Shanti – A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 04

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I am Ratan and in first person narrating this piece after the sex began with Shanti, woke up when the dry grass mattress jiggled a bit. I looked up and there was Shanti in all her glory. She wore nothing but a pair of gold bracelets and a thin silver thread that clung to her cunt deliciously and made my mouth water before I was even fully awake.

Her tits were bare and looked down at me just asking to be sucked. Now that I could see them up close and unclothed, I realized how big they really were.

Shanti’s tits were enormous–but they were plenty firm and shapely. As a matter of fact, I’d never seen tits that big that didn’t droop or sag–they were perfect!

I kept staring at her tits, unable to comprehend what was happening.

I was about to get fucked by this sister of the other who drained me a few hours ago and again this moony night, when my cock was still aching from fucking Chitra.

I was worn out, but I felt my cock stirring as Shanti climbed onto the grassy matted bed on the terrace floor, getting to her knees and inching toward me. “Hey, Ratan,” she whispered, snuggling under the dry grass sieves and pressing her near-nude body against mine.

She rubbed her tits onto my chest. I could feel that her nipples were already hard and erect. She began stroking my belly as she kissed me. “How you feeling? Was she good, she did not clean herself since morning, nearly 13 hours – you must have enjoyed the dirty Iyerish Chitra?” she asked when she eased her tongue out of my mouth.

I grinned, putting my arms around her and reaching down to cup my fingers around her ass.

“She was great, vixen and an athlete to the core and drained me completely m really tired,” I told her. “But plenty horny.”

She smiled and put her face against my chest, moving her hand down from my belly to my cock. My prick was only half-hard. Butas Shanti wrapped her fingers around it, my shaft began to swell again, blood rushing into it.

“Mmmm,” she sighed. “Funny thing, I feel the same way.” She wiggled her hips a little. “But if you’re tired, then we’ll have to be gentle on you … unless you don’t want me to be.”

I rubbed my fingers over Shanti’s ass. I realized that the silver thread were damp the whole way across her buttocks-but it didn’t feel like pussy-juice or sweat. I realized as I suggestively pinched her buttocks that it was massage oil—the same kind that Chitra had used. Suddenly, a powerful wave ofarousal went through me. Shanti had just finished getting butt-fucked by me last night, and now she was going to get it again, the thought really turned me on. She was more of a slut than I could believe.

Not only that, but Chitra was far more sexually a slut than I imagined.

“The question is, should I be gentle on you,” I teased,sliding my hand into her underpants. Shanti gasped as I touchedher asshole. It was lubed and waiting!

“Oh,” groaned Shanti as I penetrated her asshole with two fingers. It felt tight–almost as tight as Chitra’s–but somehow relaxed and open for me. Shanti shoved her tits against my body, biting my neck gently as I entered her back door with my two fingers at once. She was indeed well-greased and able to take the fingers up her ass with no problem.

She said, “Don’t be gentle if you’re going to do that. I want you to fuck me up the ass good and hard …”

I nodded and propped Shanti’s body up a little as I kept banging her up the ass. I rolled her just far enough on to one side so that I could get at her luscious titties.

I closed my lips around one of her erect nipples, amazed at how big and hard it was. She really had enormous tits. They were firm and responsive. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit it very gently, flicking my tongue over it, as I did that, I finger- fucked her harder up the ass. I kept sucking on Shanti’s nipple as she shoved her ass back and forth into my grasp.

“Oh … that feels so good … up the butt … up my butt …how did you know–Chitra must have told you about me.”

I lifted my mouth from Shanti’s tits, staring at her a little surprised. Shanti looked a little embarrassed. She stared into my face for a second, then buried hers in my neck. “What do you mean?” I asked.

Shanti could hardly talk–she seemed overwhelmed by the feeling of my two fingers up her ass. She loved getting it in the behind.

“I mean Chitra must have told you what an ass–slut I am. I’m just … I can’t control myself–Oh!” I thrust harder into Shanti’s ass and her cheeks flexed around my fingers. “I’m just a slut when it comes to my asshole. I’ll let any man fuck me up the butt. As a matter of fact, I like it–I really like it. Oh that feels so good …”

Shanti’s whole body was hot. Gripping my shoulders tightly, she moved over and got on top of me, moving slowly so I could keep my hand up her ass. She spread her legs wide, lifting herself up to grind her hips and coax me into shoving harder and faster up her butt.

“Nice,” she said, surrendering as she nuzzled canlı bahis my face. “I can’t help it … I can’t help it. I’m just bad–I’m anally fixated … Oh, please do me up the ass, Ratan … please? Will you?”

