Secret Lessons Ch. 05

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Lisa and I are enjoying our morning coffee as we sit across from each other at the table. I am looking into her blue eyes that are peeking out from behind her blond bangs. I cannot get over just how beautiful my daughter is as she smiles seductively at me. My eyes move down to her small tits and enjoy the perfection of them against her slender frame. Her nipples add to the perfection as they are much darker than her pale flesh and call to my eyes like a beacon.

She says, “I’m glad you like to look at my body, daddy.”

I smile as I put my coffee cup down, then say, “You are so beautiful, Lisa. Don’t you ever believe anyone if they say anything else.”

I see her cheeks get red as she takes a sip of coffee and her eyes are starting to water. She puts the cup down and says, “Thank you, daddy. That means a lot. I used to hate these things.” She cups both of her tits to emphasize the point, then continues, “But not now. Hearing you tell me I’m beautiful is something I’ve been needing to hear.”

My smile widens as I say, “You’re very welcome, Lisa. There is nothing about your body that you should hate. Your body is perfect, which includes your tits.”

The watering of her blue eyes have turned to a slow drip. She gets up and my eyes move from her face to her shaved pussy, which is just one more thing that adds to the perfection. Her pubic hair did nothing to add to her overall beauty of her body.

She walks around the table quickly and my eyes are drawn to her tits moving in perfect rhythm. She throws her arms around me and we hug tightly while she sobs from being moved by my words. Her hard nipples press firmly against my chest and my hands caress her back. A lot of time passes while we embrace each other, but I am in no hurry for this moment to end.

I wait patiently until she loosens her grip and she moves her head so my green eyes are staring deeply into her blue eyes. The tears have stopped and her cheeks are no longer flushed, but I find something new as I look into her blue eyes. There is an unmistakable hunger and I find it adds to her beauty greatly.

She says in a voice I hardly recognize, “I love you.”

There is no hesitation at all when I respond by saying, “I love you, Lisa.”

The way my voice sounds, as well as the true intention of those words, is not anything like when I have told her I loved her in the past. Those times were always in a manner befitting fatherly love for his daughter. This time it is much closer to when I told those words to my wife for the first time.

She presses her lips to mine and finds no resistance from me at all. Her arms tighten behind my neck, while my hands start to move down towards her ass. Our lips part and my tongue enters her mouth, while my hands make contact with her cheeks. My tongue meets with hers and the feeling is one of wonderful amazement. My hands softly cup her cheeks and I squeeze just a little, which elicits a soft moan from my daughter. Time loses all meaning and neither of us wants to end this very passionate kiss we are sharing. I am glad to be sitting, since my legs are now nothing more than rubber incapable of supporting anything.

She breaks the embrace quickly and pulls her head back, then says, “I’m sorry, daddy. I shouldn’t have kissed you like that.”

I can’t miss the embarrassment that has spread on her cheeks, so I say, “You have nothing to apologize for, Lisa. That kiss was something we both wanted, so you have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.”

The red on her cheeks remains unchanged as she says, “I can’t help feeling embarrassed about it, daddy. I should have never allowed it to happen. I feel like I crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I’m also scared you’re going to stop the lessons. I don’t want them to end. I’m learning so much from you.”

I smile as I look into her eyes and say, “I don’t want them to end either, Lisa. In fact, how about another one right now?”

The redness of her cheeks is starting to fade as she says, “Thank you for not stopping, daddy. It means a lot to me to have you teach me. What do you want to teach now?”

I ask, “Do you know what rimming is, Lisa?”

She thinks for a moment, then says, “I know I’ve heard of it, but don’t have a clue. What is it?”

I keep the anticipation hidden from my daughter, which is no easy task, as I say, “It’s something we can do to each other.”

She has a confused look on her face, as she asks, “Is that kind of like a sixty-nine?”

I say, “Kind of, Lisa, but a little different. Why don’t we go to my bedroom, so I can rim you first, so you know exactly what rimming is.”

She smiles and says, “OK, daddy. Do you want me to lay on my back or stomach?”

I say, “On your back, now lets go.”

