Secret Encounters Ch. 01

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Janice ran her fingers through her long red hair nervously, wondering what she was doing – had she gone mad? Her heart sped up a few beats as she went over the details of the last few weeks in her head. She had met a guy online and they had been talking through email for a while now. At first it was innocent chitchat, then it got more hot and heavy. At first she was a bit uncomfortable, but as her enthusiasm grew over the new online adventure, so did her desire. Usually, she could hardly wait to sign into her mail, and she could feel the desire pulsing through her, as she would think about her online lover during the day. Janice enjoyed the attention from her Internet guy, as it was something that was lacking in her home life. Her husband was a nice guy, but just didn’t get it – that she needed to be shown more love and tenderness, so she could get over his past indiscretions. She knew that he loved her, but at this point in her life, it just wasn’t enough – she needed more. Partly, she needed to know why the pull of extramarital affairs was so enticing to her husband, and partly…. well she just needed to feel like a woman again, after being hurt so badly. Soon, the innocent emails had moved to a new level…one of hot steamy conversations and fantasies on what she dreamt about, but never seemed to get in her home life. Janice was longing for some excitement and new passion to bring her back to life.

They had shared thoughts, secrets and desires, and knew that at least online, they turned each other on incredibly. Janice often stroked her own clit while thinking of the hot lusty stories they emailed to each other, and dreamed of maybe someday being able to bring those hot cum filled fantasies to life. Many times she would run her favorite vibrator over her hot ready pussy, and moan in pleasure while living out a fantasy in her head – of a dark mysterious stranger plunging his cock deep inside her, and lovingly licking her clit until she came. His hands would be large and strong, but gentle while they played with her hard nipples tuzla escort and hot wet hole, making her ready for his big cock. He would stare deep into her eyes, and fuck her long and hard, making her cum again and again. Until now, that was just a fantasy…just fleeting thoughts amid the torrent of her life.

Janice and her chat partner, whose name was Carl had just been joking around about meeting one day, but somehow they had actually made plans. She wondered if he was as nervous as she. Doesn’t mean we are going to DO anything she thought. Just friends meeting up, like she had a few times with girlfriends she chatted with. Just coffee. Innocent coffee. They had talked many times about things other than sex, so she considered him a friend. The fact that they were meeting at an out of the way park had nothing to do with it. Just didn’t need tongues wagging if someone she happened to know showed up at the local coffee shop, that’s all. She stood gazing at the flowing river, trying to calm her nervousness and some pangs of guilt. Watching the water rush by in the river, she forced those thoughts out of her head. Surely her husband didn’t feel much guilt over his encounter, so why should she? She was so engrossed in her thoughts she almost didn’t hear the car door shutting in the parking lot behind her. Steeling herself and willing herself not to run, she slowly turned wondering what she was about to see.

Her breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight of a handsome man making his way towards her. As he drew closer, she could see many emotions playing on his face as well, which immediately calmed her somewhat. He looked curious, and a bit worried as well. Probably having the same thoughts as me, she pondered. Maybe wondering if I’m a psycho…at that thought she let out a small giggle and smiled at him. Striding over, he held out his hand and asked if she was Janice. At her nod of yes, he looked greatly relieved and smiled, lighting his face and his eyes up. Janice looked deep into his eyes and saw nothing hidden, and tuzla escort bayan suddenly felt safer.

Deciding to sit for a while on a nearby bench, Janice and Carl made some awkward small talk, as strangers often do. Then Carl confessed that he had been very unsure about all of this, even though it had been his idea. He had thought about every possible scenario, even that she might be just some weirdo who was going to push him into the river. Janice broke out in laughter, confessing the same thoughts, and they both relaxed. The silence grew as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Carl took Janice’s hands and leaned towards her…her heart leapt and her breath quickened as he gently and softly kissed her on her full pink lips. She seemed to melt into him and he pushed a little further, darting his tongue into her parted lips as she moaned softly. Janice felt the stirrings of desire as he explored her mouth with his, and his hands traced lightly up her arms, and down her shoulders…coming to rest just above her tingling breasts. Janice moved closer and returned his kiss with passion she hadn’t felt in years…giving him silent permission to go further…as far as he wanted with her.

His hands slid down to cup her full breasts and circled them through her top…her nipples sprang to life and started to harden instantly. Carl sought them out with his fingertips and gently circled them…sending shivers up her spine. She gasped as he took a nipple between his thumb and finger and rolled it, pinching it ever so slightly. Janice was amazed at the rush of dampness between her legs and she closed her eyes and sighed in bliss. Tentatively, she reached down and placed her hand on his hardening bulge. Her eyes widened at the size of what was not a fully hard cock yet, and she licked her well-kissed lips a bit nervously.Go ahead, Carl whispered I her ear,it won’t bite you. Janice smiled at his humour and started to slowly stroke him through his pants. He drew in a deep breath and told her how good it felt. Growing bolder, Janice unzipped his pants escort tuzla and reached in to touch him…smiling with appreciation when his cock twitched beneath her gentle touch. Carl moaned and shifted so she was better able to reach her hand in. It was so warm…so hard…so inviting.

Glancing around, and making sure they were well hidden by the nearby brush, Carl grew bolder…slipping his hands underneath her shirt and growling with appreciation as he found her breasts. Carl wasted no time deftly unhooking her delicate black lace bra. Janice’s large breasts seemed to call to him as he touched her exposed skin for the first time. Dipping his head, he ran his wet tongue across each nipple, making her moan and arch her back. Slowly they teased each other to a pitch…her wrapping her hand around his cock which she had managed to free, and him latching on to each nipple in succession as he played and pinched the other.

I want you, Carl breathed in her ear shortly….I want you so bad. Janice nodded and looked at him with lust-glazed eyes. They knew they could not continue this any further – at least not here and not now. Janice wasn’t ready to quit yet, as she quickly moved her head down to Carl’s lap and breathed her hot sweet breath on his huge hard on. Before he could protest, she ran her tongue around his cock’s head and then slowly sucked it into her mouth. He tasted so good…it was so hard in her mouth. She could taste a drop of his pre-cum in her mouth and her pussy twitched at the thought of it buried deep inside of her. Slowly she moved her pink lips down the length of his shaft, making him moan in pleasure this time has he ran his fingers through her long red hair. A slight scent of vanilla hit his nostrils and he breathed deep as it excited him even more. Pulling her up from his cock now shining with her saliva, he buried his face in her hair and told her how wonderful she smelled…so vanilla sweet and innocent. Nibbling on her ear, he suggested that they find a more private spot to continue…but only if she felt comfortable.

Smiling provocatively at him, she leaned over and gave him a kiss so hot, tongue deep in his mouth that he had a hard time not cumming right on the spot. I definitely agree she breathed…I know just the place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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