I slid my finger out of Shanti’s rear. She gasped as I did.

I took hold of her panties and pulled them off her cheeks, sliding them down her legs. Shanti lifted her legs and let me pull off the panties, and then she let me ease her onto her side. She curled up on the bed, pushing her ass back with her legs slightly spread so that the smooth cheeks were presented to me. I tucked myself up behind Shanti, taking hold of her hips. I snuggled my long shaft into the cleft between her smooth ass cheeks, feeling her juicy, willing hole. I held on tight to her as I pressed in. The thick head of my prick spread Shanti’s tight hole and I thrust slowly and firmly, Shanti’s cheeks parting to accept my long rod.

She whimpered and kept saying, “Oh, oh God,” as I penetrated her. Her tight, greased hole gripped my shaft, sucking it up as I went in. I brought her body back until her cheeks pressed firmly against my lower belly–and then I knew that my cock was up her butt all the way.

Shanti bit her lips to try to keep from screaming. I reached around her body, releasing her hips now that I was in, and began to stroke her enormous tits.

“Butt-fuck me,” Shanti whispered, wedging her buttocks down around my cock. Her asshole felt ideal, tight but yielding, gripping me hungrily as I plunged into her again and again. I was already picking up speed. My cock ached from the effort, but I knew I’d cum any second at the insistence of this tight hole. The swollen head of my prick bounced against Shanti’s flesh and I knew I was hitting her g-spot. She whimpered every time my cock reached its deepest point inside her–just like Chitra had done. I realized with a thrill that I’d found a new way to make women cum–fuck them up the ass with deep, long strokes. That turned me on even more, because I knew Shanti was about to climax.

“Oh, Ratan, you’re hitting my g-spot … it’s gonna make me cum … just keep fucking me like that … oh yeah …”

I pounded my cock up Shanti’s cheeks rhythmically, grunting as I went into her. Meanwhile, I played with her tits, pinching the nipples and fondling her breasts. They felt great in my hands and I groped them as I entered Shanti’s back door over and over again, ramming into her and groaning as I got ready to cum.

“Oh Ratan–fuck me–I’m cumming–oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!”

Shanti’s whole body shuddered as I put my cock into her. I felt her asshole contracting and her nipples jiggling as she took me up her butt and came wildly, throwing her head back and forth.She moaned loudly, panting and growling as her orgasm exploded within her. It seemed to go like waves through her naked form and I could feel her jerking from ass to head to toe as I fucked her.

Then I knew I was going to cum, the increased tightness of Shanti’s asshole as she flexed it in orgasm made my cock swell with pleasure. I groaned as I felt the thick stream of cum shooting out of my swollen cock, spewing into Shanti’s tight hole. She sucked it up, taking all of my cum into her.

As she finished cumming, Shanti just let me slide into her again and again.

I fucked her a few more thrusts, until my cock became flaccid, then I relaxed, my rodstill tucked between her cheeks.

We just lay there for a while as I fondled Shanti’s tits. She sighed and rubbed her butt against my body, jerking my tightly- gripped cock up and down. It was extra sensitive now that it was soft, and I moaned as she moved her buttocks. I had to say, I didn’t feel the least bit tired then. I hadbeen quite intent on getting in Shanti’s back door, but now my cock was interested in her front door. I slid my hand slowly down Shanti’s body, parting her legs gently as I reached in betweenthem. Shanti whimpered and squirmed as I set my hand with outstretched fingers on her long pussy slit. She gasped when I pressed my thumb quite firmly against her clit, jerking it up and down and my cock began to throb anew.

I satisfied myself by extending two fingers and pressing them in to Shanti’s cunt. She took a sharp breath and thrust her head back, whimpering. She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs further, so that I could better get into her bushy pubic mound.

“That feels good, too,” she whispered. “I like to be fucked there, too. Not just up my butt.”

I nodded as I climbed to my knees and got between her thighs, which she spread wide to give me a flawless beaver shot. I teased her swollen cunt lips apart with two fingers and then slid anothertwo into her, finger-fucking her with perfect rhythm. Shanti rubbed her ass against the sheets, clenching her cunt muscles the way she’d done with her ass. She stared up at me, her eyes wide with ecstasy, pleading with me to fuck her.