Our arms release each other and I follow her to my bedroom. My eyes are focused heavily on her petite ass and I love every step she takes. She gets on my bed and lays on her back to await my instructions. I move her legs so they are latina fuck tour porno spread wide and bring her knees up high, which she willingly allows me to do.

Once I see her very dark star-shaped asshole is in perfect position, I say, “Hold your knees in place.”

Her hands move quickly to get a tight hold on her knees and I am able to release them without worry of losing the position I need her to be in. I get close to her beckoning black hole and inhale the aromas, which are a quite pleasing mix of ass and pussy. For the first time in my life I stick my tongue out and make contact with the edge of her tight hole, which tightens even more as it senses danger. I have been trying to get my wife to do this for years, but she never went for it.

She lets out a soft moan and asks, “Is your tongue on my asshole?”

I pull my tongue from the edge and say, “Yes, Lisa. Rimming is licking an asshole.”

I place my tongue back on the edge and slowly start to encircle the center. Every ridge is explored carefully, as I get the wonderful bitterness that comes naturally with my actions. My daughter’s moans get a little louder with every movement of my tongue. I increase my speed a little, along with the pressure from my tongue on her flesh, and the moans intensify right along with it. My tongue moves to the center of her asshole to explore the new area and my daughter clearly appreciates what I am doing.

After a soft moan, she says, “That feels good, daddy. Keep licking my asshole.”

I increase the pressure of my tongue on the center of her tight asshole and move my right hand to rub her clit playfully. Her moans get louder in appreciation for my actions and I wish I could get my tongue to open her up a little, but it is of no use. Short of spreading it painfully apart with my hands, it just isn’t something that is going to happen right now.

My fingers work her clit and she starts to buck a little and moan much louder than before. I move my head up a little so my tongue and fingers can trade places. I rub her asshole softly as I suck her clit into my mouth and use my tongue on it to bring her immense pleasure. She bucks some more, which is about all she can do with her knees held in this position and screams out as she is on the verge of release.

She reaches her orgasmic state quickly, but I don’t move my mouth to swallow. Instead, I keep her clit sucked firmly into my mouth and continue to let my tongue play as my finger moves to the center of her asshole. As she explodes, I can feel her asshole spasm against the tip of my finger and I put a little pressure against it. Not enough to penetrate her tight opening, but enough so I can feel the spasm around the tip of my finger. I don’t release her clit until the last spasm has passed, since I want to maximize the pleasure she is receiving from me. This is the strongest one yet and I know it is because of my added assistance of working her clit throughout.

When it passes, I release her clit from my mouth and pull my finger away from her asshole. I get up and see her face is filled with the afterglow of the pleasure I just gave her. That is the best look I have found for my beautiful daughter yet and happy to know I am the one that can get her to this state. She releases her knees and slowly lowers her legs to the bed as I lie next to her. There is no sense in having her lick my asshole just yet, since she needs time to recover after her immense release.

We are looking into each others eyes like lovers as she says, “That felt really good. Thank you, daddy. I never thought having my asshole licked could ever feel that good.” Our eyes meet the way lovers look upon one another, then she continues, “All of it felt so good, daddy. Your tongue on my asshole felt amazing, but your finger pressed against it while you worked my clit was even better. My clit has never felt that before, what did you do?”

I say, “Well, Lisa, instead of just licking your clit, I sucked it into my mouth first. I’m glad you liked it. Hell, not just that part, but everything. These lessons aren’t just about teaching you to be better, Lisa. Though that is an important part. I want you to feel things you have never felt before. Most people avoid the asshole altogether, but I want you to know how wonderful it feels before you do the same to me.”

The smile fades a little as she asks, “Daddy, is it true it feels better to have sex without a condom?”

Her question catches me completely off guard. It takes a moment before I nod and say, “Yes, Lisa, it does, but it is important to make sure a guy wears one if your having sex. Only way to ensure you don’t get pregnant, other than not having sex at all.”

She says in a voice of pure frustration, “Damn it, daddy. I love you. I want you…” Her voice trails off, but the frustration remains the same.

I know she is trying to get at something, so I prod in a compassionate and understanding voice, “I love you, Lisa. And lezbiyen porno not the way a father loves his daughter. This is so much deeper. What do you want to tell me?”

