Serendipity Ch. 05

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – Nicoles first day as Manager

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

05 – Nicoles first day as Manager

The next morning was actually a morning I didn’t mind getting up before I really needed to. For Tiffany it was a morning as usual, although I would bet she purposely didn’t put her skirt and top on until last to be able to run around in little lace panties and bra in front of me with Mickey around. Any time Mickey wasn’t looking she would shake her shoulders and jiggle her tits at me, even going so far as to pull the thin bra cup down and roll her nipple between her fingers while looking right at me. Nicole did actually come out with just a towel around her head to grab a cup of coffee… and jiggle her tits at me when Mickey wasn’t looking. Man what did I get myself into? Mickey was conflicted. On one hand she wanted me to be there, but on the other she wanted to cover up.

I caught her doing it several times when she saw me out of the corner of her eye. She finally gave up and compromised by wearing the shirt but leaving it unbuttoned to let her lace, but very padded, bra show. Going to have to take her shopping later in the week. Once they all cleared out I hopped into the shower and did my thing. Left my hair a little damp so it would lay down, threw my uniform on and headed out the door. Fifteen minutes start to finish and this place was twenty minutes closer to work. I could get used to this.

When I got to work I was immediately razzed about moving three women over the weekend. Of course I told them it wasn’t too bad and they didn’t over pack the boxes too much. It was all I could do not to tell off one of the managers that thought he was God’s gift to women, and let him know that I had all three of them several times over the weekend. Not if I ever wanted to get ANY of them again. The day went pretty well and I finished up early so I thought I’d swing by the mall and see how Nicole was doing on her first day as manager. And MAYBE see if there were any more nipples popping out. I mean it couldn’t hurt to check right?

When I got to the store things didn’t look much different, with the exception of Sam. She was still there manning the register with no sign of Nicole.

“Hi Sam, how’s it going? I didn’t expect to see you still here. You run Nicole off already?” trying not to be too obvious about glancing at her nipples trying to break through her top.

She gave me a stern look and shaking a finger at me smiling said, “You’re the one that started this whole snow ball! I ought to give you a good whooping mister!”

OH shit, “What did I do?” I said raising my hands in surrender.

She just grinned and put her hands on hips thrusting her chest out… guess I wasn’t so subtle. “Things started out pretty normally this morning when we changes locks and passwords. Needless to say ‘the heifer’ as Nicole calls her was not pleased. When we went to let her get her personal stuff from the office Nicole saw her trying to take some files from one of the drawers and stopped her. There was almost a fight before I got between them and found out what was going on.”

“You mean you almost had a cat fight here and you didn’t call me. That’s not right!”

That earned me a slap on the shoulder…. and some more jiggling tits and nipples, hmmmm, braless or very thin bra! “Well Nicole said they were something to do with our inventory and something didn’t look right. Needless to say she didn’t leave with them. Nicole looked them over and grinned, said something about getting her pound of flesh and then kicked me out of the office and took over all three computers in there and hasn’t come out since. Did you know before she was promoted to store shift manager she was receiving / inventory manager for five years? She kept muttering fraud and theft so I left her alone in there.”

“Has she eaten anything?”


“OK, I’m going to head down to the sub shop and grab her something and be right back.” I knew she ate there a lot even when she worked for the Big Box store, just not sure what. Hopefully somebody there will remember otherwise it will be pot luck. Luckily they remembered her and sent me back with the ‘Nicole special.’ I had no more gotten back when we heard from the office, “I GOT YOU, YOU BITCH!”

Sam and I made a bee line for the office, me following those bouncing ass cheeks. What we found was quite a sight. It looked like a tornado had hit the paperwork with piles all over. The three computers turned to each other and the only really clear path was between the three for the rolling chair. And there in the middle of it was Nicole. A little canlı bahis disheveled, top undone a little more than probably should be with a bit of nipple showing, but I wasn’t complaining. They really looked like they needed to be nibbled on…. She was kicked back in the chair with a sheaf of paper in her hand, skirt half way up her thigs, with her eyes closed and a grin like the proverbial cat that ate the canary, her top barely covering her hard nipple, but plenty of areola showing….if she only shifted a bit to the right…..