I wanted to see her cum first and give my cock a little time to work itself up. And I bahis siteleri was dying to finger Shanti until she climaxed the way Chitra had in the night earlier. She whimpered and bit her lip as she bounced on the bed. Her huge tits were jiggling. Every movement of my fingers she matched with her whole body, working her cunt up and down around my hand. She bit harder on her lip as she got ready to cum, then opened her mouth wide and let out a yell of joy.

“Fuck me,” she begged. “I’m gonna cum!”

I shook my head. “I want to see you cum first,” I said.

“That’ll be damn easy, stud man … oh, oh–oh yes!”

Shanti gasped as I picked up speed inside her cunt. I shoved my fingers rapidly into her, stretching her pussy opening. It was much tighter than her asshole–I figured it had been fucked far less often. I felt my cock throbbing some more, getting bigger slowly as I pounded my fingers into her cunt.

“Oh, yeah–oh, yeah!” Shanti’s eyes and mouth were wide open.

Her tongue traveled around her lips, licking them sensuously as she felt my fingers sliding deep into her wet flesh. She jerked her body against me, her thrusts working opposite to mine, so thatmy fingers plunged firmly into her cunt each time. She reached up and put her hands on her tits, squeezing them as she got closer to her orgasm. I could see by the look in her eyes that she was on the brink, ready to cum. But I was taking my time, enjoying the sight of Shanti’s nude body quivering in delight as I finger-fucked her.

Shanti’s fingers closed tightly on her breasts, gripping them as she arched her back. She shoved her hips forward, catching each finger-fuck. She was ready to cum! This night was kinkier than I thought. She tugged at her breasts as I fingered her, puffing the firm mounds of flesh up She maneuvered her nipple until it pointed right at her mouth, then thrust her head down until she could close her lips around the firm pink bud. Shanti’s tits were so big that her nipples fit nicely into her own mouth. She sucked on it as I finger-fucked her–and then she groaned, letting her tits fall back down and throwing her head back.

She molded her hands to her huge breasts and started jerking them up and down wildly, practically screaming, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

She shuddered as her orgasm burst. I fucked her even faster with my fingers, watching her cum with delight. Her eyes were wide and her fits bounced. She moaned loudly, so overwhelmed she looked like a wild woman.

I felt my cock surge as Shanti came and moved my thumb up and began to manipulate her clit as she went on climaxing. I knew she’d like that, and she did. Shanti’s whole body twitched and throbbed as I began to jerk her clit up and down with my thumb.

Her climax must have intensified then–from the sound of her moaning, it was incredible.

I watched her body gyrating as Shanti’s cum squirted over my fingers, her pussy juice dribbling all over me. She was really wet, and her orgasm just kept on. It must have lasted a minute or more–and as Shanti’s hips ground to a halt, she made it plain that she didn’t want to stop. She reached up and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me down on top of her and between her legs. I slid my fingers out of her, parting my lips as she kissed me. Shanti shoved her tongue viciously into my mouth, sucking on my tongue and biting it.

“All right, baby,” she said. “Now it’s your turn. I’ve just cum for you. Now you should cum–cum in my pussy!”

She reached down and felt my cock. It was getting hard, but wasn’t quite all the way erect. Shanti giggled as she felt it, rubbing my balls and stroking my greased prick.

“Still a little soft?” she growled into my ear. “Did Chitra wear you out? Mmmm … that’s sexy … I’ll have to get you hot enough to fuck me properly!”

I rolled off of her, nuzzling her neck as she released my cock. She spread her legs even wider as she moved her hands between her thighs.

“What turns you on, Ratan? Do you like to see a chick touching yourself? Rubbing her pussy?”

Without waiting for an answer, Shanti thrust one hand into her slit, pressing two fingers up her pussy. She sighed as she rubbed her tits with the other hand and I watched, suddenly fascinated.Within seconds of seeing her masturbate, my cock was standing at full attention.

But Shanti was having fun teasing me. Now she had me where she wanted me–aching to fuck me–and I knew she’d let me soon.

But first she wanted to make me squirm with arousal.

Shanti lifted her tit again and pressed the nipple into her mouth. She sucked on her own erect nipple as she thrust her other hand up and down in the wetness of her slit. She took her time about it, sliding her fingers up to her clit and playing with the bud, then moving down and easing one finger into her pussy, soon matching it with a second. Finally, she spread her legs further so that she could tuck her hand under her ass and penetrate her asshole. She let her breast go and slid one hand behind bahis şirketleri her back, frigging herself up the butt while she slid two fingers into her slit. Moaning, she looked at me, panting extremely turned on. “Can you fuck me now?” she asked, sliding her hand out of her ass and reaching over to take hold of my cock. It was as hard asit had ever been, and more than ready to plunge into Shanti’s snatch. She got a firm grip on it and pulled me over. I climbedon top of her, between her legs and Shanti guided my cock up to her crotch then settled it into her lust-swollen pussy.

