay. Those sighs got louder and turned to moans. I was pleasing her! I think at that moment, I was the proudest of that of almost any accomplishment.

The two of us twisted around each other, our legs entwined as we rubbed tits and pussies. I had never in my life been so wet or so aroused. I clenched her gorgeous ass as we hunched together and we simply could not seem to stop kissing. I loved her gorgeous tits and they were so soft to the touch and I loved the way they bounced. This strawberry-blonde vixen had me caught up in entirely new sensations and I welcomed each and every one of them. My nervousness had vanished to be replaced by lust.

The two of us rolled around in her bed for hours and she showed me a lot about Sapphic love. It can be a lot hotter than it looks in adult videos. It can also be much more tender. When I needed cock, she put on a strap-on and fucked me within an inch of my life. I had no idea how someone so young had become so wise in the ways of lesbian sex.

If I thought this was going to be a one-afternoon event, Simone soon abused me of that notion. “We’re going to make you into a new woman, one who is a bit of a slut,” she teased. “You’re going to have the world at your feet, you’re far too fucking hot to be leading a sedentary life.”

I couldn’t believe this pretty young thing found me appealing, yet she kept on telling me that she did. Whenever she found a spare moment, her bed was warmed and waiting for me. My work colleagues wondered what was causing my perpetual smile. I got compliments from the guys (and some of the gals) at the office for the new and flirty way in which I was dressing and acting. Oh yes, Karen felt like a new woman and it was all because of a pretty young girl and the time I was spending with my face in her juicy little cunt.

I should have known something would screw it up. We got cocky and that made us careless.

Simone’s place was being sprayed one afternoon, they found a hornet’s nest around her bedroom window. She was told to stay out of the room for about vivid porno half of the day. Instead of giving up our sex play for one afternoon, I invited her over to my place. We were rolling around the couch, half-undressed, when Daniel walked in the door. The look on his face is impossible to describe, so I won’t try.

He shook his head. “Now I know why Simone wasn’t interested in me, but holy fuck, my mother likes girls,” he said in disbelief. “Is this a new thing or is this why things didn’t work out with my father?”

“You know why things didn’t work out with your father,” I answered testily. “He was a cheater and he was dull and uninterested in changing. Not that my sex life is any of your business, just as yours isn’t really any of mine.”

“Hey, calm down the two of you,” Simone said. She had made no attempt to cover herself. “We’re all of us adults. I know how we can cut the tension. I told you I like men when I’m involved in a threesome. Daniel, if you’d still like to fuck me, why don’t you get naked and do just that while I eat out your mom?”

I reacted in horror and the look on Daniel’s face was equally shocked. “You want us to have sex while you’re having sex with my mother?!” He gasped. “Are you out of your mind?”

“Not at all,” my pretty young girlfriend smiled. “I believe that whatever people want to do in bed is between them, so long as they are all consenting adults. You know you’d love to fuck me and I can see you’ve got a hard-on. So don’t worry about any of the implications Daniel, if you want to fuck me, here’s your chance. This offer does have an expiry limit,” Simone told him as she turned to face me.

“What makes you think I’ll go along with this?” I sputtered.

“I think you’ll do it because underneath your sweet, motherly façade there lurked a very horny, bi-sexual slut,” Simone teased me. “Look at how fast you fell into bed with me, a girl only a few years older than Daniel. You crave kinky and you need it in your life. I’ll bet if I encouraged Daniel to fuck you, you’d let him do it. Just go along with it bitch, we’ll all be the better for it,” she said to me.

I felt my heart sink because I knew she was right. I was a very evil and foul-minded whore who craved the lurid and depraved. I dropped the remainder of my clothes to the ground and saw Daniel gasp. Since “dating” Simone, I had been working out a bit and tanning nude. Daniel tried to hide his reaction, but his Mom was still a hot bitch and I knew it. I felt my sexy young girlfriend position herself between my thighs and when she started licking me, my eyes closed. I had no idea what was going to happen next, I just went along with it.

I found out what would happen next when I felt the added weight. I guess Daniel had a bit of my kinky genetics in him as well and had decided this might be his only chance to fuck Simone. When I felt the additional motions, I allowed myself a smug little smile. I could feel Simone’s reaction from the way her tongue was dancing on my pussy and clit. I bet she wished she’d allowed Daniel to fuck her a lot sooner than this. He was like a machine, my son was. Daniel was fucking her hard, almost as if he was taking some of his anger out over being rejected by showing Simone what she had missed out on. I think she knew by now.

I saw that Daniel was about to cum and let Simone know. She moved herself from between my thighs and let Daniel’s cock slide from out of her cunt. She pulled me close and as my Daniel came, we both shared his spunk. It was the nastiest thing I had ever done in my life until that point and it was a total thrill.

It didn’t end there. We sucked and licked Daniel until we got him hard again and then Mommy got on top of her son and fucked him while he ate Simone’s fiery little patch. She and I were kissing and acting like giddy schoolgirls while all of this was going on. I thanked whatever Gods there were that this kinky little slut had moved in next door to us.

I think that held true for all of us. Simone had now wised up to my son’s good points and after that, they did start to date. It also sparked a relationship between my son and I. Whenever I need a cock, his is available to me. Until I find an interesting man, why settle? I have a stiff-cocked young man and a hot-as-hell young girlfriend to satiate my desires. So far, no jealousy has cropped up between the three of us. It’s been smooth sailing all along.

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