Nicole opened her eyes as we walked in. She held up the papers and said, “The heifer has been shorting your inventory, the incoming shipments, and adding in the uniform discounts…. for over three years at least! And that’s just what I found today. You get a professional forensic accountant in here and you will probably find more. But I still found enough to make it a felony! GO GET HER SOME CHROME BRACELETS!” shaking her hand full of papers, letting a bit of her nipple show.

“How much did she get us for?”

“Hey Danny.. Oh you darlin’ I’m starving but I didn’t want to quit.” And snatched the sandwich from my hands, leaning forward to give me a NICE look down her top showing both of those chewy beauties! Seems it was OK now to let them show a bit. “She was getting you for thousands, well you and the companies shipping in merchandise. She was showing some as damaged on their invoices, and more on your side as non-sellable and ‘clearancing’ it out and writing it off.” Me, I was enjoying the view….

“What the hell happened in here?” asked a little redhead in jeans and a sweat shirt behind us.

“Hey Shelly, looks almost as bad as your office some days doesn’t it? The mess in the middle of the room is Nicole.” She raised one hand as the other fed her face. “And this is Danny, the one that talked her into bringing it to our attention.”

“Hey Danny, how did you get in the middle of all this?”

“Well Brenda is the wife of a good friend, and in moving Nicole into the apartment this weekend, a bunch of what she was saying about this store didn’t jive with what I knew from talking with Brenda. I had her go talk with Brenda and from there it just snowballed. I’m just glad it was Nicole in here instead of me, my butt doesn’t do well in a chair and those monitors give me a headache!” Shelly just gave me a bit of a look. “So what do you do for the company?”

“Me, oh I’m the CFO.” She said as nonchalantly as giving the time of day.

I thought for a moment we were going to lose Nicole. Evidentially that bit of news caught her in mid swallow of her Pepsi and the part she didn’t spit out came back up her nose and she started coughing something fierce. Man those nipples look good on the move…

“Wait a minute, you’re THAT Shelly?” she said as she finally got her coughing under control. Still leaning forward letting me continue looking at those nice little beauties. Just waiting to be nibbled on, held in my hand and cupped and squeezed. Feeling them against my tongue as I suck them in…Huh… oh yeah, where were we…

“Yeah well I can walk into a store unrecognized like this a lot better than I can like that.” As she nodded to a picture on the far wall. That’s when it clicked. The picture was of the founding six, all with HOT dresses and massive cleavage.. And right there was the stunning pic of a fiery foxy redhead. “I heard a few hours ago what you thought you stumbled onto according to Sam and thought I’d check into it myself. Where did we wind up?”

“If you talked to Sam a few hours ago then I’ve probably doubled what I’ve found since then.”

“Oh shit….”


“Um, Danny…… could you give us a few minutes?”

“Sure, I’ll be right outside.”, and backed out to lean against the wall. I didn’t go far as I hoped I might hear something but they were definitely talking in whispers.

In a few minutes they came out and shut the lights off. “Who has keys to this office?” Shelly asked.

“I’ve got them right here, Nicole has been so busy I hadn’t done anything with them since they changed the locks this morning.”

“Perfect, hand them over. There will be security here all night and I’m the only one with key responsibility for this door as of now. We’ll continue this in the morning.”

I put my arm around Nicole to walk her out to the parking lot starting to slide a hand up to cup those beauties when Shelly called her back and gave her something. She came back walking slowly and looking at a card in her hand.

“So what was that all about?”

“Huh? Oh Shelly said thanks for all the work we did and to take you and my roommates out for a celebration tonight at The Steak House, and gave me this credit card.”

“That works for me!”

“But Danny this is a black MasterCard.”

“Sounds like a filet minion kind of night girl!”

“But Danny…… this card has MY name on it under the company name……”


“OK???? They are bringing in an outside forensic accountant tomorrow bahis siteleri for me to work with!”

“So what’s the problem?”

“Danny! I’m no accountant, I just ran departments for a while…..”

“Yeah and then the whole store for two years.”

“But I just ran the departments….”