Her pussy was indeed tighter than her asshole. I couldn’t believe how sexy that was to me. I positioned my cock as Shanti moved her hand around my body and put her arms around me, settling with one hand on each of my ass cheeks, so that she could feel me sliding forward as I entered her. As I thrust my tongue into Shanti’s mouth, I moved my hips forward and went into her.

She arched her back as my cockhead stretched her tight cunny. Her pussy gripped me like a glove, but I got it in, thrusting slowly, opening her up as my long shaft passed her pussy lips.Shanti was going wild, groaning and rubbing her tits against my chest, squeezing my ass cheeks hard and trying to pull me faster into her. But she’d teased me, so I was teasing her and penetrated her very slowly, letting her feel every sensuous bit of my cock. I kept going, inch by inch, until I was all the way into her.

Shanti reached down between her legs and ran her fingertips over the base of my cock. When she realized that my prick was thrust all the way into her, a shudder went through her lower body.

“Oh,” she sighed. “It’s so good. Fuck me.”

The sight of her face in utter rapture as I shoved my cock into her made me so horny I couldn’t tease her anymore. I licked and sucked her neck as I began to pump away with my hips, shovingmy cock into Shanti’s snatch.

“Oh yeah–oh, that’s so fucking good, you fucking tease! Oh, my pussy–my pussy! It feels so fucking incredible–my cunt’s never felt like this! Ratan, pump me!”

Shanti was really passionate. She shoved her hips back and forth in short and hard thrusts, taking my cock all the way up her tight hole. She seemed to be enjoying herself even more than she had when I’d fucked her up the ass, so I started fucking her faster, boning my way into her tight pussy so that my cock splattered beads of cunt juice over both of us. She begged for it harder and deeper the whole way, practically screaming. I knew that she was going to cum before another few thrusts–and I gave her those quite rapidly!

“Harder … deeper … make it rough … my cunt … it feels so good … so good … it’s so good … your cock–yes!”

Shanti wedged her pussy around my cock with every thrust, taking it eagerly and gripping me harder. She squeezed my ass and I steadied myself by putting my hands on her tits, massaging and pinching her nipples and molding my mouth to one of them, sucking it as I fucked her.

“I’m cumming–I’m cumming!” she groaned as spasms went through her cunt. I felt a stream of pussy juice splashing my balls, and the delicious fragrance filled my nostrils. I grunted in desire and sucked at Shanti’s tit harder as I rammed her, splattering more fluids over us.

She arched her back and lifted her ass off the bed, thrusting me back so I had to fuck her even harder just to stay on top of her and between her legs. She liked that. I obliged her quite willingly, jamming my prick into her crotch so that she couldn’t stop moaning and shuddering.

She panted, “It’s your turn now. Cum in my pussy. Your cockfeels so good. I want you to cum in my pussy!”

I shoved my prick in faster and faster and suddenly, my cock began to spurt. Pleasure flowed through me, bursting out of my cock and gushing in waves of cum into Shanti. She screamed briefly in unrestrained pleasure as she felt my prick injecting her with my seed.

“That’s so good,” she groaned. “Keep it up–cum in me—fill me up! Oh yes … fuck … fuck … fuck …”

She kept begging for more as I ground to a halt, spurting my last jizz into Shanti’s cunt. She whimpered one last time and cradled me, putting her arms around me.

“That was fucking great,” she whispered, kissing my ear.

“I’ve never been fucked like that in the cunt before not even with you Ratan – why are you different tonight – Chitra effect? Hmmmmm.”

“Glad to hear it,” I said. “I’m glad I got a chance to fuck you at the same time along with Chitra and both ass and in your cunt. For a second there, I thought all you wantedwas to be butt-fucked.” I kissed her neck. “Not that I mind one bit …”

Shanti sighed. “No, I mean it. I’ve never been fucked in my pussy like that. Your cock felt so good in me … it’s never been that way, when I let you in my back door … up my ass … youfuck me right. I mean, it’s perfect when you’re behind me and shoving it into my ass. It’s not like that when they’re in my cunt–except for you and especially this time!”

“Thanks,” I said, confused. She was nuts–but I supposed I could live with it. And she certainly did like it both ways, so whichever way Shanti wanted me to fuck her, I’d be happy to do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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