She smiles and her blue eyes start to water as she says, “I want you to make love to me, daddy. But I don’t want you to wear a condom and I don’t want to get pregnant. I don’t know what to do.”

I smile and say, “I would love to be with you like that, but we can’t take any chances you’ll get pregnant. I’m willing to wear a condom, since there’s no other way for me to make love with you.”

She shakes her head and in a voice filled with frustration and anger, says, “No, daddy, you won’t wear a condom. Damn it, I wish we didn’t have to worry about pregnancy.”

I caress her blond hair and forehead, as I say, “It’s OK, Lisa. Pregnancy isn’t something we can simply will not to happen. I really wish it were, but we can’t take any chances like that.”

The anger starts to subside on her face as she says, “There is one way, daddy.”

If she has found some way for us to make love without a condom and have absolutely no threat of pregnancy, then it is a new one on me, so I ask, “What is it?”

She smiles as she asks, “Do you and mom ever have anal sex?”

The question takes me a little by surprise and cannot fathom what anal has to do with making love to my daughter, but I answer honestly as I say, “On very rare occasions. But having something that is two inches longer and a lot bigger around than most other guys is not something she wants in her ass. And when we do have anal, it isn’t like she is willing to take much inside of her. It hurts like hell under normal circumstances, but my dick makes it far worse.”

She smiles as she hears my wife has not taken me all the way and I get the idea she has something planned that I have no intention on putting her through. Now her question makes perfect sense, since anal doesn’t require a condom to prevent pregnancy. She must know I cannot put her through that kind of pain. Perhaps if my feelings for my daughter were coming from some dark place, then I wouldn’t think twice about it. There is no doubt in my mind that my love for her comes from someplace very special and causing her pain of any kind is not something I can bring myself to do to her.

She says, “That means you have anal lube. Can’t have anal without it, right?”

I nod and say, “Yes, Lisa, but you must have some idea just how painful it is. I can’t do that to you.”

She gets a defiant look on her face and says, “Yes, daddy, you can. I love you so much and want to feel you inside of me.”

I interrupt her by saying, “Anal will certainly make you feel me inside of you, but not in a good way.”

She ignores my comment and keeps right on with her train of thought, “Mom doesn’t allow you all the way in. Have you ever been all the way inside during anal?”

I know there is no stopping her from going through with her line of questioning, so I nod and say, “No. Your mom is the only one I’ve ever met willing to try it with me.”

She nods and grins, then says, “How much does mom allow you to put inside?”

I give an honest answer when I say, “Just the head.”

Her grin widens as she asks, “So she what, has you jerk off like that?”

I nod and say, “Yes, Lisa, that’s exactly right.”

She continues to prod by asking, “Does she let you cum inside her?”

I shake my head and say, “No, she doesn’t. I have to pull out first.”

She looks at me with a serious expression on her face and says, “Good. That means it will be special for both of us. Just getting your head inside is not really anal, at least I don’t think so. Which means it’s something we can do that neither of us have done before. Knowing this is something you and mom have never done makes it even better.”

I smile and ask, “Are you jealous of your mom?”

She nods and says, “Yes, daddy, I am. Look, no matter how good I get at handjobs and blowjobs, I will never be as good as mom. You said it yourself when you told me it takes years. Fact is, I don’t want to be as good as she is, I want to be better. I want to be with you in a way that she won’t. I want to have you cum inside of me, knowing mom will never allow your cum there.”

I give a reassuring smile as I say, “You don’t have to be jealous of your mom. This isn’t a competition between the two of you. I love you both very much.”

She says, “That’s exactly what this is. It’s a contest between my and mom, she just doesn’t know it. By taking you in my ass, I take the lead.”

I try to respond, but her lips move to mine quickly and forcefully with no warning from her at all. My tongue moves inside her mouth as my hands moves to her ass. She starts to caress my hard dick with an expert hand as my hands reaches her cheek. She moves her fingers to my balls and starts to rub my taint as my grip on her cheeks increases just a little. There is an advantage to being on my back with liseli porno this kind of passion, since my legs are in far worse condition than they were while I was seated at the table.