“Yeah but there were only two people above you, and what happened when one of them took a vacation? Did they bring in outside people to cover the shift or did they move you up temporarily?”

“Well… I covered for a lot of vacations.”

“There’s your answer. Now lets go home, round up the crew and go have a fancy meal on The Boutique!”

“OK, I’ll meet you there, I have to grab something from one of the shops around the corner before I head home.”

I headed back to the apartment, but nobody was home. I checked the answering machine and there was a message from Mickey. The second shift manager had gotten hurt and she was going to be covering most of the shift and wouldn’t be home until around ten. I was just going to give Mickey a call when the phone rang.


“Hi, is Danny in?”

“This is.”

“Oh Hi Danny, this is Shelly from The Boutique.” The picture of that redhead in the HOT dress and nice cleavage came to mind.

“Hey Shelly, Nicole isn’t home yet, you want her to call when she gets in?”

“No, I actually called to ask you a question.”

“OK, shoot.”

“Well I had a bit of a computer question that might be worth a little something to you.”

“Last I checked I’m not allergic to money, what do you need?”

“Well it’s kind of complicated. What’s your schedule like Tuesday or Wednesday?”

“They are my either/or days, so whatever works best for you?”

“Either or days?”

“Yeah you know, three days one week and four the next to make me part time and no benefits.”

“Oh man that sucks… see if you can make tomorrow one of your or days and stop by The Boutique tomorrow afternoon. I think it will definitely be worth your while.”

“OK, see you then!”

Man that was a bit of a weird phone call, but I didn’t get much of a chance to dwell on it as Nicole blew through the door and headed for her room shedding clothes all the way. The shoes went right inside the door. The halter took two steps to take off… and oh man those nipples were bouncing, and bouncing and…. where was I? Oh yeah, the strip walk. As soon as the halter was off the skirt zipper went down and it dropped to the floor as she went through the bedroom door and it looked like the thong was on the way.

“Well I was going to get in the shower…” I said a little loud.

“So get your butt in here and you can do my back… and maybe my front!”

Well Mickey wasn’t going to be home for a while so what the hell. I locked the front door and put a stand close enough to fall and make a noise if the door was opened.

“I’m on my way my little chocolate pixie!”

“And I’m NOT your little PIXIE!!!”

I stripped off and hopped in the shower with Nicole. We soaped each other down, me staring at her nipples and her staring at my hard cock. When the soaping got a little playful she said,” Uh Uh, I’m hungry for steak so you have a choice. Play or nibble but no time right now for both.”

“Well then I’m going to nibble!”

“I was hoping you’d say that. I’ve been wanting you to ever since I saw you looking down my halter in the office.”

“Man was I that obvious?”

“No, but your hard cock was…” as she reached for me and ran those soapy hands up and down my aching cock. “Sam and Shelly asked how long we had been going together that you were still looking at me like that?”


“Yeah, I told them we had seen each other a few times but you were kinda seeing someone else right now.”

“Oh shit…”

“Now suck ’em up mister!”, as she put her hands behind her head and arched her back.

I leaned down and sucked one up completely trying to swallow it, feeling that long hard nipple up against the back of my mouth every little bit. I figured I did pretty good when her knees started to buckle. I just grabbed her ass and massaged those cheeks and switched tits for a few seconds before I let her down to her knees and reached forward to shut off the water…. wrong move! Nicole grabbed my cock and pulled me down her throat. Not once, but three times before releasing me, my knees almost buckling at the sensation of her tight throat enveloping my cock where her hands had just been. “OK, let’s go get something to eat before they take their credit card back!”

“Oh that’s not nice!”

“You’ll just have to get Mickey to finish later!”

“Oh, forgot to tell you, Mickey has to cover the next shift, someone got hurt so she won’t be home until ten.”

“Well I guess it will be just you, me, and Tiffany! Hey that kinda rhymes!”

“So now you’re my chocolate pixie poet?”

“Oh you’re just incorrigible! Go get dressed so we can be ready when the whirlwind gets home.”

I pulled some jeans bahis şirketleri on over my hard cock and went to move the stand by the door just a fraction of a second before it opened. And in came Tiffany and a gorgeous young lady in a lip lock and trying to come out of her top, partially because Tiffany had her hand in her top trying to get her out of it…..

Tiffany managed to get out “Hi Danny, Bye Danny,” between kisses before they disappeared into her bedroom. Well that just confirming my suspicion about Tiffany going both ways! I headed for Nicole’s bedroom. She was in her long shorts, topless, looking for the right shirt. It was all I could do not to reach out and cup those little mounds.

“Ah it’s going to be just you and me tonight.”

“Wasn’t that Tiffany that just came in?”

“Yea, she came right in and went right to her room…. with her hand in some ones shirt.” Not sure if I should say some womans shirt…

“Huh?…. OH!, Well hell then I’m going to wear what I picked out the first time!”

Nicole stripped off her shorts… and her thong! Grabbed a skirt with a strip of cloth doing an imitation of a halter, and said “Go get your shirt on, I don’t think they allow topless there!” and ran out to the living room.

I went through the bathroom to my room, grabbed my shirt and we headed out to my van. Nicole was off in thought for the drive so I just let her think. We were about there when of course I had to find the only pot hole nearby, and the exhaust got a little louder. DAMN! Going to have to go down to Wally World and get some more exhaust repair tape, to put on next to all the other repair tape. Sure would be nice for whatever Shelly had in mind to pay a little, I’ve been stringing this van along for over a year now.

We got to The Steak House, and were escorted to our table, seems Shelly had made a call. Once we were seated in our private booth we both kinda stared at each other. “I could get used to this, you better keep working for them for a while!”

“Yeah, me too!”

Seems we both knew what we wanted so the waitress scurried off with our order and we were alone. I mean really alone. It was one of those high back wrap around privacy booths. I mean we could see out into the restaurant, but the noise from out there didn’t carry in here.

“So what’s up Nicole, you’ve been a little quiet this evening?”

“I don’t know, I think it’s all starting to sink in. I went from a part time clerk, to a clerk thinking she was going to be fired, to a store manager out for a nice evening on the company.”

“And you’re wondering when the bubble will burst?”

“Something like that.”

“Nicole, you are a very intelligent gorgeous woman. You have nothing to worry about. Besides…. who’s going to mess with my little chocolate pixie!”

“I am NOT your little chocolate pixie!”

“Yes you are, otherwise why did you change to show off those delicious nipples tonight? In fact, why have you all of a sudden taken to showing them off at all?” as I blatantly stared at those beauties!

She grinned and thrust her chest out at me, “Well I used to go around my old apartment topless or nude all the time. And at first it was because I thought it would spite you! But now I’m kinda enjoying the attention my nipples get, but especially the jealous ‘dagger stares’ I get from regular and big tit girls when their men look at me….. AND THAT REMINDS ME”…

Oh shit now what? Looking up from them.


“I never said that.”

“Yes you did the other night when you were egging Mickey on and got all three of us to show our tits!”

“Oh that. You were so eager to show them off you weren’t listening. I said on, not in…”


‘I said you need to put some gold bands ON those nipples, not IN,” as I looked into her top and pulled it away for a better look at both of them. “I think some nice wide gold bands would look absolutely beautiful on them.”

Nicole was about to say something back when our meal arrived. She ate and thought a bit, and looked down at her nipples every once in a while. Pulling her top open enough to look at them, and even more when she saw me trying to look as well, grinning as I enjoyed the view. “So where would I go to get something like that?”

“Your store.”

Her eyes went wide, “We don’t sell nipple jewelry!” letting her top go… and my nice view….

“Sure you do, right there on the front counter.”


“Down on the far end near the office.”

She thought about it for a few minutes and then her eyes flew open in realization, “The toe bands?”

“Sure, about the right size and one at a time instead of pairs because no woman is exactly symmetrical. Hell you put one of those cloth busts with some extreme nipples nearby and a pair of them on it and I bet your ring sales would skyrocket.”

“You think about women too much you know that?”

“No such thing.”

“I bet you’re thinking about getting your cock into me right now aren’t you?”

“Mmmm my white cock into my little chocolate pixie pussy….” memories of moving day, feeling her tight pussy taking my cock to the balls…

“Why do you keep calling me that!”

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