She breaks the embrace and gets out of bed, then says, “Just need to get the lube, be right back.”

She gets it quickly, then returns to bed with her head between my legs. She coats her hands with the lube and starts to playfully stroke my shaft. The action causes a moan to escape my lips and I close my eyes for just a moment. Her fingers lower to caress my balls and her lips reach the tip. Her lips open to take it, but she pulls away at the last moment.

She smiles and says, “Get your knees up, daddy. I can’t lick your asshole when your laying like this.”

I bring my knees up and hold them in place, then she says, “Perfect. Now don’t move. I’m going to lick your asshole and jerk you off until you cum. Can’t have anal just yet. You aren’t going to last near long enough.”

I want to say something in protest, but her tongue reaches my asshole and I am at a loss for words. I have never felt anything like this before and every ridge she explores sends pleasure through my body. Her hands start to work my shaft as her tongue moves from encirclement to dead center. Sure, I wish I could have gotten my wife to do this to me, but that would mean I don’t get to explore something new to both of us with my daughter.

She puts pressure on my asshole with her tongue and my hands move from my knees to my cheeks. I put them close together and spread my asshole apart for her as wide as I can. I feel her tongue enter just a little and newfound pleasure covers my body. I let out a moan of appreciation and her hands start to work with much more determination. She starts to move her head to mimic a fucking motion with her tongue and the sensation of her tongue entering and exiting my asshole increases everything I am feeling.

I grip my cheeks tight and my cum starts to leave my dick. Her head stops with her tongue pressed firmly inside and it feels wonderful. Her continued work on my shaft and tongue inside of my spasming asshole cause my orgasm to last far longer than if I had only received a handjob from her. Ecstatic waves crash over my body and I know a handjob without her rimming me would never have brought me this kind of pleasure.

Once the waves subside and my asshole is no longer spasming around her tongue, I see her move into position to start the clean up with her mouth. I release my cheeks and allow my asshole to close tightly once again. She takes the head of my softening dick inside of her mouth and swallows whatever cum she can find for her enjoyment. She works her way down my shaft and over my body in her search to swallow every last drop she can find.

I lower my legs as she gets up to lie next to me, and whispers seductively into my ear, “Now all I need to do is get you hard again and we can have anal.” Her hot breath sends chills through my body.

I try to change the subject by saying, “That was incredible, Lisa.”

She whispers, “I know, daddy. You’ve taught me well. Now don’t change the subject. I can’t wait to have you inside of my ass. I can’t wait to feel you cum deep inside of me. I’m going to get you very hard again as quickly as I can, so don’t try to fight it.”

We lay there for about half an hour with her continued talk of my taking her ass and me trying to find something else to talk about. It’s no use as every subject I bring up goes right back to anal. We shower together and she rubs her ass against my cock several times in an attempt to get me hard and I’m glad I need more time. I have to find some way to get anal out of her mind.

After our shower, we kiss like lovers a lot, but the rest of the time is spent torturing me in hopes of getting me hard. It is not easy to avoid when she uses every chance to show me her asshole. She doesn’t bother to ask where the anal lube is hidden as she uses her hunt to continue her torture. With each drawer she checks, she bends over and smiles at me through her legs. I try to move my eyes away each time, but cannot break the hold her asshole has over me. I cannot deny I want that hole, but not at the expense of causing her immense pain.

She finds the lube fairly quickly and smiles at me while I sit on the bed and watch her purposefully seductive movements. She crawls into bed and places her head between my legs, then she opens her mouth and swallows my cock in its entirety. It may not have been particularly hard when she put it in, but it quickly jumps to attention. She gags on it, but holds her head in place before slowly releasing my very hard cock and starts to give me a slow and methodical blowjob to ensure I stay hard while her fingers work my asshole and taint.

Once satisfied I am not going to soften on her, she releases me slowly. Her fingers continue to work playfully for a few moments. Then she moves her hands so she can open the mostly full bottle and starts to use the anal lube liberally on both the head of my dick and entire shaft. She works her hands to maintain my erection and works her way to my ears.

She whispers, “Just lay there and enjoy yourself, daddy. I’m about to show you just how much I love you. I love you so much more than mommy ever has.”

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